Vivian Riley Chapter 01

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This story is totally made up, so are the names and places. Special thanks to Joe Huffman (Idaho) for his expertise! 

Chapter 1 


“Mr. Robinson,” Marie Ferguson called her boss through the intercom, “Mr. Marshall is here for the meeting!” “Yes, send him in!” he said and hid a few of his private files on Patrick Marshall in his desk. Charles Robinson was a collector and a part of his collection was to collect slaves; people that would follow his orders for better or worse and Patrick Marshall would soon be one of them! 

“I’m so glad you’re taking the time to talk to me, Mr. Robinson!” Patrick Marshall said and stretched out his hand as a greeting. Robinson took the younger mans hand and shook it with a smile, “No worries, Mr. Marshall, it is almost an honor to meet a man like you.” “You’re flattering me, but thank you,” Marshall said, “About the contracts, it is really important for my company to keep our contractors reliable and to be honest the deliveries from your company have been rather late and made our production run late as well. Our clients will not get their orders on time, so their companies will get in trouble as well. Now, what I came here to say is, if your deliveries won’t be in time in the future, we will have to change our deliverer!” 

“And now you listen,” Robinson said and changed his expression, “A dirty scumbag like you cannot just jump out of a contract like that! Your father knew how to deal his company, but you’re just overdoing it!” “I beg your pardon?” Marshall asked and couldn’t quite figure out what was going on with Robinson. “You have two possibilities,” he said with an evil smile, “One, you’re going to prison for corruption and two, you’re just going to shut up, increase your orders to your new main deliverer, us, starting today. Furthermore, you little bastard will do as I ask you to in the future!” 

“What if I just give a shit about this?” Marshall said, worried now about how that bastard had found out. “Well, there are three possibilities, one, you’ll die. Two, I’ll personally torture you and you’ll obey or die and three you’ll go to prison.” Charles Robinson said, back to business. He had that bastard almost where he wanted him! “Fine!” Marshall said, “But shut the fuck up about that matter!” “So we’re having an agreement!” Robinson said and smiled confidently. 


It was a normal day, just like any other. Charles Robinson had just achieved another one of his goals, by blackmailing that Marshall kid. He would serve him well… Robinson just drove through one of the shabbier streets in New York, past prostitutes, and drug dealer, as he saw an especially hot bitch. She was not his usual type, but still very attractive, good five foot tall, red hair and attractive body shapes. She stood with the other prostitutes against the wall and among the street. 

Robinson made his driver stop the car and opened his window, “Hey! You there, come for a sec?” The girl came over on her high heels and in her very short, tight dress and stopped at the car, a perfect height, as Robinson thought, perfect to check out her rag. “Yeah?” she asked in a sweet voice and leaned down to face him. 

“How much?” he asked and openly looked at her breasts. “Too much for you, big boy!” she said and smiled at him, “I’m waiting for someone, but you can contact my agency for a meeting!” “How about I pay double and you come with me right now?” he suggested and pulled out his wallet. “Alright big boy, I’ll name the price and if you can’t pay I have to say goodbye!” she said and looked at him with her deep, icy, blue eyes, “Five thousand! Oh and I only take cash!” 

Luckily Robinson had been at the bank earlier; he just thought and pulled out a big bundle of money. With a smile, he opened the door and moved over to the other side of the car so the hot redhead could come in. “Ok, money first, then I’ll make a call to cancel my other client and I don’t do cars, so get a room!” she said and climbed into the car, revealing more of her attractive legs. Charles counted the money and pulled out ten thousand dollars and handed it to her, “Now sit and close the door!” He pulled out his phone and called some hotel, while the girl and Charles couldn’t call her a woman, since she couldn’t be much over twenty, pulled out a phone as well, canceling her client. 

“So how should I call you, big boy?” she asked and put her left leg over her right one. “Charles,” he said and looked at her, “And what should I call you?” “Valerie!” she said and smiled cheekily. 

Today really must be my lucky day, Robinson thought as his limousine drove to a nearby hotel. That girl was cute, her body seemed so innocent and pure with the light skin and her blue eyes and for a moment he wondered what would make a girl like her sell her body on the streets. It couldn’t just be the money since her dress looked like Chanel or something like that and her skin was too fine and clean to be a normal prostitute. 

But then again, who cared about why she started to sell her body, the important part was that she did it! Maybe he could buy her as a toy? Just like a pet? “Tell me,” he said and looked at her from top to toe and back, “How much do you get for each time?” “Fifty percent!” she said in a business tone that surprised Charles Robinson. He’d have to think about that after he fucked her if she was worth it, he would invest in her as the first toy in his collection of human slaves! 

Up in his suite, he took off his jacket. “Keep your clothes on, for now!” she said in a sweet and seductive voice, “Sit down!” Robinson did as he was told and watched as the girl pulled a scarf out of her bag. She tied his hands to the chair and did the same with another scarf and his legs. “What are you doing?” he asked and tried to get out of the ties. “You don’t like bondage?” she asked surprised and sat down on his lap, her hand dangerously close to his dick, “This is my specialty!” 

“Continue then,” he said, curious what she would do next. “Ok, I just have to get something!” she said smiling and left through the door. For a second he thought she would take his money and credit cards and disappear, but she returned after a few seconds and stood in front of him, in her hand's candles and matches and another scarf. 

She put the third scarf around his head; some sort of ball was pushed into his mouth as she tied it together. She opened the buttons of his shirt with a cold expression on her face, while Robinson had to admit that he kind of liked the thrill of danger in that game. Valerie let her hand run down over his body and opened his pants. It was a thrilling moment when she put on the first candle and held it horizontally over his body. 

The first drop of hot wax dropped onto his chest and made him open his eyes wide in horror and excitement. Another drop onto his stomach wasn’t quite that bad anymore and as the drops approached his slowly swelling dick, it felt better each time. The way she moved and the way she looked at him with this cold expression on her beautiful face aroused him and let him enjoy this torture. When another few drops dripped on the tip of his dick, he saw a shadow move in the background, from the door. His nerves were in an immediate state of alert, so he tried to get out of the ties again, but the more he pulled, the tighter they got. 

When the shadow approached Valerie turned around, “Finally!” With an evilly cute expression, she sat down on his lap, leaned against his chest and swung her legs over his right arm. “Nice to meet you again, Charles Robinson!” the shadow said and stepped out into the light. 

Patrick Marshall smiled at him, “Now who is the one following the others of whom?” Robinson tried to get out of the ties even more until Valerie held the burning candle close to his chest, a few drops dripping onto his chest and the flame came dangerously close to his skin, “Shut it, big boy or I might accidentally drop the candle…” Charles smelled sulfur coming from his chest and knew that she slightly burnt his chest hair. He stared at the two of them with wide eyes. 

“Now, this little torture is for the fact that you blackmailed my father and that you tried to blackmail me!” Patrick said angrily, “You found out about the bribery, but you didn’t find out about the rest! You didn’t find out about the weapons and the drugs! Trying to blackmail me was the worst of your decisions! You have absolutely no idea whom you threatened! I hired her to murder you, to torture you a little in a way no man should ever be tortured!” 

The girl on his lap let her fingers run over his chest, while her other hand sank deeper, towards his dick. If his life didn’t depend on her, he might have enjoyed it more. But he could hardly resist her hand on his dick, her fingers gliding over his chest and her lips whispering dirty words into his ear. 

“I will have her arouse you, beg for release and maybe I’ll even fuck her right in front of you!” Marshall said and pulled the girl off of his lap. Robinson felt anger arise in his guts, that bitch, and that bastard! He also feared what would happen now and tried to get out of the scarves again. Marshall pulled her hair back and bent down to kiss her. Robinson jumped up and tried to loosen his ties like that, when he heard a muted moan, coming from Marshall. 

He looked over at him and saw Patrick Marshall's light blue shirt turn dark, where Valerie’s hand was. With wide eyes, he watched as Marshall's face turned white in shock as he stared at the girl in his arm he had just kissed. She spat something out and blood started to drip out of Marshall’s mouth.

Robinsons’ eyes widened even more, as he watched the man that had just threatened him sinking down to the ground, still staring at Valerie. In the meantime, she wiped her lips with her arm, leaving a bloody trace on her pure skin. A cold shiver ran down his spine and reminded him not to ever kiss that girl! 

Ignoring the body at her feet, she stepped around it and towards him. Somehow he still hoped she would untie him and let him go now, after all, she had just murdered her own employer! The girl sat down on his lap again and lit the candle again. Robinson wasn’t sure if he should be happy with what she did or not. It was kind of thrilling to see that bastard on the floor, a knife in his chest and blood dripping out of his mouth, while the girl that had killed Marshall, now tried to seduce him. 

She kept dripping wax over his chest and higher, up towards his face. Robinson tried to turn away but the candle followed his movement. The girl grabbed his chin and turned it back to face her. She held him with a strong grip while dripping the wax over his nose. Charles Robinson tried to get out of the ties, tried to move his head to avoid the hot wax get onto his nose and soak the scarf around his mouth.

Panic rose in his chest as the wax had soaked the scarf and slowly rose up towards his nose! His heart started to beat faster; he tried to get his hands out of the ties even more and didn’t care about the numbness in his fingers. Valerie cuddled up on his chest while lighting the next candle and letting the wax drip directly onto his nose. Every time the wax dripped onto his nose, he tried to exhale so he wouldn’t inhale the wax, but soon enough the wax dripped down too quickly.

The more the wax covered his nose, his panic increased and his heart beat even faster. Was this his end? Was this going to be his death? His last breath? With unidentifiable sounds, he jumped up and down and tried to free himself once again. “Don’t cling to your hideous life like it would be worth even a single thought!” she said disgusted by the mere thought. 

With those last words he would ever hear, wax dripped down onto his nose and completely blocked his respiratory tracts. Again and again, so that not even the strongest exhalation would break the quickly cooling wax. Robinson jumped and shook his head, freed it from her grip and tried to make a sound, tried to move his lips or get the wax off of his nose, he desperately fought for his life, but not even the adrenalin of this moment so close to his death gave him the strengths to free himself. When the last candle was gone, Valerie stood up, took his wallet out of his jacket and grabbed the money, “You won’t need this anymore, take it as a fee to get rid of that bastard!” She stood up and left, as his eyes closed and his heart stopped beating. 


The red-haired girl turned into the bathroom to wash off the blood and to fix her hair, that idiot had totally messed up her curls! Afterwards, she glanced over to the two dead guys in the hotel room and shrugged her shoulders, thinking about the money Marshall and Robinson had paid her, she hadn’t made such a bad night after all. “Damn bastard!” she cursed and looked at the blood stains on her new Gucci dress! 

Still cursing the guys, she left the hotel room and walked down the hall, knocked on a door and waited for an answer. Nothing happened. Quickly she pulled out one of the hairpins and picked the lock. Closing the door behind her she snuck in and looked around for clothes that would fit her, but that room was used by a guy. A few doors after that she did the same again, this time a woman’s room. And she was lucky, a young woman with a fashion sense! 

She grabbed a pair of jeans, brown leather boots, a size too big for her, but they would do, a white blouse and a woolen cardigan and got changed. Looking through the stuff, she also found a matching scarf, earrings and a handbag. Fully dressed and a bloody dress in her handbag and left the hotel. As soon as she was outside, she took of the skin colored tight cloves and shoved them into her handbag. 

Thinking about God and the world she walked down a few roads, soon turned right and left until she reached some bar in Manhattan. “Alcohol-free beer please,” she said as she sat down at the bar. “Right up,” the barkeeper said and handed her a bottle. Slowly the bar filled with its regular after-work-customers, coming in for a beer after work, just like any other day. 


Just like the eighteen-year-old Vivian Riley. 


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