I'll Make You Mine!

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 I'll Make You Mine 

„If I’m home for Christmas, I’ll make you mine, no matter what!” With these words he had left our family, going somewhere far away from us. My brother! My beloved brother! Since he was gone our family was just incomplete! It didn’t feel right anymore. Mom and Dad where fighting more often. Our cat had refused to eat for at least four weeks! I missed him so much! He had taken my happiness when he had left. Although I was afraid of the meaning of his words, I wanted time to pass faster. What did he mean by that? We where siblings, I’d always be his sister! Nobody in the whole world could change that!

Before he had left, he had told me something else. He told me, he’d just come back if he would be a man, worthy to protect his fair lady. But that was our secret, I couldn’t possibly tell our parents about that!

“Mai Yukimura! Are you dreaming?” my homeroom teacher asked crossly. “Sorry, I don’t feel so well right now. Do you mind if I’d go to the health room?” my stomach really hurt, it felt like I had eaten rotten food!

The teacher just nodded and continued the lesson. Quietly I leaved the room and made my way to the infirmary. The door wasn’t closed properly, so I just entered after knocking at the door, still thinking about my brother. But then I froze in shock, when I heard and saw what the nurse was doing with a student! I blushed and ran out, but the guy had already seen me. I ran upstairs, knowing he was following me. On the roof of the school I tried to hide at first, but then the guy already entered the roof.

He came towards me, but walked passed me, leaning against the railing, panting, “Fuckin’ hell, you’re fast!” “Why are you chasing me?” I asked scared with trembling knees. I knew that guy! He was our schools karate champion! Masaru Hitoshi. Nobody in school could defeat him; neither could the other schools students. “Why did you run?” he countered, still panting. “Because… because I … saw…” I blushed, unable to finish the sentence, I couldn’t even think about it!

Masaru started to laugh, “What? That’s why you ran away? I thought you’d go straight to the headmaster!” Confused I looked at him, “Why would I do that?” He stopped laughing and looked at me seriously, “If you’d do that, Aimi would loose her job and I’d be expelled. But if you do that, I’d have to make you keep quiet!” Masaru came closer, too close! He pushed me against the wall and laid his hands on my body, touched my hips, my chest and kissed my neck and opened my shirt. “No!” I shrieked when I realised what he was about to do. Afraid I pushed him away, fearful I pulled the edges of my shirt together and shook my head, “I told you I was not going to tell anybody!”

“Good for you!” he said coldly and left.

When he was gone I sunk to the ground, shaking in fear. Why had Ryo gone? Why did he leave me? It was his entire fault! If he wouldn’t have left me here, all alone, I wouldn’t be so depressed and scared, because I knew that Ryo would beat him up for me! Ryo, my brother! Tears rolled over my cheeks and I started to cry, “Ryo! When will you be back?”


When I was small, Ryo would always protect me, he had said, that it was the task of the older brother and the man to protect his sister and later his wife. He would always hold me, when I was scared, he would protect me, if some kids tried to bully me and he would always make me laugh when I was sad. But these times had changed. It all changed when father came back home after a fight with mom, totally drunk. Ryo had taken care of him; while mother had kept me save.

After that Ryo didn’t want to talk to me for a week. He looked at mother and me with gloomy and cold eyes. I still remember that I started to cry. Ryo was meant to mind me, while mother went to buy groceries. I had started to cry because Ryo told me he hated me for what I did to his family. I didn’t understand. He told me I was not his sister. I would not have the same blood as he had. But when I cried, his face changed and got smooth, he embraced me gently and whispered, “I will always protect you! You are my happiness!”

From that day on our relationship had changed. He made everything to make me happy. He tried to not be too mad with mother. When I was afraid I could stay with him, even over night. Our parents were glad that we got along so well, at least that’s what I think. Every time they were fighting Ryo and I watched movies until they were done fighting.


After I calmed down again, I went back into my classroom, took my schoolbag and went home, I couldn’t stay in class and I couldn’t go to the infirmary anymore. I was way too embarrassed!

At home I went straight to bed. One Christmas had already passed without him. Now it was only one more month till next Christmas. Mom was working again; she had started to sell flowers in a shop, so I would be alone for a few hours. With a sigh I stood up, I locked the doors downstairs and sneaked into Ryo’s room and cuddled up in his bed. I felt better; I felt Ryo’s presence, his strong arms.

When I heard the door opening I woke up and raced out of Ryo’s bed, into my own room. Mother shouldn’t see that. It was hard enough for her to know that her stepson was somewhere else, not telling anybody where he went. Not knowing if he was still alive or not. Not knowing that was driving me crazy, I was so worried. I missed him so much!

The next day when I met Masaru in school, he was different. He seemed to be nice. He talked to me as if we were friends. He made me laugh for the first time since my brother was gone. The days passed and I felt that my happiness returned, slowly, but steady. Masaru and I became something like friends. Now he protected me instead of Ryo.

It felt good to have him around me.


Finally it was Christmas day. I ran into Ryo’s room as soon as I woke up, but he wasn’t there. His room was as empty as always. With a sigh I went back into my room, got dressed and went downstairs. Mom and Dad were working till noon. So I’d be alone for a few hours. I went into the kitchen to make some breakfast, when I heard a knock at the door. So I left my breakfast and opened the door. In front of the door stood a tall guy in a dark suit with sunglasses, his dark brown hair was scrubby and looked wild.

I had the feeling that I knew that guy, he looked so familiar, but I didn’t know any guys in that age who would wear a suit and sunglasses in December! “Can I help you?” I asked politely. The guy smiled and said, “Mai. Did you forget about me already?” He took off his sunglasses and smiled at me. “Ryo!” I whispered, my brother! “Ryo!” I screamed and jumped into his arms, “My brother! My Ryo!” “Mai!” he laughed, “You’re going to choke me!” “Uh! Sorry! I didn’t mean to choke you!” I apologized and let go of his neck, but he still held me tight. “You didn’t change at all. Did you miss me?” he asked still smiling. “No, not at all.” I shook my head and smiled, “Why did you leave us? I missed you so much Ryo!”

My brother laughed, “You are so cute, Mai! I missed you as well, little one!” “Come in, Ryo, it’s freezing out here!” I said smiling happily and we went inside.

“Tell me, Ryo, where have you been?” I asked curiously. “Well, I’ve been in America.”  He answered proudly, “I’ve learned a lot, and now I can make you mine!” “Are you hungry?” I asked fast and ran into the kitchen. “No.” He followed me, when our doorbell rang and I ran past him to the door. Who could that be? It was Christmas…

“Masaru!” I said surprised, “What are you doing here?” “You told me your parents are working, so I thought, I’d come to accompany you for a while!” he said smiling. “There is no need to!” Ryo said coldly from behind me. “Who are you?” Masaru asked confused. “Ryo. Who are you?” my brother said suspicious. “Masaru Hitoshi. Are you… are you Mai’s brother?” my friend from school asked. “No.” he replied, “Our parents are married, that’s all.”

Masaru nodded, “Guess, I’ll be going then… I’ll catch you in school!” He smiled at me and left. When Ryo closed the door, I looked at him in shock, “What are you talking about? You are my brother! Your dad is my dad as well!” Ryo shook his head and pulled me to the sofa, “No. Tadashi is not your father. Not your biological father. After our parents married, Hiroko cheated on Tadashi. That’s the reason why Dad was drunk that night. That’s why I thought you ruined my family when we were little. But I just couldn’t see you crying and I realized that it makes no difference. And it was not your fault. My dad knew about that, but he loved Hiroko so much that he overlooked the fact that you are not his daughter. He loves you as much as he loves me, maybe even more, because you’re a girl and he had always wanted a little daughter to spoil like a little princess.”

“But why didn’t they tell me?” I sobbed. That couldn’t be true, right? “They didn’t want to hurt you. They love you so much! It wouldn’t be much different if Tadashi was your biological father as well.”

I leaned against his shoulder, “Does it make any difference at all?” “Yes. And that difference is really important to me, because it makes my feelings legal!” he said smiling. “W… What are you doing?” I asked shocked when he started to kiss my neck. “I’m making you mine!” he whispered and stroke over my back, pulling me closer, “I want you to love me. I want you to run away with me!”

“Ah! Ryo! Stop it!” I tried to push him away, “Ryo! You’re still my brother!” “No, I’m not! Now tell me you don’t feel anything!” Ryo whispered and kissed my lips tenderly. “I knew it!” he whispered when he released my lips, “You do like me!” I covered my mouth with my hand and stared at him in shock, I had always dreamt about my first kiss, but I could’ve never imagined that it would be so amazing!

Ryo just smiled and pulled me closer again, kissing my lips. “Ryo!” I shrieked, trying to free myself. “I like you very much, Mai! Will you go to Tokyo with me?” Ryo whispered into my ear. Run away? With Ryo? But why? “Why? Why do you wanna run away? What happened?” I asked worried. Had something happened to Ryo when he was abroad?

“I just wanna be with you. Everybody around here thinks you are my sister. I can’t kiss you in public, if I wanna protect you. Your mom and my dad won’t like it either. If we stay here we can’t be together. You can finish high school in Tokyo, I will work there and we can have our own flat, our own life.” He said with a smile.

“But... but… how do you know that mom didn’t lie? That I am not Tadashi’s biological child?” I whispered a bit scared. My brother walked over to his bag, “I wasn’t so sure about that as well, so I went to America and let them make a test.” He handed me an envelope, “You can read it for yourself.”

Carefully I pulled out a sheet of paper, it looked really official. “It is all in English!” I complained disappointed, “You know I’m no good in English, Ryo!” He laughed, “It say’s you are not my sister. You are no biological child of Tadashi. He will always love you, you’re his little princess. Their love for you will never change, but mine did. I love you, but not like a sister. I love you as a beautiful woman!”

“You think I’m beautiful?” I asked surprised and looked at him. “So I don’t have a big brother?” He shook his head and smiled, “At least not in this house. Maybe you have some half siblings. So what do you think? Will you run away with me?” “I… I… I… I don’t know…” I replied unsure, “What about mom and dad? And what will our neighbours think? What will they think about mom and dad?”

“Do you like me?” Ryo asked. “I don’t know… you’ve always been my brother. I loved you as my brother, but although I know now that you’re not my brother, I still have strong feelings for you. Give me time to figure that out, Ryo, please!” I stuttered. “Is it because of that Masaru guy?” Ryo asked calmly. Well… he was kind of right. I liked Masaru, but not as much as Ryo.

Was it really Love that I felt? The same love my mother and his father felt for each other? The eternal love everybody was dreaming about? “No. He is just a friend. I think.” I said nervous. “You think?” he asked puzzled, “You think?” He stood up and walked into the kitchen, turned around, walked back and kissed me passionately. 

It was impossible to stop that, my mind switched to autopilot and my fingers grabbed Ryo’s hair, pulling him closer. When he released my lips, he whispered, “That was answer enough!” Ryo lifted me up, carried me upstairs in his room and dropped me onto his bed, still kissing me. He pulled off my shirt and went back to kissing me.

My face turned red, while my hands touched his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it over his shoulders. Ryo must have been training a lot, his body felt strong and muscular. My body felt all hot, where ever he touched me, where his lips kissed me and his tongue toughed my skin. My former brother undressed me skilfully, when we heard a car pulling into the parking lot in front of our house. “Ryo!” I shrieked, “Stop it! Please!” With a sigh Ryo kissed me and helped me up, “You should get dressed.” Fast we got dressed again and went downstairs, just when my mother entered our house.

“Ryo! Is it really you?” she called out. “Yes, Hiroko, I’m back.” The good looking guy said smiling. My mother’s bag fell down when she laid her hands in front of her mouth, “Ryo is back!” Grabbing my hand and pulling me downstairs, he walked on towards my mother. “Mai, don’t just stand around and clinch to your brother! Go and help me prepare a meal! I’m sure he is hungry!” Hiroko pushed me into the kitchen and turned around to Ryo, “Tell me, how long have you been here already?” “Not too long.” He replied casually and followed us into the kitchen. I blushed, thinking about what had happened and turned around to cut some vegetables for a soup. “Where have you been all the time? We’ve been so worried about you!” my mother went on. “I’ve been in America.” “Ryo! Do I have to pull out every single bit? Can’t you just tell me what you’ve been up to? Why did you leave us? Why did you have to go to America?” she said crossly and laid her hands onto her hips.

“Well… I have learned a lot, I’ve learned a lot about commercial businesses, music and the real world out there. About all the possibilities you have. All the chances you can take.” My beloved Ryo told us exited. “I am so happy for you, my son!” she said proudly, tears in her eyes, “You have grown so much! You will make your future wife so happy!” Then she turned to me, “Aren’t you done jet? Your brother is hungry, he had a rough day!” I nodded and tried to cut even faster, the rice was almost done and the water for the soup was ready, when I cut my finger. “You little goose! You can’t cook like this if you want to be a good wife some day!” my mother complained. Sad I swallowed my tears and nodded, when Ryo pushed Hiroko to the side, reaching out for my hand. Carefully he lifted my hand to his mouth and sucked my finger. “That should help!” he said smiling.

Mother pushed him out of the kitchen, leaving the puzzled me behind. “Are you all right Hiroko?” my fake brother asked worried. “Yes!” she said sharply, “I’m just stressed out from work and your father is putting me under pressure as well!” “Why?” he asked confused. “It’s because of your sister! But he will tell you himself!” mother said with a tired expression.


When father was back from work we had dinner together, of cause father asked the same questions again, told his son how worried he had been, when he finally said, “Family, I have important news!” My stomach turned around, I had a bad feeling. “I have decided who’s going to be our son in law! He is of high standard, well educated, his family is wealthy and very noble, he is a strong young man and he is going to treat my little princess like a real princess!” he announced proudly. Hiroko seemed to be exited, while Ryo seemed to be shocked and I felt sick. “Mai is going to marry Hitoshi Masaru!” he said with a smile in his face, “And our whole family is here to celebrate this!”

When I heard that name, my mind faded away. I didn’t want to marry Masaru! As silly as it seemed to be, but I wanted to marry Ryo!

When I opened my eyes again, I was lying in my own bed. Alone! Did I imagine that? Did I make this up? Carefully I sat up in my bed and tried to hear the low voices downstairs. “You can’t do that to her!” Ryo protested, “Did you ever meet that guy?” “Of cause I met him! He is a really handsome young feller and he is really charming. Mai couldn’t find anyone better than him!” father said calmly. Quietly I sneaked out of my room to see what was going on.

“He is a womanizer! He is just going to cheat on Mai and he is going to break her heart!” Ryo hissed, “Do you really want to sell your little princess for your success? Do you want to get rid of her that badly?”

Father smacked Ryo, turned around and left for his working room. With wide eyes I stared at Ryo, how could father do that? Why did he do that? Was Ryo right? Did father want to get rid of me? Fast I went back into my room.

What should I do? I didn’t want to marry Masaru! And I didn’t want Ryo to marry another girl! Should I really run away with Ryo? With a sigh I locked my door and started to pack my things. It would be a new start with Ryo, nobody would know us in Tokyo, we could be an ordinary couple! A new life! We were not blood related after all, so there was nothing in our way!

After a while I sighed and unpacked my things again. It was ridiculous! I couldn’t just run away. Although I didn’t want to marry Masaru, it might be a really good party… it would help father with his success. It was a ridiculous thought to think about marrying Ryo! I had to do something useful for once in my life!

But, I couldn’t marry him! I didn’t love him! I really wanted to be happy with Ryo, not with Masaru or anybody else! I put my things back into my wardrobe. I should talk to father first. He could change that! He wouldn’t make me marry Masaru, would he? Fast I ran downstairs to talk to father, but when I entered the living room, there was another person sitting in front of my parents. Hitoshi Masaru! “Ah! There you are, Mai. Come and sit down!” Tadashi said smiling. “Where is Ryo, father?” I asked quietly. “He went for a walk. You know Hitoshi Masaru already, right? He is in your school.” Father replied with a smile. I nodded and sat down next to my father.

“Masaru here came over to meet his fiancé. Isn’t that nice?” he said proudly, “Well, I might let the two of you alone, I’m sure Mai’s going to be a good hostess!” Then he left. What should I do now? “Ryo! Please help me! Where are you?” I begged in my mind. “So, did you have a nice day?” he asked cheerfully. I nodded politely and stared to the ground. What should I do?

“Are you going to do something at New Years Eve?” Masaru asked smiling. I shook my head, “I don’t know jet.” “Great! Do you wanna go to Fukazawa with me? I heard they have really nice fireworks.” He suggested still cheerfully. Fukazawa? What should I do? I couldn’t possibly go there with Masaru!

“I … I don’t know! I might have plans… I don’t think it is such a good idea!” I said scared. Now I felt the fear from the beginning return. The fear, that Masaru would kill me. “I’m sorry, I just thought it would be nice to spend some time together!” he said smiling. “I’m sorry!” I whispered, “Maybe it would be better if you’d come back another day.” My classmate nodded and stood up, “It was nice to see you today. You look a little pale; maybe you should get a little rest.” “Thank you for coming!” I said quietly. Masaru waved warmly and left without another word.

When Masaru was gone I ran upstairs and started to cry into my pillows, what should I do? I fell in love with my brother and suddenly I was engaged with the schools karate champion! We definitely had to run away! After a while I jumped out of my bed and started to pack my things again. It was my only hope, my only chance! My only chance to be happy with Ryo was to run away!

“What are you doing?” said a curious voice behind me. In shock I turned around and looked into Ryo’s dark eyes. “Your eyes are all red. Did you cry again?” he asked worried and touched my cheek tenderly. With a deep sigh I laid my head into his hand and whispered, “Run away with me, Ryo! I’d go anywhere with you!” “What happened? I shouldn’t have left you! Did that Masaru guy show up?” Ryo guessed. I looked at him in shock, his intuition was too well!

“I don’t want to marry him or anybody else! I wanna be with you!” I whispered desperately. Ryo pulled me into his embrace, “You don’t have to say anything Mai! We’ll go to Tokyo. Just you and me!” “When are we going?” I asked sniffling, “I’m almost done packing!” “You’ll have to wait a bit, darling, I have to sort a few things out first. And I can’t just take you away before the New Years Eve celebrations! Mom and Dad are planning a little party for us. Maybe I can even tell them that I’m taking you to Tokyo for college, maybe they’ll let you go peacefully and like that I have a little motivation to keep you save from me!” Ryo said with a smile.

“But why?” I asked quietly, “Why do I have to leave peacefully? Father wants to sell me off to Masaru and his family, just to get a better position in his job!” “Still, they are still your family!” my beloved Ryo said and embraced me gently while whispering, “You shouldn’t be too rash about leaving this place. Maybe at some stage you’ll want to return home.” “No!” I protested, “I will never want to return to them! I want to be with you! Forever!”

Ryo smiled and pulled me into his arms, “Maybe in the future, so for now I think it would be best to work something out that pleases our parents. Just in case you might want to return home some day.” 

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