Vivian Riley Chapter 06

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Chapter 6 


I hated clients like that… Clients that tried to kill me! It was obvious that I had no other choice but to track him down and murder him, it was inevitable. But it was easy, just another one of those businessmen, trying to get rid of their competition. Something men would always do, well… everyone seeking for power and a better position. 

But since my contact suggested taking a break for a few weeks, I had nothing to do and felt rather bored. I was not the type of person to sit down and play video games or to go and meet friends… well, I didn’t have any friends. Friends were a bother, a liability that made me stick to one story for months or even years! And friends would take pictures and write posts about you, friends would develop feelings for me, positive or negative. 

No, friends were something I had never had and would never have! That was the main reason why I didn’t want to spend too much time with that CIA guy… on the other hand… maybe I could find out where they were… the people that had called themselves our parents, our guardians, our protectors! The ones, I wanted to see dead most of all! 

A while back, before I left, their names were Alexander Benson and Briana Mason! On the day of my escape, they hadn’t been there… they had been fortunate enough to be on Tahiti that week! But not now! I was ready to find them, and maybe I had just found my ticket to get them! Maybe it was fate or destiny after all! 

Quickly I turned on my laptop and typed in Nathan’s mobile phone number to track him. While the program was running I quickly changed my clothes, slightly ripped jeans, blue flat converse chucks, a black and white striped top a short leather jacket, a few bracelets and blue nail varnish, by the time my nails were dry, I had him located at Starbucks, just a few miles from here. While calling a cab, I grabbed my converse bag and shoved some money, my fake ID from Auckland and a few bits and pieces a normal person would carry around in their bag in and ran down the stairs and out of the house to meet the cab on the way to the coffee shop. 

I spotted him standing in the line, waiting to order something. He wore a black suit, tie and all. I gave the cab driver a tip and climbed out, walking normally to enter Starbucks. Casually I looked around the shop, studied the menu and acted all casually. Shortly after it was Nathan’s turn to order and as he waited, he turned and spotted my red hair. It was so hard not to laugh, as I watched his face lighten up, then he shook his head and was about to turn back to the counter, as I couldn’t waste this planned opportunity when I turned and looked right at him. 

The smile returned and so I smiled in return. Nathan took his cup and walked over to me, as the line moved forward. “Hey there beautiful!” he said like a macho trying to land with a girl he had just met. I snorted and asked, “What’s that supposed to mean? Did you think that would work for me?” Nathan sighed and smiled, “Not really, but it was a way to talk to you! Do you have a few minutes?” 

“Sure,” I said, laughing in my mind about my success, “I’m off today actually!” “Perfect!” he said and followed the cue along with me, “I’ll invite you, what would you like?” “No, you don’t have to!” I protested and didn’t want to be in his debt, but he kept insisting until we stood in front of the barista. “A small cup of green tea, please!” I said and looked at Nathan, “This is ridiculous!” “No, it is a gentleman thing that the guy pays for the lady!” he said and put the money on the counter before I was able to stop him without making a scene, “Fine, if it makes you happy!” 

The barista handed me a cup and Nathan took me to a table and placed his order on the table while pulling out a chair for me. I rolled my eyes and sat down. This was going to be harder than I expected! “I didn’t know you lived here in Manhattan!” Nathan said and sat down across from me. “Well, now you know!” I said smiling, “Do you live around here as well?” “Sort of,” he said and sighed, “I’m working five minutes from here. I’m actually just here on my break, but we could go for a drink, or a tea or something after work! I’ll finish at five; I guess I’m too unimportant for overtime working…” 

Chuckling I shook my head, “Hey, don’t take this too seriously, you’ve only started and everything takes time, even a career as a top agent!” “Probably you’re right!” he said enthusiastic and drank some coffee, “So how are you doing anyway?” “Great,” I said and thought about the pieces of the bomb, back in my bunker, “My boss says I’m working too much, so he gave me the rest of the day off. The sun is shining and there I go for a simple cup of tea and run into you!” What a coincidence… I continued sarcastically in my mind. “That was really lucky!” he agreed. Lucky? Was that the first term he thought of when meeting an assassin? 

“Will you tell me more about your work?” he asked and looked at me with his blue eyes. “Maybe another time, at the moment I’m just glad it’s over for today!” I said and sounded relieved, “Are you working on a case at the moment?” Nathan smiled, as I showed interest in his work, “Yes, we are investigating a death a few miles from here, Billy Grant died of an overdose. You’ve probably heard about him in the news and from his campaigns against drugs?” 

“Probably?” I said and shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not much of a TV person. But the name sounds familiar. But if he’s fighting against drugs, how come he died of an overdose?” I knew how that came and I was kind of happy to have a false guy like that dead. Nathan smiled again, “Well, we don’t think he was murdered since our laboratory prove that he had been using drugs regularly for years.” 

What a successful accident, I thought. “Sometimes I don’t understand the world!” I sighed dramatically and drank some tea, while Nathan watched me again. “On what kind of overdose did he die then?” I asked and looked at him. “LSD,” he said and watched me closely. 

Bastard! He suspected ME! Innocently upset I shook my head, “These stupid smoking people all the time! Even the normal packets tell them to stop!” Of course, I knew that LSD was a pill, but not-knowing-the-slightest-bit-about-drugs had always been the best and easiest way to prove my innocence, even though I had been the culprit anyway… 

“Smoking?” Nathan asked confused, still observing my upset and now additionally confused expression, “LSD is a party drug that has to be swallowed!” “Oh,” I said baffled, “I thought it was the thing that people put in these little paper sheets, rolled them up and smoked them… Anyway… if he really was a frequent drug user, why would he fight it? Wouldn’t that only make the drugs more expensive?” Stupid suspicious CIA guy!

“Publicity, I guess!” Nathan said and shrugged his shoulders, “But that doesn’t matter at the moment, he is dead anyway.” Then his phone rang, “Sorry I have to take this!” He leaned back in his seat with a serious expression on his face, “Yes Sir! Yes, I’m still at Starbucks… Yes, I won’t do that again, yes. Yes, no problem, Sir, yes… wait! Four? Yes, thank you, Sir!” 

“Your boss?” I asked as he put down the phone. “No, just a senior in our team,” he said with a weak smile, “I have the most important job in the entire team! I have to get coffee for them!” “Hey, don’t take it too seriously,” I said and lightly touched his hand, “Even the richest man started with a simple job! I’m sure you’ll make your way and you’ll be an amazing agent very soon!” After all, I thought, you are suspecting the right person for Billy Grant's murder! 

“Thanks…” Nathan said and sighed, “But faith alone won’t help me with this!” “You’ll get there!” I smiled encouragingly and just hoped he wouldn’t take on any case where I was involved. “But,” I said before he walked over to the counter, “You shouldn’t tell me so much classified information about your work, at least not as willingly!” 

He smiled, “Probably true, but what I told you is in the newspaper anyway… But it was ecstasy that killed Grant, not LSD… that’s another party drug!” “I’ll try to remember!” I said chuckling and leaned back in my seat. “Hey, how about tonight at around 5.30 at >>the Haven at the Sanctuary<< 132 West 47th Street, we could chat for a while, you could tell me more about yourself!” 

“Sure, about the place and we’ll see about talking about me, I don’t like talking about my self…” “Why not?” he asked and turned to the barista, “Four large coffees, with cream and four doughnuts with Chocolate icing to go please!” As the barista turned to prepare Nathans order, he turned to me again, waiting for an answer. 

“I just think my life is really boring, nothing really exciting. Only work… mainly. And my work is pretty much only a routine!” I said and shrugged my shoulders, “So I find it more interesting to talk about other stuff…”  Nathan shrugged his shoulders as well, “I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about!” “I’m sure we will!” I said chuckling and smiled about the success of my plan. Very soon, he’d tell me everything I wanted to know, everything about Alexander and Briana! He paid the barista and looked at me with regret in his eyes, “I’ll see you tonight then!” I nodded happily, “Sure, don’t let them bother you!” 

Smiling one last time, he said, “Until tonight then!” I nodded and he left. Relieved I sat back in my chair; men were so easy to manipulate… especially that CIA guy. But it was good like that… smiling I drank my tea and headed back home. After all, I had to prepare for a “date”!


“Hey there, beautiful!” a familiar voice said behind me and I turned around, smiling. “Nathan!” I simply said, looking down at my hands as if I was embarrassed, “How are you?” “Now I’m fine!” he said with a smile and I just shook my head in my mind again, men were so easily manipulated! 

“How was your day off?” he asked after a while, taking a sip of the beer he had ordered. “It was fine, I guess, but I’m not used to being at home and not working, you know?” I said and looked at my own alcohol-free beer, the one I had ordered before Nathan had arrived, “How was your day? I hope your co-workers treated you well after you went through the trouble of bringing them coffee and all!” 

Nathan laughed half-heartedly, but smiled, “It’s just the way they are… They treat every new person like that! I guess I’ll have to bother with that until I’ve proven myself to be a real man or so… who knows how their system works!” “A real man?” I asked, amused about those simple minded people, “Like solving a big case or with a woman?”

“I don’t know, either way, would work I guess…” he said nonchalantly, drinking more of his beer. “Well…” I said with a sigh, “I can’t help you with the case, but I might be able to help with the other thing…” “You’d help me?” he asked and almost spilled his bottle. 

The ironic thing was, that I had a case for him, a case of countless murders, but if I gave him a hint that’d be my end because sooner or later they would find me, maybe not Nathan, but Alexander and Briana. “I can’t see them treat you like that!” I said and looked at his sparkling eyes. 

“You’re the best!” he exclaimed excitedly, pulling me close to kiss me. Only because I had expected him to react like that, I’d controlled my urge to throw him over my shoulder. “Oh,” he said apologizing, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that…” I chuckled and shook my head, suddenly vividly reminded of New Zealand, “No worries…” 

Nate sighed relieved, “I’m glad… But seriously now, are you serious about helping me?” I nodded and sighed, “Yes, why not? I can help you with that! Now, is there a bar or something where your co-workers regularly go for a drink?” “Sure, why do you want to know?” he asked skeptically, making himself taller, “They are annoying and mean and very bossy!” 

“How do you want to make them believe I’m your girlfriend if you hide me?” I asked chuckling, wondering if my idea really was that good. This would be a top secret and very dangerous mission! It was like I was the good guy, or rather girl, fighting against evil intruders in the CIA. “You…” he stuttered, “You’ll be my girlfriend?” “What did you think?” I asked still chuckling, “I’ll go there and you’ll come after me, pretend you wanted to go see some of them because of work or so, I’ll sit at the bar or so and you’ll see me while talking to them, turn around and come over. We’ll improvise!” 

“Ok…” Nate said, “You’ll be my girlfriend, so I’ll be your boyfriend?” “Yes…” I said, now skeptical myself, “What do you want?” “Oh, nothing…” he said with a smile, “Just wanted to have it confirmed that I’m not misunderstanding anything now!” He waved over to the barkeeper and paid our beer, before giving me directions to the bar. 

My only hope was that none of them would be there. If they recognized me, my life would be in danger! I thanked him for the beer and walked off, taking a cab to get to the bar, after taking a little detour by my house to get changed. Dressed up as I was I returned to the cab and was taken to the place Nate had told me about. I got out of the cab and walked into the bar as if I was bored and waiting for my friends. Looking around, I sat down at the bar, ordering another alcohol free beer. 

Soon a guy in a suit and tie came over, sat down next to me and ordered a beer as well while checking out my long legs. Yes, it was handy to have a great figure, but sometimes it was just annoying. “Did it actually hurt?” he asked, pulling up his eyebrows. “That you fell on your head?” I asked and rolled my eyes, “You should know best!” “Falling down from heaven is what I meant, cuz’ you look like an angel!” he continued, coming a bit closer. “Oh just buzz off, I have a boyfriend and I’m waiting for my friends! I’m not interested!” I said and turned away, crossing my legs. He looked like he could be a guy working for the CIA; maybe I was lucky and had just hit the jackpot. He took off, returning to his roaring friends. 

Nate entered the bar with a fierce expression and walked towards a table, I wasn’t quite sure which one since I had turned my back to the door, but I heard them call him, “Hey Probie! You’re finally coming to have a drink with the big boys?” “No,” he started but was immediately stopped by another, “I know! Chat up the chick over there! If you get her number you can sit with us, Probie!” I recognized his voice as the one that had talked to me before and took another sip of my beer. Nathan sighed, looked over at me with another sigh until he realized it was me in the tight black leather dress with studded patterns, black high heel boots and a small black studded leather handbag. “Ok!” he said confidently, turned around and came over. The guys were silently watching as Nate approached me. 

His heart beat quickly inside his chest as he grabbed my arm, gently pulled me around and kissed me. Passionately he pulled me hard against his chest, while I put my arms around his neck, playing with his short hair. 

Most of the pub was whistling and roaring, making stupid comments about Nate, but I suddenly had difficulties being aware of everything happening around me. Gently I pushed him away, my arms still locked around his neck. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight,” I said and let my fingers run through his hair, “I was going to wait for my friends.” “Are you busy?” he asked, but didn’t let go of me, “I don’t want to keep you from meeting them!” “Nope, I’ll just text them!” I pulled out my phone and typed in a message about not waiting for me and such to my contact; he was used to getting texts like that and even replied as the required character. “Won’t you introduce me to your friends?” 

“They are my co-workers, but if you want to…” he said, pulled me off my stool and led me over to the table with the guy from before and said, “This is Vivian Thompson, my girlfriend, and those are the guys I work with!” “Nice to meet you!” I said and smiled at them, glaring at the one that had tried to flirt with me, “Except you!” While the men were roaring laughing, Nate looked at him in confusion, “What did you do, Mullen?” “Nothing, Probie, really, I was just making nice conversation!” “You call that nice?” I asked and laughed coldly, “I can’t remember ever hearing a more stupid pick up line ever!” 

“Be nice, honey!” Nate said while pulling me close against his chest. I got the feeling he grew taller with every second, so I smiled, “Fine…” I watched him for a couple more seconds and saw him swallow hard. “Are you going to stay here?” I asked and let my finger run over his chest, “Or are you leaving as well?” Slowly I continued, pressing my body closer against him, “We could go to your place if you want…” 

“I guess I’m leaving…” Nate said and gently kissed my lips, “You should never refuse a beautiful woman’s wish! I’ll see you tomorrow guys!” While leaving I let my free hand gently stroke over his back and down to his ass while kissing his neck. The men at the table were silently watching us in shock. 

Back outside, Nate wanted to let go, chuckling and happy about the success, but I pulled him close to kiss him again. His so-called friends were glued to the window, waiting for an indication of fraud. While kissing I waved a cab over and pulled him in, while Nate gave the driver his address. 

I felt his arms around me, his body tightly pressed against mine. My heart was beating unusually loud in my chest, almost annoyingly loud and fast, while my brain seemed to get dizzy. “We’re here!” I heard the driver say while watching us through the rear-view mirror. Nate gave him some money and led me over to his apartment, his lips still tangled with mine. 

For some reason I had lost track of what was my body and which was his, somehow it even seemed to be connected at some points! And that was something I had never felt before! Somehow we arrived at Nate’s apartment, our bodies still tangled, and Nate lifted me up, my legs around his waist and his hands on my butt. For a while, he pressed me against the wall and kissed me passionately, his hands slowly moving from my butt over the naked skin on my legs, under my dress. For a moment he hesitated and looked at me, whispering, „Are you okay with this? I can stop, you know? I'm pretty sure we were able to convince them.“ Quickly I nodded and smiled, „Totally cool with this!“

Finally, his hands moved further, under the soft material of my panties. Just for a moment he put me back on my feet, kissed me one last time and pulled my underwear down, over my knees and shoes. While being down there, he opened my shoes as well and looked up to me all the time. I still had to catch my breath! Once the shoes were off, he put his hands on my ankles, gently moving upwards. Nathan’s eyes were still fixed on me, when his hands reached my knees, he pulled my left one over his shoulder while coming closer to my hips with his hands, pulling up my dress and his face smiling at me. 

He was totally different to when I had first met him on the plane, now he was secure and confident, but not too much, he probably really was just a good guy! For a brief second, I thought about how dangerous it was for him to be with me, just knowing me could get him killed, but then his lips touched my clit, his tongue slowly caressing my lips and everything down there. Now I was really glad to have the wall and Nate to support me, as my knees felt like jelly! It was exciting, having Nate kneel in front of me, his face buried between my legs and no strength to support my self. 

I was never taught to feel emotions, like love or like or hate, the hate had come naturally once I had been free of them, as for love or like, I didn’t need them. But I was a woman after all and I had desires as well, so yes, I did have sex once in a while without having to like the guy. It was also a great weapon against men. At that moment I just felt good, and I wanted it! 

Nate’s tongue carefully entered me, while his hands were massaging my butt. That was enough for my knees to lose the rest of their strength and my weight was on Nate now, he didn’t seem to bother and simply lifted my useless right leg over his shoulder as well, pushing his tongue in deeper. While making me moan even more, I felt the wall move behind me, as Nate seemed to stand up, carrying me, with his tongue still working on my vagina. I’d never thought he would be that strong. 

Gently he placed me on his bed and continued to lick and suck and nibble on my clitoris. When I came, he still continued, sucking even more, while my body wouldn’t stop shaking and trembling. I wanted to feel him even more; I wanted him to use me for his desire as well, I wanted him to make me come again! When Nate finally let go of me, I sat up, pulling his face close to mine, kissing and sucking on his lips, still tasting the sweet, but slightly salty sticky liquid on his lips. In the meantime I opened his shirt pushed it over his shoulders and opened his jeans as well, shoving it, along with his shorts, over his juicy butt. I moved closer as he retreated slightly, getting rid of the shirt completely while Nate slipped out of his shoes and jeans, pulling off his socks as well. 

For a few moments, I enjoyed the view; his defined abs, his flat man boobs, his big manhood that stood straight, waiting for attention. Then I stood up, turning around though, I pulled my hair over my shoulder and asked, “Would you mind…” I felt his hands on my shoulders, moving closer to my neck and down, to open the zipper of my dress. He shoved it over my shoulders, gently exposing more of my naked skin. 


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