Chapter 6

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Time for a new chapter :) It's Chapter 6 already (in the books he wouldn't even be in Hogwarts yet as far as I remember) 

It's been too long already again (like 2 weeks) since I heard the audio book and watched the movies... (Job for this weekend sorted, rewatch Harry Potter) 


Okay, so Chapter 6 Harry just finished his practice and everyone is exhausted, Flint is pushing them quite hard to go and do their best (and cheat as much as they can without being pulled off the field) and while Malfoy and Tessa go looking for Harry, Tessa finds something interessting that she needs to show the boys and on their way back... they find something else... something that does NOT belong into a school... 

And it is time for Halloween <3

I love Halloween <3


Chapter 6

When it was time for Lunch Harry and the boys returned to the castle just in time before the rain started. The team rushed towards their bedrooms and off to the shower before they would sit down with the other students for lunch. Even though a shower had never felt better in Harry’s life, he tried to be as quick as possible as his rumbling stomach reminded him of his workout during their practice.

“There you are, Potter!” Malfoy called as he came into the Slytherin common room and stopped, “I’ve been looking all over for you!” “I’m just back from the shower,” he said with a grin, excited to tell his friends about his first practice. “Let’s go to the Great Hall! It’s already lunch time!” the blonde boy complained, “You can tell us all about your practice this morning!”

As Harry nodded, the two boys walked towards the centre of Hogwarts, where they soon spotted the other first years, chatting and waving them over. “Hey Potter, Malfoy!” Flint stopped them as he saw the boys, “Come sit with us!” Malfoy smiled accomplished and pulled Harry along to sit with the Quidditch team. “Of course, Flint,” Malfoy agreed, ignoring the others a few seats further down, “Potter was just about to tell me about his first practice. Did he fall off his broom?” Immediately the entire team and Malfoy spoke about Harry’s first practice, how they had him fly all sorts of manoeuvres, in formation and how he had not fallen off his broom at all.

“There you are!” Tessa called over as she walked into the Great Hall, out of breath, “I’ve been looking all over for you! Draco, what happened to >Let’s meet in the common room if we don’t find Harry by lunch time?< Hmm?” “I found Potter,” he said and shrugged his shoulders, “I found him in the common room, and we came here.” “You could have said something! Or left me a message!” she gave out to Malfoy and sat down next to Harry, “Anyway, I found something interesting while I was looking for the both of you!”

“What is it?” Draco asked as Tessa loaded the plate in front of her with vegetables and rice, “Show us!” “No way; just because you’ve had the time to eat already, doesn’t mean that others are finished! See, Harry is also still eating!” she said as she shook her head, “It won’t run away like those blasted stairs do!”

“Why, where did they take you?” Harry asked curious about Hogwarts magical staircases. “Do you remember Dumbledore’s speech on our first day? He mentioned the third floor corridor being off limits? Well, it is bloody creepy and it seems like Filch and Miss Norris are always around!” she complained and sounded surprisingly frustrated for a girl. “How often do you end up in that corridor, Stark?” Malfoy asked, amused about her complaint, while the Quidditch team laughed, obviously believing that Tessa Stark, the first year student, would never want to go into a creepy corridor. “Every other day?” she said, thinking back about the past two days, “I never have much time to explore though, most of the time I hear someone come closer when I’m there… It’s like they have a Tessa-detector!” As the girl started to eat, Malfoy turned back to Markus Flint and started to discuss different brooms, which ones were the best, the fastest, the most expensive.

After lunch, Tessa lead the two boys down a few corridors and up the stairs until she stopped in front of a display cabinet. Inside there were quite a few Quidditch trophies and medals and photographs. “That’s what I found,” she said proudly and pointed to a wooden board with three golden medals. One of them read “James Potter – Seeker” under a Gryffindor flag and flanked by two smaller ones for R. J. H. King on the left and M. G. McGonagall on the right.

“See,” Tessa chuckled, “It’s in your blood, Harry! The girls and I saw you during practice and you were really good.” “Even I didn’t know that,” Malfoy complained, “Why didn’t you tell me that your dad was a seeker for the stinking Gryffindorks?” “I didn’t know,” he mumbled as he kept staring at the letters, James Potter. This was a proof that his father had been here before him, that he was finally in a place that was connected to his family. And the medal was something that belonged to his father! Harry smiled and thanked his house mate for showing this to him.

Together they walked back through the castle, and up a staircase, when it suddenly turned and changed their destination to an old, dark, wooden door. “What’s happening?” Harry asked as he held on to the rail as quickly as he could. Malfoy rolled his eyes, “The staircases are turning, have you forgotten already?” “Not again…” Tessa mumbled as the stairs stopped moving and headed towards the door, “Lets get going before the stairs change their mind again.”

Harry opened the door and the three of them stepped into a dark corridor, as Tessa closed the door behind them. “Somehow I get the feeling that we’re not supposed to be here,” Harry said as he looked around. “That’s cause we’re not allowed to be here, it’s the third floor corridor Dumbledore mentioned on our first day,” Malfoy said, clearly not as sure of himself as he usually was, “Let’s go before someone catches us in here!”

As if someone had been waiting for Draco to say that, they heard footsteps coming from the door they had just entered, along with Miss Norris staring at them with her big yellow eyes and so the three of them rushed forward, further into the gloomy corridor, trying to open the first door they saw. “It’s locked!” Harry mumbled, starting to get worried. What would happen to them if they were caught in the forbidden corridor? Would they actually die a painful death? While Harry stared at the strange statues of owls and creepy figures, Malfoy pulled out his wand and pointed it at the locked door, “Alohomora!”

The metal lock screeched and the door opened, so the three of them pushed through the arch, closing the door behind them. They three of them pressed themselves into the small space between the door and the actual room, while Harry looked at Malfoy, “Alohomora?” “Chapter 7 of the standard book of spells Potter, you really should read more!” Malfoy whispered, “But be quiet now, I can hear footsteps!”

Shortly after that the footsteps subsided again and Tessa signed relieved, “He’s gone.” As the three of them turned around to look at the room they had just entered, they all stopped and stared at the sight. There was a huge beast, it looked like a dog, but the size of an elephant, and with three heads. And it was waking up! The three of them screamed, turned on their heels and couldn’t get out through the door again as the dog, and all three heads of it, started to bark and go after them! Once the door was closed once again, they rushed back the way they had come and only stopped running when they were almost back at the common room.

“What the heck was that?” Harry asked out of breath and stopped, staring at his two classmates. “It was a three headed dog, they are incredibly rare and are from Greece originally,” Tessa explained and Malfoy rolled his eyes once again, “Who cares if it’s rare or not? It almost ate us, just now! One of us for each head!” “Well,” she said and smiled at them, “I don’t know where you had your eyes, but there was a trap door below his feet. I’m certain it isn’t there by accident! It’s guarding something!” “Well,” Harry said with a sigh, “At least the question of the painful death has been solved… I’m sure being eaten by that three headed dog would certainly be a very painful death!” “Well, that’s right. I’ve got to go,” she said with a smile and shrugged her shoulders, “But I’ll see you later!” “Don’t get yourself into trouble,” Draco called after her as she skipped away.


“How did you get on with your last pages for Professor Snapes extra work?” Malfoy asked later that evening as they sat by the fire in the common room.

“Last page?” Harry asked with a moan, “Once I finished the last question, the pages filled up with new questions! And I had to start all over again!” “What did you do to get on Snapes bad side?” Malfoy asked with a glance at Harry’s pile of work sheets, “I don’t think he’s ever given that much extra work without a proper reason and I’ve known him long enough.” “Like two weeks?” Harry chuckled and shook his stiff hand. He’d been taking notes on the things he read so that he would know them for Snapes sheets and now his hand was black and sore from writing with the quill so much. “He’s a close family friend…” Malfoy said and shrugged his shoulders.

“That does not influence me or my decisions what so ever!” they heard the nasal voice of their professor behind them, “Except for the fact that I can go straight to his father, she he misbehave! There may have been talk of alternative punishments, but to his luck, we do have rules here in Hogwarts… And especially in Slytherin! Malfoy. My office!” “I’ll see you later, Potter,” he mumbled and quickly walked after his professor, leaving Harry and the others behind.

“Is he in trouble?” Harry asked as Nott sat down next to him. “He’ll be grand,” his classmate chuckled, “Snape may not be happy to talk about his private life, but I think he’s just having a chat with him. He does that with every Slytherin as far as I’ve heard. When he asked me into his office I thought I had done something wrong, but he only asked how I was settling in, and such questions. I really thought I was a dead man until I walked out of the office again.”

“Oh, okay,” Harry said and felt relieve, “That’s good to hear.” “Don’t worry about him,” Crabbe said and smiled mischievously, “I’m sure his father would put a hold to any attempt to expel Malfoy!” “Lucius Malfoy is also a part of the Ministry of Magic and he has a lot of influence on what’s happening in here,” Goyle agreed and almost sounded as if he admired Draco’s father.

“That’s good to hear,” Harry said again and picked up his quill once again to continue with Professor Snape’s extra sheets. It had been raining the entire evening since the Quidditch practice had ended and Harry was looking forward to Sunday, hoping the weather would be better so they could all go outside again. Maybe he could go and visit Hagrid?


On Sunday morning the Slytherin first years sat in the Great Hall, enjoying breakfast, when the owls flew in with their mail. Goyle received a parcel from home, filled with sweets and a letter from home. As he unwrapped the unusually shaped treats, he tossed the newspaper that had protected them on their journey on the table to get what he wanted.

Curiously Harry watched looked at all the strange items, some of them he had seen in the Hogwarts Express, until he noticed the newspaper article that Goyle had just tossed aside. It was about Gringotts, the wizard bank and a vault Harry had visited on his first visit to Diagon Alley. Apparently vault 713 had been broken into, shortly after Hagrid had been there on Hogwarts business!

“I thought that nobody can break into Gringotts?” Harry asked the others and spread out the article in front of them. “Well, they didn’t manage to steal anything, it was emptied earlier that day!” Malfoy said with a shrug. “I know,” Harry whispered and Malfoy, Nott and Tessa moved closer to hear what Harry said, “On the day I went to buy my school supplies, Hagrid took me to Gringotts to get my money, Hagrid also had a letter from Dumbledore, saying it was Hogwarts business. And the vault we went to had the number 713!”

While Crabbe and Goyle started to devour the treats, Malfoy, Nott and Tessa stared at Harry excitedly. “But what is it?” Tessa asked, “What did he bring from the vault?” “I have no idea…” Harry mumbled, “But it’s small. It was wrapped in brown paper, and it was about this big!” Harry made a fist and showed it to his friends.

“That could be anything, someone could have put a spell on it to make it small and easier to transport,” Nott shook his head and read over the article. “What ever it is, it’s here now!” Tessa laughed excitedly and looked at the boys, “Let’s go and look for clues! It’s Sunday and we have nothing else to do anyways!”

As soon as the four of them were done with their breakfast, they rushed off to look for clues. They didn’t have much to go by quite yet though, and that made it difficult, but still, it would be an exciting adventure!

However, Sunday evening came and they still hadn’t found any other clues about the small object Hagrid had brought to Hogwarts. The days went by quickly without any success in finding further clues, and soon the weather changed, the days grew darker and colder as Halloween approached. They had decided that what ever was in that small parcel, might be hidden underneath the three headed dog, which made it very difficult to find out about.

They had been able to get the afternoon off, so they were able to enjoy the Halloween decorations all around Hogwarts and play the games that had been set up in the common rooms during their morning classes. Harry told them all about the muggle Halloween traditions that he knew about and the others told him about the wizarding traditions, before they started a Slytherin Chess Tournament until dinner.


Obviously Malfoy won the game, and the Slytherins moved back to the Great Hall for dinner. “Out of my way, Granger,” Malfoy said and pushed Hermione to the side, “Mudbloods like you should get out of the way when ever they are in a wizards way!” Harry, who was a bit further behind Malfoy, saw Hermione’s tears as she pushed out of the Great Hall and ran towards the girls’ bathroom.

Harry had no idea what it meant, but was quickly distracted by the delicious meal in front of them as they sat down to enjoy their food. When most of them were finished eating, the doors flew open and Professor Quirrell ran past the rows of tables, towards Dumbledore. His face was a mask of panic and fear, as he cried out, “Troll! In the dungeon! Troll in the dungeon!” Everyone went silent and stared at their professor as he came to a halt.

“Thought you ought to know,” he said as he dropped to the ground, unconscious. The entire hall was silent, processing the words they had just heard and while Harry tried to remember how scary a troll was supposed to be again, everyone started to scream in fear, getting up from their benches, dropping their food on their plates and the table, until Dumbledore’s voice thundered and silenced everyone, “Silence! Everyone will please not panic!”

As if his words were magic, the panicking students stopped and looked at Dumbledore, who stood behind the teachers table, “Now… prefects will lead their house back to the dormitories. Teachers will follow me to the dungeons.” Suddenly order returned and the prefects and students did as they were told, walking back to their dorms in a controlled manner. However, Harry remembered having seen Hermione run to the bathroom before dinner, crying, and Harry hadn’t seen her during their meal or as the Gryffindors made their way out of the Great Hall and up towards their common rooms.

“Malfoy!” he whispered and pulled his friend to the side, “I saw one of the girls walk in that direction earlier, she doesn’t know about the troll! We need to go and warn her!” “Are you crazy?” Malfoy asked and Harry shook his head. “Not as crazy as walking down to the dungeons to get to our common room while the troll is in the dungeons!”
“Fair enough and point taken,” he said and nodded, “Lets go find that girl!” Quickly the two boys disappeared behind a corner while the other Slytherins made their way down to the dungeons and Harry and Malfoy made their way to the girls bathrooms to find Hermione. Harry wouldn’t mention the part where the girl was a Gryffindor until they had warned her about the troll, hopefully getting her to safety and taking one of the secret passages they had found during their expedition to get back to their common room safely.

“What’s that smell?” Harry asked as they got closer to the girls bathroom, and stopped running. In addition to the horrible smell, they heard the sound of huge feet, approaching the corridor they were currently in. “Looks like the troll is no longer in the dungeons!” Malfoy complained while he covered his mouth and nose from the troll’s stench, “Don’t let it see us!” He grabbed Harry and pulled him to the side, hiding behind a pillar to let the troll pass.

However, as Harry glanced around the pillar, he realised that it had just walked into the girls bathroom and immediately ran after it. “Potter!” Malfoy called as he followed his fellow Slytherin, “Come back!” Harry ran into the girls bathroom and came to an abrupt halt, realising how huge the troll was compared to Hermione who had just come out of a stall with red and swollen eyes. “Granger!” Malfoy exclaimed as he stopped beside Harry. The troll swung his club just as Hermione slammed the door behind her, hiding in the bathroom stall, and smashed the wooden walls as Hermione screamed. “Hermione move!” Harry called out and picked up wooden splinters from the door to throw it at the troll. He had to get the attention of the troll away from Hermione so that she could escape!

“This way, pea brain!” Harry called and saw that Malfoy had started to throw things as well. But no matter what the boys tried, the troll kept smashing the stalls around Hermione! “It’s not working!” he called over to Malfoy and ran towards the troll, grabbed on to the club and let it pull him up towards his head. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Malfoy asked shocked and grabbed a piece of a smashed toilet seat, throwing it at the troll.

It looked up, giving Hermione time to get out of the stalls, and tried to see what was on his neck so suddenly. Harry had grabbed the troll’s big ears and slung his legs around the troll’s massive neck, just to stay up there, while Malfoy threw bathroom parts at it. “Do something!” Harry called at Malfoy, as the troll tried to reach for Harry now, throwing his head around. With his wand still in his hands, Harry lost his grip as the troll tried to shake him off and was pulled towards the front, only hanging on the trolls ear.

“My wand!” Harry called out, just before the troll grabbed Harry’s leg, dangling him in front of its face. “Urg! Potter! It’s in its nose!” Malfoy called out disgusted. “Who cares, do something Malfoy!” Harry called out again, as the troll swung his club towards Harry. As fast as he could, Harry pulled his body up, only seconds before the club swung past Harry’s shoulder.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” Malfoy called out as he swished and flicked his wand in the movement they had learnt earlier that week. The troll’s movement slowed down as the club resisted the motion to smash Harry with it and finally slipped out of its hand. Confused it looked at its empty hand and up towards the ceiling where the club hovered above it’s head. Malfoy dropped the club on the troll’s head and it dropped Harry moments later. Quickly Harry crawled backwards, keeping an eye on the staggering troll. It rolled its eyes and dropped towards Harry, who jumped out of the way just in time to avoid being crushed by the beast.

“Is it dead?” Hermione asked from under a sink, as she made her way towards the boys, careful not to touch the troll by her feet. “I don’t think so, probably just knocked out!” Malfoy said as he poked the trolls head with his foot. Harry quickly moved to the other side of the troll to retrieve his wand that was still stuck in one of the troll’s nostrils. “Urg, troll bogies!” he groaned and cleaned his wand on the trolls clothing. He would definitely wash the wand as soon as they were out of here!

“Oh my goodness! Explain yourselves, Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy!” Minerva McGonagall came to a sudden halt as she entered the girls bathroom, followed by Professor Quirrell, and Professor Snape. The boys were stammering and trying to come up with a plausible explanation for being in the girls bathroom with the troll, instead of in their common room as they had been told. “It’s my fault, Professor McGonagall,” Hermione suddenly said, drawing the professor’s attention to herself. Professor Snape and McGonagall looked at her in incomprehension, knowing that Hermione was a girl that would stick to the rules and would do as she was told at all times. Also Professor Snape clearly didn’t believe her. “Miss Granger?” the Gryffindor head of house asked, worried and looked at the eleven year old girl.

“I went looking for the troll. I read about them and thought I could handle it. But I was wrong. If Potter and Malfoy hadn’t come and found me, I’d probably be dead,” Hermione explained, while the boys stared at each other in surprise. Harry was certain that Malfoy had realised that it had been his words that had sent her to the bathroom, and they were both surprised that she would now tell such a lie, to take the blame for them.

“Be that as it may, it was an extremely fooling thing to do!” Professor McGonagall scolded, while Harry glanced down towards Professor Snapes leg. His trousers were torn, presenting a fresh and bloody wound underneath. The head of Slytherin house followed Harry’s gaze and quickly pulled his robe closer, hiding the injury before anyone else would notice.

“I expected more rational behaviour on your part and I am very disappointed in you!” she kept scolding as Harry looked up at his own professor, “Five points will be taken from Gryffindor for your serious lack of judgment. As for you two gentlemen… I just hope you realise how fortunate you are. Not many first-year students could take on a fully grown mountain troll and live to tell the tale! Five points will be awarded each of you… for sheer dumb luck!”

With that said, she walked out of the bathroom, followed by Professor Snape, while Professor Quirrell stayed behind, “Perhaps you ought to go. It might wake up.” He laughed nervously as he moved closer to the troll, giving the three first-years space to follow their professors. “Professor Snape,” McGonagall said, “Would you please bring the students back to their dormitories, while I will go and inform the other professors and Professor Dumbledore.”

Snape did as he was asked with a glare on his face, leading the students higher up towards the towers of Hogwarts, until they stopped in front of the painting of a fat lady. “Miss Granger, please wait here a moment, until Mister Malfoy and Mister Potter are out of reach to hear your common rooms password and then stay in your dormitory until you are told otherwise,” he said and left her standing there, shoving the two boys ahead of him, back down towards the dungeons.


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