Vivian Riley Chapter 04

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Chapter 4


As I stretched out when I woke up, I felt something warm and soft on the golden bed. Shocked I reached under my pillow within a second and had my knife in hand. But when I turned, I looked into Nathans sleeping face. Shit! My dress was gone, but that didn’t surprise me since the belt was kind of uncomfortable to sleep on, so were the shoes. Carefully I put the knife underneath the mattress and lay back to think. 

What had happened? I completely lost track of what had happened… the club… dancing… but after that? Suddenly Nathan beside me turned in his sleep, burying me under his surprisingly strong arm. His head lay next to mine, almost on my shoulder. He was such a child… barely any hair on his cheeks or chin. But when I felt his strong arms it was obvious, that he was no boy, but a man. These controversy facts occurred all around him. He was a CIA agent, so he was an enemy. On the other hand, did he seem to… fancy me and the most disturbing part was that I seemed to find him attractive. 

Suddenly fear struck me. What did I tell him? Did we talk at all? It had been pretty loud in the club, but it was obvious that we had spent a fair amount of time here… As careful as I was able to, I slipped out from under his arm, took short jeans, underwear, a black top, a checked black and green shirt and snuck into the bathroom to get dressed. Barefoot I returned to the bedroom, my hair tied in a bun and ready to go out. I stopped in front of the bed. Should I wake him? 

“Nathan!” I whispered into his ear, poked him gently and said, “Wake up!” His eyelids fluttered and opened. Seemingly out of nowhere did he grab my arms and pulled me back onto the bed, my legs over his and my back on the duvet. My natural reflexes let me reach for my knife under my pillow, but luckily for Nathan had I hid it further away. “Hey!” he said with sparkling eyes, “Where are you going?” “Breakfast?” I said quickly before I could stretch out to reach under the mattress, “You coming?” 

“If you’re waiting for me to get dressed?” he said and bent down to kiss me. His lips were soft and strong, gentle and fierce at the same time. Honestly surprised by that attack, it took me a few moments to recover until I sat up and slipped into my sandals, zipping them up at the back and putting on my dark pair of sunglasses. What had that been! And why didn’t I resist, except for reaching out for my knife?  

I put my phone and ID’s into the pockets of my shorts and walked over to the door, waiting for Nathan. I had to admit that I was playing with the thought to leave without him. He was just such a confusing guy! Way too confusing! But Nathan kept watching me, so I waited in front of the door. 

Except for a call to his boss back in the states and to his colleagues in Auckland, his interest was all concentrated on me. For the entire day! No matter what I tried to gently get out of his focus, out of this grip, I failed and that was a first for me. I had never failed in my life before! Not even when I escaped from the place where I grew up! The place I swore to never return to! 

And that guy… I was just not able to knock him out to get away from him! I had to admit that as well… I kind of enjoyed the time with him because I didn’t have to think about my work or my past. As long as I kept it way in the back of my head, locked away, never to be opened again, I was safe. I was actually able to enjoy myself, which was a first for me. Although I thought of him as a naïve guy, even though I had just met him, I knew that he would become a very capable agent some day. That could also mean a quite severe threat to me, a threat I should eliminate in time, but I just couldn’t. Maybe it was out of pity. Maybe it was sympathy. I couldn’t tell. 

The day passed surprisingly quickly and Nathan got a call in the evening that he had to return. To my own surprise, I felt disappointment, disappointed that he had to leave already. At the same time, I felt relief that I could finally relax and go to sleep at home. We said our goodbyes and I turned around to leave. Nathan grabbed my arm and pulled me back into his arms. “Hey!” he said with a smile, “Why are you just running off?” 

“We’re going home?” I asked and tried to get a little space between us, by putting my hands on his chest. “If I kiss you now,” he said quietly and looked into my eyes, “Can I meet you again?” Confused I looked at him, “What is that supposed to mean?” “In the future; back in the states, will you tell me more about you? Or give me your phone number; your e-mail address? Anything?“ he asked and looked at me not as confident as he had been the rest of the day. 

“What happened to destiny and coincidence?” I asked amused and saw the worry in his brown eyes, “Ok, what’s your name?” “Nathan Brown,” he said and looked at me in confusion, “Why?” “If I have some time, I’ll find you. My phone numbers change a lot and with a name only, the game to find you is way more interesting!” I said and shrugged my shoulders, “I like research.” 

“Where do you live, Vivian Thompson!” he tried again, “When is your birthday?” “I thought you’re working for the CIA?” I said smiling, and felt an uncomfortable worry in my stomach, “Can’t you find out about that yourself? In theory, wouldn’t it be easier for you to find me, as the other way around? After all, you’re sitting right at the source of information!” 

Nathan sighed in defeat, “Ok, if I won’t be able to find you and I do not hear anything from you… can we figure out a backup plan? Like a time and date and a place? Anywhere!“  It was rather cute to see him try so hard to find a solution to meet me again. Fine, he wanted a time and a date? He could have it. I just wouldn’t promise to show up on that day. 

“Ok, how about Madison Square Garden, for the game in seven weeks?” I suggested. “Seven weeks?” he asked and didn’t look too happy. “I want to give you some time to try finding me!” I said chuckling and gently freed myself from his grip while he was still fidgeting about the seven weeks in his head. “I’ll probably see you tomorrow!” I called as I disappeared into the crowd. 

That was mean and I knew it, but I had to get away from him before he got me into telling him more about me! It was enough that I had spent so much time with him! First of all, I had to sort things out with the flight; maybe I could get an earlier flight, maybe even that night! On the other hand, I couldn’t stop thinking about how pitiful Nathan had looked on the flight to Auckland! Now it wasn’t my problem whether he made it back to the states in one piece or not, but somehow I felt sorry for him. Sorry that he had to fly all the way to New Zealand, although his boss knew about his fear of flying. 


“Would you mind changing seats with me?” I asked the guy on the seat beside mine in the plane, “I love sitting next to the window!” Believing it myself or not, I ended up taking the same flight as Nathan, and as funny as it seemed, our seats were beside each other again, only that he was now placed next to the window on the other side of the plane. 

Nathan, my new flight companion as it seemed, looked up and sighed in relief, “I’m so glad you’re sitting beside me!” Chuckling I waited for him to move to my seat, to climb over his legs to sit on his place. “Did you talk to the people of the airline?” I asked suspiciously and he smiled guiltily. “Such a coincidence isn’t it?” he said and looked at me, “You look stunning!” “Slowly I’m starting to think this is kind of your standard line!” I teased and put my beige sunglasses in my handbag. 

I wore a white baby-doll dress with a printed pattern at the edge and a long white cardigan since the dress was sleeveless, sandals and a scarf. Nothing stunning as Nathan implied, nothing extraordinary. I had actually chosen this outfit to blend in! 

“No, usually I’m more… non-talking when I’m attracted to a woman!” he said and a faint hint of red showed on his cheeks. “So you’re usually not the type of guy that would talk to a woman?” I asked and smiled. He was such a boy! Obviously, he was a few years older than me but still as innocent and naïve as a schoolboy! “I do talk to females!” he said and looked a bit embarrassed, “I am a little shy when it comes to an attractive one usually though. One like you…” 

“So you’re a charmer today?” I asked, ignoring the compliment or chat-up line. “I’m trying to distract myself, and I find it surprisingly easy to talk to you.” Nathan said with a worried glance past me and out of the window, “Especially after our last… longer trip in one of those hell machines!” “And my abduction the other day…” I said and laughed, “Well, glad I can be of assistance.” “Don’t take me wrong,” he said and looked at me again, “I’m still honestly hoping to find you rather soon when we return to the states because my fear of flying is not the only reason I was hoping to meet you again today.” 

“Wow, wait, pause!” I protested and put my fingers to his lips, “I do not want to hear a word starting with L, ok? Neither a word that implies any of it! We hardly know each other; have only spent like what, two days together? So don’t even go in that direction!” As I spoke, disappointment appeared not only in his expression but also in his body language. 

I was surprised to see him in a quiet and calm state for a good half an hour; the plane had started and was flying about good 3000 miles above the surface, when Nathan turned to me again, “What about the night before last?” “We were both fairly drunk that night, nothing that happened then should be taken too serious, Nathan!” I said confident and would have loved to ask him what had actually happened! 

Before he was able to look out of the window, I quickly pulled down the blend, “Anyway. Tell me about your work! What are you doing there anyway?” Although he didn’t seem too happy, he responded to my questions and even dared to ask a few himself, questions I refused to answer and covered it with another question or just some random things that came to my mind. 

It was difficult though since my area of expertise was quite different to normal people since I grew up in a protected environment! The main thing I learned in my childhood was stealth. Something I was usually proud of! When the plane was about to land, Nathan realized that he had been flying all the time, now panicking again, due to the stewardess’s announcement about the approach for landing. 

The color of his face disappeared almost immediately, while his eyes widened and he stopped responding to any verbal or physical approaches like poking or light slapping. Not even his pupil moved in my direction, as I slapped his cheek. “God damn it!” I cursed in my mind and bend over to Nathan. “Don’t just die here! Planes are far safer than cars or trains!” I explained and looked around. Nobody was watching. 

Once again did I kiss him to distract him from the landing and once again successfully. This time though, the naïve Nathan was more eager to make this moment last, as soon as he returned from his panic attack. Since I couldn’t have him die there beside me, I let it happen. I even let him put his hand around my waist to pull me closer. 

As soon as the plane had landed, I slightly pushed him away to look at him, “See your fear is starting to fade away, this is the second overseas flight you have successfully survived!” The color in his face disappeared again, but not as much as before and he did not fall back into his panic. “I think this is only because of you!” he said and looked into my blue eyes, “Please tell me you’ll show up for the game!” “Try to find me first!” I said and lightly kissed his cheek while climbing over his legs to get out of our row and the plane, but Nathan pulled me closer as I was just climbing over him, “Promise you’ll give it a try, and if it doesn’t work, come to the game!” 

I sighed and nodded, not very comfortable with the position he had pulled me into! Halfway sitting on his lap in a dress, with spread legs and people walking past us! Attention was a horrible thing for someone like me, and Nathan unknowingly pulled quite a lot of attention to us! 

“Fine, I’ll try to have time on that day, I can’t promise anything at the moment because I have to be flexible with my job. Customers don’t like me being late!” I said and freed myself and finally exited the plane with my sunglasses on my nose, back into my low profile character. Nathan was not even out of the passport check, as I had disappeared in the crowds of passengers. 

As I returned home, I found an envelope in front of my door. A thick one I had to say. The promised money for the hit was there, all of it and in cash. With a sigh, I took the cover off my mattress and zipped the hidden pocket open to shove it in. Carefully I closed it and pulled the sheets and the blanket back over it. Since I didn’t have my weapons here this apartment was as safe for an investigation as any other. 

Carefully I locked the door to my apartment and went for a shower to wash away the remains of the journey. I was just out of the shower, as my work phone started to beep. I swished over the display of my Smartphone. 


Billy Grant – two million – two weeks


Who was that Billy Grant guy that someone was willing to pay two million dollars for his execution? Two weeks was more than plenty of time for any hit I had had before. I put the phone to the side and turned on my computer. My phone was encrypted and untraceable. It had cost me a fortune, but it was worth it! 

As a first, I googled my possible next target. He was a millionaire, company owner and had a record of violence. Well, he shouldn’t be too hard to take out. Then I got another message. 


Will you take the job? 


I send a message in return, to agree and got another text. 


No weapons, it has to look like an accident; half payment before, another half when the job is done.  


That was normal. Most clients would pay for the job when it was done. With a sigh, I deleted my computers history and got dressed. Only wearing a towel in an apartment that hadn’t been heated for a week was rather chilly, especially in autumn. I put on a pair of trainers and a loose jumper before I went for a jog through the park. 

When I returned, I had another envelope in front of my door. My contact must have dropped it off while I had been running. Running was a very important part of my training since it helped me with my condition and a chase from time to time. Another part of my life was no major alcohol consumption! Alcohol would only dull my senses and my mind and it would force me to do even more exercise! 


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