Vivian Riley Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


Harvey Kozniac sat in his apartment, worrying about the consequences. He had done something really stupid, but he couldn’t turn back the time and redo his mistakes. Then again, he was a handsome and clever guy he’d be alright! Since he had started working for the military, he had felt like he had finally found a purpose in life, something worth fighting for. 

The thirty-four-year-old man shook his head and tried to forget about the woman who had been cheating on him every time he was out of the house. There was no point in weeping over someone like her; she’d probably do the same with the next guy anyway! Harvey was just about to get ready to meet a friend to distract himself when there was a knock. 

Suspiciously he opened the door, finding a beautiful woman in military clothing, her hat under her arm, in front of him. According to her jacket and the three golden arrow-like and round lines, surrounding a star, she seemed to be a Sergeant Major. “Ma’am?” he asked while saluting and looked at the strict expression on her young face. She was probably even more beautiful if she would just smile. “Corporal Harvey Kozniac?” she asked and looked at him from head to toe and back. “Yes?” he asked worried now and pulled the door a little closer again to block the door. Whoever she might be, she seemed very young for a Sergeant Major! 

“I was informed that you misbehaved, Corporal!” she said in a scolding voice, “Therefore I am here to punish you!” Unbelieving he stared at her, his eyes bigger than before. “Any last wished before I’m going to start?” she asked and pulled out handcuffs from her pockets, “You’ve been a really bad, bad boy!” Still staring at her he fully opened the door and stepped back. The woman closed and locked the door as soon as she was inside, looking through his small apartment with observant eyes. 

“Sit down!” she ordered in a strict tone again, binding him onto the chair with the handcuffs and a rope. “Who sent you here?” he asked just as curious about the answer to his question as he was to find out what she would do next, “Was it Robert? Or Chris?” The woman only smiled about his question, walking over to his CD-player. “What’s your name?” he asked and looked over his shoulder a bit to see her. 

A seductive melody started to play and the woman started to dance around him, slowly opening her jacket. Steadily he got to see more of her cleavage and the glittering, golden material of the top she wore underneath. Harvey sighed happily, thinking about how much he’d need something like that right now! Who knew how far she would go, maybe only strip and dance or maybe if he was really lucky, she’d stay to shag! Yes, that was exactly what he needed!

“You can call me Valerie!” she finally said and let the jacket slip over her shoulders, showing golden bangs, hanging from silver, flowery thingies connecting the front and the back of her top on her shoulders. “Valerie…” he mumbled and watched her fluent and flawless movements, feeling the heat build up inside. 

Fairly soon he’d lost his sense of time, enjoying her dance, her sexy movements and the dirty words she kept on whispering into his ear. Suddenly she dropped down onto his bed and kicked off her boots, doing a backward tumble to sit on his bed properly. For a little while, she moved her upper body, her hips, and shoulders, her legs spread widely as if she was sitting on his lap, fucking his dick. All too soon she climbed off again and stopped right in front of him. “Are you enjoying this?” she asked and looked down at him and his erection. “Oh, hell yes!” he moaned loudly as her hands moved over his thighs, opening his pants, letting out his dick. 

Valerie stood straight again, opened her trousers, pushing them down in a slow and fluent movement. Harvey was surprised to see fish-net stockings under really short black leather pants! She stepped out of her army trousers and kicked them to the side, continuing her dance, closer this time. When she continued her dance on his lap, dangerously close to his dick, something seemed to be strange with her, she seemed a bit conflicted about this, but Harvey’s mind was too occupied by Valerie’s sexy long legs and her body moving so close to his and her hands touching his dick every now and then. 

Too soon she stood up again and pulled something else out of her bag, like a small ribbon or something! She came closer again and knelt down in front of him, her hands moving up and down his dick, making him moan and breathe heavily. But her sweet torture stopped as she tied the ribbon around his erection. Moving sexily she didn’t even give his mind the chance to protest, by pulling the top out of her leather pants. Only in her black lace bra, the stockings and the pants she continued to dance, close to him. What would he give if she would just untie him, allowing him to take her on his bed or the wall or even on the floor! He didn’t care where he just wanted her body! 

“Why did you take out the guy at the petrol station?” she asked and Harvey didn’t realize there was no way she could have known. Mesmerised by her body and her hand on his cock, he said, “I was told to do that… told to kill him!” “Why…” she whispered into his ear, letting her hands wander higher, over his stomach to play with his nipples, “Why him?” “I don’t know…” he moaned, “No questions, didn’t need to know!” “Who hired you?” she asked and suddenly had a whip in her hands. 

“Patrick Marshall…” he moaned as she hit him on his thigh, “He wanted me to…” “That’s impossible!” she said suddenly a little confused. She held on to his chin violently, making him look into her eyes, “Who asked you to take the hit!” “Patrick Marshall!” he repeated and started to describe an older man, making Valerie sigh. “So you’re saying that Patrick Marshall Senior hired you…” she said and smiled, “Do you like what you’re seeing?” 

Harvey nodded, his eyes wandering downwards again as soon as she had let go of his chin. Her boobs were right in front of his face, so he tried to lean forward a little to get even closer, maybe even to get a little taste, but she moved back, “Oh no, no touching… sorry, big boy…!” “So what can I do?” he asked, still breathing heavily, unable to ejaculate because of the ribbon she had tied around his cock! “How about watching and enjoying what you get?” she suggested with a wicked smile, letting her hand run through her short black hair. 

“But someone seems to be allowed to touch your body!” Harvey said with a sharp tone, as his eyes had followed her movement, he had seen a few love bites, not very visible, placed in places where normal people wouldn’t look at! She followed his movement and chuckled evilly, sitting down on his lap, “I have desires too, big boy, but that doesn’t mean that I just let anyone fuck me! Now, for a more important matter… do you want to cum or not?” “I do!” he moaned, feeling her hands on his cock again, rubbing and teasing. 

Valerie stood up and moved around the chair, reaching over his shoulders, letting her hands run over his nipples, down over his abs. Harvey felt her boobs in his neck as her hands finally reached for his dick, untying the ribbon and making him cum immediately. Valerie’s hands moved higher again, ignoring his pleasure, gently letting her hands run over his neck, “Why would Marshall do something like that? What does he want?” 

Harvey still had difficulties breathing, while he had said his farewells to his conscience a long time ago, when he finally said, “The guy wanted to get out… he didn’t want to play along anymore… So he had to be handled…Marshall is a big fish in the scene!” “What scene?” she asked nibbling on his ear. “Drugs and smuggling!” he moaned as she played with his nipples again, “He’s smuggling humans from other countries for some other guy, nobody knows him though…” 

“Thanks, Corporal, you were very, very helpful!” she suddenly said, making Harvey listen up, wondering what exactly had he done! Slowly his mind returned, as her grip around his neck tightened, he was done! He had blabbered too much! He had fucked up big time! Being choked or getting his neck broken by her would probably be a more relaxed and peaceful death than whatever Marshall would do once he found out about him blabbering! “Thank you!” he coughed before he felt his body trying to resist her grip. “You’re welcome I guess and sorry, but that’s business!” she said and the cracking sound of his neck was the last sound he heard before he died, still tied to the chair. 


Thanking me for killing him was something I didn’t hear very often, but he probably feared the way Marshall would torture him before killing him anyways. So maybe I had done something good for him. But damn Nate! Biting and kissing me, leaving marks and everything! Well, my contact hadn’t said anything about a payment, so maybe that was only for my pleasure, well, for my information. I should probably inform him about that either way about the outcome of my interrogation. In the bathroom, I washed my hands and my face and looked at my outfit in the mirror. It actually really was sexy… maybe I should keep it to tease Nate for a bit… Quickly I put on different clothes and a wig with long black wavy hair. Dressed in blue jeans, black boots and a white blouse with black dots, I shoved my things into the white bag with blue dots and circles I had brought as well and left the room unlocked, leaving the building through a back entrance.  

Back at my place I took off the gloves I’d been wearing and tossed the bag into my wardrobe and put the wigs back into the cupboard where I kept them. It was late already, making Harvey Kozniac into a mindless drooling male had taken up too much time. I texted my contact, briefly explaining what Harvey had told me and took off to see Nate. 

“How was work?” he asked as I stood in his kitchen, tightly holding me against his chest. “Work was fine, but what were you thinking?” I scolded and started to open the blouse, to show him the love bites, “I had to change again, my colleagues asked me about the hickeys!” Nate chuckled, kissing my lips not the slightest bit ashamed, “Was it bad? I just wanted to make sure they won’t snatch you away from me!”

“Maybe not bad…” I mumbled, feeling embarrassed for the first time in my life, “Just surprising because I hadn’t noticed at all…” “So is it ok for me to believe that you might actually do like me?” Nate asked and let go of me, “Sorry, dinner is almost ready. I hope you didn’t have anything yet!” 

“Can I ask you something strange?” I asked, feeling insecure and a little worried, more feelings I thought I had locked away and left behind before my graduation. “Sure,” Nate said and stirred the food in one of the pots, “You can ask me anything!” “What does it feel like when you’re with me? What do you feel?” I asked, trying to find an explanation for all those mixed up feelings I had felt since I had met Nathan and the sudden changes in my own behavior. 

“Well,” he said and seemed to be thinking about my question for a while, “My heart usually starts to beat faster and louder. I feel very happy when you’re next to me. Most of the time I want to touch you, like holding hands or letting my fingers or my lips or any part of my body touch you. I want to know more about you, but I feel like I’m not supposed to ask any questions because you only agreed to be my fake girlfriend. Whenever I can’t see you, I feel sad and lonely, I want to be by your side and whenever I finally see you again, I’m so happy that I want to shower you with kisses and make you mine, to let everyone know that you’re mine!” 

Gently he put my hand on his heart, “See? It’s beating like crazy!” he mumbled and kissed the top of every finger, “Do you want to hear more embarrassing stuff about me or is that enough for now?” “Enough for now…” I mumbled as well and forced my eyes to look at the delicious smelling food Nathan had cooked, “And you love me?” Nate nodded, as his cheeks had turned bright red, “I’ve loved you from the moment I had first seen you on that flight from New York to Auckland!” “Thank you…” I mumbled again and gently kissed his cheek, “For answering honestly and for the food. I didn’t know you could cook!” “There are tons of things you don’t know about me!” Nate said with a smile and looked at me with observant eyes. 

I wasn’t sure if there really were tons of things that I didn’t know about him, but I got the feeling that Nate seemed to suspect something, maybe it was just my training, not to trust anyone, but maybe there was something… I would have to be careful around him. During dinner, Nate and I talked about a lot of things, like about hobbies and things we liked or disliked. I tried to be as honest as possible because I didn’t want to lie to him. 

Later, when we were cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie, I finally had some time to think about everything Nate had said, about the feelings he had when I was around. Maybe I wasn’t ill after all, maybe I felt the same as Nate and was so confused about everything because I had never experienced anything like that before. Honestly, I wasn’t trained to be in love, to have feelings what so ever! 

Only by what he had said and the way he acted around me, I guessed that the insecurity was one of many side effects of love as well… What an annoying feeling! In the camp they knew what would be important for our tasks and only trained us to fulfil any task given, we knew how to act as if being in love, but nobody ever told us how to behave when our brains seemed to be jelly because everything seemed to be pointless but the person we had feelings for! At least I got the feeling that my mind was all groggy. 

“Are you alright?” Nate asked worried, gently petting my arm, “You look worried…” “Yea, no, I’m fine, I was just thinking about everything, about you as well!” I explained and cuddled up against his chest, “There are just so many things happening at the moment that are new to me! I guess I’m just trying to understand everything, so don’t worry, Nate, I’m fine.” Nate kissed my forehead, “If there is anything you want to share with me, or that you want to ask something, I’m here for you!” “Thank you,” I said, but felt doubts about ever being able to talk openly about my life and the things that troubled me; not with Nate or anyone. 


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