The Way My Life Should Have Gone

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 The Way My Life Should Have Gone  



My name is Áine O’Donohugh and I’m seventeen years old. From the looks I’d probably be more of an average beautiful girl, have rich parents who still love me more than their money and get everything I wanted. I know that sounds totally like cliché, but it’s getting better!

Where was I? Right! My dad, Vincent O’Donohugh, is a business man of high rank, I’m talking about really high, like regular invitations to the presidents mansion in Phoenix Park high and high as in having their own little secret service organisation, or as my dad would call it, bodyguards. Olivia Collins, now O’Donohugh, would be a famous fashion designer, who goes to Milan for fashion show’s all the time, or fly around the world only for a shopping trip!

As for me, I would probably take a year off of school to travel around the world, although my parents wouldn’t want me to go and to see all the places in the world I wanted to see, before I would go to university. Since I have so many places I want to see, I would have to make a list and tick it off whenever I reach a new country.

First I would want to go to Australia, after that Japan, China, Thailand, India, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Greek, Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Canada, New York, Florida, Washington, California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, Mexico, Belize, Venezuela, Hawaii and after that maybe back home.

But isn’t it kind of natural that plans change? My plans would change on Dublin Airport, while waiting for my flight.


Chapter 1

“All passengers from flight EI 305 to Stuttgart, Germany will be able to board now!” said a lady through the loudspeakers. With a sigh I put my nose back into my book since Germany wasn’t my first destination. “Hey, isn’t that Áine O’Donohugh?” a lady asked, staring at me, “Olivia O’Donohugh’s daughter?” I stiffened in shock, was I discovered already? “No! Can’t be!” another one said, looking at my not as perfect disguise as I had hoped, “Áine is a natural red head, that girl is brunette, but they kind of look alike.” “You’re right! Anyway, Áine O’Donohugh wouldn’t leave the house without bodyguards! Although I don’t understand why! I mean she’s not that famous, is she?” said the first one again and I sighed, if I’d know why my dad send out his men to follow me where ever I went I mightn’t find it as annoying!

Curious as of what they knew about me, that I didn’t know, I listened on as the second woman replied, “Didn’t you hear yet? It was all over the news! Someone’s trying to kidnap her! They even announced their plan on YouTube!” “Really?” the first one asked and shuddered, “The poor thing must be watched around the clock now!”

Yes, it was really hard to actually sneak out of the house and past the guards to actually get to the airport! But who wanted to kidnap me? I hadn’t heard of that… well, why should they kidnap me, I really am not that famous, probably not famous at all. I was just about to get back to reading when guy sat down beside me, “I know who you are, I am ordered to bring you back. If you don’t want to, I have permission to drag you out!”

With a sigh I put my bookmark into my book and closed it before I shoved it back into my backpack. “How did you find me so quickly?” I asked and looked at him. He was a handsome guy, tall, black, messy hair and dark sunglasses covering his Asian eyes, a black suit with a white shirt, a dark blue tie and black shoes. That guy was totally handsome!

“I have orders to never let you out of sight, so climbing out a window and over the wall doesn’t help!” he said with a slightly amused expression around his lips. Damn! They actually did watch me escape from all the security surveillance! The route I’d chosen was the only black spot in our system and only a small person would succeed!

“Show me your badge! Otherwise I’ll scream and run away.” I said and watched his every move as he pulled out a little leather booklet. Carefully I opened it and looked at my father’s secret service badge and the card with a photograph and details of the owner. His name was Sato Ken’ichi, he was 6’ 2”, he was Japanese and this badge was real… All the secret pictures and signs were there, “Ok, Mr. Sato Ken’ichi, can’t you just pretend you didn’t see me? You can hardly see with those glasses anyway, right?”

With a swift movement he took them off and gave them to me, “Try them on, they are special glasses. And no, I can’t pretend I didn’t see you because there’s a camera in those glasses as well, sending the pictures straight to one of my co-workers.” “Will you please not wear those glasses and that type of equipment the next time you’re coming after me?” I asked and grabbed my backpack.

“That’s a wise choice, the car is waiting outside, in front of the entrance, its a black limo. I’ll be watching you, so don’t even try to run, anyway, my men are all over the place, they’ll catch you before you know it!” he said, “And my name is Ken’ichi! Sato is my family name, so call me Mr. Sato or Sato-sama!”

“Great, so now I know a name to complain about to my father! I can tell him to let me go travelling; I’m old enough to do that!” I complained and stomped out of Dublin Airport and into the black limousine. Only a few seconds later Ken’ichi sat down beside me and gave the command to drive. “Fasten your seatbelt!” he said with a stone like face. A cold shiver ran down my spine and I was suddenly looking forward to coming back home and away from that Japanese guy! Slowly with traffic the car drove out of Swords and towards the motorway. “Hey! Where are you going?” I asked, freezing now, trying to figure out where they were heading! “Doesn’t have to concern you, you should be more worried about what we’re planning on doing with you when we arrive!” he said with an evil smile and looked out of the window.

Carefully not to draw his attention, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, watching Sato’s every move. “You don’t have to try that. It won’t work in here and the doors and windows, even the seatbelts are locked.” Ken’ichi suddenly chuckled and turned to me. Without another thought I pulled it out and realised he was right, no network coverage what so ever! I tried all other networks, but nothing worked; not even emergency numbers! “I told you, didn’t I?” he said and looked out of the window again.

Damn! What a mess! How could I get out of this? “I need the bathroom!” I said, having an idea. Sure, that was such a typical thing that everyone tried when they were captured in the movies. “Fine,” he said and commanded something in a different language. Shortly after that we pulled into a parking lot and Ken’ichi pulled me out of the car.

The Japanese man pulled me into the lady’s room and locked the door behind me and checked every single one of the boxes for possible escaping possibilities and other people in there and then said, “Go ahead, I’m waiting here.” “Bu… but I can’t… when somebody is listening!” I protested and tried to get away from him.

“Fine!” he said and walked me against the wall of the bathroom. “Hey! What are you doing?” I asked and tried to keep as much distance between us as possible. Without a word he put his hand into my pocked and took my phone out. “Then I’ll listen to some music.” Ken’ichi said and scrolled over my phone. “Hey! You can’t just take my phone! Give it back!” I said loudly and tried to take it back. “Do you want me to give back the phone or do you want me to not listen to you going for a shit?” he asked amused and looked at me, “Or are you trying to text someone while you pretend to go for a shit?” I stared at him for a few seconds in shock, not that he figured what I had been planning to do, that was kind of obvious, but about the way he was talking.

“Fine, keep the phone!” I said grumpy, “If you look at anything else, I’ll surely find a way to murder you!” “Why so friendly? I’m only doing my job, so at least try to cooperate so that as long as you’re in our company it’s as easy as possible for all of us!” he said chuckling and looked for some music he seemed to find not too bad on my phone and turned it on quite loud.

A little more at peace I sat down on the toilet and thought about what I could do now! I had to get out of their grasp somehow! If it wouldn’t work like that, I had to figure out something else… After a while I just flushed the toilet and went out again, trying to figure out some way to get away from them.

He dragged me back into the car and we drove on towards the other end of Ireland, towards Galway and Claire. Did we go and fly away from a different airport? Or did he plan on staying in Ireland and just keep me there in a dark and lonely place? With a sigh I leaned back in the seat and watched the trees and other cars as we sped past them. If there was a control at some point of the road, those guys would be in double trouble, speeding and kidnapping! But there was a little problem… I couldn’t believe the Gardaí had cars fast enough to catch up with this hyper speed limousine or what it was supposed to be. But still… I had to find a way to get out of what ever this was!

With a sigh I took my book out of my backpack and continued to read. Those stupid guys could go to hell with what they were planning to do with me! If it was money, they took the wrong person! My parents would never give them money to get me back; my dad would send out a rescue mission and involve the entire military into the search!

When I felt someone was watching me, I looked up and saw that Ken’ichi was looking at me, confused and irritated. “What?” I asked, “Didn’t you say I should cooperate a little yourself? Now I’m reading quietly and peacefully and you’re disturbing me. What do you want from me this time?” “How can you read when the car is shaking without getting sick?” he asked bluntly and moved away from me a little. “I never got sick from reading in the car! And believe me, I’ve been driving around in cars and other vehicles all my life!” He only nodded, “Just remember to say something before you get sick… otherwise I’ll sit in the front and you can stay in the stinky back yourself!”

Just as I wanted to go back to reading I had another idea! I could pretend to get sick, so we’d have to stop the car and he probably wouldn’t want to watch me puke! He would let me go a little into the woods to do that and that would be my chance to escape! For a while I kept reading, until I actually really felt my stomach turn!

“Oh my gosh! Maybe I should scratch what I said earlier! I think I have to… stop the car, please!” I moaned, feeling the contents of my stomach wander higher… “Stop the car!” Ken’ichi shouted disgusted and almost jumped out of the car, pulling me along, towards the trees. I felt horrible, but I still wanted to go along with my plan… after actually puking! Ken’ichi actually stayed behind at the car. Disgusted by myself I walked on, further into the woods. The further I got away from the car, the better I felt! I smelled the fresh air of freedom and the pine scent of the trees, I started to run. I ran and ran as fast as my legs would carry me, further away from those guys!

Chapter 2

Suddenly someone tackled me down to the ground and we rolled over and over down the hill. When I opened my eyes I looked into Ken’ichi’s angry eyes. “Are you so stupid or are you doing those things on purpose?” he hissed, let go of me and stood up. “Excuse me?” I protested as he pulled me up as well, “Just leave me alone and you don’t have to push me down a hill!” How could he have been so fast? With a fast beating heart I tried to get my hand free and run away from him, further down the hill, but he held me tightly without a chance of mercy.

“Can’t you pretend you didn’t see me? You’re not wearing your stupid glasses!” I protested and tried to stare him down. “That is true, but you’re wearing them on your head! They know I’m here with you anyway and I am not going to let you go quite yet!” he said icily and pushed me against the next tree, “Maybe I want to play with you first!” “Play?” I asked, getting scared. Was he one of those crazy people who tortured their victims before he’d kill them?

“Yes… play!” he said, getting closer to me. Looking for a way out I turned my head away from him and tried to free myself from his tight grip. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked and pushed my chin back up, so I had to face him. “Running away means I have to punish you! Tell me, what is your greatest fear?”

I would not give in to his words! I would not tell him that my greatest fear, at least at the moment, was that he would do something to me! I had never had a boyfriend or anything because my father kept being too protective, so right now I would probably prefer to die, before I would accept him touching me further or kissing me!

Staring fearfully at his lips, I tried to look away, to get my fear under control and to act and kick him or hit him or bite him or something. But suddenly he came even closer, I felt his breath on my skin, smelled the scent coming from the Japanese guy, probably his aftershave and saw every move his beautiful lips made. “Is it that?” he asked, looking amused, “You’re afraid I could steal your first real kiss?”

My eyes widened and finally I was able to draw my attention away from his lips and towards his eyes, this time in panic though! One of his hands let go of my arm, instead he put it under my chin to push it up. Slowly he placed his lips on mine and I couldn’t move with his body leaned against mine, and my arms held together behind the tree. Scared I pressed my lips together, wishing he would finally stop and leave me alone! Instead he pressed with his thumb and ring finger between my teeth, so I had to open my mouth; I couldn’t even do something against that!

When I believed it couldn’t get any worse, I felt his tongue in my mouth, licking over mine and pressing even harder against me. Tears ran down my cheeks and I begged he would let go of me quickly! For a second he pulled his tongue out, whispering, “See, that wasn’t too bad, now, was it?” And a second time he pressed his fingers together and his tongue danced around mine, while I now desperately tried to escape his! Unfortunately it seemed like I just couldn’t manage to loose it and his tongue kept touching and rubbing mine!

Suddenly my mind started to get fuzzy and I lost my strength, gliding to the ground, out of his grip. Chuckling he pulled me back up and lifted me up in his arms, “You’re such a funny hostage! Now I finally know how to keep you quiet!” Too shocked to defend myself he walked up the hill again and back to the car. Back in the seats I pulled my knees onto my chest and buried my face in my hands on my knees. Hours later we arrived at a lonely cottage in County Claire, surrounded by nothing but trees and nothing.

Ken’ichi dragged me into the little house and pushed me into a room, “You can stay in here for a while, there is a bathroom, the windows are locked, so don’t even try to open them, if you try, the alarm will go off and you won’t have time to say hallelujah before you’re pinned down on the floor! Understood?” I nodded tired and was glad to see a rather comfy looking bed underneath the big window. “I’ll bring food in the morning and if you want something now, just say it, otherwise I’m gone.” Ken’ichi looked at me with his stone like expression and I shook my head, I just wanted to sleep and forget about all the mess I was in at the moment. How could I possibly escape this house?

“So I’ll see you in the morning!” he said and left the room, I heard the key turn in the lock and it was quiet again. Exploring I strolled through the room, searching for a way out. There was a bathroom with a bathtub, a shower, sink and toilet, there was also a mirror. With a sigh I lay down in bed. Silently I pulled out my phone and sighed, still no coverage at all… maybe they had some frequency disturbing instrument in the house and in the car… At least they didn’t take the phone and everything else away from me! Exhausted I cuddled up under the blanket and fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up the next morning I thought it had been a dream for the first few minutes, but remembered quickly. Those bastards! With a sigh I turned around and pulled the blanket over my head. I wished I could just go home and stay with my parents for the rest of my life! A knock on my door made me jump, but it was only that Japanese guy with a tray of breakfast. “Thought you might be hungry,” Ken’ichi said and pulled the blanket off. “Hey!” I protested and sat up to pull my T-Shirt over my knees, but it wasn’t there… I was still wearing my ripped, bleached jeans, green top and purple and blue shirt.

“If you don’t want it, I’ll eat it myself!” he said and sat down on the bed. Quickly I pulled my legs away from him, while my stomach grumbled. “Ok, ok, I’ll eat it!” I said fast and hoped he wouldn’t have touched any of the food. “There you go!” he said and gave me the tray. “Are you going to stay and watch me eat or what?” “Of course, our little princess could cut herself with that sharp knife or choke or something!” he said in a pretend worried voice. “Seriously? I’m really not going to do that! I won’t choke and I won’t hurt myself!” I said grumpy and smelled the orange juice.

“No. We just don’t want you to keep the knife or something. So eat now, otherwise it’s gone!” he replied coldly and stared at me. “You’re a jerk, I hope you know that!” I said and started to eat. I hadn’t realised how hungry I’d been until I actually tasted the food! “Hey, that is good! Did you kidnappers kidnap a cook as well?” I asked trying the eggs. “So you like that?” he asked and I nodded, “If you like it, enjoy it as long as we let the cook live!”

Shocked I looked at him and almost didn’t dare to continue eating. “That was a joke. I made that stuff!” he said cold and walked out of my room. Did he really cook that? It was really good… Carefully I tried another bit, it was not poisoned or anything, and it still tasted really good. The rest of the day I read some more in my book, while thinking about another escape plan. The windows were locked and secured with an alarm. Maybe if the alarm went off often enough, maybe they would switch it off if I’d do that often enough? With a smile I touched the window and quickly returned to my bed and pulled the pillow over my head.

Within a few seconds one of the guys stormed into my room and looked at me and the window! “Would you please turn that off?” I asked desperately, as I tried to not listen to the horrible sound of the alarm, “I was sleeping when all of a sudden the alarm went off!” “Are you sure you didn’t touch anything?” he asked suspicious and looked at me. “Yes! I was sleeping! I can’t do anything as long as I’m here! Please just turn it off!” Shaking his head he turned around and left the room. A few seconds after that the annoying alarm stopped and I wasn’t sure if my idea had been so good, but I had to try it!

In the middle of the night I did that again, after rolling out of my bed of course so it looked like I had fallen out of it.

Chapter 3

“What happened?” one of the five guys stormed in and found me on the floor, tangled in my blanket. “I don’t know! I was sleeping damn it!” I complained and covered my ears again. Confused he looked around, shook his head and left again. Shortly after that the alarm stopped and I returned to bed.

The next day I did the same. I went to the bathroom, undressed, except for my big long t-shirt and turned on the shower. After about a minute of watching the water, I silently snuck through the door and threw a sock against the window, onto my clothes pile in front of the window, closed the door and jumped into the shower without my t-shirt. A few seconds passed and I heard the door to my room open and close a few seconds after that. Silently chuckling I washed off all the things that had happened, especially that kidnappers’ kiss!

The following days I followed my scheme, but Sato Ken’ichi never showed up. Unfortunately I really knew he was not in the cottage or around, because the food was horrible. His absence turned out to really annoy me and was too obvious for my taste. So I tried not to taste the food when ever I was too hungry to resist the horrible stuff they called food!

After about half a week of my sock-throwing-contest, the alarm stopped and my sock didn’t pull any reaction what so ever. The next night, after making a last attempt of my sock throwing contest, I took my stuff and climbed out of the window, still no reaction. As quietly as I could, I sneaked away from the cottage and into the forest. With one last glance towards the house, I started to run. As fast as my legs could carry me, I raced through the trees. It seemed like ages, when the sun finally came out and lightened my way. The sun seemed to be my hope, my way to safety! The higher the sun rose, the safer I felt.

A little while later I reached a street and stopped running. Since I needed to get back to Dublin, and Dublin was to the east, I walked eastwards down along the road and quickly found a sign in my direction, leading towards Limerick! Limerick was a good direction! In Limerick I could possibly find a taxi to take me home! I just had to make it to Limerick!

After a little snack further down in the forest, I returned to the street and ran for a while to get more distance between the cottage and me! When I was about a hundred yards from the sign, telling me I’d have crossed the boarder into County Limerick, a hand grabbed me and pulled me around.

For a second I wanted to scream since it was that damn Asian looking at me. Quickly I pulled my fear back together and tried a distraction. “Halo,” I said in my best French accent, “Can I help you?” “You could, indeed,” he replied with a smile, “Get in the car and be good!”

“Excuse e moi?” I asked and tried to look as confused as possible, “My mother always tells me to not go with strangers! No, no, no! I cannot go with you, monsieur!” “Do you really want to do this?” he asked and tightened his grip around my arm. Roughly he pulled me close and kissed me again, but this time I was prepared!

As hard as I could, I stomped on his foot, turned around and ran back into the woods. I didn’t bother looking around if he was following me around or not, since that would slow me down!

Shortly after that he tackled me to the ground again and over was my journey to freedom… “You little…” he started and I started to call for help and curse in French. Hoping he didn’t understand French, since I called him really anything I could think of, even a Smurf. With clenched teeth he whispered, “Shut up!” But I didn’t bother and called him a sock.

That was the point when he burst out in laughter. I even saw tears in his dark eyes as he laughed so bad, his entire body was shaking. Shocked I thought of a different plan to loose him permanently, when his eyes changed back to the dangerous sparkling, I had seen before, on my way into my prison.

“So, the sock has had enough fun for today! Now, shut up and stop running, otherwise I will enjoy hurting you all the more!” “Merda!” I cursed and let him pull me up. One last try had to be done though, “Why are you taking me? Am I a hostage? Or did I do something wrong? Are you a police man? You are Chinese, right, or maybe Korean? What did I do?” If he actually had recognized me, it couldn’t have been because of my French accent, since even the French had mistaken me quite often for a French girl before!

“Áine O’Donohugh, if you do not stop with this game at once; I will take advantage of you and your fear and do exactly that what you fear even more than a kiss! Is that understood?” he asked impatiently and pulled me close again.

“We…” I whispered and decided to only speak French around them, so they wouldn’t understand me and hopefully get so mad that they’d beg to get rid of me as soon as possible.

About half an hour later we arrived at the cottage and I could have cursed myself for only getting such a short distance between the cottage and me. Why was I so slow? Well… we were driving with the car on the way back… so it wasn’t actually my fault but the drivers for driving so fast and for me being human and not capable of hyper speed!

With a sigh I wanted to get out of the car, but my door was still locked and by the time I realised that, my kidnapper had closed the door already and walked over to the small house. He opened the door and disappeared inside.

Frustrated I looked around, into the garden and tried to find a way to get out of that stupid car. Maybe I could run again? Quickly I moved over to the other side and tried there… locked as well… Damn…

Even more frustrated now, I leaned back in the seat and waited patiently. Half an hour passed… an hour passed… did they forget about me already? With a sigh I put my head back and closed my eyes. Only to be shaken by that idiot after a few minutes. He wore different clothes and his hair was still wet.

He’d left me in the car for over an hour just to go for a shower? What a jerk! With a sigh I let him push me into the house, quietly cursing him in French, this time proper curses! Sato Ken’ichi only smiled. Back inside he pushed me back into the room, “The alarm is on and will stay on, no matter what, understood?” He turned around and left after locking the door. Angry at first I ran to the door and actually wanted to kick and hit the door as hard as I could, but then I heard the Asians voice.

“That’s what happens if you oppose me!” he said coldly with his Asian accent, “That little girl over there played with you! She annoyed you until you switched off the alarm! She did that on purpose! How stupid are you for falling for that damn trick? Next time I have to leave and I have to meet her on my way back or have to hear she got the chance to contact anyone I’ll have to look for another crew because you’ll be joining him! Is that clear?” “Yes, Sir!” four men replied.

What happened to the other one? Now, that I knew that, I started to kick the door even harder, I threw things around, especially the furniture that was light enough for me to lift and throw them around too. I would have loved to see Sato Ken’ichi’s face, as he had to listen to my destructive temper tantrum. I picked up one of the chairs again and threw it as hard as I could against the wall, but somehow it hit the window.

The glass broke and I saw another chance of escape, this time I didn’t grab my bag, I climbed out the window and ran. I didn’t care about the pain in my hands and legs, I didn’t care about my things that I left behind, I only tried to get away, this time I ran in a different direction, I ran straight towards the east, who cared about roads? Roads meant cars; roads meant it was easier for those kidnappers to follow me!

My phone was in my pocket, so as soon as I would be out of reach I would call my dad! I’d tell him where I was and where those kidnappers were and get back home in no time! Why hadn’t I thought of that earlier?

Although I’d been running for a few minutes I didn’t dare to look around not even when I heard footsteps approaching! Damn! I guess the broken window had actually alarmed them too much!

I knew I had to do something now, if I waited even a minute longer, who ever were after me, would catch me again. Quickly I reached into my pockets to get my phone, but it wasn’t there! With a jump over a low branch I stopped abruptly and checked in all other pockets, but it was not there! Just as I wanted to run again I was thrown to the ground, an arm under my head.

“Do you NEVER learn?” he asked annoyed and didn’t even bother getting down from me. Angry and becoming aware of the pain I had ignored so far, I cursed him in every language and with every word I knew. But then he leaned down to kiss me again, not the slightest bit bothered as I tried to bite his tongue. His hands pushed mine hard against the ground, I felt his body on mine, but only a little part of his weight lay on me. My face must have been as red as a tomato when I lost my consciousness.

Chapter 4

Stupid Asian! Probably wanted me to die! That’s why he hadn’t let me breathe!

As soon as I realised, that idiot had thrown me over his shoulder to carry me back to the house, I started to kick and hit around me while cursing him with every word I could think of! Seconds later he pushed me against a tree and looked at me with cold eyes. For the first time I was really scared he would actually do something to me! Quickly I quit calling him names and fighting against him, at least for now.

“Finally!” he hissed and pushed me back to the cottage, this time upstairs though and into a different room. Roughly he pushed me onto the bed, shut the door and I heard him hurry down the stairs. Frustrated I walked over to the bathroom to wash out my hands and to have a look at my knees and legs… My jeans were quite red already…

With a sigh I pulled up my jeans to get a look and sighed annoyed, the scratches were not too deep, but kept bleeding. I took the towel next to the sink, held one end under the water and carefully tried to clean the edges a little; afterwards I put the wet part first around my leg, until the entire towel was wrapped around my leg and pressed against the still bleeding scratches.

When the door of my room was opened I peaked out in surprise. My kidnapper had come back with a first aid kid in his hand. “I don’t need it!” I pouted and pressed the towel on my leg. “One more word and I’ll tie you up and do that, when you’re unable to move!” Sato Ken’ichi said and ignored the horrified expression on my face.

He sat down on the floor and took the towel off my left leg. “One sound of protest and I’ll tie you up, remember?” he reminded me and I swallowed the curses I’ve had on my lips already. I didn’t want to be tied up! Especially not when that guy was around me!

Carefully he examined the wounds with a little torch, cleaned it with cotton and started to put a bandage on, after wrapping a different cloth around my leg, so the bleeding wouldn’t exactly drench the bandage and to keep the dirt out. He spread the bandage all the way from my knee down to my ankle. My kidnapper did the same with my right leg and last checked my hands.

“Do you not feel any pain or did you just forget to feel the pain when you ran away?” Ken’ichi asked calm and washed the blood off my hand again. “I guess I forgot…” I said quietly and looked away from him.

“You’re so stupid for climbing out through that broken window and touching the sharp edges! You could have known I’d just catch you again!” Sullen I stuck out my tongue at him and looked away again, “I’d take every chance to run!”

“Great… that gives me some exercise and I’ll have to punish you every time you run!” he said with a dangerously frightening expression. 

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