Vivian Riley Chapter 07

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Chapter 7 


When I woke up the next morning I felt good, I still lay in his arms, skin touching skin, the sun was just about to rise and I didn’t know what to do. Maybe I should leave and go for a run. But what if his co-workers came to pick him up? I doubted they would usually do that but considering the fact that they were suspicious people and that they probably didn’t believe in Nate’s words the night before... 

I was on holiday for crying out loud, why not having a lazy morning in bed? So I cuddled up against his naked chest again, tried to sleep and think about a way to find any of them through Nate. 

Suddenly the doorbell started to ring and I jumped out of bed, grabbed Nate’s shirt from the night before and quickly walked to the door, hoping he would continue to sleep. Still, sleepily I opened the door a bit, rolling my eyes as I saw the guy from the night before, wearing a suit and looking serious now. “What do you want?” I asked, watching his now slightly confused face. “I’m looking for Agent Probie,” he said, looking up and down my body. I rolled my eyes, but before I got the chance to say something, I felt Nate’s arms around me, he looked at him and asked, “Something wrong, Agent Mullen?” “Jeffrey’s here! He wants to see our team, right now!” Mullen said and shook his head, “You should get dressed and come to the office; we’re waiting in the car!” 

He turned around and left for a black car, standing on the footpath. Nate closed the door again and pulled me closer to kiss me, “Good morning!” “You should get ready, this seems serious! Is that guy your team leader?” I asked innocently, kissing his neck and pressing my body against his, “You should get dressed!” “He’s just a guy coming to the offices from time to time, doing team evaluations and such. If he’s impressed by our performance and such we have the chance to get into a special training program; Mullen wants to get in desperately, but never got it so far!” Nate explained and I smiled, “Well then hurry up, maybe you’ll get picked as well?” “There is a spare key up on the shelf in my kitchen, maybe if you want to… you can have it?” he suggested and I nodded, “If you want me to, but get dressed, they won’t wait forever!” 

Nathan kissed me one last time before he took off to get dressed; working only in fresh shorts wasn’t such a good idea. Once he was dressed and had brushed his teeth and everything, I kissed him goodbye in front of the door, waiting for him to be out of sight. Once he was gone I went back inside and got the key if I wanted to pretend to be his girlfriend, I’d need a key, probably. It wasn’t like I watched much TV or had time to read books about stuff like that, but it could only be useful if I had a key! 

But something more important was the name Nate had used! Jeffrey! Jeffrey seemed to be the one I knew, but that would be easy to find out. I got dressed as well, left Nate’s shirt and walked home. Surprisingly Nate’s apartment was kind of close to mine, only two blocks apart. But instead of doing my research right away, I got changed and went for a run, before actually sitting down to do my work. 

If Jeff was in town, I knew where to find that bastard! He was one of the lower ranked agents, so normally I wouldn’t even bother to find him but he would bring me a step closer towards Alex and Briana! Luckily he had a memory as bad as a ten-year-old when you tell them to tidy up their room. 

He had spent quite a while with me, during my practice hours, but whenever he hadn’t seen me for a few days he thought I was a new kid he hadn’t met before. Sometimes, when I was waiting for his lessons, I witnessed what he did to some of the older recruits, only girls, or sometimes girls he had picked up in front of bars or clubs.

After that Nate and I often met in the evenings, chatting, flirting, and making out in darker corners of bars until my chance had come. I had told Nate I’d be on a weekend trip with my friends, wellness and such because I was sure Jeffrey was the Jeff I had known and feared as a kid. Nate was fine, happy about all the time he had spent with me so far and couldn’t care less about his co-worker's orders anymore. So it had helped him anyways. 


The next evening I sat down in front of a window that was covered with bars. I was wearing a really short, black dress, leather-biker-gloves, thin black socks with thatches on the outer sides and black, shiny high heels. My nails were painted bright red, a silver necklace with beads and a silver cross hung around my neck and almost reached down to my belly button. 

Jeff liked to hook up girls in that bar. That was the only reason why I sat in front of it and pretended to drink while waiting for friends. From time to time guys approached me, trying to hook up with me, but I got rid of them quickly. Especially when I spotted Jeffrey dismount his motorbike. I picked up the glass of whiskey I had ordered earlier, took a sip and stood up to enter the bar when I bumped into Jeffrey, who was going in as well. 

“Oh, hello there, beautiful!” he said and held on to my arms, “How are you doing?” “Is that all you can think of, big boy?” I asked amused but didn’t shake his hands off, “I’ve heard more original phrases before!” He chuckled and nodded amused, “That’s right, but I was so mesmerized by your beauty, that my mind switched off!” “Is that your bike?” I asked, only smiling at his answer. Jeffrey nodded and smiled knowingly, “That’s right, it’s mine. Wanna go for a ride?”

I let my eyes glide over the black Kawasaki Ninja, a beautiful machine! “If you let me drive?” I smiled and let my tongue lasciviously lick my lips. Jeff himself was maybe fifty, but extremely good looking, so it wasn’t unusual that a girl would hit on him. “Fine, as long as you won’t break it!” he said, loosening the grip around my arms to let his hands run up towards my neck, “My bike is my baby!” Slowly I approached his lips with mine, when we were about to touch, I whispered, “What if I do break your baby?” 

Suddenly he grabbed my hair and pulled it back and my waist to pull me closer. “If you break my baby, I’ll have to break you!” he whispered as well and held his grip tightly to kiss me aggressively. 

“Come on then,” he suggested and let go of me. “I’ll just bring the glass back, so don’t run away!” I chuckled as if I was drunk and thanks to the sip of whiskey I had drunk, I smelled like one too. When I returned, he stood in front of the ninja. “Ups!” I smiled, as I mounted the machine and the dress slipped up a bit. Jeffrey’s smile grew wider, as he sat down behind me, his hands around my waist. 

I started the bike, asking, “Where to?” He gave me directions and we drove off, while his right hand slipped down over my thigh and over my pants. “It’s surprisingly handy that you’re driving!” he shouted against the wind and placed his left hand over mine. I only rolled my eyes, but he didn’t see that. While he touched me, a different face popped up in my mind which made me suddenly enjoy the idea! In my imagination it was Nathan who sat behind me on the bike, touching me and slipping his fingers under my pants! 

By the time we reached the house, I was wet and had to fight to calm my mind, why did I think about Nathan? Jeff pulled his hand out of my pants to dismount the bike and to pull me off and into his arms, “You ride well!” He let his tongue lick over my ear and pulled my dress higher as we reached the door. Gosh! If I wouldn’t have needed Jeff to give me information, he would be dead already! By the time we were inside, I stood there only in black pants and a red bra with lace. 

Jeff looked at me from head to toe, while he took off his shoes and coat. When he approached me again, I quickly spun around to get more speed, to hit my foot against his chin to knock him out. Jeff didn’t even have the chance to react when he already stumbled to the side, so I spun around again, this time kicking right into his ribs when I heard a light cracking sound and Jeff grasping for air while coughing up blood. Before he recovered, I hit the edge of my hand into his neck and Jeff fell to the ground. With a relieved sigh I pulled him to a metal pole and tied him to it. 


When Jeff woke up, he looked around in confusion until he spotted me! “Who are you?” he spat out some blood as he spoke, which was rather disgusting since it dripped all over his clothes, the floor and over his lips. 

Coldly I said, “I’m asking the questions, so you should better answer properly!” I pulled a chair closer and sat down, “Where are Alexander Benson and Briana Mason? Where can I find them?” “How the hell should I know them, bitch!” he shouted angrily and spat blood. Angry I threw one of the little knives that I had hidden underneath my high heels and pierced his thigh. The tall man screamed through clenched teeth and glared at me, “How would you know them anyway?”

“Remember me, you bastard, child number 1385, Vivian Riley!” I hissed, “Does it ring a bell?” Jeffrey Cunning’s eyes widened in horror as he whispered, “The brat that got away! How did you find me?”

“Exactly,” I said and watched him getting pale and frightened by the mere sight of me, with a pleased smile, “I’m the one who’s going to stop you and everyone working within the assassin-project! As of how I found you… that will remain a secret! Now, where are Alexander and Briana?” “I don’t know!” he hissed angrily. I sighed in frustration and took the other knife, “Every time you tell me you don’t know, I’ll thrust another knife into your body, I’m sure there are some more in the kitchen! So where can I find them?” “I fucking don’t know! They are like freaking ghosts!” he hissed again, and the pain in his voice satisfied me a little. “Who knows how to find them?” I asked and glared at him. “I don’t know!” he tried to sound firm and sure. “Oh, maybe I was a little too strict?” I asked as if talking to a two-year-old, “Maybe I should take the knife out again?” 

Crouching next to him, I placed my right hand on the knife and Jeffrey started to whine. “Or are you still trying to tell me useless shit to kill time until someone is here to rescue you?” asking that, I saw a faint sign of shock in his expression, so I let go of the knife in his thigh and jabbed the second knife into his other thigh. Tears welled up in his eyes as he tried not to scream because of the pain. And I felt satisfaction to see him suffer for all the other girls. 

“Ok, ok!” he said whining and took a few deep breaths, “Sally Jenkins! She should be able to help you!” “Finally!” I said and pulled the knives out of his thighs, just to cut his throat. Quickly I grabbed my dress and the keys to the Kawasaki and ran outside. 

The security system was programmed by Alexander and had security cameras that were directly connected to one of his servers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the house would blow up any second, as soon as somebody realized what had happened. Thanks to my necklace, no signal had been able to get out of the house and nobody would know about me being there, but now they would soon realize that Jeffrey was dead. 

With the dress pulled down only halfway, I jumped on the Ninja and started the engine. I was only half a mile down the road when the house exploded and the pressure almost threw me off the bike. Well, I thought, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about recorded tapes and such!

Sally Jenkins, hopefully, Jeffrey was right about her, otherwise, I’d have a problem and one of my only traces wouldn’t say another word, ever. By the time I was home it was pitch black; I had dropped the Kawasaki over a bridge, nobody would find it that quickly and walked back home. I went for a long shower and checked the bus times, choosing one and took off to get to the bus stop with a cab, after all, Nate had suggested to pick me up at the bus stop once I returned. I paid the cab and waited for the bus, paid my ticket and waited for time to pass. Seriously, having friends was annoying in my business, after all, I had to make sure I had a plausible alibi every time. 

I texted Nate the approximate time of my arrival and thought about Sally Jenkins for a bit while holding on to the bag I had packed for my wellness weekend with my friends. When I arrived I saw a worried expression on Nate’s face, so he had heard about Jeff already. Once he saw me, he smiled happily and so I threw myself into his arms, recognizing some of his co-workers in the crowd. Gosh, this game with the fire was more than risky! 

“How was your weekend?” he asked and smiled at me. “It was great! They had massages and hot springs and whirlpools and mud-baths you should try it out sometime!” I said enthusiastically and looked at him, getting serious as well, “What happened? You look troubled? Are they still bullying you at work?” Nathan smiled and shook his head, “No, do you remember the guy I told you about, with the special program? His house exploded… looks like a gas leak. He had no chance.” “Oh…” I mumbled worried, “That’s horrible to hear! How are you?” “I’m fine, just shocked at how fast something like that can happen… I mean I just saw him yesterday evening, he wanted to go to a pub and now… this morning I got the call from Mullen.” “I’m so sorry…” I whispered and kissed him. After all, I still had the image of us on a motorbike in my mind and somehow I wanted to make it real! 


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