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Totally made up! 

 Wishes . . .  


It was a rainy day in September when I first thought about my future as a realistic thing. As something that was coming closer, no matter what I did. A future where I had to decide what to do with my life, where to go and most importantly who I wanted to spend it with. Also was it only one night until my birthday and that was something I usually looked forward to! This year I hoped it would go by unnoticed.

Life was a rollercoaster, at some points it couldn’t be any better, going up and up and up and in the next moment there is noting in front of you but air and you fall, deeper and deeper into a big black hole! I was just in that big black hole, so deep I could hardly see a single bit of light at the top.

My boyfriend had just broken up with me, I failed my entrance exam for the university I had originally wanted to go to, my best friend wasn’t my best friend anymore, she was my ex-boyfriends girlfriend now, and I’d had to get a stupid job in an office to keep my apartment and to keep a substantial life, my neighbours were not only loud and unfriendly, they also smoked suspicious substances and sometimes I feared to open my windows. How deep could I fall?

Oh, maybe I should explain my little drop of light at the top of my deep hole. Since my boyfriend had moved out, I was going to get a new roommate. I’d gotten quite a few mails of interested people, I’d asked for a woman, and there was one especially interesting. She sounded like a responsible person, active, interested in soccer, basketball, running, water sports of all sorts and wouldn’t mind sharing the apartment and keeping each others privacy. Since my phone wasn’t working, another drop further into the hole, and I didn’t want to give out my mobile phone number to everyone, I had only posted an e-mail address and I had only been able to communicate through chat conversations with her. She seemed to be nice though. Maybe she would turn out to be my new best friend? Or at least a good friend.

So it was Friday and it was raining. My new roommate Tracy would arrive tomorrow morning and I still had lots of time to go out to the club and meet my friends. Tracy’s room was prepared and I had all of Collins things in a box, ready to throw it out of the window or just toss it into the bin if he wouldn’t show up to get it. Now I was sitting in my blue armchair, thinking about my future. I could just try again for the next term and study music next year. With a frustrated sigh I pulled my knees to my chest and put my head on them. Midnight would be my hour of revelation, my time to start a new life with the new number, my new age.

It was funny, it was a new age, but I was still the same person, only older. Shouldn’t it be kind of the other way around? Like an older age, or… no that sounds horrible… just different, but new sounds like something good, like a change. I would have preferred to be a child again, no worries, playing and making music and dancing as much as I wanted without anybody telling me to stop and go to college or work.

With a sigh I shook my head and went for a shower to get ready. I would just go to the club a little earlier… I dried and curled my hair with a brush and my blow-dryer and put on my black leather dress with fashionable belts around my hip, waist, chest and metal studs on the belts and matching gloves with three holes on my arms, my fingers were bare. I slipped into my black, studded leather chucks and got into my jacket, leaving for the club. It had stopped raining, so I reached the club in a dry state. Daniel, the bouncer, waved me over to the entrance when he saw me, “What are you doing here so early Alex? It’s still kind of bright out here!” “Well, the walls were closing in on me in my place, so I thought I’d come by earlier and warm up a little!” I said with a smile, “Maybe get this party started before the big crowd arrives.” “You’ll manage, babe, you’re the bomb in there!” Daniel said with a smug smile. Jokingly I hit him and chuckled, “I thought you have a girl!” “I do, but you should always keep your options open and if there is an even better price, take it!” he said laughing and shook his head. “So what’s going on in there so far?” I asked to change the topic. “Maybe about twenty people, it’s too early for the big crowd. But if you get the party started, the cameras will catch you and I promise the crowd will come!” he said, using my words. “So I’ll better heat it up in there!” I said chuckling and winked at him.

“Erik is at the counter, he’ll mind your coat if you want!” he said and pushed me slightly forward, “To give you more space to burn this place!” “I sure will!” I laughed as I approached the counter to greet Erik, give him my coat to mind and enter the club. Dan was right; there was nothing going on yet; a few guys at the bar, a few girls around the tables, an empty dance floor.

I went over to the DJ and asked him to play a few tracks to dance and looked around the early club visitors. Seriously, the clubs feeling was more like a spacious pub in the morning! Tapping my feet to the beat, I returned to my kingdom, my stage and started to dance. Not this silly, but still funny, hopping you’d usually see in clubs but real dancing. As a child I’d dreamed of becoming Britney Spears choreographer, now, fifteen years later I still loved to dance and to choreograph, but mainly for myself in the clubs and only as a hobby.

Within a few songs the club had filled and more and more people joined the circle of observers, that were moving and clapping to the music, that had built up around me. Some even joined me and I willingly moved aside to give them a chance and joined in again after a while.

During my time in my kingdom, as I liked to call it, I had no worries and my life seemed to get closer to the peak of my life every time I was dancing. When I spotted my friends, I fell back into the depths of that groundless black hole.

They brought a big cake over to a table and waved over to the DJ, who stopped the music and said, “Hi everyone again, I’m DJ Chris for those who don’t know yet and I have to say, we have some pretty smokin’ dancers on the floor tonight!” The club visitors cheered in excitement. “And one of them is even a birthday girl tonight!” he called out and pointed over to me, “So give it up for Alexandra Hepburn!” I heard lots of squealing and applause and some, probably my friends, started to sing “Happy Birthday” and soon the entire club joined in, pushing me closer to my friends and the cake!

By the time the song was over, I’d reached my friends and put on a smile as everyone chanted, “Make a wish! Come on, make a wish!” As I blew out the candles, I had only one thing in my mind, “Please let this end soon!” I grabbed one of the water glasses on the table and drank it in one go. Coughing madly I put the glass back on the table and asked, “What the hell was that?” My friends chuckled and Fiona said, “That, dear Alex, was vodka! Happy 24th birthday, Alex!”

Suddenly everyone seemed to congratulate me, whether I knew them or not. Or maybe I just couldn’t remember meeting them before? We had some cake and gave the rest to all the club visitors and the staff and finally returned to the dance floor.

Happy to get rid of the tasty reminder of this horrible day of loneliness and decisions, I jumped around on the floor and danced as soon as I had a little space again. The lights started to get flurry and the change of the colours put on some pace as well.


It was still hours until morning and Jared, a tall, athletic guy, walked towards the city centre with the clubs and all. He had planned to arrive in the morning, but traffic and everything had brought him to his new apartment hours before morning, it was about 2 o’clock to be exact.

The apartment he would share for the next few months or years with a woman had been dark and he didn’t have a phone number yet, but ringing the doorbell at 2 in the morning didn’t seem to be a great way to meet his new roommate! Instead he decided to check out the club scene.

In front of a club with a big screen he stopped and looked as a young woman danced in the middle of the crowd. It looked like some kind of a dance battle. But letting those amateurs compete with her didn’t seem to be fair. Her long brown curls flew trough the air as she shook her head, looking at the people around her, challenging them.

Interested he walked past the bouncers, towards a counter, paid and entered the club. Cheers and shouts of joy and laughter led him to the middle of the dance floor, where that girl fired up the club.

“Hey! There’s fresh meat! Let him try!” some people called and they pushed Jared into the open space in between the crowd. It felt a bit like a cage, especially with the girl circling him and challenging him with an interested look in her eyes. The crowd went wild as she started to dance around him.

To see her right in front of him was even more impressive than on the screen, seemed like he had gotten himself into a dance battle though. With a sigh he watched her for a few more seconds and joined her in her dance, in her world of movement. The cheering grew even louder, although Jared had thought that would have been impossible!

When she danced right in front of him, he pulled her waist closer and the battle turned into simply dancing together. The hyped up crowd closed up on them again and Jared took his time to have a closer look at the woman in front of him. Her eyes were bright blue, her lips soft and sexy, her skin seemed really soft and smooth. “I’m Alex, what’s your name?” she shouted towards his ear and looked right into his eyes. “I’m Jared!” he said loudly. She was very sexy and the fact that she was able to do a somersault in a tight leather dress was not the only reason, it was also the way she moved and smiled while dancing.

“Let’s get something to drink!” she suggested and pulled him to the bar. “Sure,” he said with a smile as they reached the bar, “What do you want, Alex?” “Water please, I’ve been dancing all evening!” she said hyped and under the soft, yellow light of the bar he saw how red her cheeks really were.

With the water and his beer they walked to a table with a bunch of people, where Alex put down her glass and turned to chat with one of the girls for a minute. “Guys, this is Jared, Jared, these are the guys. Fiona, Rouirai, Liz, Ella, Adam and Maddie!” she said and introduced him to her friends. “You did well out there!” the guy called Adam said and shook his hand, “It’s not easy to keep up with Alex on the dance floor!”

Alex took the glass beside hers, also a clear liquid, probably vodka, and emptied it in one go before anyone could say something. “Oh baby! You shouldn’t do that! That was vodka again!” Maddie said and gave her the glass with water. “Again? Did she mix up the drinks before?” Jared asked curious now. “That’s the second triple vodka tonight. And usually she doesn’t drink any alcohol.” Liz said with a smile towards her friend. “Oh!” he said and looked at Alex again, “She seems to behave pretty normal to me, or is she usually different?” “I’m surprised she still went off to dance after the first one! But let me ask you something. You seem to be interested in her! What kind of intentions do you have?” Liz asked and leaned over to him.

“I only moved here, well, I’m moving into an apartment today, so I’m not planning anything at the moment but moving in as soon as my roommate expects me to arrive and had some time to sleep!” he said and laughed, “I guess if it’s meant to happen, I’ll meet her again. After all, I know which club she likes and I know her name. It shouldn’t be too hard to find her again!” “All I’m saying is, be nice to her! Her boyfriend broke up with her and today is her birthday.” Liz said chuckling and smiled at him.

Jared was just about to ask how old Alex was, as someone pulled his head to the side and kissed his mouth. When he saw that it was Alex, he relaxed, maybe he even returned her kiss, before his mind switched on again and he gently pushed her away to get some space in between them. “Is she always like this?” Jared asked Alex’s friends, but their slightly shocked and amused stares and expressions told him what Fiona said, “First time she’d attacked someone!” “I’m not feeling so well right now!” Alex suddenly said and walked off towards the restroom. “I’ll go with her!” Liz offered and followed her.

What a night… he thought as he drank some beer. “Well guys, it was nice meeting ye all, but I think I’ll head back to my car. Enjoy the rest of the night.” Jared finally said and put the empty glass on the table, “I’d suggest you’d get Alex home before she does something she’d regret.”

Just as he said that, Maddie and Fiona exchanged a look that couldn’t mean anything good. “How about you take her, you’re leaving anyway and she wouldn’t come with us because she wants to stay and dance! But she might go with you!” Fiona suggested with sparkling eyes. “She doesn’t even know me!” he said kind of shocked that her friends would send her off with a total stranger in a state she couldn’t defend herself at all!

“She’s old enough to decide for her self, but it would be better she left with you instead of a stranger and you seem to like her, otherwise you wouldn’t be so concerned about her and after Collin she could use a new man in her bed, erm… I meant her life!” Maddie said chuckling. Those were some funny friends… he thought as someone turned him around and kissed him.

“Hey there beautiful!” Alex said and kissed him again. “She didn’t get sick,” Liz said reassuring, although he could taste that already with her tongue in his mouth! “Jared is taking Alex home before she does anything stupid.” Fiona said chuckling, “Something like kissing strangers and such!”

Gently he pushed her away again, “Fine! I’ll take her to my car and drive her home!” “You’re taking me home? Is the club closing already?” Alex asked, getting dangerously close to his lips again. “Yes, seems so.” Jared said with a sigh, “You’ll have to show me which way to drive though.” “No problem!” she said with a hungry smile that set off his male instincts, “Bye guys!”

On their way out Alex said bye to a few people on the way, including the staff, she even hugged one of the bouncers! “Didn’t you have a coat or something?” he asked worried, thinking about the fresh temperature. “Oh yes, one second, I forgot my jacket, I’ll be right back! Don’t move!” she said and ran back to the guy at the counter, who really gave her a coat.

Back at his car, he was just about to open it, he asked, “So where do you live?” “Here!” she said and pulled out a key, “You coming up or do you prefer to sleep in your car?” Maybe they were neighbours or so, he thought as she opened the door to the big apartment building where his new roommate lived.

When she opened the door to her apartment he was just about to ask her about his new roommate, when she slammed the door shut behind and kissed him, this time more passionately and with way more excitement.

Before he had the chance to stop, she took off his jacket and opened his shirt. When her hands touched his chest, his instincts took over and he pulled her closer into his embrace, touched her firm ass and opened the sip of her dress.

Jared was surprised to find her naked except for her slip underneath her dress. They kicked off their shoes, dropped his shirt and were both naked before they reached her bed, exploring and caressing each others bodies. Jared licked over her nipple, played with the firm top and sucked them into his mouth, while his hand moved down, in between her legs and over the soft, hot flesh. He felt her lust around his fingers, felt his groin ache in lust and excitement. Alex moaned and almost whispered his name over and over again. Jared sucked on her nipple even stronger now, while massaging her hard clit.

Alex started to shiver lightly, as she held on to his shoulders. “Have to… sit down!” she managed to say between moans and gasps for air. Quickly Jared let go of her hip and looked at her in worry as she dropped to the bed.

“Are you ok?” he asked concerned. “Don’t stop!” she protested and looked at him with fire in her blue eyes, “I only forgot how good this can feel!” Jared’s dick felt like it was on fire as he leaned over to kiss her.

Before he climbed up on the bed, he took a condom out of his wallet and put it on, he wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to think about protection with Alex sitting on her bed, waiting for him to come and love her and that’s what he did!

At first he was careful, trying not to hurt her, being gentle. But the more she called out his name, the more he drowned in their lust. With each thrust he needed more and more of her, until she lay in his arms, both panting and satisfied in a plainly sexual way. Alex soon fell asleep, while Jared was at full energy now. In spite of all the energy he just couldn’t get himself to move a single muscle, except for his vital ones, and just had to watch her sleep in his arms.

What an exciting thought to live with her for the next while. Or at least close enough as in the same house!


When I woke up on the morning of my 24th birthday, I had a light headache. I also heard this pounding under my head. First I didn’t dare to open my eyes; who was that guy in my bed? What had happened?

Dancing with the guys, nothing unusual, stupid cake, not too strange either, I mixed up the drinks! Vodka! I’d been drinking vodka, twice! Damn!

There also was a guy… I’d been dancing with him, I’d kissed him! Oh no! Did I? Probably… I was naked after all. Hopefully that guy wasn’t some stranger or even worse, Adam! Hopefully it was that guy I’d been dancing with, Jared! Jared was his name! Gosh he’d been so handsome!

Ok, time to face the truth! When I opened my eyes, I looked up into a handsome face, framed by dark brown hair, down to his shoulders, a sexy smile throughout his face, straight nose, sexy lips and smoky gray eyes, sparkling in the early morning sun. “Hey there beautiful!” he said in a rough voice. Somehow these words sounded very familiar… “Jared!” I said, dazzled by his smile and the way he looked at me.

Tracy! Suddenly my smile faded, my new roommate would be here soon, probably, and she’d come into an apartment with clothes flying around everywhere on the way to my bedroom! She would probably turn around and leave right away! “Oh no!” I said shocked and jumped out of my bed, grabbing my long pyjama top on the way. I had to pick up those clothes before she arrived!

“Stay!” I said towards Jared, who watched me in confusion and started to get up to… probably get dressed or so, as I grabbed up our things on the way to the door. After dropping everything in front of my bed, I returned to the kitchen to check if there was anything left and then returned into my bedroom, closing the door behind me.

“Don’t think I would do this every time I go out!” I said shyly and unsure. “Clean up?” he asked amused and sat up, “Don’t worry; I didn’t think you’d do that every time you go out.” His expression became somewhat serious, as he continued to look at me, “Don’t think I would go to clubs only to pick up girls.”

Insecure I leaned against my door, wondering why no one ever told you what to do and how to behave after a one night stand or what this was, if you figured that you actually kind of liked the guy!

“So what was the cleaning thing about?” he asked curious and looked really comfortable in my bed. “My new roomy is going to arrive today and I don’t want her to think I’m a slut that can’t even wait until she’s in her bedroom!” I said bluntly and blushed because of my own words. Unlike anything I could have expected, I was disappointment in his eyes, but also wonder.

“Maybe it would be better if I left then?” he asked and stood up, presenting himself in all his glory. Blushing even more, I quickly shook my head, I didn’t want him to leave yet! “Why?” he asked, now curious, as I tried to keep my eyes on his face.

“I don’t know…” I lied, knowing that I wanted to know him, his past, his present and his future. I wanted to know about what he liked and disliked and most importantly, why did he sleep with me!

A movement right in front of my eyes pulled me back into reality. Jared stood right in front of me, his hands beside me on the door, his face coming even closer, until his lips almost touched mine. His lips almost brushed my skin as he moved over to my left ear. “Say it!” he whispered and placed his hands next to my head, as he continued to almost touch my skin with his lips. Excitement built up in my stomach, while he continued his almost touching and almost kissing.

Excitement turned into craving and lust and I could hardly recognize my own voice as I whispered, “Kiss me!” No more word was necessary, he simply crossed the boarder he had created and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth and I knew that I didn’t want to stop anymore! Screw my new roomy! I put my hands around his neck and pressed myself closer to him, he slightly pushed me against the door, his hands around my back now, holding me close.

I felt his hard cock against my stomach, felt my own body go crazy and hot and I wanted to get rid of the annoying material that covered my chest and halfway down to my knees. Quickly I let go of his neck and pulled my top up, but Jared’s arms were in the way. He must have felt it, since he let go of me, grabbed the edge of my top and pulled it up over my head.

As soon as he got rid of it, he pulled me close again. Gasping for air as my chest pressed against his, I held on to him tightly and greedily returned his kiss.

“You’re so beautiful!” Jared whispered out of breath as his lips moved down to my neck. In that moment his dick pressed against my inner thigh, making me shudder and shiver in lust. I put my hands in his hair to keep him where he was, to keep him doing what he did! But I already wanted more! More of him!

Just thinking about how bad I wanted him at that moment made me blush. If I had thought about what he was doing, I probably would have fainted from embarrassment! Jared pulled me closer again, still holding me against the door. Gosh I just hoped that Tracy wouldn’t arrive too soon!

I felt his lips on my neck, wandering deeper and sucking my nipple into his mouth, rubbing it, stroking it and poking it with his tongue and teeth, while massaging the other with his hand. Had I wished for him to stop before? Screw before! I was so wet before I could say or do anything! Jared moved over to my other nipple, repeating what he had done before, while his free hand slid deeper and pushed my legs apart, leaning his knee against the door between my legs.

“Jared!” I whispered, as clear as possible, “Please don’t stop!”

But he didn’t even think about stopping, as his fingers touched my clitoris and rubbed and stroke over it, moving deeper into my wet heat and back to rubbing over my clit, spreading the wet pleasure of his touch. I also felt his hard dick against my thigh, I wanted to touch it, take it into my mouth, lick it and suck on it like candy!

A wave of pleasure made me sink my fingernails into his shoulders, as he dunked his fingers deeper into the heat, spreading his fingers and rubbing, massaging me inside, spreading it further and inserting another finger. “You are so tight, Alex!” he whispered as he let go of my nipple and lifted me up with one hand, his fingers still inside me and carried me over to my bed. Now that I lay on my back, he spread my legs even wider; I didn’t need them for balance or anything anymore. He lowered his head and spread his fingers even wider so he could look at me properly.

“What are you doing?” I asked kind of shocked and blushed, but still didn’t want him to stop. “I’m looking at you!” he said and kissed my clit, “You’re so beautiful and so soft!” Slowly his tongue entered me, massaging, exploring and teasing me. Pushing in and pulling out. Holding back another moan, I held on to my bed, trying to get this under control. But as his sucking and rubbing got stronger, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

My body arched, trying to get his tongue in even deeper, trying to make him touch me even rougher, proving him that I would not break. For one second I thought about Collin, the way he and I used to love each other, but only one touch of Jared’s tongue made me forget everything about that jerk… including his name. All I was capable of was to call out his name in ecstasy and breathe.

Although I wanted to make him put his tongue back where it had been, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up to me, once he lifted his head for only a second. “I need you!” I said panting, “Inside!” Without another word he kissed me and I tasted the salty sweet flavour of my lust on his lips and his tongue, it was somewhat exciting and thrilling. Jared let his cock slide past my clit, it was hard and hot and I wanted him so badly, but with another kiss he stood up, pulling a condom out of his wallet and put it on while climbing back onto the bed.

“You always make me forget!” he whispered in my ear, “I almost forgot to protect you! I almost just made you mine without giving you a chance of knowing me!” Gosh! That was even better than ‘I love you’! Didn’t necessarily mean that he loved me, but it meant that he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him, only that I had entirely forgotten about that little thing! I pulled him closer again, kissing his lips passionately, while he placed his cock between my widely spread legs. Slowly he pushed it in, teased me a little and pulled it out again.

My nipples where stiff and hard, as he pushed into me again, his chest pressed against mine, moving back and forth. Playful I bit his lower lip, played with his tongue and let my tongue glide over the slightly spiky skin on his chin and cheeks. Jared quickly silenced a lustful scream, as he reached that little spot deep inside, pushing against it and rubbing it with the tip of his cock.

The waves of lust spread through every pore of my body, deep into the core of my soul. I dunked my nails into his shoulders again, as he moved faster; my body was pulsing in lust taking him in even deeper, enjoying his every move.

“Jaden!” I panted as he thrust into me again, wanting to feel him even more. He kissed me in return, his hands wandering deeper to grab my ass, pull me closer and lifted up my hip only to push into me again until we came together, suppressing our moans in a deep French kiss.


“You’re evil!” she said as she lay in his arms, back in her bed. “How did you know!” he asked in a pretend shock, trying to suppress a chuckle. “I just figured by the way you seduced me!” she said and smiled. “You should have looked at yourself last night! The way you moved, you seemed to be in an entirely different universe when you were dancing. You only saw what ever joined your world.” Jared said in a dreamy voice, picturing every single thing in his mind, “And when you did that somersault I was gone!” Carefully he kissed the top of her head, why couldn’t she be his new roommate? That would be an interesting time.

“I did a somersault?” she asked and pushed her self up a little to look at him. “And everyone went crazy!” he said chuckling, “It felt like you were some kind of pop star or something.”

“Anyway!” she said, placing her head on his chest again, “What brought you here anyway?” “Studies…” he said, “I guess… I’m going to start studying architecture next month.” He couldn’t stop himself from letting his hands wander over her body, to feel the soft touch of her skin, the soft curves of her breasts and the firm curves of her ass, while he asked, “And what are you doing? Studying as well?”

“I’m going to study interior design!” she said and started to wiggle from his touch, “Hey! What are you doing?” Jaden ignored that last bit, wasn’t it obvious what he did? “So I’ll design and build the houses and you’ll design the insides!” he said smiling, planning this new business idea in his mind, “Tell me about your new roomy, so what do you know about her?”

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was jealous of that girl! She would be living with Alex; his Alex! Jaden knew he had no right to claim her, but in his heart he did!

“Well, she is into sports, she’s going to study architecture too so I guess you’ll meet her in your classes!” she explained, “We didn’t chat so much because my landlady only chose her last week.”

Into sports, architecture, chosen the week before… those were a whole lot of coincidences! “What’s her name?” he asked curious. If it wasn’t for Alex, he might have been interested in a girl like that. “Tracy.” Alex said, “I don’t know her last name though, I guess I forgot to ask. I only know it’s starting with a J. Where is that girl anyway? She said she’d be here by…” “Twelve!” Jaden said, “I can’t believe it!” “Yes!” Alex looked at him in surprise, “How did you know that?” “I told my new roommate, I’d be there by twelve!” he said, cursing that old hag! Those were just too many coincidences! House, name, time of acceptance, hobby, university course, time and date of arrival and her name… “What’s your name, Alex?” he asked, unsure about whether he really wanted to know the answer.

“Alexandra Hepburn!” she said sceptically and looked confused. “Seriously?” Jared asked, “I must be the luckiest feller on this planet!” “I’m not quite following!” she said and pushed her self further away from him, “Do you know her?” Jared was sure that he saw a hint of jealousy in her eyes and he liked that a lot. “I guess you could say so.” He said after a while, “You see, my name is Jared Tracy and I had an interview with the landlady here last week. She told me she had half of an apartment free at the moment and asked if I would mind sharing the apartment with a woman.” Alex’s face was rather pale now, unbelieving and even a little angry.

“I told her to talk to you before!” Jared tried, visualizing his luck letting go of him and running away. “She most definitely did not!” Alex protested and sat up, sitting on his lap now, “That evil bitch! I told her that I wanted a female roomy! And not another guy that would leave his dirty things all around the apartment! Anyway, why would you agree on sharing an apartment with a woman you don’t even know, if not to do her? Gosh! You guys are all the same!”

Jaden felt his dick swell up again, considering the fact that Alex sat up on his thighs, only a few inches away, he really needed a cold shower now! Or hard work to forget how sexy and attractive Alex was, especially at the moment; naked and on top of him!

“Ehm, Alex…” he started, figuring she wasn’t up for a day in bed. “You can stay, but there are rules, if you don’t follow them, you’ll have to look for a new apartment!” she said still angry and looked down at him, “Is that clear?”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” he saluted and said, “Usually I’m tidy. I can cook and I used to live with a different woman before. You can call her if you want, for references and such, and before you ask, no, I did not sleep with her.” Jaden had trouble concentrating with Alex sitting on his legs, naked and angry, and his dick pounding and begging for attention.

“She was probably really ugly or a lesbian!” Alex said pouty and looked to the side. “Ehm, Alex?” he asked and had to clear his throat before he was able to talk properly, “You should really get off of me now, otherwise I can’t guarantee for anything that I might do to you and I’m not sure if that is something you want right now!”

Alex looked at him, clearly confused. Her eyes sank deeper, realising where she was sitting and what she was wearing. That was nothing. Jaden had to hold onto his sense of responsibility and manners to not fall all over her in that instance. Alex leaned down to kiss him, letting her hands run over his chest.

“I’m sorry…” she whispered between the kisses, “This was not your fault…” Her body pressed his dick against his stomach, her chest against his. This didn’t do any good to his consciousness and judgement. “Alex, stop!” he tried, but Alex only pressed herself closer to his body and made him moan. “Alex!” he protested as her hands stroke over his chest, deeper towards his groin, “Alex I can’t keep up with that!”

When she still didn’t stop, he turned them both around, pinning her down on the bed. “I said stop!” he said, slightly panting, “I will not do this to you, as long as you don’t want it! I’m not a man like that!” Jaden bent down to kiss her, but waited with the actual kiss to tease her a little. His lips touched hers slightly, and then kissed them. “I should go and get my stuff to distract myself!” he said and pushed himself up and away from Alex.

Fully dressed he walked back down to his car, trying to forget Alex at least for a little while. He’d brought all he needed, packed in boxes and a few bags, and carried everything upstairs. When he glanced over into Alex’s room, he saw her still lying there, cuddled up under the blanket now and her eyes closed.

When his car was empty, he sat down on a chair across from his new roomies bed, watching her. She was such a beauty, cute as her chest and shoulders slowly moved as she breathed in and out.


When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was confused at first. There was a guy sleeping on my chair, in my room. He was so handsome… but also sneaky! He was my new roommate! That evil witch got him as my new roommate, although I asked her to get a girl next! Girls were so much nicer to handle than guys! But Jaden was so cute! And handsome! 

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