My Famous Life

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 My Famous Life 



Chapter 1

All my life, all I wanted, was to be an artist, a teen idol adored and looked up to from everyone. That was all I wanted. All I needed. My dad helped me to fulfil my dream. He paid for all my drama classes, music lessons, voice lessons and photo shootings. I got everything I ever wanted.

And I was happy.

I knew my dad was just trying to earn money through my talent, but that was alright with me. All I wanted was being famous and my dad was the only family I had, so what was wrong with sharing my fame, my success? At least as long as I lived with him, right?

My mom died when I was three and ever since, my dad and I were alone. My grandparents had passed away long before I was born and I didn’t know of any uncles or aunts. That’s why it was fine, if my dad earned money through my talent, my success, my luck. As long as I got what I wanted and as long as he let me do as I pleased, he could earn money.

But unfortunately I wasn’t quite as far as being popular and an everywhere adored idol. I was only an idol in my dreams.

It was spring. Everything smelled new and fresh outside. The birds were singing and the sun was shining, helping the flowers to grow bigger and more beautiful than the year before. In the big market place everybody was very busy. All the people rushed from one end to the other, some had to go to work and others just tried to do their shopping as fast as they could. A few people slowly looked through the things on the market stables, the food, groceries, toys and all kinds of things people would buy. I was probably the only one watching the whole scene curiously, as every week, trying to understand the rush of life, trying to kill some time until I could go to my agent to ask him the same questions over again.


Did I get into a casting?

Did I get a photo shoot?

Will I have my debut soon?

How long will it take them to reply our applications?


After he broke all my hopes for the day, he would make me practice some more, after that we would call some more model agencies, producer and sponsors. Usually that was unsuccessful as well. Until he managed to calm me down and finish all his calls, it was time for me to go to my classes and back home after school I would eat something and go to sleep, after singing in front of my mirror for a while.


Finally it was time to see my agent. I knocked on the door and entered quietly. Carlisle was busy talking on his phone, making a serious face and writing something in his calendar. I sat down on the chair in front of his desk.

“Ann, you won’t go to school today.” Carlisle said without a change on his face after he hung up. He started to pack some files, confused I looked at him for a while. What kind of job would it be? Would I finally get my debut? Would I do some modelling today? Would I get a part in an upcoming drama? Would I be on a music show? Or was it something totally different? Was it a workshop maybe? Or maybe a TV spot? Or something for an advertisement?

Should I jump? Should I laugh? Should I be happy? A wide smile stretched over my face; finally I got my chance to show my talent. Finally I could show what I got! Finally I was one step closer to my dream.

“Tell me, Carlisle, what will I do? What’s my job? Where are we going today?” I asked impatiently while he closed his briefcase. “You will sing in a talent show.” He announced, “It’s a show on a life stage in the park, only today and they still have a free spot for you. You have a few songs already, original ones. You can sing those ones.” A talent show? On a big open air stage?

Exited I sang through all my songs in my head, which one should I choose? Carlisle pulled me along with him. We arrived at the back entrance for the stage only a few minutes later and I started to feel a bit nervous. Could I hold all my notes? Would they like my song? Would I trip over my feet? My agent pushed me into my own private changing room and said, “Ann, you have to calm down, do you understand?” He sighed, “Don’t worry, your songs are great, your voice is gorgeous and you will do great out there! That is where you belong! This is your dream!”

I nodded and took a deep breath. “Now, get ready, the show will start soon. I’ll be back in a few minutes, ok?” he said and left me alone. “He is right! That is all I wanted, that will be my first step to reach my dream, my first step on the ladder to fame and success!” I thought while I brushed my brown, straight hair. Carefully I put some decent makeup on; I didn’t want to look like someone trying too hard to be beautiful. I knew I was pretty, so I didn’t have to worry about that.


My mom used to be a model in Asia when she was still alive. She wasn’t one of the best, but she’d had a good life. Probably I got my talent and my looks from her. But after I was born, she couldn’t go back to modelling, so she moved to America with my dad. She was alone and he was alone. They were a perfect couple.


I chose some clothes out of the wardrobe and got changed. Only seconds after I was ready, someone knocked on my door and I said, “Come in Carlisle!” The door opened. It was not Carlisle, but a tall guy. He had dark hair, lying perfectly on his head. His eyes were locked on a folder in his hands, when he leaned in the doorway. “Name?” he asked coldly, holding a pen in his right hand, ready to write. “Ann Lewis.” I replied. “What will you do in the talent show?” he asked with his cold voice. “I’ll sing.” He nodded politely, “Now some questions for the introduction, hobbies?” “Singing, composing, modelling and acting.” I folded my arms in front of my chest, while he asked some more questions about what I liked and disliked without even looking at me.

“Thanks!” he said, closed the door behind him without looking up.

What kind of rude guy was that? Didn’t he know it was rude to not look at people when you talked to them? The trainees these days…Very rude and uninterested! Quietly I hummed the song I had chosen.


It was already three years that I hadn’t spoken to my father. Carlisle had always supported me, by organizing all kinds of jobs so I could survive without my fathers help. But my big dream was still a hard bit to work to go. I cleared my throat and looked around in my changing room for some water, but there was nothing, so I opened the door and saw the unfriendly trainee coming out of the door next to mine. “Oh! Hey you!” I called out, “Can I have some water, please?” “What am I? Your bimbo?” he muttered on the way to the next door, “If you want water, go get it yourself you wanna-be!” “Excuse me?” I asked shocked, did he just call me a wanna-be? “At least tell me where I can get some water!” I complained. “Down the hall, stupid!” he said annoyed, nodding in the other direction and entered the next room. “Thanks!” I said and walked down the way he showed me.

A little while later, Carlisle came back, still looking seriously. “You won’t sing!” he said. “Will I act? Or model?” I asked confused, “Did they cancel the show?” “No,” he said straightening the glasses on his nose, “You’ll sing playback and perform!” “What?” I exclaimed, “Playback? Why?” “They only do this show as an entertainment for some chosen people. They don’t care about talent. The only thing you have to worry about now, is to look good, move your lips and don’t fall over your feet!” my manager said seriously, “All participants get paid, but the winner gets an extra price.” “I don’t care about the extra money! Why are we doing this? Why can’t we just leave?” I complained.

Carlisle looked at me crossly, “Listen, Ann, this is your chance to get some producers attention! If the attending celebrities like your performances today, they might get interested in your talents! If you do your best today, you will get closer to your dream! So get out there and show them what you’ve got!”

Shocked I stared at him, he had never ever talked to me like this, ever! I swallowed my instinctual complaints and nodded. My dream was very important; I had to win this fake competition! I had to reach my dream and I was sure I could make it!

Finally I stood on stage, the spotlight fixed on me, everybody watching and I was singing somebody else’s songs. After the music started, I really tried to lip sing, but it just didn’t feel right, so I sung along, quietly.

Luckily nobody had heard my voice, Carlisle would have been mad, probably. The talent show had started with about thirty participants, after six rounds only four remained, including my self.

“Come on, Ann, you’re going to meet the man, who organized this show. He is eager to meet you.” Carlisle told me nervously. “Yes!” I said jumping up and down, “That is a good thing, isn’t it?” My manager nodded slightly, “You could say that.”

A few floors above the changing rooms, Carlisle knocked on a big wooden door. A tall, pretty lady opened it and let us in. “Mr MacKenzie, it’s a pleasure meeting you!” Carlisle said seriously, shaking a handsome mans hand. “Carlisle, am I correct? Don’t be so formal, better introduce your beautiful follower!” he said with a wide smile, looking at me. I blushed and smiled, when Carlisle introduced me, “This is Ann Lewis. I’m her manager. She really is talented and I’m not saying that because I’m her manager.”

He nodded, “That’s interesting and maybe we can arrange something after the show.” For a while he looked at me from top to toe, than he asked, “Did you have a nice time so far? Was everything here according to your expectations?” I nodded, taking a quick glance at Carlisle, if it was ok for me to talk, “I am really honoured to have come so far in the show, everybody here is really nice. But if I may say something, you should choose your trainees very carefully. The one who did the interviews was really rude.” I heard Carlisle gasp.

“Trainee?” Mr MacKenzie asked confused and looked at Carlisle. “Oh! I’m really sorry, we were short on stuff today because of some disease, so I had my younger brother do the interviews. He has a bad day, sort of!” the tall and handsome man said apologizing and laughed. “I’m really sorry about his behaviour!” he apologized again, taking my hand.

“No,” I tried to excuse myself, “I have to apologize, I shouldn’t have said that!”

“Lewis,” he just overheard my excuse, “Like Matthew Lewis?” I nodded, “Yes, that’s my father.” “Interesting,” Mr MacKenzie said, deep in thoughts now.


Suddenly the door flew open and a young man entered the room, “Jack! Next time do your stupid jobs yourself, I have better things to do!” He looked at Carlisle and me and said a tiny bit calmer, “Hi, nice to meet you and sorry for the intrusion.” “May I introduce, my brother David MacKenzie!” our host said, smiling firmly. “David, this is Carlisle Charles, he is Ann Lewis’ manager!” he said, still smiling. “You’re in Jack’s stupid show, aren’t you?” he asked me snidely, “Are you any good?”

A little bit hurt by his question, I snapped, “Of cause I am! Otherwise I wouldn’t take part in a competition!” “Fine. I’ll produce you!” he said with icy sparkling eyes. David turned to his brother, “I’ll see you around!” “Whatever you say, little brother.” Jack MacKenzie said with an amused smile towards his brother.

“I guess the problem about the missing producer is solved!” he added towards my manager. Carlisle looked a bit spaced out, but nodded, “It seems so.” Mr MacKenzie laughed, “Well, welcome to the family!”

“Ann, this time you really overdid it!” Carlisle scolded. “But I’ll have a producer! I’ll reach my dream; I thought that’s something you tried to help me to achieve!” I whined after I won the competition and he had helped me pack my stuff in a bag. “Sure, you’ll get a producer!” he said worried, “But did you ever hear anything about those two brothers? Girls are nothing but toys for them! They fulfil your dreams, but are you willing to pay the price?” “Well, I’ll just be careful and you can come with me whenever I’d have to be alone with either of them!” I fell to my knees, pleading, “I’ll never ever get a chance like this again! Never ever! Please!”

With a sigh, he withdrew, “Fine, it’s your body. As a manager I have to admit anyway, that this really is a once in a lifetime chance, if we can change your producer just before the peek of your success. But are you sure you’re ok with that?” Warily I nodded, “The sooner I have a producer, the earlier I can leave my dads house.”

What would happen if something happened to me? If I would end up being toyed around by the MacKenzie brothers? As long as I could reach my dream, was I willing to accept paying for that with my body? What was the right answer? Yes? No? Maybe?

Who would wait for me anyway? There was nobody in my life that I really cared for, except Carlisle. But he was my manager, married and too old for me anyway! Carlisle was more like a father to me.

So nobody would care anyway! My manager shook his head, “You know, you’re always welcome at my house, Ann. Even if you just want to talk, just come over.” “Thanks, Carlisle, I really appreciate it!” I said, truly thankful, packing the last things in my bag.

That guy was only joking anyway. He hadn’t heard me sing and nobody would produce an unknown girl, without hearing her out first!

Chapter 2

When I entered Carlisles office the next day, I got quite a fright, when a tall man with dark hair and a dark suit sat on the other side of Carlisle’s desk, both holding a pile of paper in their hands. But both of them seemed to be pleased with what they said. David MacKenzie shook Carlisles hand, stood up and walked out of the door, past me. Ignoring me! What was that all about?

Slowly I entered his office, looking at Carlisle in incomprehension. “You got a contract.” Carlisle said calmly. “Are you satisfied with the contract?” I asked curious about the serious expression in his face, “Did you have to do lot’s of compromises?” “Not too many,” he admitted, “He is a business man after all.”

Soon after that my work started; first modelling classes for the catwalk, more acting lessons and finally my first job in an advertisement for a sports drink.


It was really exciting to experience fame for the first time, when I saw myself on the flat screen at home. I almost started to scream, when I ran over the screen, drinking that sugary stuff. “Anabeth!” I squeaked on the phone, “Did you see it? Did you see me?” Excitedly she laughed, “Yes, just switched on the TV when I saw you!” “Oh my gosh, Anabeth!” I laughed breathless, letting myself drop on my bed, “I really did it! I’m on TV!” My friend chuckled, and I asked, “When will you appear on TV?” “Well,” she said, very serious now, “I’m in a drama, it’s just a guest appearance, but it’ll be on soon.”

“What is it about?” I asked her. “A normal drama, I guess. Love, friendship, hatred, trials everything you need for a drama I presume.” She said happily, “I’m playing a punk, saving the main characters life, Stew. He’s falling for me, but I’ll die in a car accident the next time.” She laughed, “Not on purpose of cause!”

I smiled, “Sounds amazing, I bet they’ll change the script and you’ll reappear, because you’re great!” Then I sighed, “I wonder when I’ll be in a drama.” “Soon, I guess, Ann.” Anabeth said confident, “I heard David MacKenzie is your producer.” “He is,” I said, “How did you know?”

“People are talking, Ann. Just don’t listen to all the bullshit they spit out some times, ok?” my friend said, “Anyway, MacKenzie will have you a main role in a drama soon. He would let somebody write a drama for you if he wasn’t happy with the existing ones!”

My eyes and mouth opened wide in shock. “At least that’s what I heard from others. But honestly, he’s only producing cute girls!” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Ann?” she asked after a while, “Are you still there?” “Jea, I’m still here, it just caught me off guard.” I said, clearing my throat, “I didn’t know he was that influential.” Anabeth chuckled, “He is, believe me!”

“I need to go, Ann, my mom’s calling for dinner.” She said with a sigh, “See you tomorrow?” “Sure,” I replied, “Bye!”

Excited as I was, I couldn’t sit still, so I turned on some music and sung along, as I jumped and danced through my room, using my hairbrush as a microphone. When my phone rang again, I turned down the volume and dropped back on my bed. “Ann?” David MacKenzie asked. “Hi, Mr. MacKenzie!” I said happily. “It’s David!” he protested irritated, “Did you see the spot?” “Of cause I did!” I said laughing. “Listen, there’s a party going on tonight, it would be a good opportunity for you to introduce yourself!” he said calm, “Anyway, consider yourself invited. Put on some party clothes, I’ll pick you up in half an hour. Understood?” “Yes Sir!” I said laughing, when David hung up, ignoring his rudeness, I just got ready. I’d be going to a party for starts and VIP’s!

Quickly, I tied my hair together, put some make up on and chose fancy clothes to wear.

With a happy smile I entered the big, black limousine that waited outside of our house. Mr. MacKenzie sat in the back, talking on his phone. Although he wore kind of fancy clothes, he still looked so serious. For a while I watched him curiously. His dark hair, falling in his face, his serious eyes focused on something outside the window.

“Listen, just tell them, you’re with me, they’ll let you in.” my producer said a bit annoyed. “Or just give them your phone!” he said patiently with a sigh, “David MacKenzie here. Yes. He’s with me. Get him a drink and a private room. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes!” Although my producer’s voice was calm, I knew it wasn’t a question, but an order.

A few minutes after that, we arrived at the party and a security guy let us through, while a long queue stared at us with big eyes. I felt like a VIP myself! We walked past lots of people, dancing on the dance floor and towards another security. And again we walked past the queue, right through the barrier and up the stairs towards another dance floor. The guests here looked even more like VIP’s, like stars!

David put his arm around my shoulder, leading me away from the entrance, through the gigantic room. Big colourful lights flashed and brightened the dimmed room. Pictures decorated the blank white walls, the tiles on the dance floor, flashed synchronised in different colours and patterns, on the sides of the room, were tables and comfortable benches with dim lights. The people in here were all dressed up in fancy clothes.

“Have fun, enjoy the party, I’ll be back soon, I have some important business.” David MacKenzie said, going towards another door with security in front of it. Excited I nodded and returned to the dance floor. It was like any other great party, the music just took over and I moved in the rhythm, enjoying the beats.

The main difference was the audience, the people around me. All of them were rich and famous, stars, politicians, producer, kids of rich an influential people. Dancing, I already forgot Carlisle’s worries about the things people said about my producer. I just enjoyed the party, my first success!

When I got to the bar, I found out, that drinks were free. This life started to get better and better!

I don’t know how much time passed, until my producer returned with a good looking young man in tight jeans, a half opened shirt, shiny shoes and lots of shimmering jewellery, his short dark hair was all spiky. David had his hand on the guys shoulder, leading him towards the bar, laughing.

A bit jealous, I watched them laugh at the bar. Why could he laugh with that guy? Around me, he was serious all the time and sometimes even a little grim. Why didn’t he have fun with me?

Well, maybe he would, as soon as we knew each other a little while longer. Trying to be not too disappointed, I went on dancing. A few drinks later, I found myself dancing and having fun, surrounded by lots of people.

David had introduced the guy, a model, as Finn Simons, one of the top male models on the market nowadays! He was dancing as well, while David laughed and chatted with some girls.

Finn turned out to be really cool, we had a lot in common and it was easy to be around him. Maybe we would be good friends?


Chapter 3

When I woke up the next morning, Finn was sleeping next to me. Shocked I jumped out of my bed and saw with relief that I was fully dressed. But why was Finn sleeping in my bed? With a sigh I sneaked through the curtain into my wardrobe to get some clothes and tiptoed to the bathroom to get changed. “What will I do when he wakes up?” I thought, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, “Did I really drink that much?”

Dressed, with brushed teeth and hair, I went back to my room. Quietly I watched the young man in my bed. He was handsome, but I wouldn’t want him as my boyfriend. Probably; I couldn’t explain why, it just felt wrong. The only positions I could imagine him in, was as my best friend or my enemy. After a few minutes it got quite boring, so I took my book and sat down in my big cuddly cushion on the floor to read.

“Where the hell am I?” I heard Finn’s rough voice when he woke up. “You’re in my room.” I said with a weary smile, as I watched him. “Why am I in your room?” he asked confused. “I have no clue.” I closed my book and smiled. “Gosh! I’m so wasted!” he said, rubbing his eyes, “You’re Ann, right?” I nodded, “Yes. You’re Finn Simons.” “Gosh! I’m so sorry, Ann! I didn’t plan on getting so wasted!” he said apologizing, “I hope I didn’t cause any trouble!” “No problem at all.” I said chuckling. “Really? That’s good!” he said relieved. Curiously his eyes wandered around my room now. Starting at my desk, over the full bookshelf, my CD collection, my hi-fi system, the white leather couch, the peach cushion with me on it and over to the white curtain with the golden stars, which covered the entrance to my walk-in closet.

“Nice room.” Finn said with an honest smile, “Did you choose all the stuff?” I nodded. “I really like the light colours. They match your personality!” he added.

“Thanks!” I said blushing, “If you want to use the bathroom or so, it’s just in front of my room, the door on the other side of the corridor.” “Actually, would you mind if I used your shower?” he asked, looking a bit embarrassed. “No problem.” I said, “I’ll just get you some towels.” Quickly I led him in the bathroom, showed him everything and gave him a big towel before I left the room. Dialling Anabeth’s number, I went into the sitting room. “Yea?” I heard Anabeth say. “It’s me.” I replied, “I need your advice!”

“What’s wrong? You sound a bit confused!” she said suddenly alert. So I told her the story about the party, David and Finn.

A little while later, I returned to my room, focused on Anabeth’s advice, to tell him the truth about my feelings, if he’d continue to flirt with me. Finn was fully dressed and obviously waiting for me. When I entered, he smiled, “Thanks again for tonight. Can I invite you for a coffee or something to make this up to you again and apologize?” I blushed again, did he just ask me out? “You don’t have to, it’s really no problem at all. I’d do that for all my friends.” I said, but Finn shook his head, “I won’t accept no for an answer!” He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my room, “Which way goes out again?” “Doesn’t matter, both ways go to the sitting room and there is our door.” I said automatically. “Perfect!” he said enthusiastically and pulled me around the middle rooms and towards the door.

“I don’t want to go on a date!” I almost shouted it, when we reached the door. Finn burst into laughter, “Gosh, Ann, I’m on your team!” Confused I just stared at him. My team? What did he mean? “I’m gay!” he said a bit calmer when he saw my face and reached out for my hand, waiting for my response. “Oh.” I said, “Really? So you like guys?” He nodded, “Otherwise you wouldn’t have been sleeping last night!” Carefully I put my hand in his and let him pull me out of the door. My face was as red as a tomato; he couldn’t be talking about adult stuff, could he?

We ended up spending the morning in Starbuck’s, drinking hot chocolate and coffee, talking about all kinds of things, like girls, shopping, fashion, hobbies and boys of cause. “So, what kind of guys do you like?” I asked curiously.

He looked at me with a smile, “Like character or looks?” “Both I guess!” curiously I watched him, “But only if it’s ok for me to ask! I don’t want to be too personal, you know, if you don’t want to talk about it with me it’s ok, we could talk about something else!” The model laughed, “We are friends, right?” I nodded, friends was way better than foes! “Friends can talk about that.” Finn continued, “Let me see. He should be about the same size as me, maybe a bit taller. Dark hair, meaningful eyes, intelligent, not as low and blind as most people are towards people like me, broad shoulders would be nice, big hands, athletic, but not too muscular and he should be kind.” For a while I had to think about David. Most of Finn’s points matched my impression of David! Could it be Finn was in love with David? Could there be the possibility that David liked him in the same way?

Quickly I shook my head to clear my thoughts. “And what kinds of guys do you like, Ann?” Finn asked just as curious as I had been. “Well,” I said unsure, “I guess, kind of the same type of guy. But I want him to protect me as well.” Finn nodded in agreement, “Yes, that’d be good.”

“Hey Finn,” I said a bit embarrassed, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Carefully he looked at me, “Not right now, you?” “Same.” I replied a bit depressed, “Did you have one before?” “Yes, I did.” Finn said and took a sip of his coffee, “I bet you didn’t.” My face turned red and I stared at the cup in my hands, “No.”

“We are friends, right?” he asked quietly again. Gently he lifted my face and said seriously, “We’ll get a boyfriend for you in no time!” “You don’t have to… I mean… I want to concentrate on my career anyway!” I said blushing again. “No chance, Ann! We are friends and you need to experience love! Because love is one of the most beautiful things in the whole universe! Believe me!” the tall guy in front of me said confidently.

“Oh my gosh!” some girls who just entered the café screamed, “It’s Finn Simons!” “Gosh! Not again!” he whispered annoyed. “Please!” they begged, “Can we take a picture with you?” Suddenly Finn looked at me and smiled cheekily. “Sure, but under one condition! Ann will be in the picture as well.” He said with a sweet smile. “Oh my gosh!” a dark haired girl screamed and pushed herself closer to our table, “So it IS Ann Lewis! I saw your ad yesterday! I bought that drink right away!”

Finn pulled me closer, as I blushed and the girls stood around us, while a waitress took a few pictures with different cameras.

That girl, she liked me? She was my fan? That was so cute! My first fan!

“Please, can I have your autograph?” she pulled out a notepad and a pen, “Please! I’m such a great fan! I saw you perform a few weeks ago! It was a talent show! You won! Do you remember that?” “Sure, I do.” I said touched and reached out for the notepad, “What’s your name?” “Kaila,” she said excited. So I wrote, “It was a pleasure meeting you, I will always remember you, Kaila, my first fan. Ann Lewis”

And I would always remember her. For now and ever! But after that incident the café got crowded with fans and we had to escape through the back door.

“Wow!” I said out of breath, “That was amazing! Is it always like that when you go out in public?” Finn nodded, “Yes, but it gets quite annoying after a while, you know?”

Side by side we walked through the small roads away from Starbucks, towards bigger roads. Soon the shabby roads turned into pompous roads with magnificent houses and blooming gardens. But the house, where Finn headed to, with the grand arch and the elaborate well, was the most beautiful house in the entire road. It was the house of the MacKenzie family. David’s house!

“Why are we heading to David’s house?” I asked confused. “I’ll just get a car, so I can drop you home safely!” he said with a smile, “Why? Is there something wrong with the house? Or do you dislike David?” “NO!” I protested immediately, “I… I don’t know. I was just surprised. And why would you take one of David’s cars? I can walk home or take the bus to get home.”

“Ann,” he said shaking his head, “A gentleman would never ever let a damsel take off into danger all by herself!” The male model looked at me for a few seconds, “my house is too far from here, and as long as I’m in town I can take David’s things as I please. Being childhood friends with him has lots of good sides!” I smiled warily, “I guess…” “Or is it something else?” Finn looked at me with observant eyes, “Could it be…” “No! Definitely not!” I protested. “Definitely not, what?” Finn asked cheekily. “Oh!” I said, “Nothing…” Finn laughed, “Sure, sure, definitely nothing.”

Lightly I punched his arm, “Stop that, Finn!” But he just laughed and put his arm around my shoulder, “I’m only joking, Ann!” Together we walked the last bit to the garage of the MacKenzie household, as David walked in as well.

“Finn?” he asked surprised, “What are you doing here?” “Just getting a car,” Finn said, “I wanted to drop Ann home. We got attacked by some fans.” “Not attacked!” I protested, “They were just so excited and there were so many of them!” “You have to learn so much, Ann!” David shook his head, “Anyway… Where have you been all day, Finn?” “I kind of stayed with Ann!” Finn said a bit embarrassed and scratched his head, “I was a bit wasted! So I took her out to apologize. And now we are friends!” Still laughing, he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. “Haaaa?” I shrieked and stared at Finn. The men laughed, “Well, fine, have fun.” David said, waved goodbye and left the garage again.

“What was that for?” I said and punched Finn again. “Hey! Stop that or I’ll have bruises all over my arm!!!” Finn protested, as he rubbed his arm. “So it is true!” he said with a smile. “What?” I shrieked again. “You like him.” Finn said confident. “Whaaaa?” I blushed and looked in the other direction. “Not at all!” I mumbled. Finn laughed and pulled me to a car, “Jump in, I’ll drive you home.”

When Finn and I were on our way to my house, I asked a question I had been burning to know, “You like David, don’t you?” The model smiled at me, “You’re the first person who noticed.” So it was true after all! My dreams were worth a piece of nothing! My boss was gay! Probably that must be the reason why he disliked me! Me, who always tried to flirt with him, me, who tried to get his attention, like a little puppy and me, who had fallen for him although I knew I shouldn’t have!

“Ann? Babe?” Finn said cautious, waving his hand in front of my face, “It’s not what you think! Although I like him, he doesn’t like me like that. He likes girls! I’m more like a brother to him, unfortunately for me.” It took a few minutes to realise, I’d been frozen for a while and I nodded quickly, “I just thought… because he was laughing with you at the party, I… I thought…” “Babe, believe me, there is nothing going on, we’re just childhood friends, you know.” He said and pat my head gently, “So you do like him after all, am I correct?”

I nodded, “I guess I’m stupid, ain’t I? I knew I shouldn’t have any feelings for him…” “Hey, don’t be sad,” Finn said cheerful, “What do we need guys for?”


Chapter 4

For the rest of the week I didn’t see David, or Finn, so Anabeth and I decided to go to a party! Before we left, I quickly texted Finn, in case he wanted to join us when he was back.

“How’s your boyfriend, Anabeth?” I asked her a little while later at the bar of a popular nightclub. “He’s SO history!” she said gloomy, “He said, I was too much for him! He said most of the time he was scared of me!”

“I’m so sorry!” I said shocked, “I didn’t know he was such a cry baby!” Anabeth laughed, “Yes I guess, but don’t be sorry, he’s not worth it! But forget about that looser and let’s party!” Beth pulled me to the dance floor and we started to dance with a bunch of guys.

The music took control over my body, while my mind drifted off.

My life was really almost perfect by now, I was on my way to fame and success, I was healthy, I had Beth and Finn as my best friends, who liked me for who I was and not for my job. And I had the most handsome boss in the world!

When I looked around me, we were surrounded by guys, which was a little bit creepy. Just when they got too close, my knight in shining armour came by to save us. “Hey, hands off!” Finn said cold, “They are my girls!” “Fuck off dude, we were here first! Go somewhere else to hook up girls!” one of the guys said, stepping in front of us. “I think you didn’t quite understand! Hand’s off of my girlfriends!” Finn said with an angry expression on his face.

Pulling Anabeth along, I stepped around the guys and both of us leaned against his chest. “Hi Baby!” Finn said towards me and kissed my cheek, than he turned to Beth and did the same, “Hi darling!”

“It’s not over, douche!!” he said and glared at Finn. “Oh? Is it not?” Finn asked and a bunch of bodyguards took position behind Finn, “That’s funny, I thought I just saw you running out of this door like little girls!” The guys clenched their teeth and retreated slowly.

Carefully I stood on my toes and whispered, “Thank you, Finn!” As if he was going to kiss my neck, he leaned down, still holding Anabeth on his other side, “You wanna change clubs? But if we go, we should give those jerks a nice show, shouldn’t we?” I nodded with a cheeky smile and looked at Anabeth, who seemed to be a little confused. Still in Finn’s embrace, I leaned towards my friend and buried my face in her neck, whispering, “We’re going to change clubs in a few minutes, but we want to give those jerks a show! Play along! Please Beth, it’s like a movie!” She chuckled and let her fingers run down my spine. Finn pulled us to one of the couches, sat down with a girl on each leg, his body guards standing around the table and the walls, watching the people in the club suspiciously, while both of us leaned down, kissing Finn’s neck.

I put my hand on his chest, the other behind his back, while Anabeth’s right hand moved downwards. I felt Finn get stiff, before he jumped up, saying that he really needed to be alone with us. He through me over his shoulder and pulled Anabeth closer to kiss her, before he left the club with me over his shoulder and Anabeth in his arm.

As soon as we were outside, a black limousine stopped in front of us. Finn let us get in first before he followed.

I had never been in such a big and luxurious limousine! There was a little bar, a wide sofa, which could be mistaken for a bed, a table and a smaller sofa. The three of us sat down on the small couch, with me in the middle.

“I’m Finn by the way, Finn Simons.” Finn introduced himself for Anabeth with a warm smile. “Anabeth Hudson,” she said, still staring at Finn, “You are Finn Simons, the famous male model, right?” My new friend nodded, “Guess that would be me, yes.”

“Wow, I’ve never thought I would get to know you this soon!” she replied and turned to me, “Why didn’t you tell me you were this close within a week?” “Darling,” Finn interrupted her, “As much as I like Ann, but we’re only friends.” Confused she looked at him, “So she told you she didn’t love you and you’re still friends?”

“Darling, I’m gay!” Finn said with an apologizing smile. My best friend stared at us for a few minutes, before she finally recovered and said, “Gosh! I’m so sorry, Finn, I didn’t mean to attack you like that!” Anabeth’s face was as red as a tomato, when Finn started to laugh, “Don’t worry Anabeth, I’ll survive attacks like that easily. Where would you like to go now, a different club? Or we can go to my place and have a pyjama party with snacks, drinks and movies?”

“I’m so for a pyjama party!” my friend said and I nodded. On our way, Anabeth apologized a few more times, while they discussed which movies should be watched and which ones had an absolute NO-GO! In the meantime, my mind thought about Finn’s place. Didn’t he tell me, that as long as he was in the city he stayed at David’s house?

Maybe David would join us? Getting all exited, I started to get nervous. And a few minutes later, I saw I was right, as we stopped in front of the MacKenzie’s house.

“Wow, that’s impressive!” Anabeth said, “And this is your house?” The tall girl with the colourful hair looked at the window frames, the balconies and the beautiful garden.  “No, dear, this is the town house of the MacKenzie family. I’m only staying here when I’m in the city.” Finn explained. “Wait!” Anabeth interrupted, “MacKenzie, like David MacKenzie?” Finn and I nodded and Finn explained, “Most of the time only David lives here, while Jack only comes over the weekend or for the parties. Their parents live abroad, always travelling for their business. So the house is pretty quiet during the week. Alright, let’s go inside, we still have to decide which room to take!”


When we’d finally decided on a room, I asked, “How come it’s so quiet here? Is there no party on tonight? It’s Friday night after all.”

“David and Jack had to go to some other party, very regretful though. You really should get to know the MacKenzie brothers parties. Only VVVIP’s are invited and if they get an invitation, they usually do come. If you want I can get invitations for the next party for you girls.” Finn suggested.

“You have to!” Anabeth said enthusiastically and I nodded in agreement.

Finn left us with a broad selection of movies to choose from, while he went to get pyjamas for us.

The model brought a bunch of different pyjamas, fluffy ones, silky ones, short sleeves, long sleeves, night dresses and shorts and left for the kitchen to get snacks and drinks and to change him self.

We ended up watching “The Change Up” with Ryan Reynolds and drinking vodka with orange juice, laughing and giggling most of the time, when suddenly someone knocked on the door. It was David, “Seems like this party is way better than the one I’m coming from! Do you mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” Anabeth said, still giggling, “I’m Anabeth, by the way.” “Nice to meet you, I’m David!” my producer introduced him self with a charming smile.

“Must have been a hard time, huh?” Finn asked jokingly and David nodded, looking at me, “Hi Ann.” “Hi,” I said, blushing from the alcohol. Anabeth jumped up, pulled David to the sofa and told him to sit between Finn and me. “I need the edge and Ann beside me, sorry!” she said laughing, got a drink for David and a refill for us. But it seemed like the drinks got stronger every time Anabeth mixed them. It didn’t take long and I was half asleep on David’s shoulder. “Are you sure you always mix your drinks like this?” David asked Anabeth, sniffing on my drink, “Wow! That one is really strong!” Anabeth chuckled, “Do you want me to mix you a really strong one?”

“No thank you!” he said and put my glass on the table, when he leaned back, I slipped off of his shoulder and dropped on his lap.

“I think that last one really was too strong for Ann.” Finn chuckled and stood up, “I don’t think she’ll wake up too soon. Come, I’ll show you where you can sleep, Anabeth.” Both laughed a little drunk and Beth stood up as well, grabbed my glass and sniffed.

“Oops, I guess that was too strong!” she laughed and put it back on the table. “What about her?” David asked when Anabeth and Finn opened the door. “You can mind her. It’s your house after all!” Finn said chuckling, “Just wait ‘til she wakes up and show her where she can go to sleep, alright?”

Than David and I were alone, as far as I could tell, David changed the movie, but he didn’t seem to really watch it. Instead, he took my glass and drank it all in one go.

How could he drink such a horrible thing? And why did I lie on his lap again? Then David turned off the TV, pulled me upon his lap and whispered, “You’re not asleep, are you? You’re not that wasted yet.” I forced my eyes open and tried to get my head to nod. By the time my head nodded, David had asked something else already, “Can I kiss you?”

When my mind had finally realised what he had said, it was too late and David’s hands gently pulled my face closer. My eyes were closed again, when our lips touched. It was a gentle kiss and when he released my lips, I wanted more!

I forced my eyes open and my mind to work, I put my arms around his neck and I just wanted to kiss him, when he suddenly pushed me into the sofa, lying above me. “Tell me to stop before it’s too much for you!” he whispered and kissed me again. I felt so warm inside, so complete.

David’s hands slid under my back, pulling me closer. I felt my breast against his chest, my small body under his. I felt his tongue explore my mouth and play with mine, and I wanted more, more of him, more of his passion.

But suddenly my mind started to get blurry and I fainted.

Chapter 5

When I woke up, I had a terrible headache and I felt strong arms around me. Don’t tell me I was cuddling with Finn again! Gosh! I should definitely never drink again! But when I opened my eyes, it wasn’t Finn, who was looking at me.

David MacKenzie was the one holding me! He was the one I’d spent the night with! My boss flexed his muscles and relaxed again, “Are you ok?” I nodded, blushing and feeling the pain in my head.

“If you’re fine, could you let go of me, please?” he asked politely, “As much as I enjoy your company and this position, but I have a very important meeting in an hour and I sort of have to get ready for it.” “Oh!” I said a bit confused and realised my hands had been clinging to his shirt and let go immediately. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I must have… in my sleep!” I stuttered nervous, still feeling his arms around me, his hands on my back.

My producer chuckled, “Don’t apologize, it’s not like I hated that or so.” Carefully he sat up, pulling me with him so I was more or less sitting on his lap. “Too bad I got to go!” he said with a regretful smile, gently put me back on the couch like a doll and walked to the door.

“Did Finn show you around yesterday?” David asked when he opened the door. “I don’t really know,” I admitted ashamed. My producer sighed, “Come on, I’ll show you around before I’m leaving.”


“Did you enjoy last night?” he asked curious, while pouring water into the coffee machine. “As far as I remember, yes, I did.” I said blushing again, “What about you?” “Well, I had quite a horrible time at the party, but when I returned home I had a really good time.” David said, “But let me tell you something, never let your friend mix drinks again when she was drinking! Would you like tea or coffee, Ann?” “Tea please,” I answered, “Don’t tell me she did!! No! Did you drink that crap?”

My producer laughed, “So did you! Well, until you fell asleep.” “I did?” I asked shocked and my face turned as red as a tomato and felt like burning, “Oh mi gosh! I’m so sorry!” So that was the reason why I’d been sleeping on the couch in his arms!!!

“Now so, will you find your way around?” my producer asked, checking the time on his phone. I nodded, “I’d say so.” “Here’s your tea,” my producer said with a smile, handing me a cup, “I have to go, get ready and stuff, but make yourself at home.” David took his cup, drank it rather quickly and walked out of the kitchen. Before he turned around the corner, he turned, “I’ll see you later Ann.” “Yea, later. Bye!” I said, sitting down at the table with the tea in my hands.

“What should I do? I shouldn’t have any feelings for him! He is my producer! He is David MacKenzie!” I thought desperately, “I shouldn’t feel so self conscious around him! Nothing happened last night anyway! Right? And what would a mature man like him, want a childish girl like me?” The answer to that was easy; nothing! But what should I do with these feelings of disappointment?

With a resigning sigh I let go of these thoughts and looked around in the kitchen. David’s kitchen was out of wood, it had a rustically flair; wooden shelves, with plates and cups, cupboards with beautifully carved doors and drawers with similar designs, a massive wooden table with matching chairs around it, a wide, shining oven and a cooker above, and wooden doors with carvings, covering the fridge and the freezer.

The walls and the ceiling were painted in a bright, clean white, while the tiles on the floor had a rather dark chocolate colour. I wandered if it had been David’s personal choice to have such a kitchen, but I really liked it. The kitchen made me feel homely, welcome and just warm.


“There you are!” Finn said out of breath, as he almost ran past the kitchen door, “I was looking for you!” “Sorry,” I said apologizing, “Mr. MacKenzie showed me around a bit before he left for a meeting.” Finn sat down in front of me, smiling widely and nodding, “So, did you have a good sleep?” “I guess, I mean, I survived Anabeth’s drinks from last night… did you try them?” I asked worried. “No,” Finn said laughing, “I didn’t get to enjoy that. I’m not a great fan of rum, you know.” “Rum?” I asked shocked, “How much did we drink before we started to drink rum?” Anabeth and I didn’t like rum… just thinking about it made me shiver and feel a bit sick.

“A lot,” Finn replied with a smile, “Anabeth said, she didn’t have any other choice because the bottle of vodka was gone. Anyway, how about I go and get Anabeth and we can have some breakfast?” “Sure!” I said and nodded, “I’ll make some tea in the meantime.”

After breakfast Anabeth, Finn and I went for a shopping trip with his security. After our last coffee shop visit, his manager insisted in bodyguards following him around where ever he went. But we felt kind of important, having those security guys around us, protecting us from our, or at least Finn’s, fans. 

In the evening we went to my house and had a little fashion show on my own catwalk in my talent room, before the guys went back home. But as soon as Finn and Anabeth had gone, I saw my father come out of his room. “Where have you been all night?” he asked angrily, folding his arms in front of his chest. “I was out with friends.” I replied and relaxed. He must have been worried; I never told him I would stay out all night. “I’m really sorry. I should have told you before.” “And where did you go?” he asked again, not even slightly calmer. “We had a pyjama party and David MacKenzie’s house, he is my producer.” I explained, hoping he would approve of that and of me as his daughter.

I had always wished for him to love me as his daughter and not only my talents. But it seemed like it didn’t change. “You did what?” he shouted, “That MacKenzie kid is your producer? Don’t you know he is only a spoiled kid? Change your producer right now! Call your manager and fix that now!”

“No!” I protested quickly, “I don’t want to change my producer! He is a very nice guy and he is not only a spoiled kid, he knows what he’s doing! I won’t change my producer!” “Fine!” he screamed, his face turning all red, “Than go and pack your stuff, I don’t want a traitor like you in my house! Leave and don’t come back before you cancelled that contract!” “Father!” I screamed shocked, “Why? Why can’t he be my producer?” “Leave! I don’t want to hear another word of that in here! You are not my daughter anymore!” he said more calmly, turned around and stomped away.

Tears flooded my eyes, if I would cancel that contract, I would never see him again! I would throw out everything I had been working for! And father wouldn’t love me after my career was shattered to pieces. I wouldn’t give up yet!

The next day I called Finn and told him what happened, when I heard him talk to somebody else, “Yes, she’s going to move out.” “Why is she moving out?” I heard David ask. “That’s none of your business, and now go back to work I’m talking on the phone!” Finn said annoyed. “Hey! What are you doing?” Finn suddenly protested and I heard it rumbling on the other end of the phone. “Guys?” I asked carefully, “Is everything all right?” “Ha, I got it!” David chuckled, sounding closer now. “Ann?” I heard David’s voice through the phone, “Hi Mister MacKenzie!” David took a deep, frustrated breath, “How often do I have to say that? Call me David!” “I’m sorry, David!” I apologized quickly. “Is that right? You’re moving out? That is sudden, is something wrong?” he asked a bit worried. “No!” I said fast, “I… I just have to get my own place, I can’t depend on my dad forever, you know.” “Is that all?” he asked, “You just want to move out and have something separate from your dad?” “Yes.” I said confident. I didn’t want to tell him that my father had kicked me out. I didn’t want him to know that he was the reason for that situation, after all, I had the choice and I chose David!

“Then why don’t you come to my house; it’s big enough and you don’t have to live all by yourself. And your way to work is shorter as well. You can have your own room, apartment what ever you want. And you can move in when ever you want!” David said enthusiastic. “Like as soon as you’re done packing if you want!” I heard Finn shout in. “Wow! I don’t know what to say…” I said surprised, “Is that really ok for you… David?” “I just suggested it, right?” he asked, “Hey, I got to go, but why don’t you tell Finn what you need and he’ll send somebody over to get your stuff whenever you’re ready and I’ll see you later.” “Sure…” I said overwhelmed.

“Problem sorted,” Finn said cheerfully, back on the phone, “How much time do you need? Will I help you packing? And do you need one truck or two?” “Finn!” I screamed shocked and sighed, “Don’t overdo it! I think a normal car should be enough, it’s not like I’m taking my furniture or so. Only my clothes and other important stuff…” “Too bad… So at what time will I come to get you?” he asked. “I don’t think it’s a really good idea if you would come to pick me up, my dad knows you’re with David. I don’t know where he is right now or when he’s coming back. I don’t want to make him hate me completely.” I said with another sigh, “But I should be done in two hours, I started packing yesterday, so… I should be done in no time I think.”


Chapter 6

“This is going to be yours!” Finn said, as soon as we entered my new apartment area, “David said you can change what ever you want, you just have to tell him what you need or want.” I nodded, too overwhelmed to say anything. The round room was in light colours; cream, soft yellow and white. There was a white sofa with bright yellow cushions. There were a few pictures in warm colours on the wall, but still lots of space for more pictures and other stuff. It was just perfect; it felt like it had been created only for me! “Wow, this is awesome!” I finally said, after looking at everything in the round room.

“But this isn’t all; you should see the rest of it, Ann.”

Quickly I turned around looking into the eyes of the man I should stay away from. “Mr…” I started, remembering what he wanted me to call him, “David. I didn’t know you’re here.” With a charming smile he looked at me, “Even my work is over once in a while. How about Finn shows you the rest of your apartment, if you like it, and I’ll organise some dinner?” “Sure, I’ll show her everything.” Finn agreed and led me to the next door. It was a really big bathroom in light blue shades with a tub, like a small swimming pool and instead of a showerhead, there was a field above the bath tub for the water. It would be just like showering in the rain!

Through another door he led me out of the bathroom, into a gigantic wardrobe with a bunch of clothes in already. “David prepared that for you for some shoots, he obviously let someone put them here for you already.” Finn shook his head and said, “You can put your stuff in here later as well, but for now, prepare for the bedroom!” He covered my eyes with his soft hands and gently pushed me through the next door, after a few steps, he lifted his hands and let me see the room David had chosen for me.

A dark wooden king size bed with a dark purple canopy above, matching the blanket and the pillows, nightstands on either side of the bed, one with an elegant flowery lamp, matching the flower pattern on the duvet and the canopy, a wooden shelf on the opposite side of the bed, for all kinds of things and a picture of the New York Skyline in black and white behind the bed. On the left hand side of the bed was a big window with dark and heavy purple curtains and beside the shelf was another door. The walls were in a light lilac colour, the ceiling was plain white and the floor was wooden.

“Wow!” I gasped, “This is amazing! Did David have an interior design this apartment?” But when I turned to Finn, I saw amazement in his face as well. “Well…” he said, “He didn’t have this room like this in the morning. It was actually quite a lot like your room at home, bright colours and everything had this teen-idol flair. It was nice. But this! This is amazing!” Did he change it for me? But why? “Well, do you maybe wanna change rooms with me?” Finn asked, heading for the window. “Not a chance!” I protested, falling onto the bed, “Gosh! Finn come here! This is so soft! I’ll feel like a princess!” Finn laughed and lay dawn beside me, “Maybe because you are our princess?”

“What?” I asked confused, “But I’m none of your girlfriends? Why am I your princess?” Finn sighed, “Well, to be honest, since David’s sister died, no other woman lived in this house. No matter the age, not even his mother. But I think David should tell you the story himself whenever he finds you trustworthy enough. So if he doesn’t tell you until next week, I’ll tell you. After all she was like a sister for me too.” “Oh. I didn’t know that. I didn’t even know he had a sister. I only know of Jack MacKenzie.” I said, feeling sorry for Jack, Finn and David. “Don’t worry, there used to be only the three of them. No more hidden siblings and I know them since we were in the sandpit together.”

“Oh,” I said still worried. Would David really tell me about his sister? With a sigh I tried to forget about what he had said about David’s sister, because Finn wouldn’t tell me more for now. On the other hand, if David didn’t let any female live in this house, why me? Why would he let me move in here? Not because he liked me or anything, right? Not a chance. There was no way he would like me, right?

“Come on Ann, dinner is ready.” When I looked up, Finn was standing in front of the bed, holding his hand out to me. He pulled me up and led me through the bright corridor towards a beautiful smell. “Finn, what is this delicious smell?” I asked when we got closer. “Dinner!” he sighed with a pleased expression on his face.

The kitchen was filled with a delicious scent of meat, sauce and potatoes, herbs and other delicious stuff. I was wondering if David had been cooking or if he had someone to cook for him. Would he actually stand in the kitchen and cook? But when we entered the kitchen, David just took out drinks from the fridge, adding them to the fully set table. Would I ever know if he knew how to cook?

The next days I spent my time making myself comfortable in the apartment, arranging and rearranging my things in the shelves. Soon work started again and I got busier and busier with advertisement shoots, photo shoots for magazines and other jobs, once in a while I even got an appearance in someone’s concerts or other shows. Unfortunately everything was still lip singing.

One week after I moved to David’s house, Carlisle found out about my moving to the MacKenzie’s house. “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from him? He’s going to get your trust, even more than now, and than he will play with you and drop you and your career and after that it will be over and your chances to be an idol, are gone. What were you thinking?” he said crossly. “My dad wanted me to cancel the contract with him! I had no choice but to move out and I didn’t want to bother you with such a thing! We can still do as we planned; I mean I will look for a flat for my own as soon as I have the time, but to be honest, like this we have lots of time to work on my career and I can leave his house just before we cancel the contract.” I tried to console him. “But Ann, are you willing to sell yourself for this? Won’t you just have a little patience and achieve your own success?” he asked, “Why can’t you listen?” “Carlisle, it’s ok, I will have Anabeth over when I’m off and I will always lock my doors, so don’t worry about that.”

“I’m really sorry Carlisle, but I think this is a really good opportunity, but I will be careful and I will stay there for a while.” I said apologizing. Carlisle turned to the window, looking out onto the streets. “It is your life after all.” Carlisle said coldly, “Do as you please.” With a sigh I turned to the door and went out of the building, towards the café I had been going to meet up with Anabeth.

“So, how’s it been?” Beth asked, nipping her cup of coffee. “Carlisle is cross with me now, but the apartment in David’s house is just amazing. I bet you can come over and we can have a video night again.” I said cheerfully. “Sounds good to me, is David all right with that?” she asked curious about the MacKenzie house. Although she had been there once before, she was still curious about going there again and exploring everything in the house. She didn’t have much time the last time we had been there. “I guess so, but if you’d feel better, I can ask him if I see him tonight.” I said with a smile.

“Does that mean the possibility to go back to his gigantic house and to go on expeditions through it is increasing?” Anabeth asked hopefully. “Yes of cause! I honestly think it is really ok you should come over tomorrow after work! Maybe you can stay over as well, we can chat all night!” I laughed, “Will you come over?” “Ann, that’s awesome!” Anabeth almost jumped up from her chair.

Being with Anabeth made me feel like a child again, laughing and having fun. It would definitely cheer me up spending time with her. “How’s your drama coming on?” I asked curious. “Well, my role in the drama had been extended, once again. Referring to the quotes the people seem to like my role, probably because I’m different from all their usual actors!” she laughed and we continued to joke around for a while longer, until Beth had to get back to her shoot. With a sigh and a bad conscience I returned to my new apartment, preparing for another photo shoot in the evening.

When I was home, reading a book, there was a knock on the door. Quickly I jumped off my bed and ran to the door. “David!” I said surprised, “What are you doing here?” David laughed, “This is my house. Can’t I be here?” “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like this, I was only wondering what you were doing here, visiting me.” I apologized quickly. But David only laughed, “No need to apologize. I was only wondering if you were all right or if you need something.”

“No, I’m all right, thank you for letting me stay here again!” I quickly replied, still feeling bad about all the trouble I had caused with my decision. “You look troubled, are you all right?” David asked, “You wanna come for a drink?” “I could really use a drink right now.” I said quietly and with a deep sigh I nodded and followed David towards the kitchen, whilst thinking about what I was actually doing.

“Do you like wine?” he asked while examining a shelf full of bottles. “I guess,” I replied, still worrying about my manager. Quickly he chose a bottle and two glasses from a different cupboard. He didn’t sit down at the table with me, but went back towards the door, “Aren’t you coming?” What was he going to do? Still confused I followed him through the corridors and into an oval room with a couch and two small sofas and a pretty fireplace. The heavy curtains were closed and David just put on the fire, the bottle and the glasses were standing on a little tea table in front of the sofas. “Wow! I didn’t know there was a place like this in this house!” I said amazed and looked at the beautiful old fashioned wood panelling with carvings.

“There is a lot you don’t know about my house yet.” David chuckled and set the fire with his lighter and old newspaper. When the fire started to burn the wood, he opened the wine, pouring it into the glasses. My producer handed me a glass, clinked it with mine and said, “Cheers.” Quietly I took a sip of the wine, just to see if I liked it. The sweet flavour spread in my mouth and prickled a bit on my tongue. It was really delicious!

“This is a wine from the Bretagne,” David explained with a smile, “I thought you would like it.” “It really is a nice wine.” I said and looked at the fire. “So, how was your day?” he finally asked and I felt his eyes on me. I didn’t really want to talk about what happened. He shouldn’t know about the reason Carlisle and I had gotten into a fight, so I quickly thought about a way to say the truth without saying too much, “Well, I had a fight with Carlisle and he was really cross. I think he might be so mad, that he won’t even talk to me ever again. But I don’t want that to happen, he is like a father to me, he has always been kind to me and now I’m afraid that I totally messed it up.” My producer looked at me for a while, drinking a little bit of wine. Surely he thought I was a spoiled brat.

“Well,” he finally said, “I don’t think he’ll never talk to you again, but I’d still say you should go and apologize for what ever you did or said. You look like you regret the reason for the fight. But you should also make clear that you are a grown up and you can decide for your own. That you don’t need permanent supervision over your every move; otherwise I could get him surveillance cameras.”

I chuckled a little; hopefully he wasn’t serious about the cameras though, “I don’t think he needs that. At least I hope so!”

“Probably,” he said with a smile, “And how was the rest of your day?” My eyes returned to the fire that was dancing on the wood now, “I had a shooting in the morning, I went to eat lunch with Anabeth and after that another shooting. I think they have millions of pictures in all possible poses now!” I laughed half heartedly and sighed, “Did you have a good day?”

“I guess you could say that. My meetings went well; the stock market develops in a good direction. I suppose all in all I can’t complain.” David said carefully, but with a pleased smile. “Sounds like a good thing.” I said, still watching the fire. “It probably was. Do you like it here? Your job and everything?” he said with a smile.

“I can’t complain either, this is my dream and your house is amazing. I’m really looking forward to working here for a while. It has been really fun so far and all thanks to you, David.” I said and thought about all the great things that had happened so fast since I had come to meet David.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s easy for me to get someone as talented as you into the music industry and make her dream come true.” David took a sip of his wine, when I looked up again, “You really think I’m talented?” “I do, and I’ve worked a long time in the music industry, and I can spot a great talent as yours ten miles against the wind!” he said confident.

I blushed and looked down, “Thanks.”


Chapter 7

Early in the morning I went to Carlisle’s office and waited for him to come for work. Luckily I knew his working hours well enough, so I didn’t have to wait very long, but he didn’t look very happy as he saw me standing in front of his office. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked shyly and looked at him as he shook his head, “Come in.” “I’m really sorry for not telling you about Mr. MacKenzie’s offer to move into his house, but my father had kicked me out. I really didn’t know what to do and in the rush of the moment, I agreed. I understand that you’re worried and I get that you don’t trust them at all, but to be honest, I think it is a great opportunity, since I have the inspiration of that gigantic house, all the beautiful things inside and just everything. But if you want me to leave that house again and look for a flat or something myself, I will do that, starting today!” I explained my point.

“I know you should have talked to someone before you made a decision like that. But why did your father kick you out? Didn’t he like the fact that you were rather successful?” Carlisle asked cautious now. “Well, he found out about me working with David MacKenzie and gave me the choice of quitting or moving out. Since I didn’t want to quit my dream, I packed my things and called Finn and they suggested I could move in with them and work from there and everything.” “So it was Finn who suggested it?” he asked still cautious. “No.” I said, looked at him and played my joker, “It was Mr. MacKenzie, who suggested it, but they gave me the keys and he said if you felt better, he could install surveillance cameras for you and such things!”

Carlisle sat down on his chair behind his desk and sighed, “Surveillance cameras are a bit over the top, if you feel it is right for you, stay. You know what I think of them and that idea, but it is your decision, you are an adult after all. If something happens, feel free to come to my house, my wife and I wouldn’t mind you to stay with us.”

“Thank you so much, Carlisle!” I sighed with relieve, “I thought you would never talk to me again…” Carlisle sighed and sat down, “Even if I disagree with your decision, you’re still like a daughter to me, I would never kick you out or desert you because of something like this!” “Thank you so much!” I said again and hugged my manager.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.” He sighed and looked at me with a little more joy now, “So, tell me about your work. How did your shooting go yesterday?” “The shooting was great; it is rather difficult though to look the way the photographer wants me to. When I’m smiling it’s not right, when I’m dreamy it’s not right… I just can’t look serious when I’m so happy to be there.” I said chuckling, “And I’m so excited about today. I’m getting a role in a drama; well, not a main role, more like an appearance, and depending if they like it or not, they’ll extend my role or not!” 

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