"Hey There Delilah" inspired

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I got inspired to write this story while listening to the song "Hey There Delilah", it's one of my faourites =) (and no, that's not the title, I just didn't find a suiting one yet)


 Hey There Delilah 


It was a lovely day in summer, my family and I went for a holiday to California. It was also the summer after I turned sixteen! My family consisted of my mother Meredith, my father Robert, my older brother Jeremy and myself, Delilah. We also had a dog, Rudy, he was like a part of our family and he came with us for holiday.

We had rented a house close to Malibu Beach, because we all loved water, including Rudy. Jeremy and my parents were surfers, I enjoyed swimming and relaxing at the beach, I was probably more into music than surfing though. So while my family was out on the water… or sometimes in the water, I lay in the sun, taking the sun in, storing it like a little hamster.

In the evening I heard some guys jamming a little further down the beach, so I closed my eyes to listen. After a while I grabbed our stuff and went a little closer. Mom, dad and Jeremy were still out on the water, enjoying the waves. Quite a crowd had gathered already, it really sounded good!

“Do you have a wish for a song pretty girl?” the guy that had been singing and playing the guitar asked and looked right at me. “Who? Me?” I asked confused and looked around me. But other than me, there were only guys in the area he looked at. “Yes, do you have a wish for the next song?” he asked again and smiled. “Hey there Delilah?” I asked shyly and smiled back at him. Somehow I just had to smile.

“Sure!” he said and started to play my favorite song. The crowd started to clap in rhythm and I couldn’t loose the smile anymore, as he sang my name over and over again with his beautiful voice. Around the end of the song my brother walked over, soaking wet and looking for our stuff. “Hey Dee! We were looking for you!” he said as he stopped beside me. “I was just listening. Tell Mom, I’ll come to the house later, I still wanna listen a little!” I said and looked back towards the singing guy. For a few seconds it seemed as if he’d look right into my eyes.

When I turned around again, Jeremy was gone and so were mom, dad and Rudy. As the sun set the guys packed their stuff together and the crowd stared to tear up again. “Did you like the music?” he asked as I was one of the last to still stand there. Quickly I nodded, “You were fantastic! Are you a real band or something?” The guys chuckled, “Thanks! Well, we wish we were, but so far we’re only playing in bars and at the beach.” “Well, I thought it was really good!” I said and was about to turn and leave, as he said, “I’m Cory by the way!” “Nice to meet you, Cory,” I said and smiled again.

He was such a good musician and cute as well; tall, dark brown curly hair, hazel eyes and a well tanned and toned athletic body. “Now that you know my name, don’t you want to tell me yours?” he asked and waved his friends goodbye as they left in the other direction. “But you know it already!” I said chuckling and winked at him. “Delilah?” he asked and I nodded, “Delilah.”

“Are you here on holiday, Delilah?” he asked and walked beside me down the beach. “Yes, I’m from New York. And you live here?” I asked curious as well. “Yes, I’ve lived here all my life. So how long will you stay?” “Only two weeks… I have school again after that…” I said and looked towards the ocean, “I’d prefer to stay here though!” “It’s nice down here, isn’t it?” Cory asked and followed my gaze. "Yes, it's so different to New York..." I said with a sigh.

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