Snow Princess

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 Snow Princess 




Have you ever dreamt to be somewhere else, to be someone else and to have a different life? I do. Every day, every hour and every second. Life is beautiful, especially a human life. Humans have sun, rain, snow and wind; sometimes even all together. All we had was snow and the coldness of the ice.

Humans have fun and they have peace, well, not really, but they are not in a nationwide active war, with the death of hundreds and thousands in one place every day. They had technology and all those funny gadgets.

But that doesn’t matter because this story is not about humanity, but about the great war of my country. I might not be a princess, but I am proud to be a Callimi, a proud woman of Callim!

Callim had no such technology as humanity, although I sometimes envy them because of all the things that make life easier, but I doubt humanity would survive what we have. Callim is a country in a different universe than Earth. But we can see humanity, through magical mirrors, that were supposed to lead our kind to other places when danger approached. Instead they showed us humanity.

Our planet consisted of four nations, all covered in snow and ice, Callim was one of them. Merring, Gohala and Noventurina were the others. Callim was ruled by a king, like the others, but our kings were greedy, probably been in that position for too long, but our kind does not live as short as mankind. Humanity would probably call us fairies or elves. But we don’t have pointy ears nor can we fly. We are magical, but not as in wand waving or transformation, all we used to do was productive, something you could also call a green thumb and we are almost completely resistant to the cold.

I’m afraid, the temperature is still cold… but luckily, at least as far as I’ve heard, we’re also more resistant to the heat and the sun. Too bad it doesn’t shine as nice as on Earth… Maybe I would have preferred to live on Earth as a human…

My name is Victoria by the way, because of all this talk about my country, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m three-hundred-eighty-nine years old, about 6 feet tall, have dark blond hair and really fair skin. My favorite color is purple and black, because it goes really well with my hair and my skin. I love the snow and I love flowers, I love the sun and I love the water. I hate war.

Ok, enough about my self! I wanted to tell you about my country!

The four nations were created a few generations before even my grandparents were born, and that is very long if you compare it to humanity. In a human time span, I would probably be around twenty two or so, here I am almost four-hundred years old.

So, the four nations were created and our kind, the Nascólla, lives about 2.000 years; that would be a human, living up to around a hundred. Our years are built up similar to human years; we have three-hundred-forty-eight days in a year, and twelve month with twenty-nine days each. Our days have twenty four hours. The Nascólla just live longer than humans I guess.

When the four nations were created, they also created our kind. These were peaceful times of harmony and beauty; not only about the looks, but also the character of the Nascólla. But that didn’t remain very long. Not even the first Nascólla were able to keep up the stable politics and war broke out. The once peaceful nations started to look for a leader of all four of them and each of their kings wanted to be the one king of all Nascólla. The war paused for a few generations, when the first kings died, but the temptation of the idea to rule everything kept in the royal family’s blood. Each and every one of them had their own war, some bigger, some smaller. But all of them paid the price with their lives and the nations had to suffer with poverty and famines. But even that wouldn’t shorten our life span and our royal families gained control again and declared a truce for the time being. But our lives are so long, and each generation wanted more power and started the war again, hoping they grew stronger than the others this time! But our history didn’t change. Not only the nation that declared the war had grown stronger, but the others also! And the game started again, the four nations slaughtered each other until poverty broke out again and the nations stopped supporting their worriers.


All in all, that was our history, but now things were getting different. This time Callim had declared the war to Merring and this time the Callimi had Gohala as allies! Merring was the smallest of the nations, but still important! Merring produced the finest clothes and furniture, because they had the biggest forests. Almost everyone in Merring was whether a carpenter or a tailor. And there was the army of course.

If Callim and Gohala fought against Merring alone, soon all the good tailors would disappear! Noventurina was the only one that helped protect Merring, but Merring had to promise them their support against the other Nations if it came to a war again. Noventurina was probably the biggest nation, but against Callimi and Gohala powerless if it was to face them alone.


Chapter 1 – Red Snow


Snow was falling in Callim. That was nothing unusual; it only seemed to be even colder than usual. Sighing I went outside to look after my trees and flowers. What should I do with them if it got even colder? They were plants; they wouldn’t live through the ice! Maybe I should build a greenhouse? One like humans had? That was brilliant! I just had to get glass and build it around the flowers and vegetables!

Quickly I walked into town to order the glass immediately, for my plants I would do anything! Since it was them who helped feed our nation, even just a little!

“Hi there,” I said as I entered the store. “Ah, Vic, how are you doing?” Carine asked and waved me over to where she was. “Not too bad, but I think my plants won’t survive very long if the temperature drops further…” I said and looked outside. “That’s right…” Carine said, “I’ve been thinking the same. If the temperature drops we’ll have the next famine soon enough because there won’t be any food or water or anything for neither the soldiers nor the people! What will we do then? The only other nation with a warmer climate is Noventurina and they are with Merring, so all they have to do is wait until we starve and then Noventurina would have the best cards, they just have to enslave Merring and voila, they are the mightiest!”

“True…” I said and nodded, “Everything would be easier if they’d just end the war already! Everything about the one-big-battle-and-everything-is-over is long forgotten, but innocent people die, in every war, always and every time!” We both sighed and I shook my head, “What I actually came here for is; I need glass for a greenhouse. I need to prevent them from dying!” “Of course!” she said excited, “How much do you need?” “About… 50 square meters I guess, that should be enough for my greenhouse.” I said and thought about the measurements of the building. “Alright,” my friend said and wrote it down, “I’ll probably be able to get it ‘til tomorrow, what do you think? Is that quick enough?” “Most definitely!” I said happily and thought about where to build my greenhouse.

On the way I ran into a group of soldiers on their way to the tavern or so, handsome men I had to say, but fighting for a wrong cause. But what should they do? Their king ordered them and unfortunately they swore an oath to fight for him. Friendly I greeted them and walked by. When I saw they had a wounded man with them, I stopped and looked at them again. The man they carried was not from Callim! His uniform was different!

“Ma’am, we have to ask you to walk on and forget what you saw!” one of the soldiers said seriously. “But he is wounded! He needs treatment! And you can’t bring him to a doctor looking like this!” I protested, “You can bring him to my house, I’ll look after him!” “Ma’am?” he asked, “This is dangerous; you should not risk your life for them!” “But so do you! For you it is worse, you’re a soldier! And he is… the enemy!” I whispered the last word, for I didn’t want anyone to hear, “In my house I can get rid of the uniform, no one will suspect, but if you bring him to the doctor, he will surely die! So why saving him in the first place?”

The men nodded and then followed me to my house and I showed them the way to the second bedroom. “Thank you Ma’am!” the men said, “He saved a bunch of kids. The kids are Callimi. His life for theirs!”

I nodded, “No worries, but tell me one thing. Why are you fighting?” “Because the king orders us to!” he said with a grim expression and left before I could say anymore. With a sigh I went into the kitchen and got some hot water to clean up my patient. I’d also need clean clothes for him and wound dressings… With everything in a bag and a bowl of hot water I went back to the patient and to clean his wounds.

The men were right, he must be a good man; he didn’t deserve to die like this, because his own men mistook him or something. He saved Callimi children. Why? Just because they were children or had he been about to kill them anyway? Next question… why did I offer to see to his wounds? I was no nurse! I had no idea about treating a wound! But somehow I didn’t want him to die; although I had hardly seen him… maybe it was destiny? Maybe he was destined to change something?

But when I entered the room, he was gone. The window was opened and the only thing that remained from him was the blood on the sheets. With a sigh I walked out through the door and found him lying in the snow, slowly but surely the pure white turned red with his blood. He moaned and I quickly ran over to help him up, “Hey! Get back into the bed! You need to rest! I won’t hurt you, well, I’ll try!” “Need to get back…” he whispered; his eyes were almost closed. “Get back to where?” I asked confused and pulled him up so he could walk back to the bed. “Kids… need to save kids!” he mumbled and I pulled him back to the house. “You need to get inside or you won’t be able to save anyone!” I protested and pulled even harder.

Nobody should see him like this! In this uniform! When he was back in the bed, I quickly locked the window and got him some clothes first. “I have to get you clean! I have to look after your wounds!” I tried again, but he wouldn’t lie down or let me look at his wounds. After an hour of fighting he finally fell back unconscious and I got the chance to clean him up and treat his wounds.

Shocked I was hardly able to dress the wounds, the man was so badly injured, it was almost a wonder he was still alive! He was… still alive, right? Quickly I checked his breathing and almost screamed when he grabbed my arm and looked at me with feverish eyes, “Need to save the children! The fire…” “There is no fire!” I protested, unable to look away from his light blue feverish glassy eyes, “You saved the kids! They are save now and so are you! I’m treating your wounds!” “Kids… save…” he whispered and sank back on the bed.

Shivering I regretted a little that I had offered my help. The poor man would be better off in a hospital, here he had to die slowly through my unclassified help! I took his uniform off of his body, so I could wash it, and have a better look at the wounds. For all I had seen this man was more than lucky to be still alive!


Chapter 2 – Enemy Hero


For a while I just sat there and watched him, after I finished dressing all his wounds. He was extremely handsome, although he seemed to be in pain. I’d packed some ice in bags to cool him down, although I wasn’t sure if it might be better to let the fever burn possible infections… but the fever would kill him in this state!

The man had longer dark black hair, darker skin than mine, but still fair. There were slight hints of a beard… he probably didn’t shave while fighting. His expression was grim, but I could see that his lips were full, pale at the moment though, his arms were strong and he seemed to be even taller than me!

With a sigh I stood up and washed his uniform and hung it up inside to let it dry. I did the same with the towels. Treating a wounded was hard work… when I checked up on him again; I had to change some of the dressings already, since they were stained with blood. After that I got myself something to eat und suddenly jumped, food! He had to eat something! While eating, I thought about what to get him, and how to get him to wake up to be able to eat… Somehow this whole thing turned out to be quite a bad idea…

Maybe he could eat some soup? So I prepared a soup, watching the door to the bedroom from of the corner of my eye. Somehow I expected him to stand up and run out of the house again.

With the soup in a bowl I returned to his side, this time he was still there. Carefully I pulled him up a bit and put a few cushions behind his back and head so he would be able to eat properly, without choking.

“Hey, wake up, at least for a little!” I said quietly and gently pet his cheek. No reaction… With a sigh I tried it again, gave up after what seemed a million tries and put the spoon into his mouth. His reflexes should let him swallow, right? A few spoons later he opened his eyes a little and coughed. “Are you ok? Do you not like the soup?” I asked worried, but he shook his head slightly. When I held the spoon to his mouth again, he opened it himself and swallowed properly.

So I wasn’t about to kill him! Happily I fed him the rest of the soup and asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you? Do you want a drink or so?” “Water, please…” he said and closed his eyes again. Quickly I got a glass of water and held it to his lips, holding his head up a little as well. In small sips he drank about half of it before he put his head back into the cushions. Still looking really pale and in pain. My healing powers weren’t very good, but I had to try my best.

When he was sleeping again, I went into the kitchen to prepare a paste to put on the wounds. My mother had taught me how to make that. It had been a while since I last made it, but it would do… Concentrated I cut and mashed herbs and some flowers, added some water and bark from one of the magical trees outside in my garden. I’d have to get rid of the red in the snow! Well, it was ice now, since the blood had frozen.

With the paste ready, I returned to my patient and one after the other changed each wound dressing and put the paste onto his injuries. A glance towards his face, showed me it helped already, since his expression relaxed and looked a little more peaceful now. Relieved I finished up and went to bed myself, after locking the doors.

First thing I did in the morning when I woke up was to cover up the bloody snow. If someone was to see that, they would ask questions and with a wounded enemy soldier in my house and his uniform drying in my cellar… I would probably have really bad cards to actually get out of this without any harm.

After that I got some bread and lily paste and some rose tea, my favorite breakfast. I got some more tea and bread and lily paste and mashed the bread and the paste, to bring it to my patient, whose name I still didn’t know. I’d have to ask him when he woke up! And so I did. He woke up, more or less. “What’s your name?” I asked and put some of the paste on a spoon. “Leo…” he said and looked at the spoon, “What is that?” “Bread and lily paste, I wasn’t sure if you could eat, so I mashed it up. I can also get you proper bread if you want?” I explained, “I’m Victoria by the way.” “No…” he said quietly and let me put the spoon in his mouth. “I also have some tea.” I said and held the cup to his lips to drink. “Thanks…” he said and I gave him another spoon. For the next few days he was only awake for short times, but increasing. At the end of the week we were able to chat for a while and I asked him about what happened when he got injured.

“I saw those kids, trying to hide behind a burning tree, but the men saw them and were attacking them, chasing them further into the burning woods, when I went in between. I got a few hits, they couldn’t stop and I helped the kids escape, but then I was caught in the fire myself… so I ran after the kids, protected them from the fire. I got them out on the other side. Then the enemy soldiers came… they tried to pull the kids away, but they were screaming… They saved me; they begged them to save me!” he said and drank some more water. “Really? That must have been horrible!” I said shocked and put my hands in front of my mouth, “Not able to protect your self and falling into the enemy’s hands! Is that why you climbed out of the window?”

He nodded, “I wanted to make sure the kids are safe…” “If you want I’ll find them for you, I know the direction where they brought you from quite well. The fire wasn’t that far from here.” I said, but he shook his head, “You don’t have to do this for me. Why did you help me?” “I don’t know. I guess I just knew it was the right thing to do. I knew if they brought you to the hospital you would die. And they would punish the soldiers for bringing you here too.” I said honestly.

“Oh,” he said and turned away. “Don’t take me wrong,” I said, “I despise war! I just wished they would stop and never start it again. Innocent Nascólla die and the soldiers too, the country does everything to support their soldiers, but like that the poverty increases and the food we have to feed the people is getting less and less!” “So wouldn’t it be the easiest to just let me die? One soldier less?” he asked coldly, still looking out of the window. “No!” I said offended and stood up, “Nobody should die because of war!”

Angry I stomped outside and looked at the poor deserted glass, which had been lying there for the past couple of days and started to work on my greenhouse.


Chapter 3 – Concern


Working on my greenhouse had been delayed for too long! The temperature sank even more. I actually felt like putting on something with long sleeves. But while working I actually got warm and forgot about the time. By the time I returned inside it was dark, and I quickly cooked some dinner for Leo and myself.

“I’m sorry!” he said when I got him for dinner, “I shouldn’t have presumed you… I shouldn’t have been so rude.” “It’s ok, how should you know about what I think, I shouldn’t have left like that…” I said and shook my head; I’d been behaving like a child. But I felt that it was not ok. Leo and I had been getting along so well, but now I felt there was something new, something distracting and not nice. But I still wanted him to get better again.

Now Leo was able to eat himself again, thanks to the paste, his burns and cuts were healing well and his strength slowly returned. Although it had been hard to imagine him getting better, he did and I was glad, he hadn’t died!

After another week he actively helped me with the greenhouse and soon enough he was almost healthy again. “So doesn’t your boyfriend mind you being alone with a guy all the time?” he asked grumpy one evening. “What boyfriend?” I asked confused and served dinner. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” he asked, “Wasn’t one of those soldiers your boyfriend?” “No!” I protested irritated and sat down. “Then why would they bring an enemy soldier to you?” he asked again.

“I accidentally met them in town and realized they had a wounded man with them. But the uniform was different, so I knew he was not a Callimi. I literally begged them to bring you to my house, because at a hospital they would murder you since you were the enemy.” I explained as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. “But you didn’t know me at all, so why did you ask to see to my wounds?” he asked confused.

“Maybe you’re destined to do something great. It just felt wrong to not help you and that although I didn’t know who you were.” I said and shrugged my shoulders.

“That is like destiny, like I was meant to be saved and brought there.” Leo said with a sigh and looked out of the window. “So, tell me Leo, who are you?” I asked curious now. “My name is Lynardt of Noventurina; I’m a sergeant major of our Army. My men are probably looking for me, so it is not clever to keep me here very much longer. I have to get back to my men.” He introduced himself properly and smiled.

“Lynardt, as in prince Lynardt?” I asked carefully and prepared to run. If he was the prince, I would probably be in quite some trouble… “Do I look like a prince to you?” he asked amused, “How about we have dinner and then we’ll talk about how I can repay my debt for saving my life to you!” “Stop the war.” I said bravely and looked at him with honest and sincere eyes.

He chuckled, “Not a very easy task, do you really think my life is worth that much?” “I think every life is worth that much!” I declared and started to eat. “Well said.” Leo smiled and started to eat as well. Since our last conversation about the war, it had been strange between us, but now it seemed almost back to normal. What could be the reason for those changes?

“How about you?” he asked and looked at me, “Who are you exactly?” “Me?” I asked confused, “I’m Victoria of Callim; my character is nothing special I guess. I’m neither a soldier nor a magician.” “Then tell me more about you, Victoria.” Leo said, “What do you like to do, except for saving enemy soldiers of course.”

“Well… I like gardening and I love snow. In the snow I feel good and not as useless as elsewhere since this is at least something that helps people here!” I said and looked at him. “Snow? So you don’t mind the cold temperatures here?” he asked. “No,” I said, “I don’t mind the cold. It is just so nice and so creative. You can create anything you like with snow.” The enemy sergeant smiled, “That is most certainly true. You can make anything with snow, what do you like to create with snow?”

“Well, I like to shape it into anything, statues, furniture, anything I guess.” I said and shrugged my shoulders again. “That is so interesting!” he said, “Some day, can you show me some of the things you made?” “I guess,” I said and smiled embarrassed.

“You said you have to get back to your men, but how are you going to do that? You’d somehow have to get past our borders!” I said worried. If Callimi soldiers would catch him, they would kill him immediately! “Is that concern or interest speaking, Victoria?” he chuckled and looked at me.

“I might be a little worried; after all it was hard work to get you well again after all those injuries.” I admitted and looked out of the window. “Concern about the work you have done? Are you sure that is all?” he asked and leaned towards me. “But… yes… I’m concerned about my… work… yes.” I stuttered as I looked into his eyes, “How about I show you the stuff now?” Nervously I jumped up and my chair fell as I emerged towards the door. Leo chuckled and followed me out of the house, behind it to where I kept my ice sculptures and other things.

It was really embarrassing to show him all the things I’d played with, since they were only things I’d experimented with. Leo looked at them with interest and the eyes of a professional. When he looked at every sculpture, he looked at me with a serious expression, then smiled and said, “I don’t understand a single bit about sculptures and their beauty, but as far as I can tell, they are great, they are creative and the furniture looks awesome!”

“Thank you!” I said and blushed, when suddenly it started to snow again. With a sigh I closed my eyes and looked up towards the sky. A light breeze moved my hair and I felt the snow on my skin and in my hair. Leafs of my trees fell, tangled in my hair and towards the ground and I felt the power of something stir inside my heart.

“Victoria!” Leo said a little worried, as snow flew up around me, spiraling around my body. As I showed no reaction, he called my name again and came closer. What I experienced left me no choice but to follow. It felt like the power took over my body, my conscience, my will.


Chapter 4 – Magic Awakens


My consciousness was taken away, like I went on a journey, but only in mind. I went to a frozen palace. Everything was made from ice. Even the people, although they were alive and moving! One of those ice people showed me the way towards a great hall. Everywhere in the hallways were flower decorations and mainly lilies. Since the ice was solid, everything had a light purple touch. Although I only just got there, I already liked it and wanted to see more.

The ice man led me into the hall and towards an assembly of four men in fine robes, everything made from ice. The men looked like kings. The first ice man pushed me into the hall and closed the door behind me. What should I do now? Carefully I walked towards those four men, eager to ask them why I was here and maybe where exactly I was, but the men all turned to me when I approached and I froze. Was I not supposed to come closer?

“Come!” one of them said and I came closer, a little afraid though.

“You have to find a way to end this war!” the first one said in an old Merring accent. He must be a king of Merring… “If you don’t, the world as you know it, will freeze and everything will die!” the second one said, he must be the king of Gohala. “Each death of a member of the royal family because of the war will make this planet freeze a little more!” the king of Callimi said and looked at me with great expectations. “You need help to achieve this though; my child will give his support!” the last king said, obviously the king of Noventurina! He must be talking about Leo!

“So will a child of mine!” said the king of Gohala and the king of Merring shook his head, “You’ll have to work hard, but even a child of mine will give their support!” So one person of each nation will play their part to give peace to our world… what about Callim? Wasn’t there any support from Callim? The Callimi king looked at me surprised now, “You are a daughter of Callim!” I was? Right! I was a Callimi!

“Now go, you have to prepare and stop the fighting.” The king of Gohala said. Suddenly there was this voice… calling my name… when I fell, I couldn’t move to prevent hitting the ground, I fell, as if I was made from ice as well. But I didn’t hurt myself when I hit the ground. Somehow the ground felt soft, like snow, but not everywhere. Under my head it felt kind of harder, but still soft, higher as well… When I opened my eyes, I looked into the icy blue eyes of Leo.

“Victoria!” he said relieved and pulled me up into his embrace, “I thought you were gone for a second!” “Gone? Why?” I asked, “And why am I on the ground? What happened?” “You showed me your stuff out here and I turn around and you’re stiff as a board and falling over! I’ve called you like a million times!” “Really? For how long have I been down? I didn’t hear anything until just now!” I said surprised and stood up.

“So what happened?” Leo asked and followed me back to the house. “I don’t know, one moment I’m here, next I’m in front of this ice palace! Even the people were moving ice sculptures! And there were four kings sitting in this gigantic hall, one from each nation.” I said and prepared some tea.

“Were you dreaming? The four kings in one room without slaughtering each other?” Leo asked, got a cup and ordered, “Sit!” “Not dreaming, but I doubt they were our present kings; they were ice sculptures too.” I said and actually sat down, “I think I was in the ancient halls of memories, the halls of our first kings! Oh, by the way, the king of Noventurina kind of promised me you’d help me to end the war!”

Leo chuckled, “How kind of them to ask me! What can I do?” “I don’t even know what I have to do, but they seem to have faith in this thing.”  I said and shrugged my shoulders. My patient made tea for me and served it, “There you go, well, I guess you’ll figure something out!” I smiled and blushed, “Thanks for the trust… I’m not sure about it though…”

“Without any knowledge of nursing you actually got me back alive within three weeks! Tell me again you can’t reach what you want?” he said chuckling and shook his head, “I think you can do anything if you just want to!” “Ok, that really is cheesy!” I chuckled and took a sip of my tea. “I know.” Leo said, “But it’s true.”

“So what ever you have to do, you’ll make it!” he said and stood up again, “It is late, we should go to bed.” I nodded and finished my tea. It was dark already and I was really tired. When I woke up the next morning, I was shocked to find my bedroom completely covered in ice and snow! Quickly I jumped up and put on some proper clothes and almost ran into the kitchen.

Everything was icy! My kitchen, the hall, my study, everything! The books were frosted and my cutlery and everything! Shocked I stormed into Leo’s room, just finding him still asleep and totally not frozen! With a relieved sigh I returned to my kitchen and sat down on my newly frozen chair. What happened? How did all of this freeze? Why? How?

“What did you do?” Leo asked as he slowly walked out of the bedroom, “What’s with all the ice?” “No idea, I found it like this when I woke up! Did you do that?” I asked suspicious and stared at my ice greenhouse! That hadn’t been there before! We’d only finished the metal bones of the construction! Now there was solid, clear ice, where the glass was supposed to go!

“Of course, because I am an ice magician!” he chuckled and looked at it as well, “Looks good though!” “So… if it wasn’t you, and I didn’t do it either… who did all that?” I asked wandering. “How about we go outside, maybe we can find something?” Leo suggested and held out his hand.

“Ok.” I said carefully and let him pull me outside to explore. Besides my new greenhouse, there was also furniture! Garden chairs, a table, an umbrella and all the other things I had imagined for my garden some day!

“Nice work!” Leo said impressed and looked around at all the things. “But who did this?” I asked confused, “Those are all things I imagined! How did that person know all those things?” “Maybe it was you; maybe you do have special powers that you didn’t know of?” Leo said surprised. “Me? How should I have done that? Just imagine something and wave my hand?” I asked amused. “Sure! Give it a try!” he said optimistically and smiled.

With a sigh I closed my eyes, thought about a chair with lily decorations. In my mind I shaped the ice and when I opened my eyes, I was surprised to actually see what I’d imagined right in front of me! “Well, that was cool!” Leo cheered and tried it out, “Comfortable, although it is solid ice! Come here and try it out!”

Leo pulled me closer and placed me on the chair, before I was able to do or say anything. But he was right! That chair was comfy! “But… but how?” I asked and looked at Leo, hoping he had an explanation. The smile in his face disappeared and for a while he seemed to think about it.

“I have no idea!” he finally admitted and smiled again, “But who cares anyway?” “Well, I do!” I said pouty, “It is strange and why did those things only happen now?” “Maybe,” Leo said, “It might be to help you with your task! Or was that just a dream?”


Chapter 5 – Journey To The Unknown


Since those powers were real, I had to believe in a bigger cause. There must be some kind of reason for those abilities! “Ok.” I said the next evening, “Maybe this is to help us end the war! Maybe it really is destiny!” Leo nodded and smiled. “Maybe it is time for us to do something?” I continued, “Maybe we should look for the other two Nascólla to help us! I would suggest starting of with Gohala, since we’ll have no difficulties getting there at the moment because they have a treaty with Callim, but for Merring and Noventurina, we actually have to get across the borders and through the front! When we’re across the border, you can put on your uniform…” “My uniform?” Leo asked confused, “I thought you got rid of it?”

“No, I only hid it well! I thought you might need it when you return to your nation…” I admitted, “So, do you agree in coming with me and first looking for our help from Gohala?” Leo nodded, “But how will we find our help without knowing whom to look for?” “Good point…” I said and looked outside… If I could only talk to those kings again… maybe they could help me? 

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