03.03.2013 - Rory

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Chapter 1

“Do you know what it’s like to have everything you ever wished for and still feel kind of dull and empty?” I asked my best friend Samira Wallace as we walked home together after school. “Maybe it’s just not what you really want!” Sam said and looked at me. “But I’ve been in love with Chase ever since I first met him and now we’re dating and it suddenly feels totally wrong!” I complained and I hit my hands in my face.

“Rory, you’ve only been going out for two weeks. You love him right? And you confessed and he accepted your feelings. You should be happy!” Sam said comforting, “After all, usually he would have lots of girlfriends, but right now, he’s only with you!” I sighed and nodded, “It’s probably just because everything is so new at the moment, right?” “That’s the spirit!” my best friend said.

“How’s it with your boyfriend?” I asked and looked at her as she smiled, “Mal is great, we’re going to meet up later to watch a movie, but he’s still in school because of his soccer practice.”

Sam and Malcolm had been dating for about five months already and were still all lovey-dovey, while Chase and I were only dating for two weeks now. Chase was one of the most popular guys in our high school and almost every girl wanted to go out with him, most of them because he was extraordinary handsome and had a good family background, but I liked him because of his personality. He was not the smartest guy in school, no that place had been Yves’ since middle school, but he was in the top fifty, which was good, since we were about a thousand students in our school.

Chase and Yves were in the same year, both one year older than me, but while Chase was a gentleman and cool, Yves was the type of guy that kept to himself, studied all the time and was not interested in girls. Yves wore glasses and had dark, long, messy hair, covering most of his face; he was probably very shy, while Chase’s hair was always perfect and blond and not too long so that people were able to look into his eyes when they were talking to him.

Chase was just perfect in so many ways! He was not only good in school, but also handsome, a real gentleman, athletic and… he was popular with the girls. That was the only part I didn’t like about him, but when he agreed to dating me, he promised he would not cheat on me, he promised that I would be the only one for him.

Sam was good in school too, but she was only on place seventy-four of our school rank, while I was on place forty-six, three places above Chase. The school ranks were published on a list every month, so we had the chance of keeping an eye on our grades, although I didn’t worry about mine too much.

“I wanna go on a date!” I thought as I watched Chase the next day as he played basketball for his club. “What’s wrong with you today?” Samira asked as she approached me, “Your aura is scaring everyone away!” Depressed I looked at her, “Nothing much… How was your date last night?” I saw it in the way she smiled, that she’d had a great time, so I tried to be a bit happier for her.

“Well… it was good I guess…” she replied in a dreamy voice and told me everything about her date. I know I had no reason to be jealous, and I really was happy that everything went well in her relationship, but at the same time I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

“Are you doing something today after club activities?” Sam asked and joined me as I watched the basketball practice again. “Chase said he’d have some time for me. We’re walking home together because he has an important dinner with his parents tonight…” I said and sighed, “What about you? Are you going out with Mal again?” She shook her blond curls and smiled at me, “That’s why I was wondering if you’d like to go to town and hang out with me for a bit!” Distraction was a great thing at the moment! “Sounds good, what did you have in mind?” I asked and looked at her. “Well, I’d love to try that new smoothie bar and maybe do some shopping! I really need your advice, since it’s Mal’s birthday soon and I want to give him something special!”

“I’d love to!” I said happily and turned back to the game to watch Chase, “What time do you want to meet up?” “Maybe at four in front of the train station?” she suggested and leaned against the fence that separated us from the field.


“I hope you didn’t have to wait too long!” Chase said as he came over to us after his practise, “I didn’t know you were waiting!” “Don’t worry, I like watching you play!” I said with a smile. “I’ll be done in a minute, I just want to change my clothes!” he smiled as well and ran off to the changing rooms.

“Well, I’ll be going then, have fun with your Romeo and don’t forget to meet me later!” Sam said cheerfully as she hugged me and walked off to meet Malcolm, who had been in his soccer practise. “See you later!” I said and sat down on a bench in front of the changing rooms.

Shortly after Sam was gone, Chase returned with his bags and a bunch of his friends, laughing and messing around. They said goodbye and Chase and I walked off towards the gate, out of school and towards my house. “How was practise?” I asked curiously and enjoyed the time we spent alone. “Good,” he said calm.

“Are you excited about the dinner tonight?” I asked, while looking at the bright, blue sky. “It’s just a normal business dinner, nothing special!” he said and took my hand. “I think it’s very interesting, my parents wouldn’t take me to a business meeting or dinner,” wondering if I would enjoy a business dinner, I watched a few birds above our heads, “I’m going out with Samira later, we’re going shopping and stuff like that!”

“Good!” he said and suddenly smiled at me, “If that’s the case how about you buy some sexy underwear? You can present them to me tomorrow!” Blushing, I shook my head, “I… I… I can’t do that! W… Why would you want to see underwear?” “Oh, I would know a few things!” he said with a wolfish grin. Luckily we had reached my house I got spared of more talk about my undergarments! Still grinning, he bent down and kissed me lightly on my lips and I blushed again, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Rory!”

Too embarrassed to answer, I just waved and waited for him to disappear behind the next corner, before I went inside. “Mom, I’m home!” I called and took off my shoes, “Can I go and meet Samira later?” “Sure!” I heard my mom call from her office, “Go on and have fun dear!” Excited and still embarrassed about the kiss in front of my house, I ran upstairs to my room to get changed, since I didn’t want to go shopping in my school uniform.

A few hours later Sam and I sat in that new smoothie bar and chatted and giggled. She had found a new soccer bag for Malcolm and a whole lot of new clothes and accessories for herself and so did I. But I didn’t dare to buy… what Chase had suggested… it was too embarrassing after all. Every time I got close to the underwear departments of the stores, I started to visualize what he might want to do with me. I got bright red and turned around to escape.

Suddenly Sam’s phone started to ring and so she answered, “Hi Mom! I’m with Rory.” “Hello Miss Wallace!” I called as Sam held the phone closer to me. “Yes, I’m having a smoothie, why? Oh… But why? I’m almost sixteen already! Fine… Bye Mom!” she said and sighed, “I have to go… Mom wants me to mind Jamie, since she has to work and she wants me to be home before eight, like I’m some kind of baby!”

“Don’t worry; I’ll be heading home now as well, but thanks for today! It was good to have a day for just the two of us again, without the boys!” I said chuckling and gave her a hug, “Get home safely!” “You too,” she replied with a smile, “I’m really sorry that I have to leave so suddenly.”

As I left the bar, it was dark outside already, so I walked straight towards the train station, but as I was about half way there, I started to shiver, as a group of loud, evil looking people just left the park, coming towards me. Scared I took up some pace and tried not to run. I had heard about them before; a group of delinquents, coming out at night and beating up everyone in their way.

Of course I was too slow and the group quickly cornered me against a wall. “Now isn’t that a cutie?” one of them said and looked at me from head to toe. “This will be fun!” another one said and pulled out his knife, “We can cut off her clothes!” “Look how she shivers, I’m sure she’ll try to resist!” a guy with long black hair said and smiled, “I’m sure she’s a virgin!” “Hey, Chevalier, look what we’ve found here!” a guy with really short hair said, “You can screw her first, since you’re our boss!”

Too scared to scream and with one of the guys’ hands over my mouth, I watched with big eyes, as the group of about fifteen guys parted lightly and made way for another one. He was tall, had long black hair, hanging right into his face, over his eyes and all, as much as I saw from his face, he had a bored expression, his t-shirt was slightly ripped and partly covered in fresh blood, just like his arms, his jeans were also ripped, dirty and covered in blood stains. His head moved slightly, as if he was examining me.

“Looks like fun!” he said bored and smiled slightly. He stepped closer and pulled the guys hand out of my face. Chevalier, as they had called him, pulled up my chin and pressed his lips on mine in a forceful kiss. Shocked and scared, I pulled my hands free and tried to push him away from me, but he was too strong!

“This is going to be real fun!” he said with a smirk and pressed his lips on mine again. He grabbed my hands and pushed them up behind my back, before I was able to get them free again. With a pained whinge, I tried to move my head away from his lips, but he just moved with me. “I think I wanna keep her for a bit!” he finally said and let go of me, “I’ll take her to my office!” Bright red and embarrassed and scared, I slipped down on the wall, unable to make a sound.

Quietly, but loud enough for his gang to hear, he whispered, “One sound and I will personally rape you, right here and right now!” He turned to the guys and commanded, “Take her bags, we don’t want anyone to find them too quickly now, do we? And we definitely don’t want her to get the chance to call for help!” His voice was full of authority and leadership, something that I usually admired, but being abducted and violated was something I didn’t find too amusing!

Still unable to move a single muscle, Chevalier tied something around my mouth, lifted me up and carried me away, accompanied by his gang. Tears ran down my cheeks as I fought my own fear to fight them again, or at least to not go down without a fight!

As Chevalier dropped me on a bed in a dark room, he turned and went back to the door, “You can leave, do as you please, but don’t come back here before the morning… I’ll be busy and don’t want to be disturbed!” Was he saving me or was he going to have his way with me and murder me on his own? At least he had, so far, saved me from being raped in a group! He turned back to me and locked the door after taking all my shopping bags and my purse from his friends.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he asked angrily and took the thing that he had tied around my mouth away again. “I… I’m not doing anything! I should ask you…” I said and looked at him, so close up. Suddenly I thought that he looked familiar, sounded familiar as well! He also untied my hands and I pulled the hair out of his face and shrugged back in shock, “Yves!” “Shut the fuck up you little brat!” he cursed and pinned me down on the bed, “You should not be here!” As I tired to protest and tried to get him away from me again, he pressed his lips down onto mine in a violent kiss, “I said shut up! If you ever tell anyone about any of this, I will really take my time raping you and I’ll murder you afterwards, do you understand! If anyone hears about this, ANY of it, you’ll pay for it!” Slightly confused I looked at him, as he sat down on the bed beside me, “Does that mean you’re not going to violate me anymore at the moment?” “Does it look like I am?” he asked annoyed and put his hands on his face in anger. “Can I go then?” I asked hopefully and sat up.

He looked at me, as far as I could see, really annoyed, “Do you want to be raped that badly?” “No!” I protested quickly and lowered my voice, “But I thought you sent them away!” “Do we really look like trained little pups to you?” he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “They do as they please and they accept me as their leader, for I can take on anyone of them! But they are jealous since I get to have all the fun with the little virgin and of course they are curious as of how long I’ll make you scream!”

I shivered thinking about it and stared at the door, “Are you really going to make me scream?” “If you ask me one more time if I’m going to rape you, I swear I will! So shut up and go to sleep or something already!” he said and leaned against the wall, pulling my legs over his, “These walls are sound prove so don’t worry, they won’t hear or see what we’re doing in here!” I sighed relieved and watched him for a bit, “Can I text my Mom to tell her I’m staying over at Sam’s place?”

“Your mother lets you stay at your boyfriend’s house?” he asked, but nodded, “I’ll watch you write it though!” “Samira is a girl and my best friend!” I protested and took my phone out of my bag, luckily it was Friday and I wouldn’t have to go to school tomorrow! As he had said, Yves watched me closely, as I texted my mother, and as I wrote another text to Sam, telling her, I met a few friends from middle school in town and would spend the night catching up with them, and to tell my mom, if she’d ask, that I’d stay at her place, since she didn’t like those friends. Yves was slightly surprised as of how quickly I had come over my fear and about how convincing I lied to my friend and my mother.

After that we were quiet for a while and silence was our only companion. “How come you’re an honour student in school and… like this now?” I asked and earned a glare from Yves, so I asked again, “Ok, forget that I asked! Can I ask what you want to do after high school? My parents keep bothering me with it, and you’re a class ahead of me… so I thought you might know what you want to do…”

“I want to take over the mafia!” he said icily and stared at me, “Did that surprise you?” I shrugged slightly, “After today… not really… Do we even have a mafia here?” He snorted and glared at me again, “Duh, dummy! I guess every country has a mafia like organisation and I want to take over the entire business! That’s why I’m going to study business after graduation to manage my business wisely!”

“It must be great to have a goal!” I mumbled and leaned my head against the wall, “What did your parents say about your plan? Do they even know?” “My parents are dead.” Yves said cold, “I’m living on my own so nobody would care about what I’m doing anyway. No one orders me around.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” I whispered and quickly changed the topic, “So, are you studying a lot to stay on the very top of the list in school?” “I don’t have time to study. I’m a natural genius!” he said and turned to me, “And now shut up and go to sleep or I’ll over think what I said earlier!”

Intimidated I put my head down on the pillow and pulled my knees to my chest. Sighing in frustration, Yves grabbed my legs and pulled them over his, so that I could stretch out and pulled a blanket out from under the bed. “I don’t want you to get a cold…” he said quietly and less cold. “Thanks…” I sighed, “Are you not going to sleep?” “No.” he said and stared at the door. “Good night, Yves!” I said and closed my eyes.

As I woke up the next morning, I felt arms around my waist and a warm body behind me. Could it be that Yves had done something to me? But as I felt the material of my clothes between us, I sighed relieved. Maybe Yves fell asleep while waiting for the time to pass? I had to admit that he seemed to be a pretty decent guy… He had protected me after all… he was still protecting me! With a sigh, I closed my eyes and fell asleep again.

When I woke up again, I was face to face with Yves, only a few inches between us! He smiled wolfish and looked at my big, shocked eyes. I didn’t expect to wake up, facing my kidnapper and have his arms wrapped around me! “How good are your acting skills?” he asked and played with a strand of my light brown hair. “I don’t know, why?” I asked worried. “If you want to get out of her alive, it would be helpful if you’d be able to play unconscious!” he said without letting me go.

“I guess I can do that!” I said and tried to look away, “What is your plan?” “You’ll pretend to be unconscious; I’ll carry you outside and drop you in some lone alley with your stuff. You count to a hundred and go home while I walk away with what is left of my friends!” “I… I think I can do that!” I repeated a little more confident, “Can you let go of me now?” I was not entirely sure if my face could get any more red, I was that embarrassed.

Yves let go of me and I stood up, straightening my outfit. “That won’t do!” he said and shook his head, “I’ll need prove that I’d had my fun with you and I don’t think I would sort out your outfit after taking you all night long! Take off your pants, I won’t even look and mess up your outfit a bit!” “I… I understand…” I said scared of the guys outside and was glad that I was wearing leggings under my skirt! Clumsily I took off my shoes and started to take off my leggings, as Yves sighed in frustration, “What is taking you so long?” He turned around and lifted my legs, pulling off my leggings, “Take of your damn knickers already, while I sort out your… well… this thing!”

Yves turned around again, leaving a flabbergasted me behind, unable to move for a second, until he threatened, “If you don’t move, I’ll take them off myself!” I moved quickly and handed him the knickers in exchange for my leggings, put them on quickly and put on my shoes without tying them. My face must have been bright red, as Yves pushed them slightly under the bed and turned to me.

With one little step he stood right in front of me, pulling out my t-shirt and messing up my hair, messing it up really badly! Unashamed he looked at my cleavage, and sighed, “Why is a girl in your age wearing something so provocative? This is your entire fault now!” Before I could do something, he pushed me back onto the bed, his lips on my neck, wandering down towards my chest, kissing, sucking and biting me. I tired to get him off of me, I even tried to kick him, since he was holding my hands, but he didn’t stop for about five minutes!

“Almost done!” he said proudly and pressed his lips on mine again, forcing his tongue into my mouth and violating my lips! “Now put your phone back in your bag and play unconscious!” he commanded, “You look at least a little as if I’d fucked you!” Flinching from the words he used about the way I looked, I shivered but nodded, “I’m ready!” “Lie down on the bed. I’ll have to open the door first, since I locked it.” Yves said and opened the door as soon as I was on the bed, the blanket was stuffed against the wall and I pretended to be unconscious. “Carry her stuff! I wanna get rid of her as soon as possible!” he said and lifted me up in his surprisingly strong arms.

“What about us?” one of the guys asked disappointed. “I told you to fuck off last night, didn’t I? This one is out for the next few hours and if you don’t want to meet to police anytime soon, you should better do as I say, you can find another little bitch later!” Listening curiously, I let my body completely lose, while Yves carried me out of the building and on for a while. “This is far enough, she won’t know where she is anyway and she probably won’t know what happened so drop her things, it’s nothing too interesting in those bags anyway!”

I heard the rustling of the plastic bags, as they dropped them to the ground, before Yves gently placed me on the ground with my back to the wall. “Come on guys lets leave before she wakes up again and before someone sees us!” Yves commanded and pulled my chin up one last time to forcefully press his lips on mine in a bewildering kiss. I tried really hard not to move or to protest to blow my cover and almost sighed in relieve, as he stood up and walked away with his gang.

Quickly I started to count to a hundred without moving. As I finally reached a hundred, I peaked out through my lids and found the alley completely abandoned, so I quickly fixed my outfit and pulled out my new scarf to cover the marks that Yves had left behind, tied my shoes, grabbed my things and quickly walked back home.

Carefully I opened the door to the house I lived in and was almost afraid to meet my mother now! Luckily I found a note, telling me that my parents were both shopping. Shivering madly I ran upstairs and dropped my bags onto my bed and went for a shower. Maybe it was due to the shock of almost getting violated and a mixture of pride, that my body was only now reacting to the stress.

Tears flooded my eyes and my body didn’t stop shaking, not even under the stream of hot water. I washed off all of those guys’ stares and their words and where they had touched me and eventually calmed down a bit. After turning off the water, I dried my self, realising just how many hickeys that guy had made! Pale as a ghost I returned to my room to get dressed, as I heard the familiar sound that my phone made, when ever it received a text message.

I quickly pulled out my phone and almost jumped as I read the name, displayed on my phone. Yves Chevalier! Scared I opened the message and read, “Hope you are ok, didn’t have time to check up on you yet! Don’t be scared. You were very brave back then! Yves” Suddenly I felt better, almost at ease, that my saviour from last night was worried about me… but how did he get my phone number? And how did I get his? “Better now, thank you so much for your help last night. How did you get my phone number? Rory” I wrote and quickly hit the send button before I could change my mind and got dressed. I only had enough time to put on my underwear and trainers, when my phone beeped again, “I was bored, so I read your messages. I programmed my number in, contact me if you’re in trouble or want to have some fun. Give it away and you’re dead. Yves”

I blushed again and typed two words, “Thank you!” I got fully dressed and thought about what I should do now! How should I react when I would run into Yves in school? And I most definitely would, because he was in the same year as Chase and he was in the archery club, whose training ground was right beside the basketball court! It was quite calming to know that someone was out there, helping me if I was in trouble! Although it was not my boyfriend, I still felt at ease to know that.

Then I thought about something else… Did he just say, that he had read my text messages? But… how could he? Those messages were private! “Why did you read my messages?” I wrote with big eyes and waited motionless for Yves’ reply. “I had to do something :D is that guy really your bf? Sounds really boring! Yves”

“You can’t just read my text messages! They are private! He IS, but that’s none of your business! Rory”

“Well… they were boring anyway! Have fun with that bastard then! If you want to have real fun, tell me!” I blushed and pressed my face into my pillow, “As if I would do that!” If he thought that my messages were boring, why did he read on then?

“We’ll see about that!” was all he wrote.

I was just about to write a feisty reply, as the door of my room was suddenly opened. Shocked I jumped and my phone flew out of my hand, flying through the air and landed on the carpet in front of the bed. Luckily! “Mom!” I exclaimed, “You gave me a fright!” “Sorry darling, I just wanted to bring up your clothes, I didn’t know you were back already,” she said apologetic and put a pile of clean clothes on my bed while I picked up my phone. “Thanks Mom!” I said and hugged her.

“Uh oh! What’s wrong?” she asked worried and sat down beside me, “My daughter just saying thank you is not normal!” But she smiled and kissed the top of my head. “Nothing, I just love you, Mom!” I said smiling. “Did you have fun?” she asked gentle and put her arms around me.

“It was fun; actually,” I admitted honestly, “We were practicing acting skills! And we were chatting about school and stuff!” I hated lying to my mother, so I tried to stick to the truth as much as possible.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she kissed my forehead and stood up, “I have to get back down to finish the washing and cook dinner. Will you come down in a while?” “Sure, thanks Mom!” I said and smiled at her.

If James Bond was good at knowing if somebody said the truth or not, my mom was a genius! She’d always known when I tried to lie to her, so usually I didn’t even try. Sometimes I found a way around the truth, just as I had earlier. With a sigh I put my phone on my bed and started to do my homework. After all, I didn’t have time to do it after the shopping trip with Sam.


Chapter 2

Back in school on Monday, I was nervous to meet Yves there… How should I react? Should I talk to him? On the other hand, he was a rather scary guy, a delinquent! Definitely not the kind of person my mother would want me to hang out with. Usually my mother didn’t really mind where my friends came from, as long as they were nice to me. With a sigh I put my school bag under the table, folded my arms on the desk and put my chin on my arms.

“How’s it going, Rory!” Sam said and sat down on my desk, “Where were you Friday night?” I saw the excitement in her eyes and sighed, “I’ll tell you later, ok? In the break! There is too many people around at the moment and I don’t want everyone to know!” “Fine… but is it something we have to keep from Chase?” she asked and looked at me, “Because he’s just coming through the door.” “Definitely nothing for him to know,” I said quickly and smiled at my boyfriend.

Tall and good looking as he was, he walked straight towards me, a dazzling smile on his lips. His dark hair had been cut over the weekend and was now only about two inches long and spicy. “Good morning, Rory!” he said and kissed my cheek. I blushed immediately, “Morning, Chase! I like your hair, it really suits you!” “Thanks!” he said and smiled, “Did you have a nice weekend?” “Yes…” I said and smiled, watching Sam in the corner of my eye. “Great. My weekend was boring… lots of meetings with the board and dinner with colleagues of my father!” he said, before I was able to continue, “I have to get back to class, we’re doing group work today, preparing for the sports festival. All the heads of the sports clubs are going to meet after school as well, so you’ll have to go on ahead of me today.”

All the heads of the sports clubs? That would mean that Chase and Yves would spend even more time together, giving Yves the chance to tell Chase about Friday night! He wouldn’t do that, right? His reputation as honour student was on the line after all! “Have fun…” I said worried, “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” “Sure,” he said, kissed me again and left for his class.

“Oh my gosh! I want to die!” I whispered, so that only Sam could hear and hit my head against my desk. Before Sam could ask what was wrong, our teacher entered the classroom. “Later…” I said again and pulled out my books for the first period.


Finally it was break time and Samira pulled me out of the classroom, before I could start to hit my head against the table again. On the roof of the school, we had our own little secret base that no one knew of. Not even Chase or Malcolm or our other friends. It was mainly just the top of our school, where no one would see us. Quickly we climbed up the wall and settled down against the chimney.

“Spill!” she said and looked at me in excitement. “Well… you have to promise me, not to tell anyone!” I said worried. Sam nodded and put her hand up, “I swear to keep this conversation completely private and confidential and if I don’t, something horrible shall happen to me, since I’m not worthy of being your trusted friend!”

I knew that Sam was serious about this, since we hadn’t used this vow in ages, since we completely trusted one another, so I nodded and looked into the sky. “After you left I went straight to the train station, but at the park, I ran into some delinquents. They took me with them and if it wouldn’t have been for this guy, they would have raped me and probably murdered me as well… I was so scared, Sam… so they took me to their quarters and that guy,” I explained, without using Yves’ name, since I had promised him, “pretended to keep me hostage, or rape me or what ever… He protected me this whole time, until morning.”

“Wait! That guy was alone with you all night long?” she asked with wide eyes, “Did he do something to you?” Slowly I turned to her, “No. He just kept me company, letting his men believe he would have his way with me. In the morning I had to pretend to be unconscious and he carried me away from his men and his headquarter and dropped me far from curious eyes. I counted to one hundred and went back home… he even checked up on me.”

“You like him!” she said excited and clapped her hands. “No!” I protested quickly, “I like Chase! I was just surprised by that guys actions… that he stood up for me and protected me, although these guys were his friends and all! I don’t like him… after all… he forced a kiss on me! Just before I played unconscious!”

“Mmm hmmm!” she said and looked at me with knowing eyes. “Shut up! I don’t like that guy!” I protested again and pulled my knees towards my chest, “I like Chase!” “If you say so!” Sam shrugged her shoulders, “Tell me more about this mysterious guy! Is he handsome? Is he young? Do you know him? Do I know him? What does he look like? Do you know his name? Was he strong?”

Blushing at the thought of Yves, I said, “Well… he is kind of handsome I guess… he is probably a few years older than us and yes, he is strong, I guess he looks a bit like Ian Somerhalder!” That was probably not true at all, but I didn’t want her to find out that Yves had been my saviour. “Unfortunately that doesn’t sound like anyone I know!” Sam said with a sad sigh, “You’re really lucky that you met that guy! I wouldn’t want to know what would have happened otherwise! Maybe someone would have found your dead body by now?”

Thinking about that made me shudder, so I nodded, “Being in a situation close to death, you really start to appreciate life again and even homework! As soon as I had showered, and was dressed again, I did my homework!” “Really?” Sam asked shocked, “You must have been really close to death if that’s the first thing you did!”

“Or maybe I was just trying to convince my mom that I’m a good kid… that she wouldn’t get mad for me staying out so suddenly, without telling her properly…” I shrugged my shoulders and checked the time on my phone, “Shit! Classes are about to start, we have to get back!”

“Hey Rory! Where have you been?” Terry asked as we returned to the classroom, “There was a guy asking for you!” “What guy?” confused I looked at our classmate. “About ye high,” she said and held her hand about one head above hers, “dark hair, glasses; if I’m not mistaken, he’s the top student in our school.” “Yves?” I asked shocked and forgot that I should not know him by just this little information, worrying what he wanted to come and look for me in my classroom.

“How’d you know him?” Sam asked, suddenly very interested in the matter. “Oh, he’s in the same class as Chase!” I said quickly and shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t really know him that well, and maybe we’ve talked once or twice?” “So what would he want from you?” Terry asked curiously. “I don’t know?” I said confused and looked out of the window. I seriously had no idea why he would come and look for me.

I was glad when our teacher told us to be quiet so he could start the lesson. After school, I went straight to the sports fields and found Yves leaning against the rail. “I heard you were looking for me!” I said and watched as Chase and his friends got warmed up for practice.

“Just checking up on you!” he said without looking at anything in particular. “As if I would tell anyone what really happened!” protesting I looked at the taller guy beside me, “I told Sam about it, but not about you.” Yves nodded and looked at me with icy eyes, “You would most definitely regret that!” “Probably…” I shrugged my shoulders and sighed, “What should I tell my friends what you wanted me for, in the break?”

“As if I would care, tell them it’s none of their fuckin’ business!” Yves rolled his eyes and looked away again, towards the school. “Well… I usually care about what my friends think of me!” I said pouty, getting really annoyed. “Fine!” he replied annoyed as well, “Tell them I asked you if you were interested in becoming the new manager of our club or if you knew anyone that might be!”

“Oh,” I said surprised, “That actually does sound quite reasonable. But why would you ask me?” After all, officially we didn’t really know each other.

“My archery club is all about concentration, precision and discipline!” Yves explained, “We can’t use one of these drooling single girls, dozing off in their fantasies while we could actually use their help! So if you’re interested, come to our club room after practice today. I have to go now, make sure those idiots don’t slack off too much. Don’t drool over your guy while you think about my offer!” Before I was able to complain, he just took off and left me there.

Was he serious about that offer? At least he sounded kind of serious, telling me to come over after training. But I wasn’t one of those girls that would drool over a guy, at least not as obvious as the others!

Wait… didn’t the club presidents have a meeting after practice? With a sigh I just ignored the fact that Yves had been here and watched Chase for a while longer, thinking about Yves offer. After all, I had nothing to do most of the time, while Chase was in his practice after school. Maybe it was a good opportunity to kill some time? I had been watching Chase during practice times since I started high school, so a little distraction shouldn’t be too bad, right?

“Hey Rory!” Sam called as she approached me, “Where did you run off to after class? Terry and I were wondering if you wanted to come to karaoke with us later.” “Oh, hey Sam,” I said cheerful and turned towards her, “Sorry, I went to see Yves, I was kind of curious as of what he wanted, you know, and I was hoping to catch Chase before practice… but he was warming up already when I arrived her…”

“Really? So what did Yves want?” Sam asked, “It was Yves that had been asking for you, hasn’t it?” I nodded slightly, “It was Yves. He asked me if I was interested in becoming their club manager. They didn’t want someone to drool over their floor and stuff while their practicing time.” Casually shrugging my shoulders, I turned back to Chase and his team, while Sam joined me at the fence. “So what’d you say?” she asked curiously and watched Mal on the neighbouring soccer field. “I didn’t say anything yet… but he said if I was interested, or knew someone that might be, I should come to their clubroom after practice.” Slowly I turned away from the fields and sat down on the ground, leaning against the fence, “What do you think, Sam? I mean, I have nothing much to do while Chase is practicing and it would probably be good for college applications to be the manager of a club, don’t you think?”

Sam looked at me for a while and joined me on the ground, “Well… if you’re not feeling comfortable with going there alone, I could come with you. Mal is in his practice as well and when you’re comfortable with that position I can leave you at it and return to drooling over Mal, or you could just come back with me. It’s not like you won’t be able to leave that position ever again, right?”

“You’re right…” I said and sighed, “Let’s go there after practice!” “Why wait?” Sam asked and jumped up to her feet, “Lets go now! I don’t even know what club that guy is in!” “Archery.” I said and looked up at her, “You didn’t know and still wanted to help me?” “Well… you are my best friend…” she stuttered and looked to the ground. “I love you, Sam!” I sighed, stood up and hugged her, “You’re the best!”

So we took off to the archery training grounds and watched the archery club do their practice. It was almost horrifying to see how hard they had to practice! The long bows, almost as tall as the students themselves and the force they used to pull back the arrows while aiming for a target. I had seen archery in comics before, but these students right in front of me where just so different to everything I had seen before!

It was somehow majestic and elegant, probably partly because of their clothes. As a part of their tradition, they wore a white shirt with a leather protection patch in front of their chest, black skirt like trousers and special white socks.

And there he was; my saviour in his training clothes, giving instructions to the other students, his hair still hanging all over his face. How could he see like that anyway? But I had to admit that he looked really… did I honestly just think that he looked handsome? Maybe the traditional clothes just suited him? I shrugged my shoulders and watched them carefully. After all, watching them was rather interesting.

Once, Yves looked over to us, but returned to his teaching and his own practice quickly. 

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