Vivian Riley Chapter 09

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Chapter 9


Back in New York, I called my contact, “Was that quick enough?” “I thought you’re only coming back today, does that mean you’ve gone to Mexico and back since we last talked?” my contact asked and I chuckled, “Isn’t that what you asked me to do? As in top priority and such?”

“I take it you did the job before the CIA got a hold of him?” the voice on the phone said, “That’s good, they weren’t supposed to be able to ask any questions!” “Well, I guess that was successful, they were still trying to get to him as far as I’ve seen!” “Maybe he was trying to be caught?” I suddenly wondered, remembering that Nate and Mullen had been after him for two days and well, even Hernando must have realized that someone was after him. “What?” my contact asked. “Well, I know that the CIA was after him for at least two days, but only for observation. Anyone would have realized that someone was after them! But when I watched him, he seemed to be aware of the car that followed him, but he wouldn’t increase the speed or try to lose them! His driver seemed more nervous than him.” I explained and chuckled, “He almost threw the car off the road when the bullets hit the target!” “Since when do you care about something like that?” my contact asked and I couldn’t tell myself. “Dunno,” I sighed, “I just noticed, anyway, tell me if you have news for me!” “Sure!” he said and sighed, “I’ll tell you once I have a new job for you.” 

Just a few minutes later I got a call from Nate. He sounded upset and told me he was on his way home, he asked if I wanted to meet him once he was back. “You know what? How about we meet up tomorrow after work, you’ll probably need some rest after the past couple of days.” I said worried, “Have you slept properly?” “As good as I can sleep in a car, stuck with Mullen!” he said chuckling, “He’s out for a stroll at the moment, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to talk to you properly!” Chuckling I shook my head, “Call me after work tomorrow? You should concentrate on driving!” With a sigh he agreed, “It’s going to be late anyways I guess. Are you back at work tomorrow?” “I guess, at least I haven’t heard differently!” I said and shoved something to wear for tomorrow into my bag, “See you tomorrow and sweet dreams once you’re home!” “Sweet dreams…” Nate sighed and I shoved the phone into my bag as well. 

I still couldn’t think of a reason why I didn’t like staying in my apartment anymore. It had been great since I moved here, but right now I didn’t like being there at all and the only other place I could think of going to was Nate’s apartment. Tired as I was, after the trip to Canada and Mexico, I walked over to Nate’s apartment and tossed my bag into a corner. Slowly I dropped myself onto the bed and pulled Nate’s pillow close to cuddle with it. Before I realized, I had fallen asleep with the pillow in my arms. 

Only when someone cuddled up beside me, kissed my forehead and pulled the pillow out of my grip, I realized I had fallen asleep, falling asleep again right after that. I woke up early the next morning, cuddled up in Nathan’s arms. For some reason, I felt really warm, something I wasn’t used to. I was used to following strict orders, to precision and not to feel anything, having this warm feeling was kind of strange to me, but I couldn’t make myself leave. 

About half an hour before Nate’s alarm would go off, I climbed out of bed and prepared breakfast while brushing my teeth. I’d seen that in a movie and wanted to try it with Nathan. Not having to work did give me quite a lot of free time. “What are you doing, baby?” Nate asked, standing in the door to his bedroom, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Quickly I spun around and smiled, “Breakfast?” “With the toothbrush?” he asked and shook his head, “Are you going to work?” “Nope,” I said and washed my mouth out in the bathroom, “I thought you’re going to work later on…” “I might go after lunch for a bit, but I got the day off because of Mexico!” he said and kissed my cheek, “But since you went through the trouble of making breakfast… How about I get ready and we can eat afterward? Including dessert in the shower?” “Hurry up so!” I chuckled and lightly slapped his firm butt, returning to the kitchen to finish everything. 

“I was surprised to find you in bed when I returned,” Nate said with a happy smile, “But I was happy.” “I’d planned to wait up…” I said and poured him some coffee, “Apparently I had been really tired.” “What did you do all weekend? Did you do something fun?” he asked after a few sips of coffee, “Thanks…” “Well, besides jogging and watching a movie, I went to visit a friend I hadn’t heard of in ages, but unfortunately had she gone out for a hunting trip. Yesterday I’d had to do some work, but it was kind of good.” “I’ve got an idea! Something great to let off steam and such, I’m sure you’ll like it!” Nate suggested and pulled me off the chair and onto his lap, “But for now… I’ve missed you!” 

Nate pulled me close, gently placing kisses on my forehead, my nose, and my lips, while I put my arms around his neck. Nate’s lips moved further down, nibbling on my neck, making me moan lightly, “I’ve missed you too…” Comfortably I cuddled up against his chest, leaning my head to the side to give Nate’s lips more space to explore my neck. Slowly I felt Nate’s hand wander over my back, further down to the seam of my t-shirt, skilfully opening my jeans. 

“Why were you still dressed when I came back home?” he asked, while his breath tickled my skin, making me lose my mind. “I was waiting for you…” I mumbled, pulling Nate’s t-shirt higher and over his head, letting my fingers run over his bare skin, his chest and play with his nipples, “I must have fallen asleep…”  “You were going to surprise me?” he asked surprised and let his hands pull my t-shirt over my head as well, “I was happy to find you when I came back, hugging my pillow… especially after thinking I wouldn’t see you until tonight.” No idea why, but my heart beat faster, maybe I really had to consult a doctor. Like a princess, Nate lifted me up, carrying me over to the bathroom, his lips kissing mine while setting me back down on the ground to take off my jeans. I felt his lips wander southwards, kissing and licking my skin while his hands gently pulled on my jeans. When Nate’s lips reached my tummy, I was holding on to the wall to stand, something I had never felt before. Except for the few times I had been poisoned, but while I hadn’t enjoyed being poisoned, I did enjoy Nate’s touch a lot! 

Nate and I lay in his bed, our bodies still touching each other. My heart was beating slower now, finally, while I listened to his heartbeat. “Your heart’s beating quickly…” I said after a while, gently stroking his tummy and his chest. “That’s kind of normal when I’m around you…” he mumbled embarrassed and kissed the top of my head, “You always make my heart beat like crazy!” “Huh?” I said surprised and closed my eyes to listen. 

Suddenly I heard my phone and jumped out of bed and towards the bathroom to get it. “What?” I asked annoyed, and I heard my contact laugh, “I’m getting the feeling you don’t want to work at the moment!” “I’m kind of busy at the moment!” I simply said and thought about Nate, still cuddled up under the blanket. 

“You do know he’s going to be the first to die if someone finds out about him!” I heard the voice say in an amused tone. “Ha, ha, nice try!” I said, “It’s my business what I’m doing!” “It was worth a try, but I still think it’s a guy! Anyways… why I’ve been calling is because I’ve got a couple of small ones, one of them is simply to get information from a tough guy!” my contact said with a sigh. “Sounds liked fun!” I said and sighed as well, “Fine, I’ll get to it! Drop the information or at least the names, any time limits?”

“If possible within the next week. The questioning is important, so do that first if possible!” my contact said, and I rolled my eyes, “Can I get rid of them after the questioning?” “Sure, but they only pay for the information, but I guess you can kill him!” the modified voice said with a smirk, “I won’t miss the guy, not that I know him or anything.” 

I took my time getting dressed, seeing the disappointment in Nate’s eyes. “You’re leaving?” he asked and looked at my clothes, I simply nodded, “Work’s calling, I’ll have to do a couple of small jobs this week, but I guess I’ll manage most of it while you’re working as well!”

Nathan sighed while climbing out of his bed, put on fresh shorts and pulled me close against his strong chest, “Will you come and see me after work?” “I can if you like,” I promised and let my fingers slide over his chest. “And make sure you’re free this weekend!” he said and kissed me gently, “I’ll take you out for a trip, so make sure you have nothing planned!” 


Unwillingly Nate accompanied her to the door and kissed her passionately, “Have a great time at work!” Just as unwilling as he had been, the tall red-haired girl turned away from him and took the next cab out of his sight. 

“Someone seems to try and get rid of someone!” Mullen said on the phone, “We’re not supposed to know, but this is serious! First Jeff and just this morning another one was found in Canada, well, at least what’s left of her. She seemed to know Jeff as well. There were a couple of phone calls between them and when I checked on her, something was fishy, everything was too clean, you know, like it was made as a cover!” “So you’re saying she might have been CIA as well? Or a spy?” Nate asked and looked around, “If she was CIA, is it safe to talk?” “You’re right, I’ll come and meet you, be careful whom you trust, Nathan!” he said and Nate heard a car door slam. 

Just a few minutes had passed, when someone knocked on Nate’s door. “Come in,” he said as a Mullen stood there in his suit, “Coffee?” His co-worker nodded thankfully, sat down at the table and looked around the apartment, “Will you meet your girlfriend tonight?” “She was here last night when I returned, but yes, she’ll come over after work!” Nate said, handed him a hot cup and sat down across from him at the table, “Why would you come and talk to me about this? Why not Special Agent Montgomery? She’s our team leader and all.” “Was she huh… Has she got her own key and everything? I’m not sure whom to trust with this!” he said and looked at a picture of Vie on the shelf. “Yes, she does, she’s my girlfriend. Ok, so what made you so worried about this?” Nate asked, suspicious about the sudden trust. 

“I checked out the pictures of the corpse and in her neck, just above her hairline, there was a number, like the one that you noticed on Jeff the day before he died. When I typed the number into my computer, it shut itself down and won’t start since!” “That’s strange… and the other computers were still working?” Nate wanted to know and shuddered slightly as he nodded. 

“I have to go, I don’t want to get you into trouble, keep your eyes open and Nate, if you happen to find people with such numbers, remember them and text the location where the person is and the number to this phone! If you give the number to anyone, you’ll be dead very quickly, believe me! Fuck… Just make sure nobody gets a hold of this! And whatever happens, you can trust your girlfriend, whatever you hear, just believe in her! Fuck…” shaking his head, he took a small sheet of paper, scribbled a number on it and almost ran out of Nate’s apartment. 

Curiously he read the number and was surprised because it seemed to be a normal cell phone, nothing special. Well, Nate wasn’t sure if he should trust Mullen with that or not, but he had been scared, Nate could tell, but how should he find those numbers if they really were above the hairline? He couldn’t walk around and pull up everyone’s hair, just to find those numbers.

But now that he was alone again, he turned on his laptop and finally got some time alone, he typed Vivian’s name into Google. He hardly knew anything and was eager to learn more about her. He didn’t want to spy; he just wanted to get to know her. She had never been really talkative when it came down to her self. Sure she had mentioned friends once or twice whenever she didn’t have time to meet, but that had been it. No names or ages, no hobbies or jobs, he had never met anyone she knew and he had never heard her talk about her family. 

He really did find a couple of Vivian Thompsons, but none of them was his. Suspiciously he opened one of the CIA programs and logged into his account. Nervously he typed Vivian’s name, not sure if he really wanted to know. Was it like betraying her trust if he found out about her like that? He had no other choice but to find out like that because she never said a word about herself. 

With a sigh, he pressed enter and carefully studied the pictures of every Vivian Thompson in the database. Maybe there was a mistake in the spelling, Nate thought as none of them looked like his Vivian, not even close! Nate tried again, without her last name. Although the list seemed to be endless, again, none of them was the girl he had fallen in love with! Who was she? Maybe he had been right and her secret was big enough to change his life entirely? Did he have a right to know? 


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