Ronny and Ty

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Do you know the feeling of being in love? The thrill you feel when you meet him? The sadness when ever you can’t see him? All the small things that make you smile, the things that make you think about him and the small things that make you worried about him. Do you know that kind of feeling?

Don’t take it wrong, I’ve read about those feelings a million times before, I’ve seen them in movies and seen them in real live. But I’ve never really felt anything like that. And sometimes, I didn’t believe there was anything like love at all. It’s probably easy to believe in something as fantastic as love, since it is like magic, it’s like a fairytale and I guess, everyone wants to believe in magic at some stage, not only as a child, but also when you’re having a hard time with your life, with your work or with anything at all.

As for me, I probably wished for love to find me every single day of my life. It’s not like I was an especially unhappy person, I only wished for some magic to happen around me. I dreamed of the happiness and sadness accompanying the joy of love.

My name is Veronica Ferguson, I’m twenty six years old and I’m an artist. I have two older brothers, Charles and Daniel, both of them straight A students, athletes and just perfect in everything they do.

Last time I’d had to attend a family meeting, both of them dated some upcoming models. My parents were successful, rich and influential. The only reason they had to be unhappy was me, the unwanted child of another man. I didn’t know my real father and didn’t care enough to find out about him. The positive thing about being the black sheep of the Ferguson family is, that I didn’t have to attend most of the social gatherings and since I was sixteen I got paid to look after myself, which is probably the reason why I decided to become independent and an artist as soon as possible.

After college I studied music, modern media and arts and bought my own apartment with a studio. Apart from that I never touched the money they paid me, instead I saved it. I didn’t ask for their money and I didn’t want it, but I wouldn’t give it back. I’d probably spend it on something extremely ridicules just to mess with them.

As for now, I just tried to live my life with all the joy I could and try to forget about my family. I presume the only reason my mother was still married, was that most of their money came from my mother’s family’s side. To be honest, their marriage probably only consisted not of love, but money. I didn’t care about that, I was probably glad to live my life separately from the rest of them.



Chapter 1

“Ronnie! Where are you?” my best friend Jessica Mason called. “I’m here Jess!”  I said and stood up. The tall girl with the colourful highlights in her blonde hair almost walked past me, as I had been sitting behind a rather big tree. “There you are! Ronnie you have to see this! Those newbie’s actually shredded the copies and the instructions for that new project the company just took over!” she said excited and pulled me back into the office, towards the executive’s office to listen.

Quite a crowd stood in front of the office, trying to listen to what our boss had to say to them. But we had missed the real tell-off and our boss was thinking about a way to solve it and the newbie’s were gone already. In that moment somebody walked past and pushed me towards the open office door.

“Miss Ferguson, perfect timing, I need you to go to the client to replace the documents that were destroyed.” Liam McCaffrey, our boss, said and looked into his files, “Here is the address, go see them, and explain what happened. Try to convince them to not dump us for the next agency!” He handed me a sheet with the address and waved me out of his office again.

What should I do now? I wasn’t confident enough with our clients and that’s why I worked together with Jess, who was really confident with the clients. I sighed and left the office as quickly as possible, since he would give me other tasks if I stayed! Jess stood besides the door and waited for me, “Oh Ronnie!” “Are you coming with me?” I asked hopefully, but Jess shook her head, “I’m really sorry, but I need to finish that other client before tomorrow!”

With a resigning sigh I nodded and we walked towards our desks. “I’m really sorry Ronnie, I’d come with you and help but I really need to finish those assignments for that client!” Jess said apologizing. “It’s ok, Jess, I think it’s really about time for me to learn to be more confident about the clients and everything.” I said and smiled warily. “Are you sure you’ll be alright?” she asked.

About half an hour later I drove into the driveway of a gigantic mansion with billions of windows. The house looked really modern, but still kind of old fashioned. Like a modern Cinderella castle. I couldn’t believe that the owner of this beautiful mansion was supposed to be so scary and so arrogant.

I parked my car and stepped out, towards the gigantic double door, but when I was about to ring the bell, the doors flew open and a man stormed out. He was handsome, wearing expensive black jeans, a blue shirt and a black cardigan. His dark hair was messy and kind of all over the place. As he saw me he stopped, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry to intrude; I’m from “Alfred and Son’s”, my name is Veronica Ferguson.” I said trying to sound confident, “May I speak to Mister Tyson Stone, please?” “What do you want from me? I’m kind of busy?” he said, unfriendly suddenly. “You are Tyson Stone?” I asked irritated, since I expected an older man in expensive suits instead of a young man in jeans.

“Yes I am, and now tell me what you want or leave.” Stone said harshly, walked away and waved me to follow. “I’m… I’m… I am here because someone at our company… misplaced the documents with the instructions and the other copies, so Mr. McCaffrey asked me to come here and… well, come here and ask, if you could be so kind to give us another copy of the requirements for your job.” I said fast and took a deep breath in. “So you think you can loose my stuff and just come here and ask ME to replace it?” he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice, “Are you kind of a trainee or something?”

“I am not a trainee!” I said stronger, “I just follow orders!” The man chuckled, “Are you the boss’s doggie then?” “Listen, I know you are a very important client in our company, and I will be glad to get back to my usual daily routine, but I can tell you one thing. You, Mr. Tyson Stone, are so wrong about what you think about other people! I am not the pet for anyone, and if you’re not going to be so kind to give us another copy I’ll be forced to tell my boss exactly what you said, and that you are unwilling to work with us!” my heart was racing and I couldn’t believe what I had just said!

A slight hint of pride showed in his expression as he nodded and opened the door to another, smaller building. “What am I still doing here? Did you change your mind?” I asked with the last bit of my bravery. “Just be a good employee and follow my orders now. If you wanna keep your job, you should better actually do as I say, Miss Ferguson!” he commented amused and walked through a corridor and into an office.

“What are you willing to do to keep your job, Miss Ferguson?” he asked chuckling and closed the door behind us. “I think I should better leave.” I said unsure now and turned back towards the door. The dark haired man leaned against the door, smiling, “You really are an obedient one, are you?”

“I am not!” I protested and stepped back from him and the door. He chuckled and walked me against the wall on the other side of the room. He reached over my shoulder and stared at me, “So what are you saying now?” Quickly I looked over my other shoulder to find a different way out, as he chuckled, “Here are your documents. If you loose them again, you’ll have to pay for that personally!” He pulled his hand back again and handed me a folder. Our company’s client stepped back and made the way clear for me to leave.

Back in my car, I heard my heart beat so loud, I was surprised I was still able to hear the radio. It took me almost ten minutes to get my heart to calm down again and to be back in a state were I could actually drive back to the company without danger of causing an accident!

Back in the company, I handed Mr. McCaffrey the folder and went straight home. I was still in no state to get back to work and I honestly didn’t care if I’d loose my job because of this or not.

On my way to the company the next day, I was really surprised that I didn’t have a call from Mr. McCaffrey yet, after all, I had left the company without permission or without a word and I hadn’t been acting professional towards our client. He would kick me out for sure! Even more cautious than usually, I walked towards my desk and was a little surprised to find it empty. Jess wasn’t working this morning, so I couldn’t ask her… When my boss saw me, he waved me over to his office and I followed, a little scared though.

“Miss Ferguson, I don’t have time for a long chat, so I’ll just say it like this!” he said when I entered the room, “I didn’t think anybody would be able to get those documents from Mr. Stone, so from now on, you will act as our contact person for him.” My boss sorted the files on his desk, “Your new office is down the hall, I took the liberty to put a second desk for your new partner, Miss Jessica Mason, in the office as well. Everything you need to know is in the folders on your desk.”

My mouth had dropped open when he told me about my new job, my new task… the… contact for THAT person? How could I ever even talk to him again? “Don’t you have work to do?” McCaffrey asked, as I still didn’t move. “I’m sorry; I just didn’t expect this to happen!” I said shocked and quickly continued, “Thank you, Mr. McCaffrey, thank you for this opportunity!”

Alfred and Sons was a production and advertisement company that specialised on musicians. Tyson Stone was one of them, a very special case to be honest. He didn’t show even the slightest bit of respect to anyone, especially not towards the producers or the advertisement section. Maybe he’d been a star for too long? Maybe the fame had changed him to be such an arrogant scumbag!

To be honest, I didn’t listen to the music we produced, if I heard them on the radio, I wouldn’t know if Alfred and Sons had produced them or not. I knew that Tyson Stone was a client in our company; he was famous there since he had such a bad reputation. I only knew that he wasn’t on the radio station that I listened to while driving. Or maybe I always tried to avoid his music because I knew he was a client? Now, I’d have to listen to his music and try to work with him!

With a sigh I sat down in my new office and found all my personal things, that I had kept in and on my desk, like the picture of my family, and all the folders Mr. McCaffrey had told me about. Still sighing I started to read through the folders and tried to keep the important things in my mind.

By the time Jess came to work, I was almost finished with my pile of information. There was even a disc with Tyson Stone’s music that I tossed into my drawer without paying it any attention. “So how did it go?” Jess asked excited and sat down on her new desk, “McCaffrey told me to put our things in this office yesterday an hour after you went home. I didn’t know why, but to have our own office can only be a good sign!”

“I shouted at him!” I said ashamed, as I remembered what had happened the day before, “Not only that, he… he… he was really mean!” “Oh Ronnie!” she said pitiful, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t come… but I’m proud that you shouted at him. Why did you shout at him anyway?”

“He told me, I was a bimbo for McCaffrey, an obedient trainee and a doggie!” I said and blushed, “He also tried to hit on me…” “He did?” Jess asked and her eyes popped open in surprise, “I’ve heard a lot about him, and I’ve also seen him on MTV and such, he is such a hottie! You’re so lucky!”

“That’s not funny! I could have been kicked out for what I have done! I mean sure he was a jerk and he was really nasty and unprofessional towards me, but nobody would dare to fire him!” I said quietly, but with rising anger towards Tyson Stone. Jess’s eyes were so big, I was afraid they would fall out at any moment, but she didn’t look at me, but past my head.

Quickly I turned around and froze in shock. A tall man with dark hair stood in the door, smiling with amusement, “You forgot to mention that I locked you up in my office, alone with me and no way out.” Now my eyes were close to falling out, as he sat down on my desk. “Missy on the other desk; who lost my instructions?” he asked without even a glance at Jess, who quickly answered, “Some trainees, they had to make copies and put them in the shredder machine instead.”

“And how did Veronica Ferguson of the Alfred and Sons Company end up coming to my house to replace the loss, she hadn’t caused?” he asked again and Jess blabbered, “Someone pushed her into the boss’s office by accident and he decided to send her to your house!” My best friend took a deep breath, “Can I please have an autograph Mr. Stone? I love your music!” “Sure!” he said with a charming tone and turned to Jess, “What’s your name, darling?” “Jessica Mason!” she said excited and almost jumped up and down in her chair.

Tyson Stone pulled a photograph out of his jacket, signed it with a pen from my desk and handed it Jess, who almost fainted in her chair. “W… Why are you here, Mr. Stone, c… couldn’t you just e-mail me if y… you need anything?” I stuttered nervously, thinking about the fact that he actually had locked the door the day before! Why did I have to be his new contact?

“Well, I wanted to say that I will have you as my personal contact for this company and all my business that includes marketing. I want people to want to listen to my music, just because they see my advertisement. As for my next songs, I want you to be my personal assistant for the time of my stay in the production studio!” he said with a charming smile that almost made me forget about the meaning of his words, “Furthermore, I need your personal address and phone number in case I need something and you’re not in your office.”

My chin dropped and I stared at him in disbelieve, he couldn’t be serious, could he? “Here you go…” Jess said in a state of “pop-star-daze” and handed him a sheet with my address and phone number. Back in control of my thoughts I jumped up, “Hey, you can’t do that!” Pathetically I tried to get the sheet back, but tried to not get too close to him. That made it very easy for him to shove it into his jeans and out of my reach. “I’m not going to answer a single call from you on my private phone and won’t open the door if you ever dare to stand in front of my door!” I said sullen and angry and sat down on my chair again.

What a jerk! I would definitely never pick up my phone if he called! Tyson Stone only chuckled and walked out of the office, “Oh by the way, I want  coffee, black, you have five minutes to get one from Starbucks! I’ll be waiting in the studio.” It took me a while to get over that, and by the time I did, I already saw my boss, looking very angry. As fast as I could I jumped up from my desk and almost ran all the way to the next Starbucks to get that stupid coffee.

“Ferguson! Into my office! Now!” Liam McCaffrey bellowed as soon as I was back in the company and I quickly handed the coffee to Jess, to bring it to Stone. “Yes, Mr. McCaffrey?” I asked carefully. “I want you to follow Tyson Stones orders as if they were your mothers! If Tyson Stone decides to choose a different company to produce his songs and to manage his advertising, you’ll be working on the streets, collecting garbage!” my boss hissed through clenched teeth, “And if he asks you to get coffee you will get it, if he asked you to answer his call 24/7 you will and if he asks you to do anything else, you will do it! Are we clear?”

With big eyes and shaking hands, I quickly nodded and returned to my office. So I was Tyson Stones slave from now on? Great… Should I look for a new job? No! Veronica Ferguson would not give up! I would do my job as good as possible! My job did not require liking him in any form, so I shouldn’t have a problem!

Jessica sat at her desk, smiling like a school girl experiencing her first crush. Why didn’t he choose someone who liked him? I couldn’t stand him and I thought I had made that clear the first time we met… Or maybe that was the reason why he chose me? I could have cursed myself for shouting at him in the first place… Now I was stuck with that person…

Damn lack of confidence! But at least, I wasn’t as unfortunate as Jess, who was head over heels into that tyrant! Luckily I wasn’t… it would be horrible to have feelings for a man like him! With a shake of my head I concentrated on my work again.

Half an hour later my phone rang and I answered, “Veronica Ferguson, hello!” “I’m sweating, come and wipe it away!” Tyson Stone’s voice said on the phone and he hung up again.

Stunned I stood up and walked over to the studio he was working in and grabbed a towel on the way. Damn that stupid boss for making me do such a stupid job! I entered with a professional smile and ignored the other people, walked straight to Stone, wiped harshly over his entire face with the towel, threw it into his face, turned around and left again.

My heart was beating faster again and the adrenalin pumped through my veins, as I gracefully walked back to my office. As soon as I reached my office, my phone rang again, “Veronica Ferguson, hello!” “Pick. Up. That. Towel.” Tyson’s voice sounded angry, as he hissed those four words in the phone and hung up again. My limbs were seriously shaking now and I had to make myself move towards the recording studios once again.

Before I entered the recording studio, I took a deep breath, and entered the room with a professional smile again. I picked up the towel and smiled at Tyson Stone, my slave driver, and asked, “Anything else I could possibly be of assistance with, Mr. Stone?” Surprised he stared at me, “Eh… n… no… I don’t think so.” With a wink towards the others, I gracefully turned and brought the towel back into the washing basket for the companies producing studios. For the rest of the day I didn’t get another call from Tyson Stone, so I was able to concentrate on my other work.

Jess in return stayed in that pop-star-daze for the rest of the day, staring onto the autograph. By the time I was at home, I was just exhausted and only got some bread before I went to bed. But as soon as I lay in my bed and my mind had the chance to run wild, Tyson Stone came into my mind. Not like one of those little girly love fantasies. For me it was more like a nightmare!

I imagined all the things he could possibly make me do. It started off with getting coffee, getting towels, over making food, driving him around, washing his stuff, to the extreme where I feared, he would make me do other stuff as his slave! All night long I couldn’t sleep properly because those images kept coming up in my dreams, keeping me awake.

Too soon it was time for me to go to work again, on my way, I got three cups of coffee, one for Jess, one for my way to work and one for later. With a sigh I entered the company and almost bumped into a tall, dark haired man. “Oh! Coffee, perfect!” Tyson Stone said and took the third cup out of my hand and walked away. “Hey, what are you doing?” I asked and followed him, “That was my coffee!” “Not anymore, it’s mine now!” Tyson said, “For today, I want you to do the fashion makeover for my music video and for the photo shoot in the evening, understood? You’re my slave now, remember?” I sighed in frustration and nodded, “Fine, what ever. What image do you want to have, rock star, playboy or maybe a gangster?”

“Ha-ha, very funny… Don’t you know anything about my music?” he asked and I shook my head, “I’ve never heard your music and I’m not interested in ever hearing it. I never listen to my clients’ music directly.” “How did you survive in this business so far?” he asked unbelieving. “I usually don’t work with clients.” I said shrugging my shoulders, “I usually do the coordinating part, the advertisement and that kind of stuff, so I actually don’t have to listen to it.”

“And why did you choose to work in the music industry if you don’t want to listen to your clients’ music?” he asked irritated as we waited for the elevator to come. “I love music. I’ve always wanted to work in the music industry and you’re not going to take that away from me by getting me fired!” “Do you really think I’m trying to get you fired?” he asked amused, “I’m only trying to have a little fun. If you can’t handle it, I’ll have to look for a different company to produce my music.”

“No. I can handle everything! That’s why I came here!” I said confidently. “Fine, so there is no problem, Miss Ferguson, you’ll do as I say and your career will be alright!”

Damn it! That meant I was stuck with him all day and for the rest of his time with our company! I could have cursed myself again and again for following Jess to our boss’s office to listen. Now I was stuck with mister “I am so great”! But I didn’t show my feelings towards him; he was our client after all!

With an annoyed sigh, he looked at me, “I hate that professional smile, at least when no one is around, just be honest and tell me what you think like the first day you came to my house!” “Fine,” I said with a smile, “I hate you!” The doors of the elevator opened again and I walked to my office, while Tyson Stone stayed in the elevator, probably too irritated by my words.

But I was wrong, of course, how could it be different? He followed me, irritated though, “You don’t even know me or my music! So how could you possibly hate me?” This cost me all my confidence, I had saved for the day, “I hate the way you treat people, I hate the way you look at people and I hate the way you think you are so much better then everyone else! And could you please get back to your work? I really need to finish off some pop stars fashion make over for his video and shoot!”

Coldly he looked at me, turned around and walked to the door, stopped and turned around, “I don’t like you either!” After that I had a quiet hour to research his old publicity and look at his music videos, to get a brief idea of what I had to change. In his other video’s he’d had more of a gangster or mafia look, which didn’t really seem to really suit his movements, his expressions. For a few seconds I was tempted to actually listen to his music instead of muting my computer, but I changed my mind. Instead I asked Jessica what kind of music Tyson Stone actually made.

“He’s making the best rock-pop music in the entire world!” she swarmed and smiled. “Thanks Jess!” I said and looked at the pictures again. That really didn’t suit him… Quickly I went to our fashion department and looked for the right things, for him to wear. I handed the clothes to his assistant, talked to the producer and waited patiently for Stone to return.

He just looked amazingly different and attractive in those clothes, and suddenly I felt like I really wanted to listen to his music! But there was one thing missing. In my professional mode I stepped closer to him and messed up his hair until it matched his new outfit perfectly. The black chucks, the dark, slightly ripped jeans, the shirt with the print of a word scramble on it.

I felt everyone’s eyes on me as I did that, even Tyson Stone stared at me, so I tried to keep my professional smile in my face and said, “Perfect. What do you think?” The other guys nodded approvingly and everyone looked at Tyson, who nodded and so everyone went back to work. “Are you sure, you never listened to my music before?” Tyson Stone asked when the others were gone already. “That is my professionalism, I looked at your earlier ads and videos and Jess told me what kind of music you make. That is all I need to know.”

Quickly I turned around and went back to work as well. When I reached the elevator, I looked back towards Tyson Stone, who was still standing there, looking after me, slightly confused. Back in my office, Jess had finally returned to her normal professional work ethic and had let go of the pop star daze she’d been in for the entire time since Stone had signed that stupid autograph for her.

At lunch time that changed though, since Tyson Stone stood in front of the company doors, waiting. When we came out, he smiled charmingly, but evil and walked beside us, as if it was the most normal thing for him to go to lunch with us. “Sorry, Jenny, but I need to borrow her for now!” he said and I was close to hitting him. Why did he want to borrow me now? Didn’t he have something like lunch breaks???

“Sure, take her, marry her, then you’d be my best friends husband and I’d get free tickets to your concerts and you’d be married to my best friend!” Jess said in her pop star daze again. I froze in shock, “Wait, what?” “If that’s what makes you happy Jean, I’d be glad to do that, but for now, I just need to borrow her!” Stone said with an even more charming smile and I saw that Jess had problems standing straight. Tyson Stone took my arm and pulled me away from Jessica, who kept waving. “Wait! I don’t wanna go with you! Let go of me!” I protested, trying to free my arm from his grip, “I’m not working at the moment and I want to have lunch with Jessica!” “I know!” was all he said.

After a few meters I stopped protesting, because it got kind of embarrassing, instead I asked, “What do you want from me?” “I just want to borrow you for half an hour. Is that such a drama, Miss Ferguson?” he asked without even looking at me. A few minutes later, I found myself in a Starbucks, with coffee, sesame noodles and Tyson Stone. “Is it this, what you wanted to borrow me for?” I asked confused and took a sip of my coffee.

“This is actually a thank you for the coffee this morning, but if you don’t want to you can just leave again.” Stone said coldly and ate his tuna salad. “Thanks.” I said, “But you didn’t have to do that. It was only a cup of coffee after all…” Furthermore, if he wouldn’t have kidnapped me, I could have lunch with my best friend now! Anyway, why should I want to marry that guy?

As soon as we were done, I stood up and walked back to the office, probably followed by Tyson Stone. I was a little confused about why Jess wanted me to marry that horrible person! Not only for free tickets, right? She could just be friends with him herself and leave me out of that! If it was only for the tickets she wouldn’t need me… so what was she trying to do?

Quickly I shook my head to get that out of my mind again. Jess liked to do stuff like that… trying to hook up people… Her boyfriend had to have a lot of confidence to get out of the friend-zone and into the “boyfriend”-zone. But now that they were together, Jess gave up her match making hobby, at least for a while, since she was busy with her boyfriend Cliff now.

I was probably lucky that she gave up on her match making on me. Otherwise I’d need more excuses about why I had no time for her blind dates. With a sigh I finished off the work of the day and went back home, Jess and I planned to go to the movies, so I wanted to get ready for that.

After I took a quick shower, I dried my hair, jumped into my dark jeans and a black top with a blue print on. I put some spade-shaped earrings in, some decent make up in my face and my black hat with the blue feather on the side on my head. I grabbed my coat and went outside to wait for Cliff and Jess.

Soon enough I saw Cliff’s car pull over and I opened the door. As I got in the car I was surprised to see a guy behind Cliff on the backseat. “Hello Ronnie!” Jess said cheerfully and I had a bad feeling about this. “This is Harry; he’s a friend of Cliff’s! Harry, this is Veronica; she’s my best friend!” “Nice to meet you!” he said with a charming voice, matching his totally nice-guy image with his brown, almost shoulder long curls, his soft brown eyes and his friendly smile. “Nice to meet you too, Harry!” I said and smiled as well.

The movie was the girls-night-out-classic, Pretty Woman with Richard Gear and Julia Roberts. I don’t know why Jess decided to bring Cliff and Harry, but ok, it was probably their own choice to come along. At the end of the movie, as Richard Gear drove by in his white limousine with the bunch of flowers in his hands, Harry only shook his head, “What a horribly cheesy gesture!” And I totally agreed; it really was romantic, but a little too cheesy!

After the movie we went to a club close to the cinema, just for a few drinks and a little chat. Harry and I were joking about the cheesiness of the flowers and how ridiculous that would be in real life! We seemed to get along really well.

The next day in the office seemed to be as normal as every other day, until a delivery guy brought me a big bouquet of roses with a note. Horribly cheesy, isn’t it? Read the card with a smiley at the end and I chuckled. “Who are the flowers from?” Jess asked as she saw me with the bouquet. “It’s from Harry!” I said and smiled, “He seemed to be a nice guy yesterday.”

“Who is Harry?” a voice behind me asked and I turned around, just to face Tyson Stone. “Nothing you should be concerned of or not your business!” I said and chuckled about the card again. “Who is Harry, maybe some old geezer of maybe sixty or even a few hundred years?” Tyson Stone asked amused and looked at the flowers. “Definitely not, he is thirty and not sixty!” I protested.

What an idiot, I thought and ignored him. Work wouldn’t stop just because of that man. “What do you want here?” I asked annoyed and looked at him. For a few seconds he looked really lost and a little hurt, but in the next moment his usual sarcastic expression returned, “Just wanted to tell you about your new assignment. Since tomorrow night is my concert, I want you to organize the outfits for the dancers and the background singer and for the star of the night of course!” “Who could that be?” I asked sarcastically. “Me, of course!” he said crossly and marched off.



Chapter 2:

I didn’t even think about looking at his stupid concerts, instead I created a whole new image, that would suit his new look. As for his dancers and the backup singers I did the same. As soon as I was done, I presented my ideas to Jess. “Are you sure you’re not secretly listening to Tyson’s music?” she asked jokingly and nodded, “They are really great, Tyson and his staff just have to love it!”

After work we went straight to a bar for a drink, Jess and I loved the band that used to play there every week, so it was something like a ritual for us to go there and listen. For only a few seconds I wondered what kind of music Tyson Stone liked. But I quickly kicked him out of my mind and wondered if Harry would like evolution, as the band was called. But I could hardly imagine Harry sitting in a bar, listening to rock music.

“So tell me, Ronnie, what do you think of Harry?” my best friend asked curiously and took a sip of her beer. “I seriously don’t know, I mean he’s a nice guy and all, but I’ve only met him last night. Jess, I couldn’t tell so far, but he really seems nice.” Jess nodded and smiled, “But what about my free concert tickets for Tyson Stone?” “It seems like you’ll have to pay for the tickets. Anyway, I don’t want to marry that guy! He is rude and I don’t like him!” I protested and looked at the band.

“Too bad, that would be too amazing if I would be the best friend of Tyson Stone’s girlfriend!” she said excited, but a little sad. “Why don’t you try being friends with him?” I asked chuckling, “Did you ever try that?” “I’m too shy to do that and I have Cliff! What would he think of me?” she whined.

“Maybe he’d let you have him as a pet?” I chuckled and shook my head. “Ronnie, you are so clever!” Jess said and emptied her fourth beer that evening. “Jess, I think you’ve had enough, anyways I was only joking about the pet thing!” I said and stopped her from ordering another drink.

“Come on, I’ll bring you home, darling!” I said and gave the barkeeper a tip. At Jessica’s house, I rang the bell and waited for Cliff to open. “Hi there, Cliff,” I said apologizing, “She’s had a bit too much I guess!” The guy with the brown hair and the dark framed glasses nodded and smiled, “That sounds like my love, she didn’t have lunch today either, so… did you have a nice time?” “I guess,” I said with a smile, “Evolution played, so it was great.” “That’s great! Did she pay for all her drinks?” he asked and lifted her up in his arms, as she collapsed into his embrace. “Hello Beautiful!” she said and smiled at Cliff. “She did, Cliff, but I think the last drink was too much for her.” I said and smiled, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow, right? Good night Cliff, night Jess!” “Sure, night and thanks, Veronica!” Cliff said and I closed the door behind me, as I left.

Back in my place, I dropped my shoes next to my bookshelf, changed my clothes and climbed up the ladder to my bed. My apartment was mostly one room, just below the roof of an apartment building. The kitchen and the main living area were small, but enough for me. There was a small bathroom with a shower and I had a little Plato, with a mattress as my bed. It was right under the roof, really loud in the rain, but I loved it. My walls and most of the furniture were white, or other light and warm colours, while the floor was wooden and made funny squeezing sounds when ever you stepped on the wrong spots. My bookshelf consisted of a few units, increasing the height, as a perfect way for my cat to come up to my bed.

The next morning Tabby, my cat, sat next to me, staring at me with her clever eyes, probably telling me to get her some breakfast. With a sigh I checked the time, only five in the morning! “Morning Tabb’s, did you get enough sleep already?” I asked and gently stroke her soft fur. Tabby purred, stood up and climbed down into my kitchen where I stored her food, so I followed her, still tired. While I prepared her food I thought about the concert and about the changes Tyson Stone wanted me to make.

Afterwards I went for a shower, got dressed and got myself a bowl of breakfast cereals and orange juice. My dark Bengal cat sat next to me on her pillow by the window, watching the early morning traffic, when I was at work that was one of her most favourite activities. Although she was a Bengal, she enjoyed her time when I was not around. She enjoyed the time when I was there to play with her even more, but she was more than fine without me.

When I went to work I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to use for Tyson Stone’s concert make over. Although I had spent more time in doing everything in the morning, I was way too early in the office, so I had some quiet time to convert my ideas from my mind onto the paper and my computer. By the time Jess was there, I had enough to show her my ideas. And when I did, she said, “I really can’t believe you never listened to Tyson’s music before, Ronnie. Those ideas really suit the entire theme! I don’t know how you do it, but they’ll have to love it! I mean what you showed me yesterday was great already, but this is just amazing!”

“Stop joking!” I said and blushed, “It can’t be that good!” “It is!” she said enthusiastically and called the man over, who worked for Tyson Stone and who made the decisions what to present to our client and what not. “Jess, no, don’t do that! It’s not ready!” But of course the man was there already. “What is it Miss Mason?” he asked and looked at us. “Well, not really me, but Miss Ferguson here finished the draft for Tyson’s concert. Would you mind having a look at it?” she said and I turned bright red. How could Jess do that to me?

Desmond Clark looked interested now onto the monitor of my computer and watched the demonstration of my concert ideas. “Very well, Miss Ferguson, I’ll inform Mister Stone about this. He will decide about that.” He said and turned to leave. “Damn it! Why did you do that” I asked cross and glared at her, still bright red in my entire face.

“Somebody had to!” Jessica said with a smile, “You are talented and the only thing between you and your career is you, Ronnie! Now take your chance and make something out of it!” “But I don’t think I’m ready for that!” I protested and Jess put her arms around me, “You are, darling! You’re handling this job around my idol like a pro! You’re sovereign and serious, flexible and dependable. What else do you want before you take the chance? You know that I love you, Ronnie, and if I wouldn’t believe in your abilities and your skills, I wouldn’t do this!”

“Are you sure about this?” I asked quietly and looked at the presentation again. It was good, but it seemed to be more like evolution than what I heard of Tyson Stone. Maybe they were quite similar? “That is as clear as still water!” she said and hugged me again, “Anyway, did you hear anything from Harry?”

“I did actually, we’re going to meet up tonight for a drink. Are you coming?” I told her and went back to work. “That’s great! Of course I won’t come! That’s a date!” she cheered just as Tyson Stone came by. “That guy again? I doubt he likes you. Who would like you anyway?” he said and glared at me, “Clarke said you had the presentation ready. Show me!”

Stunned I pressed play and looked at Stone again. “Looks good, I like it. About that guy, Harry can’t be his real name, it must be a nickname.” Tyson Stone said, “Now tell me; what’s his name, Harold or maybe Hartford?” “It is neither one! His name is Harry! And it is none of your business what he and I think of each other! And if you want anything changed, please write a list, since I’m sure you’re really busy so short before your concert!” I said crossly and marched off.

What an idiot! It really was none of his business! He would see soon enough! As soon as I found love, he would be the one staying behind with no one to love him! He would be the unhappy one!

When the evening came, I went home and took a shower. I had to get ready for my date with Harry! He was a nice guy and why shouldn’t I date him? So I dressed up in feminine and cute clothes, decent enough for a bar and went downstairs, to wait in front of my door for Harry.

Shortly after he picked me up, he brought me to a restaurant for dinner and he kept flirting with me. When we went to the bar afterwards, he finally asked the question and asked me to go out with him. And I agreed. He was just so sweet, a real gentleman.

We moved to a bench in a corner of the bar and Harry put his arm around my shoulders. Harry’s body felt warm and strong against my side. He asked me about lots of different things, my past, my family, my friends, my hobbies, the things I liked and disliked and lots of other things.

When the bar was almost empty it was past one already and I asked Harry to drop me home since I had to work in a few hours. When we reached my door, he kissed me gently to say good night.

Back upstairs in my apartment, I wondered why I actually agreed to dating Harry, since I didn’t really like him that much… Maybe it was just for the feeling of being loved or to prove Tyson wrong about nobody liking me and such! Was I really that unlikable? But Jess and Cliff and Tabby and all my other friends liked me and Harry seemed to like me as well! So Tyson had to be wrong! He was just a jealous, unprofessional, arrogant bastard who didn’t want anybody to be even the slightest bit happy!

With a sigh I filled Tabby’s water and food bowl and went to bed, where my cat lay on my pillow. Suddenly very tired, I lay down beside her and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next day at work I was busy with changes for the next concert. For lunch I was planning to go out with Jess who would ask me about all the little details about my date and luckily I hadn’t met Tyson Stone so far.

“Tell me everything!” Jessica said again, “I want to hear all the dirty details!”  “Nothing happened!” I protested, “He only kissed me goodnight before I went inside! We’re taking things a bit slower.” “Slower my beautiful bottom, you need to fill me in!” she begged, “Okay, maybe at lunch?” With a sigh I shook my head, “We can talk about it over lunch, but it won’t change a thing. You know I’d tell you everything especially about guys, you’re the only one I can talk about that stuff with!”

“So how did it go with Harry last night?” a man said behind me. “How did you know?” I asked a bit worried that the entire office would know already. “Jasminda told me, so how’d it go?” Tyson asked again with a grim expression on his face.

“That is none of your business, and her name is Jessica and not Jasminda!” I said crossly. “How did your concert go?” I asked calm and professional again. “Just as I planned, my fans loved me and always will!” he said proudly and looked at me, “But that is not the subject, since my success was inevitable, yours instead is more in question.”

“My date was just great and Harry is my boyfriend now!” I hissed angry about his comment. For a brief second he looked really hurt, but hid it quickly under a mask of sarcasm, “Is that so? That old geezer must be really desperate to hook up with someone like you!” “I don’t care what you think, and if you think so bad about me, please feel free to leave me alone to do my work and if you need anything, send me an email or something like that!” I said angry now.

“As if I’d have time to do that! I’m only dropping by, because I was on my way past here anyway!” he said annoyed, turned around and left my new office again before I could say something. “Jess… What else is here on this floor that Tyson Stone could be interested in?” I asked confused. “You are here!” she said with a cheeky smile.

With wide eyes I looked at her, but she was right, except for me, there was no one and nothing on this floor or higher, that could be of any use for him… So why did he say he was on his way past here anyway? I didn’t understand that, but just shrugged my shoulders and went back to work.

After work I had to get ready for the bar and the club later that night, since evolution played again, I insisted in going to the bar first. Harry and Cliff would meet us in the club later, since evolution wasn’t exactly their music.

“Hi again,” Jess said and waved as I entered the bar. “How’s it going?” I asked and sat down beside her. “Not too bad, Cliff wants to go on vacation next month, so I’m really looking forward to that!” she said smiling, “I ordered Bulmers for you, is that ok?” “Sure, thanks!” I said and looked towards the stage, “How long have evolution been playing already?” “Oh, only a little while, I think they started just a few minutes before I arrived. Oh hey! Look, that guy is looking at you since you entered the club! The singer over there!” Jessica said excited and looked at him and so did I now. But he already looked away again.

“Really?” I asked and took another glance at the singer of evolution, “He is handsome.” “You should go for him!” Jess cheered. “Jess! I’m with Harry now, that shouldn’t happen. I mean I’m flattered, but this won’t affect me. I’m not a cheating little slut!” Jess and I chuckled and drank a sip of our beer. “Right… but still, keep your options open!” she said still laughing, “Anyway, that guy there isn’t bad either and he has a nice voice and musicians are always exciting and fun!”

“Jess!” I protested amused and looked around, there were so many people there, probably most of them for a drink or the musical entertainment. As for Jess and me, it was mostly the entertainment and the after work ritual relaxation. For a while we listened more or less silently, while the pub got even more crowded. Unfortunately time passed too fast and it was time to meet the guy’s in the club, so we took our stuff and left with a last glance to the band.

Harry pulled me to the dance floor and pulled me close to dance, his hands in my back, wandering deeper. Carefully I pulled his hands away again, “No, Harry!” “What?” he asked and put his hands back, above my ass this time. “I’m not ready for that!” “Why? We’re dating, right?” Harry asked and kissed me gently. “Yes.” I said, “But I want to take things slow! I’m just not ready yet. And it’s only been one day so far!” With a sigh he kept his hands above my ass for the rest of the night and by the time I was home, I was just exhausted and went straight to bed.

The next day at work was rather quiet I had to finish and redesign a few concepts for Tyson Stones new music video and get a different costume designer for him. As it seems, he kicked the old one out, just to give me more work! His explanation was that the old designer didn’t satisfy his wishes…  Great… and now I had the problem to find a good costume designer within three days and get them to make the new designs! For the designs I had another week!

With a sigh I dialled the next number and started the entire conversation again. A few hours later I had finally found a new designer, and was in the middle of negotiations for the new contract, as Tyson entered my office. “Yes, perfect, I’ll send someone over with the contract as soon as I printed it!” I said and smiled pleased, “Thank you very much!” Carefully I put down the phone, “What do you want?”

“As I just heard you solved the little problem with our designer. Very good, so I don’t have to talk to you about these things. For the rest, I’ll talk to you in a little while. How was your little date with that geezer?” he asked with a smug smile. “My date was great, not that it should concern you!” I said crossly, “What else do I have to do?”

“Well, it is just a small thing I want you to do actually.” Tyson said, suddenly a little insecure, “There is this gala crap I want you to come with me!” “Excuse me?” I asked confused, “Why should I want to go there with you?” “Because this is an order!” he said with a sullen expression and turned around to leave. “Gosh! You’re such an arrogant bastard! That is not fair, you know that! And why would you choose me to tag along instead of someone you like or whose acquaintance you actually like?” 

“Because you’re the only one who’s honest and I don’t feel like pretending to do something at the moment, so I’ll pick you up at eight tonight, so be ready! I don’t like waiting!” he said and left.

Great… I actually had plans with Harry! Damn it! With a frustrated sigh I sat down and called Harry in his office. “Hey darling, how are you?” he asked when he answered the phone. “Sorry to bother you at work, but I have to cancel our date tonight… I have to go to this stupid gala thing for work.” I said regretful. “Can’t you say you’re busy? I have reservations for a restaurant!” he asked, clearly angry. “If I don’t go I’ll get fired. That’s my problem. They only told me a minute ago and if I don’t show up I’m screwed! Listen, I’m really sorry about that, but I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, ok? We could go to the movies or to the restaurant tomorrow. I’m really sorry about that, but I can’t change it!” “I understand.” Harry said, “I guess you can’t do anything.” “Yes…” I sighed; I would have preferred to go out with Harry, instead of spending the evening with a jerk like Tyson Stone, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?” “Sure. I’ll pick you up around twelve, ok?” he asked with a sigh. “Perfect, I’ll be ready.” I replied enthusiastically and hoped the night would end rather quickly.

With a sigh I finished off the contract and ordered a courier to bring it over to the new designer. As soon as I was home, I went for a shower and got ready for that stupid gala, I had to go to. Sighing in frustration I looked through my wardrobe to look for a dress that would be suitable for a gala. The only dress I found was the one I got for Jessica’s wedding… the one I was planning to wear…

The dress was light blue, in the back it was down to my feet, getting shorter in the front, and coming together about twenty centimetres above my knees, in the middle of the dress. It had really thin top like sleeves and a nice, deep v-neck. The entire dress was decorated with silver thread. To go with it, I had silver high heel sandals, silver earrings, a necklace and bracelets. With a sigh I took it out of the wardrobe and put it on. I guess I would need a new dress for the wedding…

Quickly I got dressed, tied my hair up, put some make up on and got my accessorise. At five to eight I grabbed my white cardigan and my purse and went outside to wait for Tyson Stone to pick me up. When I reached the door, I saw a black Audi TT convertible. The door on the drivers’ side opened and Tyson Stone stepped out of the car. “Nice ride!” I said with a grim expression and let him help me into the car. “You look kind of nice as well.” Tyson said as he sat down on the drivers’ seat again, “I’m glad it’s you who’s coming along.”

“Are you sick or something?” I asked and fastened my seatbelt, “That just doesn’t sound like you!” “Well, that’s why I am glad it’s you and not some shit talking stupid bitch!” he said and shrugged his shoulders. “How charming you are again!” I said and smiled, “You prefer to be insulted by me, instead of sweet talk of a naïve fan of yours!” Tyson laughed and drove off, “You know, that’s what I like about you, you don’t give me shit you just insult me with what ever you think.”

“But as long as we’re in there, try not to be such a bitch and try not to insult me in front of the people of the gala, ok?” he said, a tiny bit uncertain as of what I would do and say during the gala. “No problem, I know how to behave in front of people, unlike someone else here!” “So do I but usually I don’t give a damn, you’re lucky, since tonight I’ll be in a rather good mood so I’ll behave.” Tyson joked and stopped in front of the opera house where the gala would be.

With a charming smile Tyson helped me out of the car and smiled next to me for the cameras, his arm around my waist. Great, pictures of Veronica Ferguson in Tyson Stones arms! Great news to see for your boyfriend! But since this was my job I smiled professionally and pretended to do this because I wanted to.

It was like a million camera’s were pointing onto us, flashing with light and questions. Tyson answered a few of them, but when they asked if I was his new girlfriend, he said the truth, which was surprising, “Well, although she is a lovely woman, she’s working for me as my PR agent and Coordinator at Alfred and Sons. Thanks for your questions you’ll hear more on my next press conference.” With that he turned us around and entered the building with the flashing lights in our backs. “That was flashy… “ I said and gave my cardigan to the lady at the reception. “That was nothing. This here is a private party, so only selected reporters were invited. And the annoying ones don’t even know about this here.” Tyson explained and pulled me towards the gigantic doors on the other side of the hall.

“What is this gala about again?” I asked worried. I’d been in the Opera House before, it was a gigantic building and capable of hosting at least a thousand people! “This is the party of a friend of mine, he hosts this gala to honour homeless kids all around the world or so?” he asked and shrugged his shoulders. “Probably not honouring, but charity, this gala is probably to donate money to homeless kids you moron!” I whispered as we got closer to the door.

Tyson snorted and the men in black suits opened the big double doors. “I knew that!” he said quietly and led me into the main room and into the crowded ball room. Overwhelmed by all the famous people I could only look around with big eyes. “What kind of friends do you have?” I asked as I saw Lady Gaga on the other side of the room. A little further I spotted Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and other actors from Marvel Avengers Assemble and many more.

“Robert over there!” he said, shrugged and pointed to the Avengers Group. I could hardly keep my mouth shut, when I realised we were walking towards them! Marvel Avengers was one of my favourite movies, Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes topped it though. And now I was able to actually meet my Heroes! Realising my goofy smile I quickly changed into professional mood and controlled my emotions when Stone stopped in front of them. “Robert!” he said with a smile, “How are you doing?”

“Not too bad, thanks for coming, man!” he said and looked at me, “Who is this adorable creature?” “I’m Veronica Ferguson, his PR and contact person from Alfred and Son’s!” I said quickly, not showing them my excitement. “What a pleasure to make your acquaintance!” Robert Downey Jr. said and kissed my hand, “Unfortunately I’m not planning on recording another album or so, but maybe you want to switch business and do the PR for me?” “You’re embarrassing her!” Chris Evans said and nodded towards me, “Nice to meet you, I’m Chris Evans.”

I quickly swallowed and smiled, “Nice to meet you too, Mr. Evans! I have to apologize though, I chose the music industry because I love all sorts of Art and music is one of my favourites, so I really have to apologize regretfully, Mr Downey Jr., but I cannot work for you unless you return to singing!”

The other men around us laughed, even my Iron Man hero! “I’ll think about it!” he said chuckling and looked at Stone, “What’s your business with such a competent woman? You can’t have seduced her, can you?” Stone snorted, “No, she’s only working for me. She’s a great assistant though, I’m thinking about buying her off as my personal assistant or so!”

Confused if that was a compliment or an insult now, I simply ignored it and answered questions I got from my other heroes. “Your girl is great, you sure there is nothing going on?” Robert Downey Jr. asked and looked at me. Pretending not to hear I listened to the others conversation about music now. “Nah, she’s not my type!” Tyson Stone said quietly, but I felt his eyes on me, when he suddenly chuckled, “Usually she’s insulting me all the time, which is really entertaining since she dares to say the truth; and what’s on her mind!” Tyson’s friend smiled and nodded, “I guess that figures, I wouldn’t believe it if a woman like her would fall for a guy like you. You’re messing around too much my dear friend!” “You’re probably right.” Tyson said and smiled, “I’ll go and get some drinks, do you want something?” “Did you see how expensive that shit is?” my hero asked, and Tyson laughed, “It’s your party, but so what, what do you want?”

Still pretending not to listen, I actually joined the conversation, when my hero suddenly stepped beside me, “Would you care for a dance?” With his most charming Tony Stark smile, he reached out for my hand and the others chuckled, “Be careful, Robert.” With a smirk he shrugged his shoulders and pulled me away from the group as soon as I reached out for his hand.

“What did they mean by be careful?” I asked, following all too willingly, “I don’t bite and I’m not a stalker, nor a creepy psychopath.” “They were not talking about you, dear!” he said smiling and pulling me into his arms, “Our friend is very possessive at times. I hope you don’t mind dancing with me, though!” “Oh no, it’s the opposite, it’s an honour to dance with you, Mr. Downey Jr.!” I said and let him lead the dance.

“Please call me Robert, and thank you! Oh, I guess my turn is almost over!” he said regretfully, but with a cheeky smile, “Sorry I took you as a bait, but it still is a pleasure dancing with you, although it was only so short!” Only a few seconds later, my confusion lifted, as Tyson appeared beside us, a glass of whiskey in his hand, “That’s for you, I’ll take over for you since you have a glass now.” “How kind of you,” Robert said and smiled as he let go of me and took the glass back to the other avengers.

“He’s lying, that wasn’t very nice. If you wanted to dance, just ask or at least wait until the dance is over.” I scolded him, trying not to smile. I’d been dancing with Robert Downey Jr. and we talked and I had a conversation with Chris Evans about music! “True, but that’s not who I am, if I go through the trouble of getting them drinks they should drink it and appreciate the effort. Anyway, if I wouldn’t dance with you now, you’d stand here all alone in the middle of all those dancing people!” he said with a sweet smile, to support his kind actions.

Carefully I rose up on my toes, leaned towards his ear and whispered with an even sweeter smile, “I hope you’ll rot in hell and never reach the surface again!” Chuckling he shook his head, “But only if you’re coming along to translate all the shit people give me, and to organize all my hell concerts!” “You’re such a bastard!” I whispered and stood back on my heels.

After a while he stopped dancing and pulled me off the dance floor, “I should introduce you to a few more people as long as they are here!” Back in my professional mood I got to meet not only high society, but also important people in the music industry and also artists and musicians. It must have been around ten when Robert Downey Jr. called everyone to dinner, which was about 1.000$ a seat! I’d never been to one of those fundraisers, but so far I couldn’t complain. Lot’s of rich and famous people had come so they should be able to raise a great amount for the homeless children.

After dinner the main part of the gala was over and Tyson returned to his friends to say goodbye. “It was nice to meet you, Veronica; I hope we’ll see you again soon!” Robert Downey Jr. said with a smile and I nodded, “The pleasure is mine, Robert; that must be certain, since we have to finish our dance from before!” My hero and I chuckled, and so we left, everyone in a rather good mood.

“I’m surprised to see that you actually know how to behave well!” I said back in the car, “You’ve been quite a gentleman all the time.” “Don’t remind me or I have to make up for all those friendly hours in there and be extra mean to you!” he said with a frown as soon as he was out of site of the reporters. Chuckling I shook my head, “I had hoped it would actually last, but to be honest, it’s better if I can tell you what I think and not fake smiling and pretend to like you all the time!”

Yawning I looked at my phone if I had any missed calls, since my phone had been in my cardigan along with my keys. Five missed calls in the last four hours! It was almost two in the morning! “Oh my gosh! Did you see you time?” I asked shocked and looked at Tyson. “Do you have a curfew or so?” he asked amused and drove back to my house as I texted Harry.

“Thanks for coming along, I guess I had a little fun tonight!” Tyson said as he stopped in front of my apartment. “Thanks for taking me!” I said, almost regretting to have said that, “I was surprised that you would go to a place like that and to a fundraiser in general! And I guess I have to thank you for introducing me to all those people!”

“Don’t worry about it, I only went there because Robert invited me and since it is kind of dull for a rock star to go there alone, you were kind of my first choice since you don’t give me shit.” He said seriously and walked over to my door, before I could open it myself and helped me out. “Okay….” I said and shook my head, “Thanks I guess…” “Forget it…” he shook his head and closed the door again, “I guess I’ll see you on Monday at work. Good night!” “Night…” I said and opened the door. When I was inside he drove away and I went upstairs and straight to bed.

The next day was Saturday, but since I was so used to standing up early, I couldn’t really sleep in, instead, I woke up as early as usual and sat down to do some work. Although that didn’t really work out either, since whenever I tried to think about work, I thought about Tyson and the gala the night before. About all the people I had met and especially about Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans! The entire process didn’t really help at all! In the end it was half past eleven and I was still in my pyjamas and hadn’t done anything at all! Quickly I went for a shower and got dressed, and quickly got ready for my date with Harry.

“I’m so sorry about yesterday!” I said as we reached the café where I liked to have lunch at the weekends. “Don’t worry, it’s not like this happens all the time, right? Anyway, I had to work a little longer as well and you would have had to wait. So it actually was fine that we cancelled our date yesterday.” Harry said and shrugged his shoulders. “Ok…” I said relieved, “So it wasn’t too bad. I’m sorry I didn’t call after coming back, but I was so tired I actually went straight to bed… Was there anything important?”

“I only wanted to know where you were… I missed you. And it was so late, I got worried!” he said and looked at the menu. “Oh!” I said surprised, “Thank you. It was really amazing, I wish you could have been there! It was a benefit gala to raise money for homeless children all over the world! There were so many celebrities!” “That is amazing darling!” he said with a smile and looked at the menu again.

“I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for a while now.” Harry said when lunch was served. “What is it, Harry?” I asked and looked at him. “Well, what I want is a wife. A woman that stays at home, cooks, raises the children and supports me in every way. I don’t want my wife to have to work and to be busy all day long and have her mind with other people and other things all the time!” he said and took a sip of his drink.

“That sounds really nice; Harry, but I presume most women actually like their jobs. I don’t want to give up my job.” I said confused and looked at him. “Well, we can leave it at this for now.”  Harry said and continued eating, while my appetite was completely gone now.

What did Harry want? Why would I give up my job? I loved my job and wouldn’t even give up my job because of Tyson Stone!

Since we had our food already, I had to eat it, but I had a hard time eating. Harry of course didn’t notice a thing! After lunch we had a walk through the park, holding hands and if I wouldn’t have had such a bad feeling about Harry wanting me to give up my job, if it wouldn’t have bugged me so much, it could have been quite romantic.

Later we went to a basketball game in Harry’s old college. The teachers still seemed to know him and stopped for a chat. When we finally reached our seats, I was a little nervous, since I had no clue about the rules in basketball! But Harry seemed to enjoy it, so I tried to forget about his comment and to enjoy the game.

Although they were only college students, they seemed to do a pretty good job. For a while I simply observed the other people around us, their reactions to what happened in the game, until I thought I’d gathered enough information to actually watch the game and know what was good and what wasn’t. It turned out to actually be quite nice and fun to watch and do. After the game we went to the movies and for dinner in a cute, rustic bar. Harry dropped me home with a kiss on my cheek and I went straight to bed. Forgotten was the comment about my job and the bad feeling I’d had.



Chapter 3:

I spent all Sunday in my studio, working on a painting I had started before. Most of the time I wasn’t sure what I was drawing or painting until it was ready. This one was different; I knew what I wanted to do and to express with this one. It was going to be a suggestion for Tyson Stone, like a logo or a background or something like that. Since I had been forced to work with him, I’d had those colours in my mind, needed to get them on a canvas.

Harry was at a family dinner, he’d asked me to come, but I really wanted to finish my design, since the gala on Friday night, there were so many new ideas floating through my head, that I really had to put them onto the canvas. Harry was ok with that since he hadn’t told his parents yet. I had asked him to wait a little, since our relationship was so fresh. I wasn’t sure about the entire relationship anyway. I hadn’t planned to have a relationship!

The only other relationship I had, other than friends were my family; my mother, who couldn’t stand me, my stepfather who hated me and my two perfect brothers. I’d had boyfriends before, but maybe I was just a child and didn’t understand what love meant or did I just not love Harry? No!

Harry was a nice guy! I loved his curly dark hair and the way he changed expressions while reading. Even if it wasn’t love I felt for him right now, some day I would! As for the idiot I worked for, my feelings were crystal clear. If there was a person besides my family that I hated, it was Tyson Stone!

In an outburst of anger I dunked my paintbrush hard into the paint and splashed black paint straight over my painting! But the shock about the wasted time and paint came right after! I had just destroyed all the work I’d done!

But when I looked at it again, I was surprised that I liked it! As of what I’d heard about Tyson Stones music, the black really did suit the new image I’d created for him. Quickly, so the paint wouldn’t drop or run down and really destroy the rest of the picture, I put it down on my table to dry. On Monday, I’d have to show it to Jessica and after that to that idiot musician! If he wouldn’t like it, I’d just keep it or maybe use it for a different band…


On Monday I showed Jess the canvas I’d brought and asked her what she thought. Instead of an answer she took the phone on her desk and dialled a number, “Hi, yes, Jessica Mason here, yes, Veronica Ferguson has something to show you. Yes, it’s definitely worth coming over for that right now!”

“Jessica!” I protested as she hung up, “How could you! I was going to call him later anyway!” “He said he was on his way here already!” my best friend chuckled and shrugged her shoulders, “How was it with Harry on Friday night and Saturday? I bet he stayed over night!”

“Of course not!” I protested, “I had to go to a gala thingy with that guy! I had to cancel Harry, but we had a nice time on Saturday, lovely food, the weather was great and the movie was hilarious; a little cheesy but definitely funny!”

Just then my slave driver came in and Jess looked at him like a schoolgirl with her first boyfriend, “Hello, Mister Stone!” “Good morning, Jade, could you give us a second?” he said charming and Jessica nodded and left the room. “Her name is Jessica!” I said pouty.

“So what is it that you have to show me?” he asked and looked at me from head to toe and back, “If you want to show me your body, you should let me undress you first!” “Idiot!” I whispered, loud enough for him to hear, “No, that’s not going to happen! I wanted to suggest this for a logo, like… an image that represents you. Like the Rolling Stones lips and tongue.” “What’s with the black?” he asked, looking at the canvas. “My hate for you, or the rebellious side of your image!” I explained and looked at it myself. “Wait, what?” he asked, “Did you paint that?” I nodded. “That definitely was worth coming here!” he said impressed, “And you’re sure you want me to have it as a band symbol?”

“Yes, I painted that for you!” I said and looked at the black. Maybe it was too much black after all. “I’m flattered, I didn’t know you could paint!” he said still impressed. “There are lots of things you don’t know about me!” I said coldly, “I studied arts and music and modern media.”

“That’s really interesting,” he said still impressed and looked at the picture again, “We’re so going to take this as a symbol! Can I keep that?” “Ehmm… sure…” I said and took the canvas over to my scanner, “I’ll just make a digital copy so I can work with them.” I only needed the picture on my computer; he could have the picture if he liked it. Afterwards I took a few pictures with my camera and finally handed it to Tyson Stone, who looked at it with a sparkle in his eyes. Well… it could have been the light reflecting in his eyes as well.

“Are you sure I can keep it?” he asked again and kind of reminded me of a kid, getting something from a friend, but isn’t sure if he should take it, since he knows it’s very special to his friend. “Keep it, I have my copies, you could even burn it, although the smell won’t be nice because of the paints I used… “ I said and earned a horrified look from him, as if saying, how could you even think about it? “Anything else, Veronica?” he asked, trying to keep the picture out of my reach, in case I could still change my mind and try to take it from him.

With a smile I quickly had an idea for revenge and stepped a little closer with an innocent expression on my face. Slightly irritated he didn’t move, he only looked down into my face, since I was now standing right in front of him. As innocent as a baby I put my hand on his chest and followed his gaze towards my hand, as I let it slip down, very slowly.

“Your shirt feels nice!” I whispered in pretend surprise, but it actually did, it was silk or so. Shyly I looked up again, into his cheeky, evil eyes and let my hand move back towards his chest again. “What,” Tyson Stone said with a rough voice and cleared his throat before he tried it again, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.” I said innocently and blinked a few times. “Stop it!” he said when my hand moved downwards again. “Stop what?” I asked quietly and followed my hand with my eyes. “That!” he said and looked down on my hand, “Stop running your hand up and down!” “But there are these feelings I have to tell you about!” I sighed dramatically and watched his expression change from irritation, to shock, to confusion. “These feelings,” I said softly, changed my own expression, pushed him away and said, now showing my anger, “that I hate you!”

“Good thing you don’t have to like me to work for me! Isn’t that what you call professionalism?” he asked sullen and stepped back, to get distance between us. “Of course, that’s exactly what I’m saying! You asked me to say the truth about what I think of you when we’re alone!” I said with a professional smile again and pointed to the door, “Would you mind leaving now, since I actually have work to do!”

Without another word he left my office, my canvas still in his hands. A relieved sigh came over my lips as I sat down to work my design into his entire program; concert tickets, t-shirts, posters, billboards, just everything. How could i have done that? What was wrong with me? I'd never done something like that before! not even with a guy I had really liked, so why with him?

After a while of experimenting, I decided to set Tyson Stones name over the splashed, black paint. I didn’t change the typo or so, since that was a part of him already. For a second I just wanted to scream! No matter what I did, I couldn’t ban that idiot from my mind! Painting, work, Jessica, even Harry talked about him from time to time, but Harry couldn’t stand Tyson Stone!

When the phone rang I shrugged and quickly answered the call, “Hello?” “Darling, how are you?” Harry asked. “Not too bad, I’m horribly busy though. Can I call you later when I’m home?” I asked and sighed. I wanted to get all the changes done as soon as possible, that would give me more time for other things. “Work, hmm?” he asked, “It’s already past seven, can’t you do that tomorrow?”

That late already? “I want to get it over and done with, and I’m really into it at the moment. There are just so many things I have to change and modify.” I sighed again and looked at the list of things I had to do, “I’m sorry. But how about dinner at the weekend? I’ll have my mind off of things then.” “Fine then,” he said and sighed as well, “Don’t overwork yourself! Good night darling!” “Night Harry!” I said and put the phone down.

How could it have been ten hours since I’d been talking to Tyson Stone already? Sighing again, I went back to work, when I checked the time again, it was almost eleven in the night already and without another thought I saved my work and switched off my computer before I went home.

The next morning, I found Tabby still sleeping on her favourite cushion in my bookshelf. Normally she would be up and about at six o’clock in the morning, maybe she’d been up late, waiting for me to come back home?

During the day, I got halfway through my list, but by the time I got home it was ten again, so I just cuddled up with Tabby and watched a movie before I went to bed. The rest of the week was the same and on Saturday I went straight down to my studio to start a new painting that had been in my mind since Friday night! I turned up my music and started to work.

The colours and emotions I had felt during the gala inspired me to paint an abstract painting; colours and shapes, mainly. I put in all the emotion I had felt during my meeting with my heroes Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans and the nice hours when Tyson Stone had been actually kind of nice.

At some stage it was too dark to work and I turned on the light and checked the time. It was half past nine in the evening… I’d been working all day! How could that be? With a growling tummy I went back upstairs into my kitchen and cooked some dinner before I mailed Jess that I wouldn’t come to the pub tonight since I was so stuck in my picture. Afterwards I went back into my studio and continued to paint until I went to bed. Tabby cuddling up next to me, since she had been lonely during the day.

On Sunday I went out with Jessica and Cloey, meeting up in our favourite Starbucks for a quick chat with our favourite barista Steve and our regular coffee and my cappuccino with cinnamon and vanilla. We went to get an ice cream in the park afterwards and chatted about everything.

“So what did you girls do yesterday?” I asked curious and smiled about the lovely sun that had been shining all day already. “Well,” Cloey said, “I went to see my family; we went to the park and to the zoo with my two nieces.” “And I went to meet Cliffs family, it was his sisters birthday.” Jess said with a smile, “What about you? Did you meet up with Harry?”

“Harry!” I said shocked and stopped, “Oh no! I totally forgot that I was going to meet up with Harry yesterday! But I went to my studio because I had all these ideas for a new painting!” Quickly I checked my bag for my phone, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Jess chuckled, “Poor Harry, he probably tired to call you.” “Who’s Harry?” Cloey asked curious.

“He’s a friend of Cliff and he’s also Ronnie’s new boyfriend!” Jess said happily but watched me with growing consent, “Can’t you find it? Wait, I’ll ring you, maybe it’s just at the very bottom of your bag?” While Jess pulled out her phone, I kept looking for it and pulled almost everything out of my bag. But even with Jessica calling me, there was no sound. “Maybe you left it at home?” Cloey suggested, “We could drop by and you can have a look or so?”

“It’s ok, Harry can wait!” I said and put my things back in, “Maybe I really just forgot it at home. I’ll have a look tonight. Let’s enjoy the day!” The girls shrugged their shoulders and we continued our girls’ day out. We stayed in the park for the rest of the day, chatting, and laughing. Later we got dinner in an Indian restaurant and went home afterwards. All in all we’d had a lovely day and the sun had been shining all day long!

When I came back home I looked for it everywhere in my apartment, but still couldn’t find it anywhere! Around midnight I went to bed, feeling guilty and frustrated. If my phone was gone, so were all my business contacts!

The next day at work was horrible. Mr. McCaffrey annoyed me all day long, telling me I should be nice to Tyson Stone. HE kept annoying me about his tour that he was planning to plan next month and that he knew that I had to be nice to him, so he kept reminding me, over and over again. The loss of my phone made me nervous as well, what if someone stole it and now they had all my business contacts!

Frustrated I went home and looked for my phone again, it must be somewhere! When my doorbell rang, I quickly answered my intercom at the door, “Hello?” “Open that stupid door, please, people are staring at me!” Although I was tempted to ignore that arrogant monster, I sighed and opened the door.

Meting him on the way, I asked, “What do you want?” “I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer your phone, so I stopped by!” Tyson Stone said and looked around, “Can we maybe go somewhere inside?” “My studio?” I asked with a grim expression, “Wouldn’t have answered your call even if I knew where my phone was!”

“How charming!” he said coldly and followed me into my sanctuary, “Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. It’s about an idea for a present. Do you remember my friend Robert? From the gala? I was hoping you could paint something for him.” Robert? As in his friend Robert Downey Jr.? “What were you thinking about?” I asked and tried to keep my cool and not to beg him to take me with him to meet my heroes again.

Tyson looked around the studio, walked towards my latest painting, “Something like this! Isn’t that your phone?” Carefully he reached out for something that was half hidden between dirty painting rags, paintbrushes and scraps of paper from my last collage and held it up for me.

“My phone!” I screamed joyfully and hugged Tyson Stone. Shocked about myself, I jumped back, “Thanks for finding my phone!” “No worries!” he said and turned back to my painting, “How much do you want for this one?” “It’s not finished yet!” I said and looked at it again. “So how much do you want for that one once it’s finished?” he asked again and I looked at him in disbelieve. “I don’t know… I’ve never sold any of my paintings…” I said and looked at the colours again.

Maybe it was a good idea to actually sell some of my paintings… If I kept painting every weekend, soon my studio would be stuffed with paintings… it was full already… “How about $ 400?” he asked, still looking at the picture. “Isn’t that too much?” I asked irritated.

“Did you spend time on that?” he asked and I nodded. “Did you spend money on the material?” he asked again and I nodded. “So it’s worth it because even I can see that this is art! And usually I don’t give a shit about art, but this is really good!” he said and looked at me, “How long will it take you to finish it?” “I guess I can finish it till Friday. Do you want me to bring it to the office?”  I asked and already thought about what I could use to wrap it up. “No, it’s ok, I’ll pick it up on my way to the party on Saturday. You’re invited, I sent you a text on Saturday, but I guess you didn’t read it yet.” Tyson said and looked around again, “It’s really nice here.”

“Thanks!” I said and blushed. Was he sick or something? “Ok, I’ll bring the money over tomorrow; do you prefer cash or a check?” he asked and walked to the door. “I don’t know, a check is probably easier.” I said still overwhelmed. “Ok, so Ill come by after work. Think about it, this is your first sale! Maybe you can sell the other stuff too?”

“No,” I said and blushed, “This is all not really good enough to sell!” “If you say so…” Tyson said and shrugged, “Well, I got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow!” “Yea…” I said and just stood there, unable to do anything.

Robert Downey Jr. was going to get one of my paintings! I would go to Robert Downey Jr. Birthday party! Quickly I sent Jess a text, telling her the latest news about my upcoming weekend, ignoring about a million calls and text messages.

With my phone I went back into my apartment and sat down at the table to finally check out the last days on my phone.

A few missed calls from Jess, some from Tyson Stone, some from Cloey and the majority of about 1500 calls, that was about twenty per hour, from Harry!

I didn’t have that many text messages, but still quite a lot, most of them from Harry, wondering where I was and telling me to call him. With a sigh I wrote that I’d call him in a few minutes, apologized and stated that I had lost my phone over the weekend.

Afterwards I went for a shower and changed into my painting clothes. Back in my studio, I called Harry, putting him on loudspeaker and laying the phone down beside me. “Veronica?” Harry asked as he answered the phone. “Yes!” I said apologizing, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to not call or anything!”

“What happened?” he asked, clearly cross, “I’d had plans for us!” “I’m so sorry!” I said again, “I went down into my studio on Saturday morning to do some painting and by the time I realized the actual time, it was night already and then I couldn’t find my phone anywhere! I checked everywhere in my apartment and at work today!” “How’d you find it then?” Harry asked, still suspicious and a little angry. “I didn’t.” I said and told him about Tyson Stones visit.

“Tyson Stone, huh?” he snorted, “I can’t stand that guy, you should stay away from him!” I sighed, “Maybe you’re right, but that’s a little difficult right now.” “How’s that?” he asked grumpy, “Just tell your boss you can’t work with that idiot!”

I sighed again; I wouldn’t give up my job! “Do you remember the gala thing I went to last Friday? And that I met Robert Downey Jr. and lots of celebrities? Well, he invited me to his birthday party this Saturday!” I said excited and put some more bright colours into my painting.

“So you’re standing me up again?” Harry asked in disbelieve. “No! We can do something on Saturday morning and go for lunch and on Sunday!” I suggested enthusiastic and thought about what to wear already. “Great,” he snorted, “But you do know that you’re my girlfriend, not that Stone guys nor from that Downey Jr.?” “I know, but this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance!” I said happily. “Fine…” he said grumpy, “But only this once!” “So what will we do Saturday morning?” I asked cheerfully. “What? Why only Saturday? What about this week?” he asked frustrated. “I have to finish this painting; it’s going to be a present for Robert Downey Jr.!” I said excited and heard the knocking sound of another incoming call.

“Can I call you back later? There’s another call, it could be important.” “Without really waiting for Harry to answer, I answered the call of an unknown number, “Veronica Ferguson, hello?” “Hello beautiful!” Robert Downey Jr. called ME! “Mr. Downey Jr.! How are you?” I said surprised and overly excited. “I’m good, thanks!” he said and chuckled, “Listen, I know this is rather sudden, I couldn’t reach you over the weekend. Anyway, now that I have you, I would love to invite you over to my party this Saturday! If you wrap yourself up as a present is totally fine with me! You don’t need to bring anything, but good mood and your beautiful self! Please tell me you’re coming, please!”

“If you ask me like this, how could I refuse? At what time is it?” I said chuckling as well. “We’ll start here around 8 pm, have dinner, drinks, party!” he said, “It’ll be fun! Perfect, so I’ll see you on Saturday then! And don’t you dare calling me Mr. Downey Jr. again, please call me Robert!”

“Ok,” I said, smiling madly, “Saturday then!” “Very well, I’m looking forward to it!” he said and we hung up.

I’D BEEN TALKING TO ROBERT DOWNEY JR. ON THE PHONE! He’d called me! ME! On MY phone! Totally in a pop-star-daze myself, I returned to painting. When I checked the time again I thought I was dreaming! It was fife in the morning! Sighing I cleaned my paintbrushes and cleaned up a little, before I returned upstairs to go for a shower and to get ready for work. My hair and my arms had been full of paint. Afterwards I got food for Tabby and some breakfast for myself and went to work.

At work I called Harry, but he was in a meeting, so I left a message with his secretary. After Roberts call I had totally forgotten to call Harry! With a sigh I returned to my list of tasks from Tyson Stone and my other clients.

When Jess arrived, she tried to look normal until she was inside of our office, but couldn’t hide a big smile in her face. “Oh my gosh! Ronnie! This is SO majorly exciting! He’s Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes! Two of your most favourite heroes of all times!” she said excited and sat down in front of her desk. “I know!” I said and smiled, “I am so excited I can’t even sleep!” “But you have to! Your skin will look so bad and you’ll have dark circles around your eyes!” Jess complained, “You’ll have to sleep! And to make you look even more beautiful, I’ll treat you to a beauty treatment after work on Friday!”

“But Jess, you don’t have to do that!” I said frustrated, but looking forward to the relaxation before the party. “Yes I do! Think about it as a pre wedding pre hen party! And for your information, I’ll keep you hostage if I have to!” she said chuckling and started to work, “But you’ll have to tell me everything about the party! Bring autographs if you can!” Chuckling I shook my head, “I don’t think it would be such a great idea. They are throwing a private party and I don’t think they want to give out autographs and such…” Jessica nodded, “Probably you’re right… But maybe at some stage you can do that another time.” Jess chuckled as well and shook her head, “Anyway, you have to relax this week and be a good girl. Furthermore don’t forget to not leave after work on Friday! I’ll take you with me!” “You’re killing me, you know!” I said laughing and sighed, “But I think we should get back to work, before McCaffrey comes over!” “True again!” Jess chuckled, “You’ll be my new sensei!” The two of us chuckled and started to work again.

After work I went straight to bed, since I was still tired. My painting was already almost done, so one night of early bedtime wouldn’t hurt anyone! When my doorbell rang, I jumped out of my bed, put on my dressing gown and opened the door, waiting for my visitor to come up the stairs. Yawning I left the door open and went into my kitchen, as I remembered that Tyson Stone wanted to come over because of the check.

I needed some coffee! Really, really desperately! “Come in!” I called, as someone knocked on my opened door. With a frustrated sigh I remembered that I was still in my gown. Who cared about what that guy thought about me!

I prepared two cups of coffee and brought them to my couch. “Sit down,” I said and looked at him, “Coffee?” “Thanks!” Tyson said and took the cup, “Nice outfit!” Turning my eyes I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes again. “Anyway, here is the check.” Tyson said, “By the way; you look horrible.” “Thank you…” I said tired, “For both… But still, why did you have to come here to give me that money? Couldn’t you give it to me at work?” “This is a private business; your boss doesn’t have to know about that, otherwise there could be rumours about our work relationship. Or did you change your mind and now you do want to work for me?” he chuckled and looked around, “How can you live in a tiny place like this?”

“Isn’t that my problem?” I asked and sighed, “I like this place and I like to have my independence. And I’m not so mad about all these big and expensive things, unlike you!” Tyson chuckled and sighed, “Well, I like to live in luxury, and why shouldn’t I live in a house like that?” “It’s too much…” I said and yawned, “But you can do what you want!”

Yawning again I put my head down and couldn’t remember a single thing. When I woke up I was in my bed, still wearing my gown. Confused I stood up to get ready for work. How did I get into my bed again? Or rather how did I get into my dressing gown? I sighed again and climbed down into my kitchen. Tabby jumped down after me, as she heard me pouring food into her bowl. After breakfast and a shower I went to work.

As I checked my phone, I shuddered, Harry had called. Quickly I dialled his number and waited for him to answer. “Hey Babe!” he said as he finally answered. “Harry.” I said irritated, “How are you?” “Not too bad, what about you, darling?” he said and smiled, “I missed you darling!” “I… I missed you too, I was just so tired yesterday, I went straight to bed.” I said and sighed. “This is really embarrassing; I went to bed like a little child.” I heard Harry laugh, “You are so sweet Veronica. I’ll make sure to send you off to bed soon enough!” I blushed and coughed in embarrassment, “Anyway… maybe we could talk after work, Harry, I really have to work!”

Harry grunted something I didn’t understand and sighed, “I’ll call you after work and around what time are you home?” “I guess I’ll be home around seven, I guess I’ll be home then.” I said and sighed. Harry sighed too, “Fine, I’ll call you around seven!” For lunch Jess and I went to our favourite Starbucks. “Hello girls!” Steve said and smiled. “Hey Steve!” we said chuckling and waited in line. “The usual?” he asked as we finally reached the counter. “Yes, you are brilliant, Steve!” we cheered and gave him the money for our coffee and cappuccino.

Steve knew our orders, since we had our usual orders, especially our coffee. Steve was like our superman! He knew everything we’d order. Maybe that was because we went there since a few years already, sometimes before work, for lunch and sometimes after work and at the weekends.

Back at work we concentrated a little more on doing our job and the time passed really quickly. At around six o’clock I finished off my things and left for my apartment. After dinner I put my phone into my jeans pocket so I wouldn’t loose it again and went into my studio, back to painting.

“Babe, this is really strange, why are you working so much? Every time I try to contact you, you’re somehow busy and have to call me back or just can’t talk!” Harry complained as I answered my phone. “I know, and I’m sorry, but work is really busy right now. I have so much to do, especially since Tyson Stone refuses to work with anyone but me. But he’s planning to go on a tour soon, when he’s gone I’ll have way more time again, I promise!” I apologized and put him on speaker to continue painting. “Heard that a lot… But way more time sounds really good. I have plans for that, darling. The weekend after next… I’ll take you away from work and stress. I’ll make sure you get to relax.” Harry said and I heard that he smiled.

“Well, I guess that would be nice. I just hope it won’t get messed up again.” I said nervously and put some more red in my painting. “Me too, darling, me too. It would be a shame, especially since I booked a weekend for us in the Hilton, top floor suite. All inclusive.” Harry said happily. “The Hilton? As in the big hotel chain Hilton?” I asked shocked, “That is so expensive! You don’t have to do that!”

“That’s ok, I want to do that because I love you and I’m worried that you’re overworking yourself!” he said and sighed. “You know what, baby this really is something, I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning! What are you doing Friday night? I’m sure your picture must be done soon enough!”

“Jess is taking me to that spa thing? She said she’s kidnapping me.” I said and laughed, “She really wants an autograph from Robert Downey Jr.!” I heard Harry laugh and sigh, “Well darling that sounds like fun! Asking the birthday boy for an autograph!” Chuckling I nodded, “That is so true!”

We chatted for another hour, until I went to bed. Two and a half more days until the birthday party! I was so excited! Robert Downey Jr. was my personal most favourite actor and I would go to his birthday party!

On Friday night Cliff picked us up from work, which was really confusing, but I went along and at some point Jess tied a scarf around my eyes, “This is just to keep the surprise!” “Is that so?” I asked a little worried. “Yes, Veronica, but I can guarantee that Jess is not doing anything… dangerous or so.” Cliff said calming. “Okay…” I said not really convinced. “We’re almost there!” Jess said enthusiastic and the car was shaking, probably because Jess jumped up and down.

“We’re here!” cheered Jess again, as the car slowed down and stopped, “Are you as excited as I am?” “I guess… I’ve never really been at a spa before!” I said, curious what this place would look like. Jess pulled me out of the car and through automatic doors into a big hall with stone walls, ceiling and floor. I could hear our steps through the hall and wondered why Jess would bring me to the spa at such a late hour… didn’t they have closing hours or so? Jess led me to some kind of elevator, while Cliffs footsteps distanced and stopped.

“Jess? Where are we going?” I asked, getting a little worried, “Can I take off the scarf now?” “No way! You have to leave it on until I tell you to!” my best friend said chuckling, “Oh by the way, give me your phone! No calls no nothing until I release you! The only exceptions are… Tyson Stone and Robert Downey Jr.!” With a sigh I handed her my phone, thinking about texting Harry later when I was back home again. I wouldn’t want to wake him or anything.

By the time the lift opened, Cliff returned and Jess pushed me in. “To be honest, first I was wondering if you brought be to some kind of creepy dungeon, but it smells way too good to be a dungeon.” I said after a while. “I thought she told you where you’re going.” Cliff said and Jess chuckled, “Well, she knows that I’m taking her to the spa. I didn’t tell her about the rest yet!” “The rest?” I asked breathless, tempted to pull the scarf away immediately. “All in time, my dear!”

When Jess finally removed the scarf, I was shocked to find myself in a luxurious hotel room. Light yellow walls, framed with a clean white ceiling and a light brown, wooden parquet floor, two big and wooden beds with warm coloured duvets and cushions. Somehow I felt like sleeping in one of my paintings, with the warm colours and soft and silky looking duvets! Next to the beds were night stands with candles and a lamp each. In between the two beds was a big double door, probably leading into a wardrobe, and on the opposite side of the room was a door to a luxurious bathroom.

I wasn’t sure what to say, what to think or what to feel. This must have been so expensive! But wait! Why were we in a hotel room? Didn’t Jess say it was a spa evening, as in an hour or two to relax in the spa facilities and back home into reality! But this hotel room meant Jess had not been telling entirely the truth! She had tricked me!

“Jess!” I said a little horrified, “What does this mean? You said a spa evening!” “I said it’s a beauty treatment, I said nothing about a time limit!” Jess said chuckling and pulled out a sheet, “This is a list of all the treatments the management suggested for us, choose what ever you like. There are gowns and everything we could need in the bathroom drawers and we can start immediately or after dinner.” “Jess!” I called again, “This is mad!” “No, just something I wanted to do for a long time anyway!” Jess said and smiled towards Cliff, “Oh, give me your phone Ronnie!” “Why? What do you want with my phone?” I asked confused and gave her my phone. “Cliff will keep it save until tomorrow, I don’t want you to get distracted by anything for our beauty treatment!” my best friend said smiling and handed my phone to Cliff before I could take it back, “Bye baby; thanks for dropping us off!” “No worries darling, enjoy your time girls!” Cliff said and waved good bye before he gave Jess a last kiss and left.

“I don’t know what to say!” I said after a few moments of shock, while Jess was unpacking some things she had brought, “You really are crazy! What will I do if that crazy Tyson Stone needs something or what if Harry calls? We were going to do something tomorrow morning!” “Tyson knows that I kidnapped you and Cliff will tell Harry, but he’ll survive a weekend without you! This is about you! And about your career! Not everything is about Harry, you know!” Jessica chuckled and smiled at me, “So what do you want to start with? Dinner or treatments?” Quickly I read over the list of treatments and shook my head, “How about dinner first, we can talk about the treatments during dinner. I am kind of hungry.” “So dinner it is!” Jess said with a cheer and pulled me out of the room towards the restaurant of the hotel. All the pampering made us really tired and lazy, so Jess and I went to bed early, after watching a funny movie.

The next morning our pampering continued and we got face masks, manicures and pedicures and hair treatments. I felt like a queen, but I was still worried about Tyson Stone and Harry. What if something happened? But I still enjoyed this whole trip way too much to bother too much about guys! In the early afternoon on Saturday Jess handed me a packet, “This is for you, Cliff and I got it for the party!” “But Jess!” I protested, “No! I can’t take this!” “Well, you have to, because it doesn’t fit me and the price tags are off. Oh and I’m afraid I lost the bill.” “Jess?” I asked confused, “But we’re having the same size in clothes!” “I gained some weight…” she said with an innocent smile, “Just having too many sweets I guess. Enough of that! Just open it and tell me that you love it!” “Maybe we should have gone to the gym then?” I said confused and shook my head. “No, pampering is way more fun!” Jess chuckled, “Now open it!”

Inside the packet was a red dress; silky material, red lace at the lower edge, no sleeves and it felt very fluffy around the skirt part. “Wow! Jess this is so beautiful!” I said excited, “I can’t believe you’re giving me such a lovely dress! Is that really for me?” “Yes!” my best friend nodded, “Try it on!” “Now?” I asked worried about her mental health. “Yes! I want to see it before you’re off to the party!”

Quickly I changed into the knee long dress and presented myself to Jess. “Aw! You’re so cute! And so beautiful!” Jess smiled, “And matching shoes and accessorise!” My best friend reached out over the bed and handed me another bag of stuff, silver sandals and a few silver and red bracelets. “And now we have to go back home, Tyson will come and pick you up soon!” Jess said cheerfully and packed our things together.


Chapter 4

“Are you sure I can really go there?” I asked worried and looked at the big gate that would bring us to the party of my life. The birthday party of Robert Downey Jr.! “Sure, you got invited and you’re dressed for the party, aren’t you?” Tyson Stone said and waited for the gate to fully open. “But there will be so many famous and important people!” I said and wished I wouldn’t have been invited.

“You managed to handle them rather well last time, as far as I remember!” Tyson Stone said and drove through the gate and parked his car. 

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