Vivian Riley Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


“Who’s that?” Patrick Marshall asked his assistant as he walked towards the elevator, spotting a young woman with red curls behind the reception desk. “She is one of our new staff,” his assistant explained, “I think her name was Susan Murphy, Sir!” “Excellent,” he mumbled and proceeded to the elevator, “Invite her to my next party!” “Of course, Sir!” came the swift answer from observant eyes, “This weekend?” “If there is some space left, sure, this weekend would be great!” Marshall said with a smirk, getting a last glance at the redhead before the doors closed. 

“Is everything set for the weekend while we’re at it?” he asked, making sure his assistant had his party under control. “Of course, Sir, I’ve got everything ready, the musical arrangement, food and drinks and other little treats to your liking, Sir,” the assistant confirmed, “I booked the usual suite and confirmed their confidentiality concerning your guests and the contents of your party!” “Excellent, Montgomery, you should join us someday, how about it?” Marshall suggested and smiled at the young woman in the tight black pantsuit with a mauve colored blouse, concealing her chest. Marshall had thought about her body almost every day since she had started as his assistant three months ago. Kathleen Montgomery was quite pretty, even though her glasses were rather old-fashioned and more suited to her work ethic; precise, accurate and always perfectly on time. 

“Thanks, Sir, but my job here will be business only,” she said with a smile, “My business includes everything but physical contact, Sir, I’ll do any kind of organizational and paperwork, but I will not be your little sex doll.” “What a shame!” he said and looked ahead again, as she brushed a strand of her auburn hair behind her shoulder. 

Someday she’d end in his bed; he was sure about it, he wouldn’t be picky though and take her anywhere! “There’s something you could do for me actually!” he said as they approached his office, “For the next weekend I’ve invited a business associate. He’s a very important person and I want him to be as comfortable as possible so please arrange a party for that weekend. Hire a few professionals and strippers, at least ten altogether. It is vital that they feel good at the end of their stay!” 

“Of course, Sir, any request concerning their origin?” she asked, pure business as usual. “Not really, just get the best of the best!” he said and sat down behind his desk. Montgomery put a note into her PDA and said, “When I got your things earlier, I picked up a call for you. The next shipment will arrive on Friday next week, between seven and nine. I rearranged your schedule to reassure you’ll have enough time to receive it.” 

Marshall’s face dropped as blank horror spread over his face, he was lucky that his assistant’s eyes were still glued to some notes on the PDA, her expression as blank and professional as always. Quickly he cleared his throat, “Thanks, Montgomery, did they say anything about the contents of the shipment?” 

“Ten females, ages eight to eighteen; five males, ages twelve to twenty,” she said as she flicked over the display of her non-stop companion, “Is there anything else I can do before I start with the preparations for next weekend?” Marshall had just recovered from the shock when she looked up at him expectantly. “No, that’s all for now!” he said and decided to tap her communications and have someone follow her. She knew too much and he wasn’t sure she wouldn’t blab like his last assistant, and the one before. He’d had high hopes for her, what a shame. 

But all she did the rest of the day, was to organize his private parties, no word about the shipment, nothing. The only call she made was to Susan Murphy, inviting her to the party that weekend. Every call she took was directed at him, changes and confirmations about his official work. She didn’t even take private calls, she’d told him she had an emergency phone, but it never rang, not once in three months! Maybe he could let her do some of the organizational work Kozniac had done before he’d gotten strangled to death. If he had to give his opinion, he’d say one of those assassins had taken it into their own hands to protect the company from exposure, Kozniac had been a blabbermouth and apparently, he’d blabbed about leaving.

Marshall was sure he was better off without him, just like that fool of a son. He had no grief or pity for him, hiring an assassin to get rid of Robinson, paying a double fee to get to watch! Every fucking idiot knew he’d paid for his own death! 

Luckily he had another son, the clever son of a bitch, he’d become a lawyer, making sure Marshall Senior’s business remained in the grey zones of the law and if it couldn’t be helped, which was most of the time, he made sure his father’s doings were hidden and even if it went to court, he’d baled him out without even a single fine. 

Patrick Marshall Senior couldn’t be more blessed with his second son and he started to think that Kathleen Montgomery could be just as valuable and irreplaceable as his son David! For the following days, he had one of his assassins trail her, just to make sure, he also made sure her phone and computer, even that damn PDA, were all under his supervision, under his control. 

Nothing turned out to be the slightest bit interesting though. In her free time, she kept to her self, reading or doing some work for him. Later that evening he got a call from one of his guys, John Peterson, who had been ordered to keep an eye on the kids and get them ready for their future work, after settling them into the private trailer park he’d built to keep his toys healthy. There were a few problems with some of the kids, they seemed to refuse to leave the truck in front of the huge warehouse, concealing the caravans and mobile homes inside. 

“Whatever I say, they keep blabbing in their own language! I don’t understand a single fucking word they say!” John complained annoyed, “Get me somebody down here who understands those bastards or I’ll shoot those who keep talking!” “Relax, I’ll find someone who speaks Rumanian!” Marshall said and blew out his breath when Montgomery walked in to hand him his mail, “Hold on a second, Peterson!” He looked at her expectantly, “Can you find someone who speaks Rumanian to translate for Peterson?” 

“I can do it if you want me to,” his assistant suggested, “I think I can speak enough to translate his limited vocabulary, Sir!” “Perfect!” he nodded and took the hand from his phone, “Hear that, Peterson? I’ll have Montgomery at the park as soon as she’s ready!” “Damn, does it have to be her?” he asked annoyed and Marshall laughed, “Yes, ‘cause I don’t have time to find someone else! So shut the hell up and get it over with!” He hung up and looked at his assistant, “Is there a language you cannot speak?” “No,” she said honestly and flicked over the damn PDA, “I used to travel a lot when I was little, so I got into languages and learned as much as I could.” 

“Impressive,” he said and nodded with a pleased smile, “So, call me when you’re done and report what went wrong!” “Of course, Sir!” she said strictly business, “If that’s all, I’d head over straight away, Sir!” “That’s all for now,” he said and watched her nod and turn around to leave. As soon as she was gone, he called one of his assassins to follow her, to record her conversation with the new goods to have it translated by a different asset, just to make sure she did what she was told and translated what she was supposed to. In the meantime, he called around to get someone to translate and double check Montgomery’s conversation!

By the time his assistant had returned, he’d found someone else to translate her conversation. “I apologize for the delay, Sir, it took a bit of convincing to reassure them about their whereabouts,” she said as she placed a file on his desk, “I wrote a report about what happened already, I hope it’s to your satisfaction.” 

“Thanks, Montgomery,” he said and picked up the file, “You can go now!” And she did. She was quite the obedient one, maybe he could just order her to be his sex slave, his little office slut! That’d be rather interesting, actually. 

He didn’t know if she’d do it, but maybe it’d be worth a try. About an hour later he got an e-mail with the translation of the recording with the Rumanian goods. He took a deep breath and compared her report with the translation and sighed relieved. Except for a comment about the approximate size of Peterson’s dick, she had everything written down in her report. 

Apparently, they’d been afraid to leave the truck, they thought the warehouse was a criminal hideout, which it kind of was, where they would get killed where no one heard their screams, which probably wouldn’t happen. 

Relieved he shut down his computer and left his office to attend his Friday night entertainment, one of many others since Montgomery had started her work as his assistant. The hotel staff greeted him with the key card to the suite, while another got an elevator for him. 

When he entered the room, the scent of sex and alcohol hit him immediately and Marshall sat down on a comfy chair to watch his friends and a few of his co-workers with whores, there also were a few hardly dressed women dancing on the tables and around the pole that got installed for his parties every week. 

Then he spotted red hair in a corner of the kitchen. Quickly he stood up and moved over to her, getting excited because she was still fully dressed! He had no idea and didn’t really care, about her previous experiences with sex, but at that moment she was still untouched by his friends! He’d be the first to fuck her holes, he’d be the one to train her, to make her want more. 

“Miss Murphy!” he said with a friendly smile, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you under a little less professional circumstances!” “Mister Marshall, Sir,” she squeaked surprised and looked at him with big eyes. “Did my assistant explain the contents of your invitation?” he asked and poured two glasses of champagne. 

“I thought she was joking, to be honest,” she admitted with a blush and took the offered crystal flute. “I somehow doubt she knows what a joke is,” he mumbled and emptied his in one gulp. Silently he watched her finish her drink, took the glass from her, turned her around and pushed her against the counter. She screamed surprised, but nobody cared, not even when Marshall pulled handcuffs from one of the drawers and fastened them around her hands and the cupboard door above her. But the woman protested too much, so he pulled a small gag ball from the same drawer and pulled it tight around her struggling head. 

With her upper body out of order, he only had to worry about her feet, but since she wore jeans, that wouldn’t be an issue! Lustfully he opened her jeans and slowly moved them down to her knees along with her panties, disabling her movement a bit more. 

Marshall forced her body against the counter, shoving his knee between her legs to get easier access to her clit, which he explored immediately. The more he played with her soft folds and clit, the less she struggled, until she moved her hips to rub herself against his hand. But Marshall liked the way she resisted, it turned him on. He wanted to hurt her, to make her scream and cry, he wanted to fuck her until she needed it like the air to breathe like a fish needed water. 

When he was done with her for a moment, he called over the guys and a few of the whores. While the other men fucked her in every hole and way possible, he watched with one of the other women sucking his dick, preparing him for round two. 


When he got to work on Monday morning, he felt exhausted. They had taken turns to sleep, but going at it for over forty-eight hours was quite a lot for a man his age and while he was back at work, the others were still in the hotel room with Susan Murphy, turning her into a sex slave for his entertainment. 

“Good morning, Sir,” came the voice of his assistant as soon as he sat down, “I’ve brought you coffee, the morning paper and a list with everything I’ve organized for next weekend. If there is anything you’d like to add or take away or change, please let me know, Sir!” As fast as she had come in, she disappeared again after placing a huge cup of coffee and the list in front of him. 

Sometimes he found it rather peculiar how she didn’t show emotions easily around him and her co-workers, always professional. She knew when to laugh or smile or have a serious expression with their clients and partners, but around him, she kept a straight face at all times. 

She did her work very well though, professional and reliable at all times. Her list was just like that, professional. She’d put his usual requests onto it and added a few professional dancers with a little show, finger food, and other specials. His absolute favorite was a geisha, covered in Japanese food, ready to be devoured afterward! Oh, he couldn’t wait until Friday!


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