19.09.2010 - Roisin McCormac

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Chapter 1

“What is she doing?” asked Cillian in a hush. “Everybody fears her! Even her clients!” moaned his assistant. In the next room were only two people, Roisin McCormac and a young man. It was told, he had tried to rob a bank. Roisin McCormac was paid to be his lawyer and she wanted to find the truth. She was one of the best. Although her method wasn’t as… pretty as it should be.

She was a beautiful woman, nobody would doubt that, but she was as cold as ice. She never smiled, she never laughed. Cillian was sure she couldn’t laugh nor love. There was no possibility she could have friends either! Or a family! For someone like her there was just one thing in her life, work. And there was one thing every man would know as soon as he set an eye on her. She was dangerous. Take a look, but never touch!

Right now she stood in front of this young man, forcing him to tell the truth only by staring at her with cold and icy eyes. A shiver ran down Cillian’s back when her eyes slipped over towards her observers. He wouldn’t even want to be a friend of hers!


“Now tell me!” Roisin McCormac said quietly and stared into Jack’s face, “What happened at the bank?” The man lowered his eyes and stared onto the table in front of him. It took him a while ‘til he answered, “It is just because of my girlfriend. She is pregnant. I am a poor man. I can’t let them suffer because I have nothing to give to them!”

The lawyer stared at him coldly, “That’s a really interesting story. Tell me, if your girlfriend would be pregnant, why would you let her go into the bank YOU planned to rob? Why would you risk their life or getting caught by the police?” “She insisted to come with me! I told her to stay at home or at least outside, but she wouldn’t listen!” whinged Jack and covered his face in his hands.

“I do not believe a single word of what you told me!” Ms. McCormac shouted and pounded with her fist onto the table between them, “Now tell me the truth!” Cillian shivered again, no, she was too scary! In his opinion she should have become a police officer, catching thieves or murderer. She was the hungry wolf in the lamb-costume, the devil in an angel’s gown!

Roisin McCormac knew everything about her clients and she would never forget. Sometimes he wondered if she had a home at all. She was the first one who started to work and the last to finish.

But still, this evil woman did her work with so much effort and passion, something he admired her for. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, her shoulder long, chocolate brown curls, her blue eyes, her small figure, her tanned legs. She was wearing a knee long black skirt, a white shirt and black pumps. Some people would think he’d be in love with her. But who wouldn’t be? Never ever in his life he could confess to her. That’d be the first time she’d laugh. Laugh about him. Anyway, she was a scary woman. He would possibly say he’d have a crush on her, but nothing else. Cillian O’Donal knew she was a workaholic and led only by success.

“Mr O’Donal!” asked Erik and pulled him back into reality. “Sorry, I’ve been thinking…” he said and made himself look into the face of his assistant. “I just said, we’d have to find that girlfriend!” Erik repeated chewing something. Cillian lowered his eyes, “That’d be grand. Get her here! She’ll wanna talk to her soon.” Erik nodded and walked out of his office. Cillian sighed and started to work again, he should do his own job, not hers! He should care about his own clients…

So he tried to concentrate onto work again, but that wasn’t easy with this gorgeous devil so close. When his phone rang, he really concentrated on his clients and not to look over to that evil presence inside the investigation room.

When Erik came back, he went straight to Ms McCormac; together they went out into the hall. Cillian figured Erik had brought that girlfriend. Ignoring everything else, he went back to work and read through the files about abuse.

He needed to find a proof for his theory! He had heard that name before, when he was learning, but where? Justin Terrence. Most of Cillian’s own cases were just like this one. A man talks to a young girl, takes her somewhere to live his perverted fantasies and one of the two possibilities life has is the result. Life or Death! Most of them, who lived, lived totally disturbed and psychologically absolutely crazy. Some others survive it without any harm. The rest just dies. Some get murdered, others die because of fear and stress of the situation, others kill themselves, because they can’t live with what happened and they just… make their last step, their last way out.

At least half of the guy’s didn’t do that for the first time in their lives. Now he had to find out if his conclusion was true. Because if it was, he would definitely go to jail! Cillian just hoped he would find his prove to get this guy arrested! He was just disgusted by the thought of a human, being able to humiliate and violate another that much!

When he finished his first folder, it was really quiet. A little confused he saw that nobody was left in the office, it was dark outside and most of the lights inside were off already. When his eyes met hers he shrugged back and murmured, “Sorry, I forgot the time.” Still confused, he started to pack his things back into his bag when he heard laughter. “Why are you apologizing?” Roisin McCormac said still laughing. Totally puzzled by the fact that she was actually laughing, he wasn’t able to let go of her with his eyes. “What?” she asked suddenly a bit nervous, touching her face, “Is there something in my face?”

Cillian had to keep his eyes closed to answer her properly, “No, I was just surprised. Sorry I stared at you.” Slowly the slight panic vanished out of her eyes, “Well, you don’t have to apologize for that!” “So you’re working late again?” Cillian asked to change the subject to something casual, staring out into the darkness. Ms McCormac shrugged, “I guess I always do. I wanna give my all for my clients and for the truth and I can work best when it’s quiet around me. That’s why I start work early and stay late. I like to finish the things that I’ve started as fast as I can.

When Cillian had a look on his watch he shrugged, “Geez! Is that the time? Linsey must be waiting!” “Your wife?” his colleague asked quietly, while he grabbed his stuff. “No, she is my older sister.” Cillian grabbed his bag and his coat and walked towards the exit quickly, “Talk to you tomorrow!” “Bye!” the female devil said before he was gone.


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