She's Mean

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Chapter 1

Footsteps echoed through the dark streets, quite a bit away from the big and busy city roads. The footsteps grew louder and faster by the time some people appeared in the dark alley. The small and delicate looking girl ran as fast as she could without turning around, away, as fast as her legs would carry her.

She trembled for a few steps, when a bullet hit her, but she had no choice but to run. She heard an angry voice and another shot, followed by the plump sound of something heavy falling to the ground.

The men started to run now, trying to keep up with her fast steps, trying not to loose her. After quite a while she trembled around a corner and fainted in the arms of a shocked boy.

Confused he stared at her, he pet her cheeks and even tried to shake her, but she wouldn’t wake up. He had no choice but to take her home, she was a helpless girl and she would freeze to death out here!

The girl in his arms seemed to be afraid of something. She had looked at him so helplessly and her heart had been beating like crazy! Then he heard a man shout. They were coming closer. Maybe they had tried to catch this girl? Maybe that’s what she was scared of?

Quickly he carried her inside and put her down on his couch and turned around to switch on the light. When he saw something red on the switch, he looked at his hands and shuddered. They were full of blood! Fresh blood!

A cold shiver ran down his spine when he slowly turned around. The girl on the couch was full of blood as well. Her left arm and the left side of her hip were soaking in blood! He started to feel dizzy and swallowed.

What had happened to that girl? Why was she covered in blood? Whose blood was that? How did it get there? Was it her blood? What had happened?

She must have lost lots of blood, she was pale white. Carefully he stepped closer, when suddenly the girl moved. “Where am I?” she asked with a moan. She opened her eyes and looked around, “Who are you?” “My name is Dominic. But you can call me Dee!” he said with a cool nod, “What’s your name?”

She stared at him suspiciously, “I’d rather kill you. Who are you working for?” “For the Take Away around the corner. Are you hungry?” Dominik said curious. “Shit!” she said quietly, taking a peek on her arm, “Do you have an FAK?” “What?” the tall boy asked puzzled.

“A first aid kit dummy. Where do you live?” she said with a crushing glance. Afraid of the young woman, he hurried into his bathroom to get the kit and returned. “Here you go, Miss!” he said politely. The young woman took the kit and started to take off her cardigan, when Dee turned around and asked, “Do you need anything else? Can I help you?” “The hell no!” she protested annoyed, “I’d never ever let you help me. Do I have to ask again? Who are you working for?” She stared at him gloomily, while her face turned white and she fainted again.

Dominic sighed and slowly came closer. Was she really unconscious? Carefully he tipped her shoulder, but she didn’t open her eyes.

After thinking about the possibility, she could wake up any second again and try to kill him, he decided to help her. She was weak. There was no possibility she could hurt him, she was a girl after all and she was hurt!

With a deep breath he started to clean the wound on her arm, surprised that she had been able to walk. She must have lost tons of blood! Her skin was pale white. After he treated her arm, he found another one on her waist. It wasn’t too deep or anything, but it was another source of her blood loss.

After that he washed his hands and sat down on the small sofa next to his door. What had happened to her?

He was just about to relax, when the young woman opened her eyes again, “Who are you? Why did you help me?” Carefully she touched her arm. “I don’t know!” he said with a sigh.

“And who are you? Are you some creepy hybrid, some kind of super human? You lost so much blood! You should have died after loosing that kind of blood!” he said nervous. The woman stood up and came closer to Dee, her face turned even paler and she wobbled over to him, it seemed as if she tried to slap him into his face. Before she could even step one little step closer towards him, she fainted again. Dominic jumped frontwards and caught her before she hit the floor.

Carefully he lifted her up and carried her back to the sofa. It would be better if she would sleep for a while. Quietly Dee sneaked out of his apartment towards one of his jobs. Trying not to act too suspicious, Dee headed to the pharmaceutical store. That girl needed medical treatment! She had lost so much blood. If she would go on like this, she wouldn’t survive this day! She needed to rest!

He’d need morphine and antibiotics. He took a packet of gloves, sterile cotton and fresh bandages. Carefully he packed everything into his backpack and went back home.

The young woman was still asleep, when he came back, so carefully he prepared the injection with the morphine and another one with the antibiotics. Fast he heated up water and filled it into a bowl. Carefully he opened the bandages, cleaned the wounds and bandaged her anew with fresh bandages.

After that he went to work. Always a little nervous because of the medicine, he had taken. But nobody had noticed. When he came back he went straight to bed, because he was exhausted.

Just a few hours had passed when the young woman woke up. A little confused she looked around. She was in an apartment. That guy! What had happened? Quietly she sneaked through the rooms and found him sleeping in a sleeping bag next to a desk. As quietly as she could she examined the apartment. Who was he? Why did he help her?

Did he know her?

After a few minutes she had found enough for now. His name was Dominic O’Hara; he was studying something with medicine. He was kind of handsome, but absolutely not to be trusted! Carefully she took the scissors from the table and cut off a wisp of his hair, put it into a small plastic bag and left the tall building.

She knew she was supposed to feel pain, but she was relived that she didn’t. As soon as she was at home she would have somebody to have a look at it!


Chapter 2

“Miss Abigail! Where have you been? We’ve been so worried!” Jaden asked worried. “Shut up you jackass! I can watch myself!” Abigail countered chippy. “Miss Abigail, it is my job to watch you! What can I do?” he apologized, “It is not just my job, if I fail, your father is going to kill my whole unit!”

“Am I dead?” Abby asked irritated. “I don’t think so Jaden! Anyway, who cares about my dad?” “I do, Miss! Your father is not just my boss, but also a very influential man in this world! Anyway, he is your father and you should not talk about him like that!” criticized Jaden.

Abigail smiled chilly, looked to the side and pointed her gun on his chest, “One more word and I’ll pull the trigger!” Jaden’s eyes were wide, when Abby smiled at him coldly. He closed his eyes and whispered, “Forgive me my trespasses, madam!” When he opened his eyes, his mistress was gone.

“Why?” Abigail whispered as soon as she was alone. She kept on running since she had left Jaden. Where could she go? Where would she get an answer? “Why?” this time she screamed, coming to a halt, panting. Exhausted she let her body sink to the ground and screamed again, “Why? Why did you take her from me?” Abigail sobbed.

How could that have happened? One day she was all right and the next day she was in hospital, fatally ill! She had been all right until she went to her doctor for a routine check up! Cancer! How? Why? Why did the cancer take away her mother? How could god let that happen? She had been good for all of her life!

Abigail sobbed into her hands, still crying and screaming. How and why did that happen to her mother? Her only close relative she had trusted enough to show her, her inner self. And now she was gone. Who could she trust now, her father? Never! He didn’t even show up at her mother’s funeral! He didn’t show up to say goodbye to her!

Since that day Abby hadn’t talked to him. She couldn’t talk to the man that just left her mom to die in the hospital.

When her tears ran dry, she wiped away her tears and ran back home. She had business to attend to! She still had to find out more about that guy! What kind of injection did he give her? Abigail had taken both of the ampoules to find out what had happened while she had been unconscious. Anyway, she still had the strand of his hair!


When Dee woke up, he went into his main room to check up on the woman’s condition, but she was gone. Well, if she wouldn’t stay, he couldn’t help her, so from now on somebody else could treat her wounds!

And for something like that he had slept on the floor instead of his couch! He didn’t even know her name. With a sigh he decided to just forget everything about her!

Life had to go on! After having breakfast and showering Dee got ready for school. That woman was totally insane! She must have been a result of his imagination in his dreams! She couldn’t possibly survive those injuries without at least a few days of rest!

His life went on as if nothing had happened. As if that strange woman never had appeared in his life. As if she didn’t exist.


“I need you to find out more about him!” Abby shouted crossly, “That bastard could have been anybody! Did you at least find out about what was in the injection?” “Yes, ma’am, it was morphine and antibiotics, nothing else.” Jaden said apologizing, “Further on, I checked his background, his friends and family. He never left the country before; he didn’t even leave the state or anything. All his life he stayed at home or in school or in summer camps close to their house. Top student, a bunch of part time jobs, all of them to support his studies and in order to live alone in the apartment he had been looking after you. His father is a lawyer and his mother is a housewife, he himself is learning to become a surgeon. As far as I found out, he wants to be a heart surgeon.”

“He has no connection to any of the companies that oppose us. Not even his friends know about anything even close to them. They are only kids that don’t know of anything, Miss Abigail.” Jaden said serious, handing Abigail a folder, “Here is everything you might want to know or could want to know, everything that we found out, starting from his birth, hospital and time he was born, blood type, up to the present day.”

“At least you’ve got something!” Abby said still crossly, pacing up and down her office. Sometimes she thought she’d have to do everything herself, to have it done perfectly! At least Jaden lived up to her standards and her wishes. Only if it was about her father, he opposed her, but she had to accept that in return for his loyalty.


Exactly one week after he had found her, something strange happened. He had just left med school, when he spotted a strange car. It looked very expensive. It just wouldn’t fit in this neighbourhood.

Curious as everyone, he had a close look at it. It was a black Audi A6 Limousine; the price was about $ 80.000 or even more! Who had a car like that? Must be some rich kid, going to med school, did somebody transfer to this school? Somebody with a driver and a limousine!

Then the door opened and a tall guy with broad shoulders, a black suit, black sunglasses and one earphone came out. His feeling said he was a bodyguard or some criminal! That was almost like some movie about some mafia kid going to school!

He checked the time and shrugged, it was time to go to work! Quickly he started walking, but when he came closer, the door opened again and a dark haired woman in a suit got out of the car. Her hair was tied back and she looked like thirty, like a business woman. Some serious chick!

With a smile he turned around towards his work and stopped. That woman… wasn’t it that girl from last week? If it was her, she seemed to be way older than last week! No… that couldn’t be. No way could it be her! Dominic shook his head and went on walking, when somebody grabbed his arm and pulled him around, towards the car. “Hey! What are you doing?” he protested.

Dee turned around and looked into icy blue eyes and an amused smile. “Did you forget me already?” that crazy woman asked and pushed him into the car.

"Hey!” Dee shouted, “What are you doing? Are you kidnapping me?” “No, we are just escorting you to your own party!” the business woman said frankly. “Stop kidding! I have to go to work!” Dee kept protesting and tried to free himself from the tight grip of the bodyguard beside him.

“Do I look like somebody telling jokes all day?” the lady said coldly, “Anyway, you’re not going to go to work. You resigned.” “What the heck are you talking about?” Dee protested, “I didn’t do anything like that!”

“I came here today,” the woman said, ignoring him, “to thank you for helping me the other day, although I could have made it without help as well. Anyway, the old man insisted in inviting you to a party, especially prepared for you, just to show you that we do appreciate your help.”

She looked at him and went on, “Well, if you do not accept our offer, we have to use force to take you there.” “What the hell are you talking about? Don’t worry about my help. I’d have done that for everybody! Let me go, you crazy bitch!” Dee shouted angrily. In an instant two guns faced his head, the two bodyguards stared at him crossly and a little afraid and the one on the passenger seat said, “How dare you speak to Miss…” “Enough!” the woman said coldly.

“You are brave, I like that!” she said still smiling in a weird way. “Crazy bitch,” she tasted the words in her mouth as if it had a horrible flavour, “Is that really what you think I am? I am surprised. Tell me, why do you think so?”

“Well, I saw your injuries, you lost lots of blood! You can die from loosin’ that kind o’ blood! But you’re still runnin’ around!” he said a bit panicked, “And you’re kidnapping a student!”

The woman started to laugh, “Well, that is quite a reason.” “Who are you anyway?” Dee went on protesting, “And why are you holding me against my will?” “You are Dominic O’Hara, visiting med school, living apart from your family since two years now, you’re a good student, learn a lot, in your free time you like to watch movies, study, go to the gym and you absolutely dislike cooking. You are born on the 7th of March and I could go on like that for quite a while. But it would be boring. You want to know who I am?” the weird woman said calm.

“My name is Abigail O’Brady. I am the leader of one of the most powerful triads.” She said with a serious smile. A cold shiver ran down his spine and his brain finally figured that it was definitely time to leave now!

Still trying to free him self, now with even more effort, he shouted, “Just let me out! Let me go! You crazy bitch, just let me go!”


It was… interesting to watch Dominic fighting the arms of her bodyguard and shouting and trying to get out. After a few minutes she got bored though, so she just hit his neck with her hand, so that he fell towards her bodyguard, unconscious. “Finally he is quiet!” she said relieved and leaned back in her seat.


When Dee woke up again, he was lying somewhere comfortable. Did he have a bad dream? Abigail O’Brady. That had been the name of the mysterious woman he had taken care of. Did that really happen?

Still tired he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and moved his eyes away from the ceiling and towards his alarm clock next to the couch. But it wasn’t there! He opened his eyes properly and found a pair of icy blue eyes, looking at him.

A little shocked he screamed and stared at her amused face. “If you don’t stop screaming like a small girl, I will kill you with my own hands!” she said quietly. Almost instantly he shut his mouth and carefully backed away from her. “Good boy!” she said as if she was talking to a puppy and came closer again ‘till Dee asked, “Who the hell are you?”

“Are you really in med school? I heard they had to learn hard and listen carefully!” she joked and stared at him. “Abigail O’Brady?” he asked unsure, “Are you kidding?”

“Why am I here? What do you want from me, you crazy b… person?” he asked hysterically.

“I thought you are a straight A student. Don’t tell me you lied! Oh wait a sec, I didn’t ask you, I found out myself.” She laughed coldly and said, “If I really have to repeat myself, listen closely now! You are here for a little thank you party. The old man organized this party to honour my savior! So enjoy your time here and don’t you ever shout again like a little girl!” Slightly frightened he nodded fast and continued staring at her.

“The good news, this is your room, you can go where ever you want, you’ll get new clothes and you can keep them or dump them after wearing them once.” She said in a moderator voice, “The bad news is, where ever you go, some of my men will accompany you, you cannot go back, you will not talk to anybody but me until I tell you to do something else and you’ll have to meet that freaking old man, any questions?”

“Why can’t I talk to anybody else?” Dee asked irritated. “Because I said so!” she snapped and stood up. While she walked to the door, she said coldly, “Get ready, we have to go shopping for you.”

Totally puzzled, Dee stared at the closed door. Who did that person think she was? Maybe he should have learned some more about law, but he was pretty sure it was illegal to hold someone against their will! Should he sue her?


When Abby closed the door behind her, she felt a little irritated. Why did he act like a little girl? That was so silly! And that outfit… loose jeans, hanging somewhere under his bottom, too big shoes, a too big shirt over a plain long sleeve shirt and a base cap, that seemed to be too small. Who taught him how to dress himself?

Abby really had to teach him a lot! He was a quite troublesome toy. With a sigh she went over to her assistant and ordered him to get a car ready for her shopping trip.

It took Dominic almost half an hour to come out of his damn room! Abby dragged him impatiently into shops and made him try on the stuff she thought would be the best for him, by holding her gun onto his forehead. The things she thought would suit him best. She had to admit he was kind of handsome in … normal clothes.

What took Jaden so long to find out who Dominic was working for? How could that be? Did he know anything after all? If that would be the case, she would have dragged him into a whole lot of shit! Well, who cared about that? His welfare was none of her business, right? Fast she shook her head to get these things out of her head and to concentrate on her task.

Dominic just came out of the changing room, when Abby turned around to judge his clothes, she was stunned. He wore a simple black suit, white shirt and a black tie.

Just for a few seconds he looked to the left and let his right hand run through his dark, about ten centimetre long hair. “Jea… I don’t think that really suits me. That serious style mightn’t be my destiny!” he said unsure and stretched his arms to both sides, for her to inspect his latest outfit, like he had to do with the last ones.

But in Abby’s opinion the exact opposite was the case. It really did suit him! “Erm… Well, it’s not too bad I guess. She said fast and looked to the side.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, I was told to get the measurements of that young gentleman for…” an old lady said, looking a bit nervous. “Sure, just take him with you.” Abby said fast with an amused smile before she could say anything else. “You heard the lady, I need your measurements.” she said and pushed both of them behind the curtain.

“Hey! Wait, what do you need that for?” Dee protested from inside. “For a suit, duh!” she said, shaking her head in disbelieve. How could he possibly be so good in med school?

“Why can’t I wear my own clothes and what do I need a suit for?” the young man continued protesting. “Your clothes are horrible and they just don’t suit you! And one more question about your horrible sense for fashion and your clothes and I’ll shoot you myself!” Abigail said crossly and called Jaden.

“Tell me something!” she ordered quietly. Silence. “Well,” Jaden replied after a while, “I’m not sure if it’s good or bad news.” He took a deep breath, “I cannot find anything! I checked his whole background, family, relatives, friends, schools, phones, mails, everything. If he is a member of a terroristic group, they did a real good job on him. No phone calls, no mails, no meetings. They must have trained him from his first day of life up until he met you, ma’am. And I do not say that is the case.”

Jaden paused for a second and said, “I’m about to get some more information about his family, friends, medical treatment and former employer. Simply every single connection he had ever had. So far none of them have been involved with any violent group. They didn’t even travel to another country. That boy has never, at least officially, left this country.”

“Alright, good job, Jaden. Give me a call as soon as you found out more. We’ll continue the observation.” She sighed, “Did you finish the other forms?”

“Yes, ma’am!” he said a bit confused, “May I ask why you’re doing that?” Why? Why did she tell his parents, that he got a full scholarship to an elite school with a special medical training? Why did she accept him in her school? In her class for medical freaks, trained to serve her after their studies? Why did she quit his jobs, his med school, his flat and everything?

Why did she transport all of his stuff into his room in her house? Abigail O’Brady didn’t know. For the first time in her life she had no reason for what she was doing, except her suspicion, so she just hung up and stared out of the window.


Rain was falling. Gray clouds covered the sky and turned everything into something wet and cold. Dee was still wondering about what had happened since that crazy woman had dragged him into her car. What could they want from him?

He had no money, no influence, no connections to anybody with money, influence or connections. And for sure she didn’t need his medical knowledge. First, he was only in med school. Second, she must be quite rich; otherwise she wouldn’t have such a big house! Third, she was old! He guessed she was about thirty, a business woman, quite, or more likely very successful, very strict, addicted to her rules, money and her job.

Anyway, what did he need a perfectly fitting suit for? For that wired party? For the meeting with her father? Why did he have to meet her father anyway? Right, he had helped her. She was frightening! She was a crazy, small, trigger happy bitch! Why wouldn’t she let him go?

Did she like younger men? Dominic started to freeze, when he thought about that. “Aren’t you ready yet? I just hate guys like you!” she said very much annoyed. Ok, that question got a “no” for an answer! Luckily!

“Can I go now?” he asked hopefully when the Lady let got of him, “Can I go back after the party?” “No!” she said immediately, “If you ask me that again…” “Yea… I know, you’ll shoot me. You said that already!” Dee interrupted her and shook his head, “But why do I have to stay here? Why can’t I go?”

“You know that you are very annoying?” she asked crossly, “You can go when ever I tell you to go. But I’m not! Now, will you just obey me?” “No!” he said, wrinkled his forehead and stared at her. Abigail stared back.

“No?” she asked, pulled out her gun, held it onto his chest, “Sure you don’t want to change your mind?” The crazy woman smiled evilly. “Ok!” he said fast and lifted his hands in surrender, but he couldn’t take his eyes off hers, in case she still wanted to shoot him! So he had been right after all. She was crazy and he would definitely so not obey her!

“That’s better!” her smile faded and she looked crossly again. Abigail turned away, “Keep that suit on, get your clothes and come!” As fast as he could, he grabbed his stuff and followed her. She had paid already, than took his clothes out of his hands and threw them into the bin next to the counter.

He looked at her in shock, pointed towards his clothes and stuttered, “What… what are you doing?” Abigail rolled her eyes, took a lighter out of her bag and set his stuff on fire.

“I’m freeing you from the curse of bad taste and… these clothes!” Abigail O’Brady said coldly. What the fuck was that bitch talking about? Shocked and with wide eyes he watched his clothes burning in the bin.

Those used to be his favourite clothes!

“You can keep these clothes on for now.” His female kidnapper said without even a glance towards him. Dee was too shocked to reply when Abigail pushed him out of the shop and into one of her cars.

He spent the following days mostly alone, one of his visitors was the dinner lady, as Dominic called her because she refused to talk to him and the other one was the one and only Abigail O’Brady, asking stupid questions and staring at him. In all the hours alone, he read his school books and tried to keep on track with his studies.

After almost one week, Abigail entered his room with an expensive looking bag for clothes in her hands and a gay looking man behind her. They started talking in a foreign language, while the man eyed him carefully. “Allo my name iz Jacque.” He said with a heavy accent. “I’m Dominic.” He replied with a careful glance at Abby. Jacque started talking in the other language again. Did they do that to keep him out of the conversation? Or did he really speak English that badly?

“That is Jacque Lumiére. He came here just because I asked him to. His job is to fit your suit!” she said bored and lifted the bag in her hand and handed it over to Jacque, “Jacque doesn’t speak English, only French, Spanish, German and Italian. If you speak any of those, you can talk to him, otherwise, bad luck!” After that, he was alone with Jacque.

“Allo, my name iz Jacque!” he said again and asked Dee with his hands to turn around. So Dee turned. He spoke a little German, but not enough for a conversation. After he had turned, Jacque handed over the bag and said something in French. Probably he should try it on. Nervously he opened the bag…

Chapter 2

Dominic stepped out of the door in his new and perfectly fitting black suit, black shiny shoes, white shirt and a wired green tie and stared at the woman in front of his room. She looked a bit like his kidnapper, the same eyes, the same hair colour, just a little younger. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail; her chocolate brown hair was all straight and long.

Her make up looked naturally, her eyes were surrounded by dark shadows and her lips were dark red and glossy. Her dress had a dark chocolate brown colour with a few chocolate brown, glittering designs. The young woman looked at him seriously and said, “Can you stop staring at me? Now come on, your party is about to start!”

Sisters? Could they be sisters? After a few meters she stopped, turned around and looked at him crossly, “Stop staring at my ass, you jackass!”

No sister… it was her! Actually she looked pretty hot with a dress like hers. If he could tell his friends about that! He was going to a party with a hot, older girl, in a formal suit and he was sure to meet at least some celebrity’s. His friends would be so jealous!

Fast he followed Abigail, until they stopped in front of a big door, “Try to behave a bit in there. The people in there are all very powerful, it’s better for you not to ask what they do exactly, believe me! Anyway, it’s not just about behaving well in there. If you say only one wrong word, they would order somebody to kill you.”

“Why does everybody want to kill me since I met you?” Dee asked with a little panic in his voice. He should have stayed in bed the day he had met her for the first time! “If you would do what I’m telling you all the time, there would be a few less people trying to kill you!” she said cold, “Ready for hell?” Dominic nodded and took a deep breath.


Abby opened the door to one of her worst occasions in her whole life, a party with her father. With a sigh she opened the door and pushed Dee through in front of her.

As always, most of the high members were here, a few overrated models, idols and other celebs attended the party, the top of the high celebs; the top of the high society, all in one place.

The most arrogant people she had ever met! She felt a little angry, because the party was Dominic O’Hara’s fault! Her father insisted in having this party to thank Dee! But she could still keep him as a toy; she just had to make sure he survived this party!

Bored she walked through the big room, greeted by most people who dared to talk to her, when they passed them. Dee followed her quietly, curiously eyed by the party guests. When she reached her father, she greeted him coldly, “Old man.”

“So you made it after all, Abigail.” Her father said just as cold. His eyes moved towards Dominic and her father stared at him, “So, Abigail, is that your hero?” Abby took a deep breath, “Yes, he is the one who helped me the other day.” With another sigh she turned to her “hero”, as her father called him and whispered crossly in his ear, “Go ahead and introduce your self!”


Dee felt a little out of place, everybody here was whether important, famous or both! And now he stood in front of the man, whose fault it was, that he was held prisoner for a week already, for helping his all grown up daughter! “My name is Dominic O’Hara, it’s an honour meeting you, Sir!” he said carefully and lowered his head, as if he spoke to a king. “I know your father. Good man, good man!” he said in a strange tone, as if he remembered old times. Dee nodded and looked to the floor. His father…

“Miss Abigail, may I talk to you for a second?” a tall man said in a masculine voice. Dee thought to remember him from his kidnapping, when he walked out of the room with Abigail, leaving him behind.

For a while Abigail’s father stared at him. The music was loud. Everybody was talking and enjoying the party. The young man saw a beautiful girl, in a provocative, short red dress. Her fire like red curls flying through the air, as she was dancing with a guy.

“What do you want?” Mr. O’Brady pulled him back out of his thoughts, “Five? Six? Just tell me a number!” Dee looked at him in surprise and confusion, “Excuse me, but what are you talking about, Sir?” “I want you to leave my daughter alone! Just leave! How much do you want? Five million? Six million or even more?” he replied coldly, sure to win. Dominic’s mouth fell open, “Million?” That freaking old guy was insane! Just like his daughter!

Dee sighed, “Listen, Sir, I would leave. I would be more than relieved if I could just go home, forget about all that happened and live a normal life. But how am I supposed to go? She has GUARDS in front of the room where she locked me up in! And you can call me stupid or what ever, but I do not wish to get shot or jump out of the window, because I can’t fly! You should talk to her, instead of me!” Mr O’Brady nodded, “I might do that.”

“You said you knew my father. How…?” Dee changed the subject. “That is something… Well, I guess I’m the only one who can tell you. Your father used to work for me.” O’Brady said with a sip of his drink.

“Sit down, boy!” he said and offered him a seat in a dark corner. Dee looked at the people enjoying the party. He didn’t know if he would like to hear what the old man was going to tell him, but… he had to know something about his father. “Your father was a real good man, a genius. After he met your mother, he was really happy. They got married, than she was pregnant. Everything was perfect. But when you were born, your mother died. She had internal bleedings; the doctor’s discovered that too late. Your father suffered a great loss and I can truly understand those feelings.” Mr O’Brady said sadly and emptied his drink, “He decided to protect you from his feelings and to give you a complete family. The same day you were born, another woman gave birth but her baby died that night. Your father saw his chance for you and the family adopted you. Unfortunately your father died a while after that. I’m really sorry.”

“I knew I was adopted.” Dee said calm and thought about what he had heard. So his father was working for a criminal? He had never known a lot about him. James, his father, had told him about his real parents, he knew his parents had given him away.

“How did you know I was Ian’s son?” Dee suddenly asked suspiciously. “When your parents married, they asked me to be their best man. So, to be precise, your father was a very close friend. After your mom died, your father, Ian, told me about Kathlyn, he told me she gave you the name Dominic and he didn’t know what to do with you. It was hard for Ian to even look at you. You looked so much like your mother.”

Dee looked through the crowd for his kidnapper, to get a reason to leave. A reason to get away from the idea his father could possibly be a friend with that crazy man.

But he went on talking, “Ian told me, he planned to get you back after he finished off with the loss of his love. He told me the name of the couple that adopted you. So I knew it, when you introduced yourself. Anyway, you still look a lot like your parents.”

“Why are you telling me all of that?” Dee asked, still looking for Abigail, or a reason to escape this party. Mr O’Brady looked at him carefully and said, “Your father never wanted you to be involved with his work, he wouldn’t have wanted you to be here.”

Dee looked away from the crowd and stared at Abigail’s father. “Look, I’m grateful for what you did to save my daughter, but I really think you should go home and forget about what happened.”

Swallowing a waterfall of curses, Dee’s mouth fell open, he took a deep breath and said more calmly, “You know, I would. I really would like to go home, see my parents, forget about all the wired things happening since I’ve met her. Believe me, if I could go, I would!” Angrily he stood up and left the wired old man behind.


“Miss Abigail, I got some new information.” Jaden said quietly, when they reached a quiet spot. Annoyed she looked at him, “Can’t that wait till tomorrow?” Abigail checked on Dee, he was still with her father, but now he was looking at him. A terrible scenario appeared in her imagination, when she realised, Dee’s hands where trembling in anger.

“Jaden, these things have to wait a few minutes!” she said fast and hurried over to Dee. By the time she reached him, he had left the old man already. “What happened?” she asked grabbing Dee’s arm and pulling him away from the party guests and out of the room.

“Seems like you like the old man as much as I do.” Abby said when he didn’t answer. “He knew my father.” Dominic said with a cross face, avoiding her eyes.

“Knew?” Abigail looked at him, “I thought your father was still alive?” “Ian O’Callaghan is my real father. James O’Hara adopted me the day I was born!” he said quietly and kind of empty. “The Ian O’Callaghan?” Abby asked confused.

She had heard about a man, a good friend of her father, called Ian O’Callaghan. That guy must have been a genius on the computer; he was developing robots and stuff with a trusted team for the old man. Ian O’Callaghan had been the head of that operation; he was controlling all of their robots with his laptop! But after marrying a woman from his team, Kathlyn Madigan, he disappeared with her. He had died a few weeks after his wife.

Her victim looked at her crossly and cold, “How the hell would I know? I never met my father and James couldn’t tell me anything about it either, because he just met him once!”

Abigail sighed and pulled him closer in her arms, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know him, but he is a legend around here. Your father really was a good man. He developed robots to rescue people and to serve. He would NEVER harm anyone or anything!”

Dee pushed her away and left the room with a gloomy expression on his face. Abigail felt sorry for him. He never met his parents and he would never get to meet them either, at least not as long as he was still alive.

Sadly she left the room, “Now Jaden, what’s the matter?”  “I found the connection between him and us. James and Mary O’Hara are not his biological parents!” Jaden said unsure how to handle her gloomy mood.

“I know. He adopted Dominic and his real parents are Kathlyn and Ian O’Callaghan, the engineer who used to work for the old man.” Abby said. “How do you know about that, Miss O’Brady?” her body guard asked. “He told me.” She replied quietly. “Do you know anything else?” Jaden shook his head and his mistress nodded, “Alright, good job. If you find out anything interesting, give me a call.”

Abby went back to the party, looking for her best friend Cat, who was dancing with a male model. Cat was wearing a short ret dress, matching her red curls and her intense green eyes.

Abigail tried to wipe away the sadness, so she went to dance with Cat and a few other models. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the sad expression in Dee’s face.

The following two weeks, Dee stayed in his room; he didn’t talk a lot and just stayed in there, reading school books. Abby was worried about him, was he really all right?

“Can I go home now?” Dee finally asked, “I suppose my school will be worried and my landlady and my boss. They might call the police to find me.” Knowing why nobody would come for him, she laughed. “Well,” she said, “I quit your school, your jobs, your flat. They know you won’t come back.”

“Where am I? As far as they know? Where do they think I am?” he asked confused. “You got accepted to the best elite school, you got a scholarship for the med class.” Abby explained. “My parents will be worried. James will definitely wonder why I’m not calling. Mary will insist in alarming the police!” he said with a new strength in his voice.

“They got a letter, explaining the circumstance that you went to that school and there is no reception for your phone.” Abby said calm, expecting him to freak out and be angry with her for doing that.

But Dominic stayed calm, “Well, at least they are not worrying. Will I really go to that school? Or will I be held prisoner for the whole time I’m here?” “No, you will do some normal stuff. And yes, you will go to my school. I founded it a few years ago. It’s the elite in all classes.” She said coldly.

Why did he act so cold towards her? Abby was wondering about his reaction, his ignorance about the fact that he was a prisoner. “Why did you found a school? Don’t you have everything you want?” Dee asked, turning to the window. “That school is not only for my sake. I created it to give those who wish to learn and with the discipline a chance to receive a good education. My school system is a little different to common schools.” Abby explained. When the young man looked at her with interest, she continued, “In my school we have classes, but they are not classified in age, but subject and direction. You are in another specialised class. You will be in my elite medical class, EMC. All E-classes are just the best of the best. It is an honour to get in one of those E-classes. Their aim is to sort of serve my company in one way or another. Your class for example, will work all over the world as surgeons, professors or in the development for example. The E-classes will get, depending on their results a very special recommendation, with that they are Number One for every employer.”

“So, except the E-classes, your school is a charity project for you?” Dominic asked; curiosity in his voice, but looking out of the window again. “Sort of, most students in my school have a scholarship. I think every person deserves a chance to learn.” She said confident.

“What am I to you? I mean I am honoured to get into that EMC thing, but why do you keep me here? Am I something like a charity project for you as well?” O’Hara sounded unsure and unconfident.

“It is said you shall keep your foes as close as your friends, if not closer. Are you a friend or a foe? I don’t know, I can’t tell yet!” “Usually I get along well with people. What would I do if I was your enemy? Shouldn’t I want to get close to you? Shouldn’t I want to stay or to kill you?” Dominic turned around and looked at her with sad eyes, “My profession and my aim is to save lives and to heal injuries and diseases. I can’t fight, I’m not especially good with a computer and so what would I be worth as a spy?”

“Are you kidding me? You can’t fight? What kind of guy can’t fight?” Abby asked shocked. Well, he could be lying about what he said, but he was right, a spy like that wouldn’t last long. How could he survive twenty years without being able to fight properly?

“I hate violence!” he said strong and looked at her, “If I had to injure someone, I would just do something that I could fix again after doing it! I hate these first person shooter games, I hate war and I just hate all that stuff! I prefer to learn how to cure people. That’s what kind of person I am!” Abby looked at him in surprise, “Well, if that’s the case, you’ll have to learn a lot. If you ever wanna have a girl, you should know how to protect her. Come on, put some trainers on and meet me outside in five!” As fast as she could, Abigail put on her own tracksuit and started to coach her latest toy.


First of all Abby seemed to test his physical health. Dominic thought about why he obeyed her so obediently, why did he run three hours a day, why did he train to fight, practice how to treat and use a gun, learn how to move and handle and use all kinds of different weapons? At least one of his questions got a proper answer.


Why didn’t he run away?


Every time he had opened the door, at least three guns pointed towards his body. Every time he looked out of the window, there were twelve men, carrying guns and other weapons, ready to use them. The answer to, why he didn’t run, was as easy as pie.


He didn’t want to die!


Soon he learned how to fight properly, he even learned kung fu. Sometimes he thought Abigail O’Brady tried to make an assassin out of him. But after a few weeks training how to shoot, he knew, she couldn’t do that. He never even hit the paper man once. Not even close.

“Ok, I suppose, we can skip the shooting. Good that I have bodyguards already.” Abigail said amused and killed another paper man with only a single shot in his head, in the middle of his forehead, without looking!

“Do you think you could do it?” she asked curiously, “If your life would be on the line. Could you shoot someone? I know you don’t want to kill and all, but could you injure someone to save your life?”

Slowly she walked behind him and whispered in his ears. He felt her breath on his neck, staring towards the paper man on the wall. “Imagine this man is real. He wants to murder your parents, your friends and everyone close to you. Imagine he is pointing a gun on you, ready to shoot. Your only chance to save your beloved ones is to stop him right now!” she whispered in his ear, lifting his arms. “You just have to fix your aim with the top of you gun and pull the trigger.” Abigail continued.

Dominic saw his friends and family screaming in fear, but there was someone else cowering beside James and Mary. Abby, as she looked in the night when he first met her.

Just like in a trance, he lifted the gun a little higher, he heard the paper man laughing, teasing him, that he was the one who injured and chased Abigail that night. That he enjoyed to hurt and hunt her down.

Dee pulled the trigger and the sound of the bullet hitting the metal wall behind the paper man, pulled him out of his imagination and he stared at the paper guy, who had a small hole in his chest, where his heart was supposed to beat.

“Well done!” Abby said truly impressed, “But I hope you know, that in real life you would be dead if he had the intention to kill you, or even just to protect his own life.”

Breathing heavily, Dee had to sit down; in his imagination he had killed a person! A man he didn’t know. If that would have been a real situation, he would have killed him, without a chance of surviving that shot. He would have murdered him!

Why? Because that paper man told him he enjoyed hurting the woman who had kidnapped him! He didn’t want to kill him before he had said that. So why? Why was she the reason he would have killed that man without hesitation?

Why did his heart start to beat so fast when she was close to him? Could he like her? Why did he have to fall for the person he shouldn’t fall for? Anyway she was older than him, he was too young for her and under her status anyway, so he wasn’t good enough anyway!

Shaking his head, he banned these thoughts out of his mind. She didn’t trust him anyway, so why should she fall for him?

Dee was glad he had just the killed a paper man! He would never ever take a gun in his hands! As always, Abby dragged him outside, “May I introduce my sports team. You wanna join them for a game?”

A group of athletic looking men stood on a big field, they carried different types of balls, their tricots where black and red. The field had different types of goals and stuff to score in different sports.

From baseball to American football and if he wasn’t totally mistaken, he saw “Quidditch” rings on two sides of the field. Decoration or did she find a way to fly?

When he was younger he read all the Harry Potter books, it had been something like an epidemic, everybody had read them and everybody went to the movies to see them first hand. But Dee had never known that somebody had invented something like a hovercraft broomstick or something like that…


Abby followed Dee’s eyes, when he stared at the Quidditch rings, she said, “My mother used to read the books to me when I was small. I wanted to play Quidditch as well, so I… ordered my father to build that for me.”

Dee looked at her suspiciously and asked, “Did it work? Did you play?” Abigail was one of those people, who used to get EVERYTHING they wanted as a kid and even when they where grown up. “Of cause not, dummy! The most important parts are missing! First, flying broomsticks and second, the flying balls, one flying away, golden, very hard to catch and two in the size of a big orange, chasing and attacking the player. How can we do that?

“That’s the exactly what I’ve been wondering. I’ve never heard of anyone being able to create a flying object. I mean, of cause we have planes and helicopter and all that stuff, but nothing as a flying broomstick, nothing that would work for Quidditch.” The tall guy said smiling.

“I’m sure your father could have built some robotic thing, able to fly, but we would need such a thing as magic to make them work properly.” Abby said calm. “You don’t believe in magic, do you?” he asked with a smile. “No!” she replied and looked at her team. “So, what do you wanna play?” she asked curiously.

Since she had kidnapped the tall young man, they hadn’t done anything like this. Abby still tried to change his sense of fashion. So they had been shopping a few times. All the other days they were training. In only one more day she would introduce him to the EMC! Abby wasn’t sure if he would be able to succeed in the E-class, they really had a high standard, but she had to try. She trusted him so far. Anyway, he had saved her life the other day! Giving him the best possible education was just a small reward for her life, wasn’t it?


It was early in the morning, when Abby had entered his room to wake him for his first day of school. Abby was wearing a suit, very formal. She probably had a meeting or something. But of cause she didn’t go to school, she must have graduated a few years ago. She just handed over his school uniform and brought him to the car, which would take him to school.

A special class for medical students, Abby told him the school was something like a charity project for her, but still… it seemed more like an old castle. Like a school for rich, spoiled kids. The school was surrounded by a big yard, numerous sport fields, sandpits and a big green park.

Dee’s school uniform fit perfectly, not only his body, but also the school. It was black, black trousers, black leather shoes, a black tie, a dark blue jumper and a white shirt.

Curiously he walked through the school building, what kind of people went to this school?

It was easy for him to find his way to the assembly hall for the entrance ceremony, because Abby had shown him a few days earlier. Of cause she had all the school keys! When he walked through the unfamiliar corridors, students stared at him. Their uniform was different; it looked less expensive and a little plainer.

As soon as he entered the hall, he saw some boys with the same uniform as his, so he chose a chair close to theirs, but not as close as that he would actually sit beside them.

“If you sit there, you won’t get to know anyone of your class.” A male voice said from behind him, “Hi, I’m Ryan.” “Dominic,” he replied, when he turned around. “Come with me, I’ll introduce you to our class. Which E-Class did you get in?” Ryan asked. Dee stood up and followed him towards the other guys, “EMC.” “Wow,” Ryan said impressed, “I heard it’s really hard to get in the medical class!” “Which class are you in?” Dee asked. „ETC, Elite Technical Class. Any problems with your computer or any other technical object, ask me!“ Ryan explained.

“Hey guys, listen up, this is Dominic and he’s new here. Be nice to him!” Ryan announced. Almost immediately the entire group started to introduce themselves and which class they where in.

So the entrance ceremony started, the teachers introduced themselves for all the new students, the headmaster held a speech, about the school rules and ended with a few appreciating words about Abigail O’Brady, the founder of their noble school.

“I saw her at school last year, she really is something!” a guy behind him said quietly, when everybody tried to squash through the door at the end of the hall to get out. The guy beside him agreed, “Jear, she’s hot! But did you see the people around her? They are quite scary, except Cat! She’s just as hot as Abigail O’Brady!” They continued their shallow conversation until we passed the gates and stepped into the bright sunshine outside the hall.

Dee looked up and spotted Abby, surrounded by a bunch of guys in black clothes and black sunglasses, nothing unusual for him. But still, seeing her let his mouth fall open in surprise. She was wearing a school uniform!

Black shoes, short, white socks, knee long leggings, a short, black, blue and white plaid skirt, an Asian looking shirt with buttons from the right side of her neck to her left shoulder, it was out of satin, just like his shirt and her hair was tied back in a strict ponytail, but it looked more loose than usually, and decorated with a black hair band with a little black rose a little sideways on the hair band. Dee was frozen and just couldn’t move anymore.

“That’s her!” a boy whispered from somewhere behind.

Abby was still in school? So much about his theory she would be finished with school and her age. She couldn’t be older than twenty five! She looked way younger in her uniform, a bit more like his age. She looked at him, she seemed to be amused. Then he realised that he had been staring at her with is mouth wide opened.

Quickly he shut his mouth and looked around. The boys around him where all staring at her, whispering. Unsure he stepped forward. “Abigail?!” he said. What was she doing here? Did she go to one of her elite classes?

“Finally!” she said and started walking towards one of the buildings. Everybody was staring at him, when he followed Abby, now surrounded by the bodyguards as well. “I’m sorry I didn’t make it for the entrance ceremony, but I had some other business to attend.” She said, but didn’t sound sorry at all. “Well, I survived!“ Dee replied, still feeling the others eyes in his back.

“This is your class. If you bring shame to my name, I’ll kill you! I hope you’re aware of that. Although the standard in this class is quite high I expect good results.” Abigail announced and pushed him through the door.

In the room were only a few students, they all looked like rich kids. When he turned around, Abby was gone, so he entered the class room and sat down next to a window.


After school Abby didn’t even get to see her toy anymore. He barricaded himself in his room and didn’t come out for the whole week, except for school. When he didn’t show up on Saturday either, Abigail had to think about something, so she called her best friend over. Cat would know what to do.


Chapter 3

When Dee looked up, a red haired young woman in just a tiny bit of clothes was lying on the sofa in front of the window. She looked at him in lust, moving sexy and calling for him with her eyes. He’d seen her before. At his “thank you” party. But what was she doing in his room? Irritated he looked back in his books and continued his studies.

“Hey!” she said a tiny bit angry, “Why are you ignoring me?” “I’m busy!” he said calm. “Why don’t you come and play? You are young, you can read when you’re old!” the red head protested. “I have to study and I don’t even know you.” Dee looked up from his book, “Why don’t you go and play somewhere else?” The woman looked at him confused, “But don’t you think I’m pretty? Why do you prefer studying, if you could have fun with me instead?”

With a sigh, Dee put down his book and looked at her seriously, “Look, you really are pretty and everything, but if I don’t learn, I mightn’t be able to stay in my class. That’s important for me, so would you mind playing somewhere else now?” Suddenly she smiled cheekily, standing up, “Is there someone you like in your class?” “No, not in my class.” Dominic replied, looking back in his book. “Alright, if you ever wanna come and play, tell me!” she said laughing and walked to the door, “I’m Cat by the way!” “I’m Dominic!” he replied without paying much attention to her when she left the room.

If he wouldn’t be at least about average in his class, Abigail O’Brady would definitely torture him! For a second he froze, imagining Abby in leather clothes with torture instruments and a whip, ready to torture him…

He pressed his head, as red as fire, in the pillow on the couch and tried to forget that again! That wouldn’t be too bad if she’d do something like that. Dominic really had to admit that he kind of liked the thought of that.


“What happened, Cat?” Abigail asked when Cat closed the door of Abby’s room. “Well… first he ignored me completely, it took him about twenty minutes just to realise I was there.” Cat complained, “After that he just continued studying. I think there is somebody he likes. Somebody he wants to impress with his abilities.” “And who might that be? Maybe he wants to impress a girl in his class? There are a few girls in his EMC. Do you think he has a fancy for one of them?” Abby asked curious. “Sweety, I think you should really give him some more credit. You just kidnapped him and pulled him out of his normal life, after he saved you.” Cat said calmly, “Let him have some fun as well!” Abigail nodded, Cat was right, she always was. “He’s a lot like his father.” Cat whispered into her ear, before she left Abby’s room.


On Wednesday, Dee finally had sports. They didn’t do anything yet, just explaining rules and that kind of stuff. So it was finally time for proper sports. As in most schools, when the boys had PE, the girls would stand at the sides, watching them. Dee loved sports, it was the only time when he really used most of his strength and forgot about the future, about his aims and everything, relying only on his instincts.

“Wow! Dee, you’re really good! Why don’t you join some of the sports clubs?” a guy asked him after PE. “I have other activities after school at the moment, but maybe next term.” Dee replied, “But I’d love to join you sometimes for a match if that’s ok?” After school he was still training with Abby, although he didn’t have lots of time last week because of all his studies.


Abigail walked past the sports field, when she saw Dee, surrounded by a bunch of boys, they were laughing, playing around. It was nice to see, that Dee had found some friends. Male friends!

But who was the girl that he liked? Abby stopped and looked at the girls gathering around the sports field, was she one of them? Quickly shaking her head, Abigail turned away and walked on to her meeting.


As soon as school was over Dee went straight to Abby’s house. He still had a few things to learn until he could finally have fun again. He was almost on the same level as the other guys! That meant a more relaxing time for him!


After the first test Dee got another examination. Not from school, but from Abigail O’Brady herself. She was supposed to pick him up, but instead there was a middle school girl with piggy tails, pink, cute hair bands, a school uniform from Abby’s school, shiny lips and a pink lollipop in her hand. She did remind him of a younger version of Abby. Did she have a younger sister? This girl looked like fourteen and so innocent and cute and nice, nothing like Abby.

But last time he had been wrong as well. “Abby?” he asked carefully, trying not to anger her if it was not her after all.

“Yes dough!” she said with an arrogant, but pleased smile. It really was her, no mistake! Abigail O’Brady surely was the only person in the entire world, able to look like this and be so wicked at the same time.

How did he only get caught up in this drama around the spoilt Abby? Dee shook his head and looked at Abby again, “What about this outfit? Where are we going anyway?”

Abby laughed, “We’re going to test your skills!” “Does that mean you want to injure someone just to test my skills?” the EMC student asked shocked, but Abby stopped laughing and looked at him with a serious and evil expression, “What if I did? Would you not help this person? But no, today we shall test your fighting skills. After all, it was me who taught you how to fight, so you should do rather well.”

Changing her face back to being a cute and innocent schoolgirl, she turned around and they left the prestigious house.

Abigail walked in front of him for quite a while, well, actually she seemed to be in a rather good mood as she playfully jumped along the streets. Soon the scenery changed and the beautiful houses had been replaced by dirty apartment blocks. What on earth could she want in a place like this? The crazy woman would probably go to a costume ball with an outfit like this!

Could she know someone in that area?

A bad feeling crept up his spine, as he walked a bit faster to catch up to Abby. Dominic was only one foot apart from her, when she suddenly disappeared in a narrow side road. Dee ran around the corner and caught a hard punch into his abdomen. Gasping for air he tumbled back a few steps and spotted Abigail in chains, tied up and getting pulled out of the road.

Those guys were trying to kidnap HIS kidnaper! They tried to kidnap Abby! With a loud scream he jumped frontwards again, punching his fist into the first guys stomach and against his head right after. His brain seemed to switch off again; he couldn’t control his actions anymore as he fought against four of the kidnapper.

The two remaining ones were still trying to pull the struggling woman away from Dee, as he sent one of them flying with a kick.

Only one man was left, holding on to Abby’s chains. With an evil grin he hit Abigail hard in her face, so she fell against the wall, sliding down to the ground where she stayed. That bastard had actually hit the sadistic woman!

For only one second he felt scared, but he couldn’t think about his safety right now! He had to help Abby! Once again he felt like a machine, just like the day when Abby had tried to teach him how to shoot.

When he realised what he had done, he suddenly felt the pain in his own body. Quickly he freed Abby from the chains and carried her back to her house as fast as he could.

In his room he put the unconscious woman down on his bed and examined the cut on her head. Those bastards! Attacking and trying to kidnap a young girl like that!

Soon a young woman came in with a pouch of ice he had ordered on the way in. Carefully he cleaned out the cut with fresh water; luckily it was small enough to heal without any stitches, so the EMC student simply put a bandage on the cut and placed the pouch with the ice on a towel on her head.

“Can you watch her for a second? I wanna check out my own bruises. Make sure the towel won’t get too cold because it wouldn’t be good for her brain if we try to freeze it!” Dee asked the woman and stood in front of the mirror. His left eye was turning dark blue and his whole body was covered with bruises and even a few cuts.

With a relieved sigh he sent the girl off again and sat down on a couch next to his bed. He would wait until she woke up again. Once in a few minutes he checked her breezing and her pulse until he was sure she was alright. After that he sat down again on the small couch opposite of Abby and finally relaxed a little bit, knowing the woman he was stuck with, was sleeping calmly.


When Abigail opened her eyes again she had a terrible feeling of a déjà vu. Dominic O’Hara, her latest toy, sat on a small couch, fast asleep, while she woke up on his bed with a horrible head ache. This time she wasn’t injured as bad as the first time though.

Those bastards had broken the treaty! Their simple job had been to capture her and try to kidnap her! No chains and no real kidnapping and definitely no smelly rags in her mouth!

Abigail had to admit that he’d saved her, again. Actually he had been quite impressive when he saved her, again. Actually he had been quite impressive when he saw her struggling in chains. Cute and handsome! Everything about Dominic turned out to be quite impressive lately.

Quickly she shook her head, climbed out of the blanket and left for her room to take a shower.

The cold water in her shower helped her to get a clear mind for her business and to make better decisions.

Since she had started with work her money and her stock had tripled! Of course she had to pay tax and wages and insurance and all that crap, but still, it seemed like her sense for business was much better than her fathers!

There was still so much work she had to finish before the end of the week, but in moments like this she just wanted to go away, go on a vacation! Just when she thought about actually going, her phone rang and Abby jumped out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel and answered the call.

“Rose!” she said excited, “How are things?” “I’m good, thanks!” the girl on the phone said laughing, “How are you, Abb’s? I hope I’m not disturbing you?” “No, not at all, I’m actually not too bad, I guess. I just came back from a field trip to test my latest toy’s fighting abilities.”

Abby shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the floor. Her Irish friend laughed, “Is Dee still alive then?” “I guess? Last time I saw him, he was sleeping peacefully in his room!” Abby chuckled.

“Anyways, the reason for my call is to invite you over to my house. You can bring Dee of course!” Roisín said cheerfully. “Like a holiday?” Abby asked and thought about the coincidence that Rose would call just when she was thinking about a holiday. That had happened before as well, but at that time Abigail just couldn’t take off and leave, no matter how much she had wanted to leave and go to Ireland and just relax. But now was different.

Right now there was nothing to hold her back, nothing to make her stay! “Sort of like a holiday, yes.” Roisín said, “I was hoping to get my friends together for a little reunion. Some from America like yourself and Carter, some from Germany and all over the world. I guess you could say it’s like a private international congress or so! Please say you two are coming!”

“An international congress?” Abby chuckled, “Ok, fine, we’ll be there. Do you have a date set yet?” “I do actually, it’s going to be in two weeks. It’s more or less the entire week, so you can come whenever suits you best!” her friend tried to sound calm, but then her joy and excitement took over, “Abb’s I’m SO happy you’re coming! I haven’t seen you in ages and there are other people really looking forward to meeting you again as well!”

After half an hour of catching up, the girls hung up and Abigail went back into the shower to wash off the soap. On the way to her wardrobe she called her pilot and told him to get her jet ready for the trip to Ireland.

When she was dressed she called Carter, who was going to come along as well. “Hi Carter!” she said, as Rose’s and her friend answered the phone.

Carter Richards was a physics student in her college and the little sister of another friend, Ethan Richards. But he currently lived in Germany, since his father had been stationed in the army over there. The only reason Carter didn’t have to go with them was her school and Carters aunt Millicent, who lived next door to them.

“Abby!” she said surprised, “How’re things up in the big apple?” The brunette laughed, “As good as always, how are you doing?” Unfortunately, to Carters freedom, her parents had returned from Germany in September and now lived at home in America again. On the other hand Ethan was the one with the freedom now. Although he was a little older than Carter and Abby herself, and he had a job, a flat, had finished his time at the army and a girlfriend, Theresa and everything.

“Well, dad’s back, mom isn’t leaving so soon anymore and Eth is probably in Germany or Ireland right now. Oh, the only positive thing is school on Monday! And one week holiday in Ireland! You’re coming as well, right?” “Of course I’m coming! It’s a very important, international congress!” she laughed, “No, seriously, I’ll be there and I wanted to ask if you’re flying with us.”

“Are you serious? I’ve always wanted to fly in a jet! We’re taking the jet, right?” Carter asked excited and Abby heard the feathers of Carters mattress squeeze, as she jumped up and down. “Is there another way to travel?” she laughed happily.

Abigail herself was pretty excited as well, she would be able to see a bunch of her international friends again! She would go on a holiday! Away from work, away from her father!

Carter was the same, she had enjoyed her time without her parents and now they were back and they would, of course, see her as a little girl again, although she had grown out of that during the absence of her parents. 

For the next two weeks Abby tried to catch up in her work so she could relax more during her holiday in Ireland. Dee had to study for some tests, so she didn’t have to explain why she was so busy.


Chapter 4

It was really irritating for Dee when Abigail suddenly told him to pack his stuff and to remember wind and waterproof clothes. But Abby had disappeared before he could ask where they were going or what they were doing. He quickly finished his studies and his tests and sat in a limousine to a private airport at the end of the week. “Where are we going Abigail?” he asked confused and admired the jet on the runway. “We are going to an international congress in Ireland.” Abby said seriously. She took out her phone and dialled a number, “Hi Carter, are you there yet? We’re just arriving; I’ll see you in the jet.”

“Why am I coming to an international congress?” Dee asked still confused. “You are my escort.” Abigail said as if it was obvious, “There will be lot’s of important people, so I want you to behave.” “Sure!” Dee said immediately.

Without another word Abigail O’Brady and Dee boarded the jet, while her driver put the luggage in the jet.

“Hi Carter, how are things?” Abigail greeted a young girl with black hair, a light suntan and a happy smile in her face. She was quite pretty and seemed somehow familiar. “Carter, this is Dominic O’Hara!” Abigail said and pointed towards him, and then looked at the girl in front of her, “Dee, this is my good friend Carter Richards, she’s a Physics student in my school.” So that’s why she seemed so familiar! “Nice to meet you Carter,” Dee said with a smile and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you too Dee!” she said, “So, now that we’re all here, we’re ready to go, right Abby?” She laughed and nodded, “All set to go, I’ll just tell the pilot.”

After about eight hours in the air the plane finally landed and the door opened. But Abigail didn’t show any intentions of leaving the jet, so Dee just stayed in his seat and waited. A few minutes passed before a tall guy and a young woman entered the jet.

Carter jumped up and hugged the two of them, “Eth, Tess, I’m so glad to see you! I missed you brother!” “Glad to see you too!” the guy said smiling. “Carter!” the woman said and looked over to Abby.

“Abby! So glad to see you!” she said and hugged his kidnapper. “You too, how come you’re in Germany?” Abigail asked. “Well, had to see my family and my boyfriend. The usual, you know!” she laughed and let go of her, “The others are on their way, just putting in their luggage. Thanks for picking us up by the way!”

“Don’t mention it!” she said and hugged the guy as well, “Ethan, nice to see you not shot!” “I quit the army a year ago, you dwarf!” he said with a sarcastic smile, “And so far nobody tried to kill me since then, as far as I know.” “Same here,” Abby said and laughed, “Guys, this is Dominic O’Hara; he’s a… med student in my elite class.”

“Dee, these are my good friends from Germany, Ethan Richards and his girlfriend Theresa Brand, I knew her longer than Eth! And those are Ulla, Daniela, Lesley, Sandra and Stephanie!” she said as five girls entered the jet, chatting excitedly in German. “Girls this is Dee. Now is everyone ready for Ireland?” she asked and everyone sat down again, “Ok, let’s get going!”

“Hey Abby were you serious when you said we’d have to jump out of the jet to get to Rose’s house?” Theresa said excited, she obviously wanted to do that. But when Abby shook her head Dee sighed in relief.

“We can’t, unfortunately. The pilot said he can’t let ten people, eight of them not trained in doing that, jump out of the jet without and instructor. And Ethan, no, he said you’re not counting as an instructor. He actually locked them up with a codeword and a special security lock that will only open if we’re in serious trouble and the jet goes down!” she said in frustration, “Why would he think I would ignore his advice and let everyone jump anyway by stealing the equipment?” Ethan laughed and the others joined in, only Theresa and Abby really looked disappointed.

Two hours later the jet landed again and this time everyone stood up and headed for the door, so Dee took his stuff and followed Abigail and the others out of the jet onto the airport. “Where exactly are we?” he asked curious and looked around. “We’re in Cork!” Carter said confused, “Didn’t you know where we’re going?” Dee only smiled and nodded. So they were in Ireland now, in the most south west corner, called County Cork, to be precise.

Instead of heading to the exit sign everyone headed in the other direction where a helicopter stood waiting, its rotor blades rotating, ready for take off.

“You can leave the luggage; the driver will bring it over to our location!” Abigail said happily and headed towards the helicopter. Ethan put his arm around his girlfriend and kissed her lightly on her cheek when nobody was watching and helped her climb in. As a gentleman, he helped the other girls as well and even offered Dee a hand but he already jumped in without the army guys’ help. What was so good about him anyway?

Soon they had left the airport far behind them and flew over fields and little villages, country roads and farmhouses. As far as Dee was able to orientate him self with the time and the position of the sun, he would say they were flying west. What else could be west from this point but the ocean? Wasn’t it the same direction America was? Did this person live on an island besides Ireland? What else was there?

But he was wrong. They came frighteningly close to the shore, but landed on top of a big white house in the middle of nowhere. Dee would have loved to go around and explore his surroundings, but the sun was just about to vanish behind the forest on the west side of the house and turned everything into red and purple colours, so he was too captivated to see anything else until they entered the actual house. After a few steps the chatting grew louder again, as the girls greeted someone in the front. The hallway down into the main house was quite narrow for ten people, but very impressive, the white walls were painted with a gothic theme, maybe a little frightening, but certainly impressive!

Someone obviously led them out of the hallway, because everyone started moving again. He didn’t feel well, he felt like punching something, punching something really hard!

When everyone slowed down again, Dee caught a glimpse of a magnificent door. The door consisted of two wooden doors with an about ten centimetre wide ring of milk glass with wooden carvings around the ring and in the inner circle.

But than someone opened it and Dee’s mouth dropped open. Suddenly the crowd disappeared and he stepped through the door, the others were sitting in the room or standing at the railing. On the right and left of the room lead a few steps down into the actual room, on the inner side was a white railing with a gothic design.

The walls and the ceiling were plain white and the floor had a warm brown timbering, along the walls on the side stood a few bookshelves, stuffed with books. Just where the steps ended were another two doors, single ones though and made out of wood. The wall, facing the door, was a gigantic window.

In the middle of the room was a black carpet with strange, white knotty patterns, on top stood a black tea table with knotted carvings on the legs, around it four black leather couches with white cushions on it.

Before Dee could really absorb everything in the room he saw Abby standing beside him, on her side another woman with a wide smile in her face. “Dee, this is my good friend Roisín O’Conor from Ireland, she is our host for this week, sort of.” She said and her friend turned her eyes, “Yes, but I want you to feel just like home, this is why I have such a big house anyway, my boyfriend is travelling a lot so I only have this house so that my friends can stay at my house, since I live so far away from everything.” Dee looked at her for a moment with big eyes; she only had this house so she could host her friends? And her boyfriend was travelling? Why didn’t she kick him out if work was more important than his woman?

“Nice to meet you, I’m Dominic O’Hara!” he said quickly and looked around again, “This room is amazing and the hallway just now, I’m really impressed! Where did you get that wallpaper from?” “Nice to meet you too, is it ok if I call you Dee?” she asked with a smile, “Well, I painted it my self actually, so thanks. How about I show you your rooms? The others have been here before, so they know where their rooms are. And Abby there is someone downstairs waiting for you.” Abby seemed a bit confused, but came along, while Dee was only able to absorb as much of the beauty of the house as he could.

When they entered another room Dee just managed to keep his mouth shut, because a man, maybe in the end of his twenties or about thirty, sat at a low table, reading a book. His hair was dark blonde and he was wearing dark jeans and a blue shirt. When he saw them, he closed his book and stood up; Abigail ran towards him and almost jumped into his arms. This time Dee couldn’t help it, when his jaw dropped down and his eyes grew as wide as possible and he stared at them in disbelief.

Who was that guy now again? Roisín walked past the two of them, towards the long bar in one corner of the room where a laptop was opened. The guy twirled his kidnapper around in a circle, put her back down on the ground and looked at her from top to toe. “You look great Abb’s! How are you?” he said, and Abigail laughed, “Thanks, you look good too! I missed you Paskal, you should drop by once in a while!”

Who did that guy think he was? Why would he be so happy to see her? How could he just do that? Who was he to her? Was he something like her boyfriend? He felt a sudden pain in his chest, and just watched his kidnapper and the man talk cheerfully.

“Oh!” she suddenly said, “Paskal, this is Dominic O’Hara! He’s a living with me; I’m kind of keeping him in my place.” His forehead frowned and he looked over to him, “And Dee, this is Paskal Tayler. He’s from New York as well and an old friend. But he’s probably even busier than me!”

“Nice to meet you,” Paskal said and reached out his hand towards him. Quickly Dee took it and shook it, “You too.” “I hope she’s being nice to you!” he said with a smile and looked at Abby again, “And what do you mean by, you’re keeping him at you house?” “I kidnapped him!” she said calmly as if it was nothing serious and the most normal thing in the world. “Ok. I think I’m not going to say anything, except, I hope you’re being good to him and not tying him up or anything! Otherwise you’ll need a good lawyer.” The two of them laughed and even Roisín chuckled and came over to them.

“Don’t take it too hard, Dee, she’s not serious about that.” Roisín said, but sounded a little worried, “She’s not actually tying you up, is she?” Dee shook his head, “No. She’s not.”

Roisín sighed relieved and shook her head, “I would believe it thought if you’d said she actually did. Come on, I’ll show you your room. Abby told me she sent the driver off with all luggages and that you guys took her helicopter. How long did you fly anyway?” “I have no clue, seemed like all day long!” he said and followed her away from Paskal and Abby.

“How about this room?” she asked and opened a door, “There is a bathroom with a shower on the side as well.” There were blue walls, a white floor and white furniture. There was a blue fuzzy carpet in front of the bed.

On the right side of the bed was a tall window, a white desk with a shelf and a laptop and besides it, a white wardrobe with blue doors. On each side of the bed was a nightstand with two drawers, one white one and one blue one. On the nightstand on the left was a small lamp with a blue lampshade, above the bed hung a picture of New York in black and white.

“Wow, it’s amazing!” Dee said, and looked at the beautiful room, “Wow this is really great! But why are you doing this? I mean, I’m grateful, but you don’t even know me. I think.”

Roisín laughed, “Well, when I moved here I didn’t want to give up my friends and even without Hakuron, my boyfriend, I have enough money to keep my house here. So when I decided to move here, I asked my friend Graze to design this house for me and with the girls we made the interior design. You know, it’s just more fun to make everything yourself. And I love to have friends over, must be in my blood or something. It might be true that I don’t know you yet, but who cares about that. I mean, the reason why I invited everyone over wasn’t only to see my old friends and to bring everyone together again, but also to give the opportunity to make new ones as well.”

For a little while she looked at the picture above the bed, “You know, not everyone here knows everybody yet. I also invited some of my friends from all over the world and they don’t know Abby or the guys from Germany or America. Just like you, they’ll get to know the others if they want to, or not if they don’t.”

The med student nodded, “Is it ok to ask how you met Abby?” “Well, I actually got to know her through Paskal. I went to visit him quite a while ago. He had some business with my father going on, I don’t know. So I went along and there was this girl sitting behind Paskal, staring at everyone like they were worth nothing, like they were nothing.” She shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the bowl like chair next to the door.

“After that we kind of started to become friends. My dad didn’t want me to be in the meetings and it seemed like Paskal made Abby join me.” Roisín said, “And how about you? How did you end up with Abby?”

“I saved her life. I think.” Dee said, “When I first met her she was quite badly wounded. And I actually thought she’d die when I took her home to treat her wounds. But she disappeared the next night again and literally kidnapped me a week after that.”

“Oh!” she said and looked at him, “Wow! That is quite some first meeting! So you’re in Abby’s medical fraction I take it?” “Yes, I’m in her EMC. So I can be her slave in the future.” Dominic said laughing. “Elite Medical Class?” Roisín asked, “I’ve heard it’s almost impossible to get in there, not like impossible, impossible, but you must be really, really good!”

“Is it? Well, I studied hard to catch up with the others, I guess, she just wanted to say thank you for her rescue in her own weird way.” Dee shook his head and dropped down on the bed.

“So are they good friends? Abby and that Paskal?” Dee asked curious to find out something about his kidnapper. His host laughed, “Well, you could say that. For Abby he is family.”

Family? That guy was family for her? And him? He was just a toy, someone to kill time with. But to distract the young woman from the subject Abigail, he quickly said, “So, this place is really nice. But it still must have been expensive to build such a mansion. Is it ok to ask what you do for a living?”

Roisín laughed, “Of cause you can. I’m actually a writer, but I also work for Hakuron’s family when ever they need me. You know, for me, he is my family, my life. My friends are my family as well, you know, you can choose your family if you want.”

Wow, he’d never met an author, “I guess you can. Did you publish your books?” Roisín nodded, “I did. Mostly teen and fantasy stories, if you wanna read something, feel free, I have tons of books in this house, up in the heli-room are some of them, or down in the main living area are another bunch and of cause in my library. If you find my books, read them and tell me what you think about them, ok?” Dee nodded.

With a sigh Roisín stood up again, “Listen, I should get some food on the table and the luggage should arrive soon, so, do you wanna come back with me for dinner and help out if you want, or do you wanna have some peace and quiet and rest until dinner?” “I guess I’ll come back down, I can help then I won’t feel that useless.” Dominic said with a smile and followed her out of the room. “This is Abby’s room by the way. If you need anything, you can tell her, or you can give me or anyone here a call, the numbers are all in the phone next to the bed.”


At the gigantic dinner table sat a bunch of Asian guys, one reading a magazine, the other two were chatting. “Hi, I’m Nan!” the one that had been reading said and smiled at him. “I’m Dee, nice to meet you!” he said and smiled as well. They were in the same room again where he had met that Paskal guy!

“Nice to meet you too, Dee, those are two of my brothers, Han and Aki.” When Nan mentioned their names the two men looked up, smiled at Dee and went on with their discussion. “We’re from New York, and you?” he went on and Dee felt a sudden joy, as he heard those guys were from home. “Me too, I’m sort of staying with Abigail O’Brady in the moment!” he said.

“So you’re here with Abigail, I suppose?” Nan asked, “She’s a good friend of Rose.” He quickly nodded, “And you’re here with your two brothers?” “Well, actually it’s sort of a family vacation. I’m here with my three brothers, my wife Valerie and our daughter Mai, Han and his wife Graze, Aki, Paskal and Amy and the twins.” Nan explained and looked towards the door, as three women came in, each of them a child on their arm.

He would consider each of them a natural beauty. One of them had curly reddish brown hair, hazel brown eyes and a beautiful dark green dress. In her arms she held a little girl of about three years with straight black hair and slim Asian eyes. The second one had light brown hair, brown green eyes, a loose colourful dress and a little boy of about one year on her arms. The last one was blonde with long, waves and a charming smile on her lips. She carried another baby girl of about the same age as the boy with almost shoulder long brown curls.

Nan followed his gaze and said, “Those are my wife Valerie and our daughter Mai, she’s three and a half now. Graze has the little Jeremie on her arm, she is Han’s wife, and the blonde one is Amy and Victoria, the twins are seventeen month old now.”

“Wow, congratulation I guess, your family seems to be gorgeous.” Dominic said with a quick smile towards the women, “So how long will you stay here?” “We’re only staying ‘til midweek, since I have business to attempt. How long will you stay?” Nan asked curiously. “I don’t know.” Dee said and shrugged his shoulders.

The Asian laughed and nodded, “That sounds just like Abby. Not telling anyone what she’s thinking. So how did you get to know Abby?” “I saved her by chance and she kidnapped me afterwards, dragging me to a party to honour me a week later, organized by her father and didn’t let me go ever since.” Dee said and looked around. The women had put the kids down on the ground to play and Valerie and Graze stood next to the piano. Amy sat down in front of the piano and opened it. When she started to sing Dee’s mouth dropped open and Nan chuckled, “Amy used to sing in high school, but she quit and moved to New York to start a new life, that’s where she met our little brother Paskal. And his little friend, he calls a brother who brought them together.”

Nan laughed, “It’s actually a rather funny story, you should ask them some time about how they met.” Dee nodded, although he wasn’t sure if he was interested enough to actually ask Paskal about how he met his wife. Although she was a beauty with those blue intense eyes and her lovely voice, but she seemed older than him as well and she was married.

With a sigh he turned towards Nan again and looked at the magazine he had been reading. “Are you interested in investigations?” Dee asked and pointed towards the magazine. “Well, I should be, it is a part of my job to know about what’s happening in the stock market and about the investigations I can make or my clients. I’m a broker. What are you doing? Are you out in the wild world of jobs or are you studying?” he explained with a smile that could probably sell everything.

“I’m studying. I wanna be a cardiac surgeon some day.” Dee said and checked if he could see Abigail somewhere. Where did she go off to with that guy? “A surgeon for cardiology, wow that is quite impressive!” the Asian said, “If you need a hospital give me a call, I have a bunch of connections to the best hospitals specialised on cardiology.” For a few seconds Dee stared at Nan with wide eyes, “Thank you, I guess. That’s really something, but I actually prefer to rely on my own abilities instead of connections. But I really appreciate the offer.”

“What’s your full name kid?” Nan asked impressed and nodded, “You know what? If you change your mind, give me a call!” He wrote down his name and a phone number and handed him the sheet. “My name is Dominic O’Hara.” Dee said and took the card, “Thanks again. And if you’ll need a surgeon in a few years, you can call me, I hope.”

Nan laughed, “I’m sure of that. I’ll get back to that.” Dee laughed as well and caught a few words of what the other two guys were talking about.

They were talking about hacking into some high security computer network! Could those guys be criminals? Worried he looked back towards Nan, “So what are your brothers doing?” “Han here is a computer genius! He can create the best firewalls and destroy every hacker in the world; he can also defeat every firewall. They are actually discussing if Aki, who is pretty good with that kind of stuff as well, would be able to hack into Han’s high security network of Paskals Company without anybody noticing. Han say’s no, but Aki is sure he can.” Nan explained.

Daunted he looked at Nan, what kind of people were they again? “Let him try if he thinks he can do it!” Roisín said with a smile, “We still have half an hour ‘til dinner, so if he thinks he can do it, let him try. What do you need to hack into Han’s network? Only a computer?”

Aki looked up and smiled, “I really like this woman! Yes, I’ll only need a computer with a fast internet connection and a fast processor.” Roisín smiled, “I’ll get one right away. And you should better watch what you’re saying, Haku might misunderstand you. If he shows up! And believe me; if you want to say something he shouldn’t here in this house, he’ll definitely hear!”

The Irish woman took off and Dee looked at the three guys again, “What’s the deal with her boyfriend?” “No clue, I’ve never met him personally.” Han said, stood up and went over to Graze.

“Actually, none of us ever met him as far as I know.” Nan added and shook his head, “I’ll check on Mai. Do you want me to introduce you to the girls?” “Thanks, but I think I should probably do that tomorrow, I wouldn’t remember any of their names or mix everything up again. My memory sucks after a day like this.” Dee said apologetic and shook his head. Nan nodded and went over to the women.

Just then Roisín returned with a laptop and a bunch of the girls from Germany. “I totally understand you, man; Abby said you had a quick stop in Germany; that must have been quite a long journey for you. We flew directly from New York to Cork and took a car to get here.” Aki said as Roisín handed him the laptop, “Thanks dear!” Roisín went back into the kitchen to check on the food, as Aki continued, “As of that Hakuron guy, all I know about him is that he is Chinese.”

“Are you talking about Haku?” a young woman with shoulder long chocolate brown curls said, and leaned over Aki’s shoulder, “He’s very shy and doesn’t like to be around people. He even avoids his cousins, I presume Rose is the only one to see him frequently and she knows he’ll always return.” She sighed deeply, “That is true love, boys!”

“Say’s who?” Ethan appeared behind her and looked a bit worried. “Me!” Theresa said and turned around to kiss him, “I think that Rose and Haku really are a lovely couple and that they really love each other.” “And I love you!” he said and pulled her in his arms.

“Get a room!” Aki said laughing and turned back to the laptop. But Theresa only stretched out her tongue towards him, “What are you doing anyway?” “I’m hacking into Paskals security network.” Aki said without looking at her.

His fingers slid over the keyboard and Dee couldn’t even tell which keys he was pressing. Dee looked over to Han, who was doing something with his i-phone while Graze sat on his lap, holding Han’s hand on her tummy. Was she pregnant? Or only a bit chubby?

Curiously he looked back at the computer, how did that Aki guy keep up with the hacking? After quite a while, he smelled the delicious scent of food, when Aki started to curse in a different language, at least it sounded like he was cursing. He switched off the laptop and put it to the side, “Dammit that firewall really is good!”

The others started to laugh and Han said, “But I have to admit that you actually got further than anyone else who tried.” “How would you know?” Aki asked irritated and looked over at Han. The other Asian shook his i-phone and laughed, “All I need to check up on my firewall is my phone.” Aki laughed and shook his head, “I declare my own defeat. Han, you’re just too much of a pro!” “Thanks for the flowers!” Han chuckled.

“Dinner!” Roisín called and the German girls helped her bring the food out to the table. Quickly the others came to the table, someone had set it already. The women pulled some high chairs to the table and put the kids in. Abigail came back with that guy.

Dee felt a stitch in his chest and quickly looked into a different direction, admiring the delicious smelling food.


The day Abby had vanished and Dee just didn’t know where she was or what she was doing. In return did the German girls hang around him quite a lot, they seemed to be nice.

“So Dee, tell us about you! How did you meet Abby?” Theresa asked and she and her friends looked at him curiously. So once again he told the short version of what had happened since he had met his kidnapper, the beautiful girl with the bad wounds that fainted in his arms. “Sounds like a very exciting coincidence. And she really just picked you up after wards?” Theresa asked chuckling, “That sounds so like Abb’s!”

“So how do you like it here?” Sandra, a young woman with short black hair, one side with blonde highlights, glasses and some rock band jumper said curiously. “It’s nice here. It’s not raining surprisingly!” he said with a smile, “How did you girls know Abby and Roisín?” A tall girl with long brown hair and glasses smiled at Theresa, “Well, the five of us met them because they were friends with Thesi.”

The small girl with the long brown curls laughed, “Well, it’s hard to not know Roisín, since she is my cousin around a few corners. When she came to visit me through my secondary school time she met my friends in Germany. And Abigail, well, I went to America with Rose and she introduced me to Abby and the guys. At that time Paskal and Han weren’t married yet, I actually met them on Nan and Valerie’s wedding.”

“Wow, seems like everyone here knows everyone through weather Abby or Roisín?” Dee said impressed. Those two seemed to be a bit like a connection point for everything and everyone. “Well, not everyone. I met Ethan in Germany, at a motocross race after party. I was there with my brother. And that’s how I met Carter and their oldest brother Jeremie and their parents. And no, they are not here, Jeremie is in Iraq I think. And Amy and Paskal met through Robin, who is something like a little brother to Paskal. Hmm. Graze didn’t know Abby or Roisín until recently and Nan and Valerie well, they met in college or something!” she laughed, “But I guess you’re still right, Abby and Roisín are the middle, our centre, our connection to everyone besides our closest friends from home.”

“So what are you girls doing when you’re at home? Are you studying?” Dee asked curious now. “I’m studying to become something like a teacher.” Stephanie, the red head with the long straight hair, said. “I’m working at BVS as a construction mechanic.” Sandra, the one with the short black blonde hair said. “I’m studying French and also to be a teacher.” Daniela, a small, blond cute girl said and looked at the tall one with the brown hair, Ulla, “I’m studying Egyptology.” The youngest one of them, Lesley, with the dark chocolate brown reddish hair shrugged her shoulders, “I’m studying music.”

“And I’ll be the crazy one who’s working as a translator for a company here in Cork, but I often go to Germany to meet clients and stuff. People here are not so good with German. Do you speak German?” the small one with the curly hair said, Theresa. “Only a few words, I guess I forgot all of it already. I only went to a club in high school for one year.” Dee said and looked at the girls for a while. Most of them sounded somewhat German, except for Theresa. She had a Cork accent. But when he had heard her speak German she didn’t have an English or Irish accent either. For quite a while he kept chatting with the German girls, until the girls decided to go outside to the pool for a swim. “Are you coming as well?” they asked as he looked towards the door. “I don’t think so, but do you think you could show me where I can find the library? I was hoping to find some interesting books about medicine to study or to read.” Dominic asked and Lesley nodded and showed him the way to the library and to the best books.

Chapter 5

Abby was just so glad that she had come to Roisín’s house! Otherwise she’d still be at home working non stop and getting annoyed by her father. But like this she had time to relax.

Although Roisín’s house wasn’t that big, she hadn’t seen Dee and her German friends the whole second day of the trip to Ireland. After dinner she went off to look for him and found him in the library.

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