Vivian Riley Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


For the next two days, Nate kept a close eye on me, making it impossible to sneak out to find the man who claimed to be my father and the woman he said would be my mother. I wasn’t sure if he was right, but facing him again after all those years made it really hard for me to do the job and finally take him out, along with Briana! Nonetheless, Nate seemed to help me keep a level head whenever I thought too much of those distracting feelings that I had whenever I thought about my parents. 

Nate explained that it was fear, that I was afraid; at least according to his evaluation of my reactions. And I didn’t like it! Fear had been something Alexander and Briana and the other instructors had taught us to overcome, they taught us not to fear anything! And if it really was fear that I felt, I had to do something about it! When I decided I shouldn’t let myself get influenced by those feelings, I sat down outside, in front of the house, folded my legs and closed my eyes.

What was it that terrified me while thinking about the people that claimed to be my parents? 

Later that day we sat together for dinner, enjoyed a really delicious meal and discussed which of the pictures should be copied and framed and hung on the walls. The longer we stayed, the more it felt like we did belong there, it felt like a home, not a hideout anymore! And I liked that. 

“Look at that cute expression on your face! If you agree on the hospital picture and this one, when you tried to wish me to hell, to keep your cover, I’ll agree to not hang up the one when you’d lost a few of your teeth when you were six after fighting with some guy! One of your first assignments!” Nate explained his options of discussion and pointed out to the ones he meant. Of course, he wanted to choose the one from before the airport, the one where I’d been desperate to kill him, just so that he wouldn’t be able to expose me when I was also desperately hoping to have a different flight back to the states than him! That reminded me of something else, a question I hadn’t been able to find an answer to so far.

“Fine, whatever, you can keep all three of them if you like them so much if you answer one question!” I said and suddenly felt heat flood my cheeks, that I couldn’t get rid of anymore! “Of course, what do you want to ask?” curiously he leaned towards me and placed a soft kiss on my shoulder. “Before that…” I mumbled and pointed to the picture, “After we went to that club… what exactly happened?” Nate smiled, obviously remembering the night very well and said, “Nothing to be perfectly honest!” 

Shocked and confused I looked at him, at the caring expression about this obviously positive memory of his. “Well, when you were done with the beer, you ordered yourself two cocktails and at the time I hadn’t known that you didn’t drink, otherwise I would have stopped you sooner,” he shot me an apologetic smile, “Anyway, you were quite funny when you were drunk and you seemed reasonable enough, so that I didn’t have to drag you home directly.” 

Nate stood up and pulled me along, demonstrating what had happened, “We kissed in the club and you pushed me against a wall, gently and you whispered something in my ear that I couldn’t quite understand. When I asked, you expressed your wish to go home. Who was I to refuse your wish? Head over heels for the girl with the fiery hair that had made it possible that I survived a long flight!” 

I felt our bodies move towards our bedroom while Nate turned off the lights, powered by a generator in the back, as we passed them. “We got to your room and I said goodbye, unwillingly and hoping you’d ask me to stay. You did, by the way, and eagerly started to undress me. I felt like I was in heaven with your gorgeous hands on my chest,” his voice turned into a low rumble, that sent tingles through my body and into my core. Nathan placed my hands on his chest, making me feel the quickly beating heart inside. When he let go of my hand to pull some hair out of my face and my body close against his chest, I let my fingers slip under his shirt, touching his bare skin and enticing a soft moan from Nathan’s throat. 

“You felt so soft in my arms and I wanted to touch you, badly! But I didn’t want to savage you while you were drunk, it didn’t feel right… to me anyway,” he chuckled and placed a soft kiss on my lips that turned passionate in a heartbeat. When he released my lips, I wanted more, but Nate started to nibble on my neck while telling me what had happened further. “I cuddled you up in bed, your blanket up to your chin to not tempt me and wanted to leave. Suddenly though, you jumped out of bed and pulled a knife from under your pillow and dropped it barely next to your toes! You told me to stay, not realizing that your knife was on the floor and tried to threaten me into staying! It was really a cute sight indeed!” Quickly I unbuttoned his shirt, feeling a little embarrassed about my state and dropping my knife! I felt Nate’s hands wander over my body as well, undressing me with an exquisite look on his face. 

“You seemed to be okay with me approaching your bed and so I decided to distract you a bit. I gave in to your kiss and pulled your sweet and delicious body against mine. Believe me; I had to fight for some air because you felt so good in my arms! I kissed you and moved down your body, placing soft kisses on your delicious, naked legs to get rid of your knife. I put it back to where you had pulled it from and cuddled up in bed with you in my arms, keeping you distracted. Unfortunately, my resolve and strength to resist you weren’t as strong as I had hoped. Especially when you pushed my hands between your legs, making me feel welcome and needed.” 

Carefully he maneuvered me onto the bed and I felt his hand catch up to the story, as it moved down and between my legs. All too willingly and aroused from the way he told me what seemed to have happened, I spread my legs for him, happy not to look at those pictures anymore for a bit. Also, I really wanted to feel his touch again, more and more. I wanted him to keep the lead; I wanted him to keep seducing me the way he did! 

“You can be such a good girl, Vie, you know?” he chuckled, but his laugh sounded more like an aroused grumble, coming from deep within his chest! “Your hand reached for me and I thought I would cum right then and there! So I quickly had to pull your hand away, instead I turned and lay on top of you, a bit, I tasted your soft nipples…” he mumbled and placed a soft kiss on said nipple, his fingers joining the little, wet welcome my crotch offered and I heard a soft moan coming from my lips. 

“So sweet and innocent,” Nate commented on my reaction, his voice low and his eyes hooded with passion. “I touched you gently, rubbing, sucking and moving my fingers inside of you until I had you screaming my name too aroused to ask for me again and too drunk to take what you wanted. I promised you that I wouldn’t hold back if you wanted me to continue in the morning, as you cuddled up against my heated and aroused body. And when I woke up you were fully dressed and obviously not asking for more. And I had to accept that as well!” 

Not this time though! Before I was able to comment on the story or anything at all, Nate’s tongue flicked over my taut nipple, making me moan louder from the way his words had turned me on so much while imagining it actually happening. That hadn’t been hard, as Nate did his best to reproduce the scene and he succeeded oh so much!

My body felt hot and appreciated under his touch and soon I cried out his name as he made me come hard and long, before giving me what I wanted, his body on top of mine and his rock hard cock deep inside of me! 


Early the next morning I woke up to the delicious scent of fried eggs and fresh bread. Quietly and quickly I got dressed and snuck down into the kitchen. I saw Nate sitting on the couch staring into the kitchen with a mix of fear and anger. 

“Good morning Valeska!” I heard Alexander’s voice coming from the kitchen and stopped mid-step, before rushing to Nate’s side, staring at the man who seemed to be my father. “My name is Vivian!” I said fierce and glared at him, “What are you doing here?” Alexander smiled at me and pointed to the pan, “Breakfast!” “I am not blind! But why are you here?” I asked again, “How did you get in here anyway?”

“Picked the lock and I wanted to surprise my daughter!” Alexander said with a slightly wicked smile and put egg on three plates, next to steaming bread rolls and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. “I wonder why that is so easy to believe…” I mumbled and rolled my eyes, “What do you want?” 

“I want to spend some time with my daughter, now that she knows who I am,” he said with a grin and turned off the stove, before grabbing the plates and placing them around the small kitchen table, “Now sit here and enjoy breakfast. It’s not poisoned or anything, so don’t you worry.” “Why now, all of a sudden?” I asked and pulled Nate to the table. If Alexander wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t have put it in the food or the juice, it would be too obvious. Also, the chairs didn’t seem like a place he would place the poison for us while we moved the chairs closer to the table. 

“As I said,” Alexander smiled and moved his chair closer to the table, “Now that you know who I am, I don’t want to waste any more time and just be there for you. I haven’t told your mother that I met you, that you found out about us.” “You may be my biological parents,” I said with a glare towards him, “But just because you want to be there for me now, doesn’t mean that you can suddenly become family! I don’t even know what family means! All I ever knew was how to stay alive, how to survive, how to fight and how to kill! That’s not family!”

“Valeska,” Alexander said and sighed when he saw me glaring at him, “Fine, Vivian, I understand if you can’t forgive us for all the things you had to go through while growing up. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m asking for a chance to spend time with you.” “I’ll have to think about that,” I said and looked at Nate before my eyes returned to Alexander, “Since I ran away, all I did was to find you and Briana and make you pay for what you did to all of those children. Now you’re showing me photos, sharing memories and you keep telling me that you’re my father. I’m not sure what to make of all of that quite yet.” 

“In that case,” he said and smiled at Nate, “Let’s talk business first so. I am currently investigating a case that I can’t deal with alone. However, due to my reputation, there are not that many people I would trust with my life. You can even bring your boyfriend if you want to.” “What kind of job is it? And why would you trust me with your life? I’m still considering going after you and the entire organization, you know!” I complained, but I was still curious about the proposition he wanted to make. 

“Well,” he said with a sigh as we finally started to eat and looked at the two of us, “You are my daughter, even though you’re currently still very mad at us, I hope you’ll not kill me. About the job, I’m investigating a drug ring, I’ve been able to infiltrate them, very much like you did on your last job by the way. I’m about to blow their operation, but as I need the evidence, later on, I can’t literally blow the place. As there will be quite a few of their men, I’d appreciate the back up as I’m not the youngest anymore. I also want to be sure that they are not connected to their operation in any way. My mission is also a bit of a mole hunt. No one else knows about my objective and no one else knows where I am right now.” 

“A mole hunt?” I asked with a frown. “Yes, some of my best men have been killed after coming in contact with them. And I don’t mean the men you killed to find me. I had sent people out to get information and only some of them managed to report back to me before they were killed,” he said with a sigh, “That’s when I decided to investigate this matter myself a few weeks ago. That’s also when I ran into you at that disgusting, drug-induced party Marshall had arranged for me.” 

“Actually,” I said quietly, “I organized the party in his name, making sure I was at all times in control of my surroundings.” “Of course,” he nodded approvingly, “Just like I taught you! You really know how to make your old man proud!” I blushed slightly, not sure what to say or do about his praise. However, the pain in my chest, the fear as Nate had explained, had decreased quite a bit and a warm feeling spread inside. 

“How are your sniper skills?” I asked Nate jokingly, I didn’t want him to stay out of my sight while Alexander was around, but I also didn’t want him to feel like a burden or useless. “My sniper skills?” Nate asked shocked and almost choked on the egg he was just about to eat. “You can assist me in making sure he stays alive until I decide to kill him after all,” I suggested and smiled at him assuring. “So you’ll help me?” Alexander asked with a hopeful expression on his face. 

I sighed and nodded, “I will, mostly at the moment so that I can get you out of my hair and to keep Nathan safe. For now, I want to figure out what I can do to achieve that and knowing you, you will get all of us in dangerous situations.” “Fair enough,” he said and winked at Nate, “You’ll keep him safe and that’ll give me the chance to spend time with you! It’s a win-win!” “Agreed,” I sighed again and looked at Nate, “My only request is that he will be safe. If anything happens to him, our deal is off and you’re a dead man! Understood?”

Alexander nodded, surprised about my protectiveness and smiled, “I’m glad, you know. The way we had to raise you didn’t allow us to raise you like a normal child, so I’m glad to see you discovered those feelings all on your own. I just wish we could have been there to give you parental love instead of training you to become an assassin along with the other children.” 

“Why would you do that anyway?” Nate asked curiously, “Where did all the children come from?” “Besides… Vivian, we only took in children without a home, without a family. There were a few exceptions, of course, we did recruit older children for specialized CIA training if they were exceptionally talented. However, every child we recruited was at least four years old; young enough to train and learn easily, but old enough to be out of the nappy and temper tantrum age. Our training with… Vivian started a lot sooner though. We had been very deep in a cover and had anyone found out about the pregnancy… it wouldn’t have been good at all, so we did what we could, pretended you were one of the children,” he explained and smiled at me. 

“You said that before,” I mumbled and realized they really didn’t have much of a choice. They suddenly had a baby on their hands and nowhere to put it. I knew what kind of life I was leading and didn’t know what I would do if I had a child. I would have probably done something similar. Heck, I didn’t know what I would do now! What would I do if I suddenly had a child? I would probably panic, maybe I would give the baby away, or maybe Nate would know what to do… 

Shocked about my own thought, I quickly shook my head and looked at Alexander. “I understand,” I said after a while, “I don’t think I would have reacted very differently. The way I lived up until now, I don’t think I could have raised a child normally, whatever that is anyway.” “And now you think differently?” the question came from Nate and that he asked something like that made me blush. “I’m not sure what I would do now, to be honest,” I admitted and looked out of the window and down to our empty plates. “My daughter is only eighteen years old, Nathan,” Alexander scolded with a smile, “There is still plenty of time for both of you to think about children!”

“Father!” I scolded Alexander, without realizing what word I had used. However, both Nate and Alexander stared at me in surprise, including joy and pride on Alexander’s part. How dare he talk about something like that, in front of Nate of all people! Alexander chuckled and shook his head, “Now of all times, she finally calls me father!”

“Did not!” I protested quickly, but Nate nodded and said, “You did, Viv, you called him father just now. And you’re eighteen years old?” “She never told you?” Alexander asked surprised, happy to change the topic back to little baby me! “No,” Nate shook his head, “I guess the topic never came up.” “Well,” Alexander said with a smile and gleaming eyes, “She was born on July 17th, 1996 and was the most adorable child I had ever seen. Her mother always scolded me that I would give away her identity if I kept hugging her, carrying her around all the time.”

“Enough already!” I interrupted them and stood up, “Enough talking about me already!” Embarrassed I picked up the empty plates and glasses from the table and started to clean them in the sink. “Isn’t that adorable?” Alexander chuckled, “She’s embarrassed and acting like a housewife already! You take good care of her alright, she’s my little girl, no matter how old she is and no matter if she believes it or not, but she is my pride and always will be. Her mother and I were just going out for a few months, you know, it was a part of our cover. After a while, our little baby girl was the only thing that kept us together, if it wasn’t for work.” “You really should stop talking, Alexander, you’re blabbing too much about your personal life,” I said with an annoyed groan, “That’s very bad in our line of business!” 

“But you’re telling him about yourself and the organization, so why can’t I, talk to my son-in-law to be? Do you know how frustrating it is to not talk to anyone about my most treasured daughter?” he complained with a frown and leaned back on the couch he had sat down on, “I’m enjoying this quite a lot, you know!” “Son-in-law?” I asked and almost dropped the plate in my hand, “Have you been drinking?” “No,” he said with a smirk, “Just wishful thinking, darling!” I rolled my eyes and turned away so they wouldn’t see how red I had turned. 

Gee, those two would surely kill me eventually! They already caused so much turmoil within me, made me feel so many emotions, emotions I had been trained not to feel! Damn them! Who were they for messing up my composure so much! Nate had already explained that emotions did that to people, mess with everyone’s judgment. But I wasn’t used to all of that mess inside of me. I really didn’t need the emotions Alexander caused within me as well as the newly found acceptance of my feelings for Nate.

“You know, that plate won’t get any cleaner,” Nate chuckled beside me and took the plate out of my hands, “Your father left a few minutes ago, he will be back tomorrow with more information on the job and more stories about cute baby Vivian!” “Thank god he’s gone!” I mumbled and put the towel on the counter, “He will eventually kill me with all those disgustingly annoying emotions the two of you are causing! It’s a mess, really!”

“Both of us?” Nate asked chuckling and pulled me into his arms, “Well, I guess he is your father after all. Families tend to do that to you. My older sister, Cassandra, she could always make me angry, at anything really. She would rile me up either until I got into trouble, or until we were both angry for the same reasons. Like when her favorite TV show was canceled and I didn’t care enough. It was a girly show.” “I don’t like it,” was all I said, as I put my head on his shoulders, “Life was so much easier before I met you, Nathan Brown!” “Well, I’m glad that I met you, and I’m glad about all the mess in your head, otherwise you wouldn’t have come to find me, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with me!” Nate said and placed a kiss on top of my head. 

“Somehow it feels like it’s already late at night, even though it’s only ten in the morning!” I mumbled and wound my arms around his body. “Well I guess it was a lot to take in,” he chuckled and pulled my head back, “You’re very cute when you’re embarrassed, you know!” He placed a soft kiss on my lips and smiled, “Let’s do something, get out for the day and all.” “We could test your sniper skills. I really hope we won’t need them, but Alexander raised me, I know there will always be trouble around him. I want you to be prepared to save your own cute ass! Understood?” I suggested and smiled at him. “I won’t leave you if something goes sideways! I’ve said it before, you won’t get rid of me that easily!” Nate protested and I pushed him away gently, “I know you’re trying to protect me, but I think I’ll be the safest when I’m by your side, and I promise I won’t do any silly stunts like trying to save you…” 

“Nate,” I said with a sigh and walked towards the stairs to get my things, “I will only take you with me if you promise to run for your life if I tell you to do so! Otherwise, you’ll find yourself tied and locked up in the bathroom, enough food for a few days and forced to wait for my return!” “That’s evil!” he chuckled and I disappeared around the corner and rushed up the stairs to get a few guns and rifles for Nate to practice with. 

I also packed ammunition and realized that I was still only dressed in the shirt I had thrown on before going down to follow the delicious scent of breakfast. “I just had breakfast with Nate and my father in a shirt only!” I said to myself and quickly put on proper clothes, “Well, people have seen me in less clothing!” 

With a sigh, I took the bag and headed down to the kitchen. “Are you ready?” I asked with a smile, remembering that we hadn’t agreed on anything yet. “Almost,” he laughed and pointed at his pajama pants, “So I guess we’re going to play with your guns? Sounds like fun. I wanted to take you to a shooting range anyways, remember?” “Right, you did,” I said with a smile, “It would make me feel better anyway, especially with the task at hand, but we can do something else later on.” “Sounds like a good compromise,” Nate said and headed towards the upstairs bedroom. 


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